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Pantheon Build Guide by sannie343

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sannie343

Spear Chucker Pantheon (Solo top guide) [Work in progress]

sannie343 Last updated on May 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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In this guide you will learn how I play Pantheon. This is the build I use for pretty much all of my games as Pantheon. Also this is my first guide so feedback would be amazing.

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Pros / Cons


  • Very high DPS
  • Can survive a few extra hits because of Aegis Protection
  • Can change lanes quickly without Teleport
  • A great assassin


  • Squishy early game
  • Can be denied of farm very easily
  • Sometimes minions can use up your Aegis Protection charge.
  • If you use Grand Skyfall wrong (ie. land into stronger enemies), it can end very badly.

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This passive is godly. It can block turret fire, block a move that would other wise kill you, AND if you time it right with Aegis of Zeonia it can block twice in a row. This passive can get you through a lot.

This will be your main damaging move. It is great for harassing and for getting off those final hits. It does very high damage and will help last hitting (if you are willing to use up some mana).

This is your stun. Use it to initiate or to make sure they don't get away from your teammates. Once you jump on them and stun them, make sure you attack once when you have a Sheen/ Trinity Force to use up that proc.

I think this move isn't that great. I get one point in it early for the nice passive it has. I mean who doesn't love crits with people who are low on health? I pretty much only use this for a little extra damage and for farming.

So many different uses for this ability. You can use this to get behind enemies, initiate a fight, get to your tower faster, to get away, and to cause a massive amount of damage. I mean I prefer the older version of this where you could go where ever you wanted to on the map but this is still very nice.

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Coming soon.

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These runes are just what I like. You can use any rune set you would like. I only recommend you use the Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation. The armor pen on those just make it for easier kills in the beginning. Armor pen just makes Pantheon dish out so much more damage (like every other AD). But like I said, the choice is yours.

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Summoner Spells

High Priority

Everyone knows why we use Flash. It helps with initiating, getting that last hit off, and getting away.

This is a must have for him. Slowing them down to be able to get your stun off will help you out amazingly. Also have decreased damage from them will help you survive longer.

Medium Priority

Ghost is a nice run away/catch up tool. I don't use it but if you prefer this it is still useful.

Yes it does damage, true damage at that. Yes it reduces healing effects. But for Pantheon, it's not great. If you prefer this, yes it can still work, but, there are better spells.

Could help keep Pantheon alive, but there are better spells.

Just never get

Really? You're not a jungler. Don't even bother with this.

Kind of useless for Pantheon. I mean it just doesn't help him.

You don't need to see whats going on in the fog of war. If you are really worried just buy a sight ward.

Yes, Pantheon does have sort of a mana problem, but you still have no need for this spell.

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I start off with this because it helps with sustain. Unless I am dealing with a champion where I have to dodge skill shots (which I will start off with boots an pots), I will get this item.

I get these instead of Berserker's Greaves because you need to get out of stuns ASAP. Also the magic is nice against the AP carries.

This is the core item for this build. The slow from Phage is amazing. The Sheen proc is nice to use after you stun someone then use an auto-attack. The extra attack speed and movement speed from the Zeal is always nice as well.

Adding 250% crit damage when Pantheon gets 100% crit from Heartseeker Strike when people are 15% health or below is amazing. It unleashes massive amounts of damage. It is perfect for him.

I pretty much use this on any solo top I play. It is such a great item. It pretty much says "Screw off" to APs at lower health.

Finishing this build off with 2 of the tanky DPS items. The Warmog's is nice for survivability and the Atma's just tops it off adding a little extra damage and some defense. Plus a little extra crit never hurts ;).

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Coming soon.

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Coming soon.