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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Xin Zhao Build Guide by Dusce

Tank Spearsmen of the Jungle

Tank Spearsmen of the Jungle

Updated on February 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dusce Build Guide By Dusce 1 8 7,387 Views 8 Comments
1 8 7,387 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dusce Xin Zhao Build Guide By Dusce Updated on February 21, 2013
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First Words

Hey Guys! Thats my first Guide here on Mobafire but dont be cautious with critism if you dont like anything in my Guide.
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I'll introduce in my Xin Zhao Build and Playstyle so please read the full guide.
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Pros / Cons


+Good Jungle sustain
+Bad Ganks for the enemy
+is a beast early game
+only with health very tanky cause his ult
+his ult deals % dmg


-If you cant gank well enough you have a bad time mid and late
-isnt Jarvan IV that means no sneaky ganks
-needs 3 strikes for hard cc
-needs blue at lvl 1
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
I prefer Greater Mark of Attack Damage instead of Greater Mark of Attack Speed and Greater Mark of Armor Penetration the same is by my Quints but feel free to take what you prefer

Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Seal of Magic Resist for this i only say: I dont like scaling Runes.
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: You will jump in, and cause most teams either have heavy ap dmg or heavy CC or both you will need them.

: 1000 health and 1,5% hp per sek regen. Do i need say more?

: the armor will help you against the ADC and Towerdamage. But it helps you in the Jungle, killing Dragon or Baron too.

: Only build this if they have much AP Dmg (f. ex. Orianna or Katarina ) and nobody else is buying this. Note: If the enemy APC is fed buy this before Warmogs.

: if someone bought Runic Bulwark and they have much Ap and you want the CDR. If you want Attackspeed buy Wisdom's End or if want more dmg Maw of Malmortius

: I love this item, armor health and a permanent passive that deals dmg?
Buy it if you want to stand in the middle of then and kill there adc even without much AD. If you want more Armor buy Randuin's Omen

: AD, CDR, Health AND Armor pen. You can kill the enemy ADC! buy this only if no one bought it like MF, Jarvan IV, or Wukong. If its already bought or on the way too buy Trinity Force or if you want more health Frozen Mallet

and now if you want can you finish Wriggle's Lantern and buy Elixiers do deal more DMG while be more tanky.
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Now we are prepared. Finally game starts! ^-^

We will ask for help at Wolves and Blue (smiteless is the best way) then Head to Red reach lvl 3 -> gank bot/mid or top/mid (Blue or Purple side dependent)

For beginners into the jungle here is a small map with a good overview you can follow this map but i dont recommend it

After your First gank (hopefully first blood) you go take wraiths or double golems and go back and buy new shiny things :)

Take in mind that you need after every gank a junglecamp do stay up in gold cause we dont buy any GP10 since Heart of Gold is out of the game.

I add here the respawn timers:
Wolves/Wraiths/Double Golems: Spawn 1:40 respawn 1min
Blue/Red Buff: Spawn 1:55 Respawn 5min (buff duration: 2:30-3:00
Dragon: Spawn 3:00 Respawn: 6min
Baron Nashor: Spawn 15:00 respawn 7min (buff duration: 4min)

For those who want to counterjungle: first buff respawn ~7:00
I'm not a Counterjungler so i dont write anything about it but i'll take every buff chance I've :)
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The Most important Part of this Guide. The Main Reason why i wrote this Guide cause many junglers dont know HOW do gank if the river is warded.

Simple: Top/Bot pushes you go into the first lanebrush-> gank-> kill and port out.

Sounds easy? It is, if your lane can push (f. ex Ezreal and Soraka cant push as fast as Graves and Lulu)

Here a little map where you can see all routes to gank a sidelane:

Now we need to now WHEN to gank.
If you have Twisted Fate after he hits lvl 6 TOWERDIVE BOT LANE! kill the adc and get your adc a kill! so he can farm and you got gold^^

Now its important do know the abilities of Champs like Katarina for Example: Never gank her if you see your minnions are running to the Middle turret = failed gank cause her Shunpo

but if you want to gank Diana who is overextended feel free to do it :) Blessing of the Lizard Elder Three Talon Strike Audacious Charge Battle Cry you will atleast burn a Flash so you can come back later (3-5 min window)
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Early Game/Mid until Teamfights

Go away from the fountain with Hunter's Machete and 5x Health Potion ask your team for a smiteless blue and your top/bot lane to cover red (if you are on blue side feel free to allow the bot to take the double golems you dont need them :) )
While waiting on wolves/blue buff cover you from a invade cause you skilled battlecry you dont have any cc so you cant condest this steal.

The first Blue for you the others for the mid-lane (but if theres a manaless mid [ I love you Kat ] you can take every1 until the teamfights) the first red while the teamfights start give to your adc Ezreal will have fun with it ^^.
Mid game is easy take Wraiths/Wolves/Red and Gank Gank Gank.
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In the best Chase your team and you will be fed so:

Wait until a Target (Adc/APC/Supp f. ex Sona is coming to close jump on it press "R" if you get to much dmg and get a ace! you are the tank if you die they did something wrong.

If you are not Fed or even worse: Be carefull ward up buy a Oracle's Elixier so you know if its a 5v4 - then jump on the last carry and win the teamfight.

It sounds easy but you have to know WHEN do engage for Example if your Midlane Fizz is 7/1/5 and there Mid Anivia is 0/1/4 it looks good but if Fizz has 54 CS and there APC has 200 CS (equal dragons/tower/barons) you will probally loose.
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Last Words

Special Thanks to jhoijhoi for her Guide:Making a Guide

and Thanks to every1 who read this guide and think: It's good!

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