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Soraka Build Guide by I love Lun Lun

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I love Lun Lun

Soraka Tenshi~The Kleptomancer S8 [Completed]

I love Lun Lun Last updated on March 2, 2018
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Cosmic Tenshi.

Soraka Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Kleptomancy
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Biscuit Delivery
Biscuit Delivery
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Revitalize

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Threats to Soraka with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie Annie same old story I'm sorry.Season 8,you are a great champion but no much for us.We are a Tenshi! You have that burst damage but Annie support has never beat me.E her predictable combo and keep vision into the bushes for she is a cunning one.She will probably hide there and try to Flash,Ult,Ignite you.
Zilean Season 8 still haven't seen him~That old man is dead I believe as a Cosmic Tenshi we will lead him in heaven,for we are a very strong support for him,our E counters many champions's Ults sooo does his.We can heal our ADC and silence Zilean,his movementspeed is no problem as well,we have our Q.
Nunu Hello Yeti,haven't seen you as a support in FOR-EVER!!!Should I remove you? are a great jungler but,you wanted support oo boo hoo~ Jungle helps you camouflage yourself,but bot lane is my lane.
Nautilus Nautilus is a tank support who will focus mostly on CC.He can't do anything else,his R is especially dangerous since he can catch up to you with either Q or just AA you and stun you.He is not the greatest support though,if we reach six we mostly outsustain ourselves.Plus he exposes his ADC because he is slow,focus the ADC and you'll be fine.
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Hello~This is a Season 8 Guide on our Lovely Tenshi Soraka.Welcome and please Stay and Enjoy the guide as I offer useful information!
Who are you?:I'm a Soraka main~and I love her! I play on EUNE and my current Summoner name is Kyoko Kirigiri.I played ranked games from the last month of summer and from Bronze III,I managed to climb on Flex at Gold II and on Solo Q and Gold IV.I understood that the game doesn't only need skill but a lot of knowledge too,training makes perfect they say,although I wouldn't consider myself that nor a professional! I have much more to learn but I will try to give you the best I can.

What's with this guide?:I always try to make something special to work out many people will go with Aery but I prefer Kleptomancy!With the new season Soraka is not flawless especially her mana! We are a Cosmic Tenshi though and with Kleptomancy we can get a lot of gold from poking which is what we do and of coursewe can get free wards and mana potions!

Does it work?:Heaven yeah it does! I tried it on PBE and I saw many builds,mainly the Aery one but I wanted to give this one attention since it's fun and it actually wins games!.

P.S:Please leave a comment if you have any questions I love comments <3(My guide will constantly stay updated so you might come check it again to see if I updated anything new! I will inform you when it isn't updated anymore)

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Pros / Cons

+ High Sustain Ability!
+Early game great poke potential/Late game insane healing power.
+Goes well with any adc.
+Carry Potential is huge.
+Crazy ability to contribute in teamfights!

-If focused you can die quite easily (unless you follow this guide you are an undying angel)
-Early W cooldown is high;high danger.
-Does not have any particullar escape abillity.
-With the new season our biggest problem is Mana and its Regeneration!

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It's season 8 time for some new builds,or not so much,but Soraka remains really strong!

~Eye of the Watchers:Grants you important vision,AP and CDR,I don't like Eye of Oasis on Soraka that much.With Spellthief's we can poke and gain cash~our cosmic cash is gonna rain down from Heaven~You know it pairs extremely well with Kleptomancy and you got Mana Regen from it and Poke your heals will be more powerful!

~Mikael's Crucible:Giving you 20% more healing power,important Mana Regen,CDR and a free cleanse;it's coming in handy when the enemy team has a Malzahar,Braum,Lux and any champion who has root,stun etc.I'd advise you take it in situations you consider you lack Mana Regen Or you need to use the cleansing passive!.I consider having it with Redemption and Ardent Cesner Is a little bit too much,so if you purchase it don't take both of them,select one of them,since the passive won't apply or multiply.It will give you space for more items as well.

~Athene's Unholy Grail:This item gives you Mana Regen,CDR,AP! and it stacks healing points,useful as it might be but not so recommened by me,I'd suggest you buy it instead of buying redemption.It's a good option for the extra MR since the new season doesn't let you have armor or magic resist with certain builds.The AP makes our heals stronger and the CDR really helps for our W since that is one of our main flaws!

~Warmog's Armor:Warmog's is one of my favourite items,with the CDR and the Health Regen it so tasty! With my build You'll get the passive of it too! It's a great thing to have because you won't run out of health almost EVER,giving you the choice to exploit your W and staying by your team,it also increases your survival rate!

~Zeke's Convergence:It gives Both Armor and MR plsy the mana and the cooldown reduction are great! The passives don't back down because they slow and deal damage when you use your ult! Great for teamfights.Mana sustain is important I believe Soraka's greatest flaw is mana so you should get this item if you don't know how to manage your Mana correctly,or even if you do get it so it won't die off as soon as you say "Bananas".

~Locket of the Iron Solari:Hey!Yes!Our dear friend Lockety is here again!~ You hate this item? Pff you are talking bananas! Meet the best friend of our dear Warmog! They make a really good team,the one giving you HP the other Defense.Not only that it shields your allies too! Which is great in teamfights and burst damage.

~Knight's Vow:Even with heal reduce from that item you redirect 12% damage which actually helps you to save your carry or any other teamate/ally that makes an impact! I suggest you buy this one for the movementspeed and the 20 armor that it gifts you as well.

~Boots of Mobility:The boots of Mobility are our boots of Nobility.They let us move fast and we have full CDR with our build anyway,Out of speed combat with our passive is monstours.Also it helps you get to lane fast or roam!

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Skills Remain the same in Season 8 (So if you are an old reader it's ok).
Salvation(Passive):This ability can be used both to position yourself better in teamfights or as an escape as your teammate has low HP you can kite with Q and E,if you believe you have reached a distance which you can heal do it.Plus when your ally has 40% HP or below you can use that to calculate R and W!
Starfall(Q):This abillity is so useful for kiting and poke! You can just sustain yourself forever in lane just by landing Qs!A good way to use it is to poke the enemy ADC while it goes for minnions.
Astral Infusion(W):This abiliy especially in early has a high risk,as it has around 7s cooldown! A good way to use it in lane is when your ADC has below 40% of HP ,use Q first on the enemy and then cast W on your ADC,or any other ally.
Equinox(E):This ability is amazing,silence and root! Plus it does damage both when you cast it and when it is about to fade away! Make sure you use it in lane for rooting wheen the jungler is ganking,or negating enemy's support sustain and CC! It does incredible combo with your Q as you can just slow them and then E them.
Wish(R):Just as your W Wish is a heal.Use it when your allies have low HP,do not misuse it when they have 50% or higher.It can change the flow of a teamfight.

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With the new season we don't have masteries anymore but we got this!~
Inspiration:Really strong on Soraka~Our second rune choice will increase potion and Elixir Duration PLUS! It grants us 145 HP

~Kleptomancy:Kleptomancy is a hidden op rune!With poking you get gold...a lot of it,mana potions which are heavensent since Soraka loses so much mana,Wards,potions that increase our power and Health! I am not saying~you have your doubts but yes it's a great rune and I'd recommend it to those who want to try something edgy and fun! Your enemies won't know where it came from *giggles* you know you will also get a lot more gold than the enemy support making you take advantage over items.

~Glacial Augment:With this rune our burst ADCs are stronger than ever.The synergy with Q and auto attacks is quite deadly when it comes to both early and late game.You can catch the enemies off guard and poke them without being in any danger,especially if the enemy support is a melee,you're deadlier than ever.

~Biscuit Delivery:Every 3 minutes we get a Biscuit! Great isn't it? we don't have to go to base and take more potions I really do recommend it as it gives both health and mana and you save money.(It also increases our max mana)

~Magical Footwear:I just love it! We wouldn't get boots for first item either way,so getting boots for free on 10 minutes? That's insane! Plus it gives 10% more movement and it makes the boot upgrade less pricey!

Cosmic Insight:Just incredible insta 5% CDR on everything~Even...yes items.which is so powerful imagine it on Redemption! I know right? Insane!

Celestial Body:Celestial body was removed :(

Resolve:Our second option is resolve!~

~Conditioning:Gaining Defense after minute 10 is really important,having it helps you not to die that fast,it might not be as much but it's better than nothing right? Plus it increases your MR 5% more.

~Revitalize:5% more healing on Soraka is great plus giving you 10% more healing on Low targets makes our W and R with our pasive heal 50% plus with Ardent 60%,powerful isn't it?

~Font of Life:As a player who constantly tries to improve themselve's I noticed something that I should have noticed long ago.Font of Life is a great rune bu tnot for all of the ADCs you get paired with.For example,I'd run this when I have a Tristana or an Ezreal.The meaning behind this is that I chose to have this rune with champions who have leaps and escapes or dashes.The reason behind this is that the only thing we do to slow the enemy is our Q.Eventually our ADC might start searching for an opportunity.Therefore with this we heal ourselves as well and it helps tremendously with Celestial Body.Font of Life sustains you a lot in lane,it's not half bad in my opinion.

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Summoner Spells

Flash:You need flash,to kill secure better with Flash Q,or fly away from danger!
Ignite:I love this summoner spell so much! It's basically your preference if you want to use it or not,but I'd recommend it to mostly kill secure or when engaging to deny the baby enemy ADC's heal to themselves or their support.An angel like you shall burn your enemies with your sacred light!
Exhaust:Mmmm,a good summoner spell if you don't feel confident or if you feel you must play passively.
Heal:If you convince your baby ADC to play barrier and you heal that'd be suggested.

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Tricks & Tips

-These are general tips and they won't change! So don't worry only adding!-We all know that our Angel Soraka is perfect so far right? Yes she is.The thing is that besides knowing what to build you need to know what to do!For example when or where to ward how or when to engage!

~Warding/Engaging:Warding is crucial and can decide wether you must play offensively or deffensively! Knowing where the enemy jungler is,is gonna help you lots! Therefore we must have as an all seeing Tenshi; MAP AWARENESS.Knowing that enemy jungler is Top or somewhere that he cannot aid their useless bot lane;allows you to poke a lot and of course get easy kills.I'd suggest you looking for enemy wards too because if they can control vision they are equallizing their strength.

~Roaming:Roaming as a support means that you leave your baby ADC un protected.Therefore you should not leave lane for a long time,I suggest you roam for only 1 minute maximum because if you roam mindlessly you are not gonna get any gold or experience and probably your ADC is gonna die(and then ping to you that enemies are mssing).Deciding when to Roam is up to you! I mostly roam when I recall back to base,to control ward river bush and allow mid lane and me to have vision in such important place.If you see mid lane is pushed,go for a kill (Always though keep in mind where the enemy jungler would be).Roaming with your jungler is a great choice if he is close and if there's an Infernal prioritize it first.

~Positioning:Positioning on Soraka is not only important is everything!Should not get devoured by your sense of power! Hiding behind a Fighter or a Tank is the most reasonable and logical choice.Never go near your ADC in a teamfight first thing because they will instantly get focused,remember your ADC wants goood positioning as well.With our new reworked Soraka we can turn a teamfight with great timing! When to use Redemption or Wish.Wait until the enemy team starts to burst down people,then Silence their support or Midlaner,like Katarina not an ADC or a Fighter(People who use autoatacks are not meant to be silenced),then use healing and defensive power to your team,you deny their burst and sustain your teamfight.Soraka can position well and you can use it as your advantage.Try to kite and constantly move.

~When to use Wish:Wish is a great ability but you can overestimate it or underestimate it,certain times you might feel you won't be able to save your ally if he is caught and you will hesitate using it but certain champions like Kayn can escape easily from enemies.Don't hesitate to use your ULTIMATE when you believe you can save someone and don't let the enemy team to receive a kill.Sometimes though there's nothing you can do to save someone who has done a mistake.Try to use it in late game while in teamfights (teamfights sometimes are sudden so that's why I am yelling for you to not waste your Angelique power that easily) and don't overestimate it by using it whenever thinking that you have a low cooldown on it.Your ultimate is a huge teamfight helper!Nevertheless your ultimte in late is gonna heal everyone almost full HP when they have below 40%,I'd suggest using it then.

~Don't be greedy:Since we poke we often get greedy,try to control the situation in a way you won't die and won't get damage.Dying like a greedy tootie patootie is the least thing we want.Poke Support if it is utility and ADC when it farms,go in for kills when your ADC starts to play aggressively.

~Have HP and Mana awareness:It's very important checking how much Health and Mana you and your ADC has! and the enemy as well!In order to engage you have to be careful and with the new season our mana is burning really easily,however with Kleptomancy and Cookies is easy to take it back,use it wisely.Our Hp is an important factor of using W! Watch your HP and don't mindlessly press W to heal your ADC or whoever is low,you come first on HP! Remember that.If the enemy is low or don't have mana is a good time for you and your ADC to engage and try to pick off kills.

~Be Positive!:Last but not least,I'd suggest you always try to laugh off your mistakes and learn from them.As much as you don't believe it learning from your experience pays off more than any guide,many pros advise you to watch your replays in order to learn from your mistakes,if you feel you lack something you should do so!Never blame your mistakes on others and try to never flame your teammates.You are a support so provide emotional support to them when they flame or tilt!(You are an angel so when an enemy is tilting then tilt them more!).

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I am so glad I was able to finish it! I might add more things as I gain more knowledge ~the season is fresh so are we! Hope this guide has been proved useful,take care and have fun! For you are the unbeatable Cosmic Tenshi!Feel free to comment!I will reply as fast as I can!~