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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raimet

Spell Vamp Nunu (Lane or Jungler)

Raimet Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Laning Nunu


Jungling Nunu

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Hey guys this is my first build guide. It is for Spell Vamp Nunu lane or Jungle. I have not seen a Spell Vamp Nunu guide so i decided to make one the way I have seen work wonders. This build is a lot of fun early game (if your careful with your stacks) and late game because you will be able to heal yourself for 1000 or even more with you consume!! You will annoy people sooo much with your survivability.

I suggest Meijas for both since Nunu should be a very hard champion to kill because of his consume and permanent ghost, Blood Boil.

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Visionary (Passive) Is really helpful in the laning phase and for jungling. It allows you to cast a free spell after 7 attacks.

Tip: When your passive is up, save it for harassing with your Ice Blast to keep you in the lane longer.

Consume is the reason why Nunu is such a great jungler. Consume gives back a ton of life and damaging the minion a ton.

Tip: Bite a minion when your running away from a gank to keep you alive.

Blood Boil gives you an attack and movement speed boost. If used on an ally or minion, it gives you the same effect and gives that effect to them.

Tip: Maxed out you can have up to 2 people Blood Boiled in a team fight. When pushing a lane by yourself and you want to kill tower faster, use it on the tank minion. It's great!!

Ice Blast is great for ganking. Reduces attack speed by 25% and slows for 60% when maxed. I suggest using it on the carry in a team fight.

Tip: Spamming with your passive up is a good way to conserve mana. Spell Vamp in end game gives you lots of life back.

Absolute Zero is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, ultimate in the game. The down side is almost anyone can cancel it with a stun, blind, knock up, knock back, or taunt.

Tip: If team fight is next to a bush, run in the bush and pop your ult and your chance of completing your ult will rise a lot (They won't be able to see you so they can't cancel it unless they go in the bush with you). I don't suggest using your ult to initiate a fight since it can be shut down easy. Also cancel your ult when the squishy is about to leave the death circle! I've seen many people waste the ult while the person slowly walked out of it in time.

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Magic Penetration, Your Ice Blast and Absolute Zero will do more damage.

Health, I like this because it makes you look less squishier than what you are.

Cooldown Reduction, Great for spamming spells when you have the Blue Buff.

Health, The More the Merrier :) Also it helps you out in the early game jungle so you can gank with more life.

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I like my masteries being 9/0/21 so I can be a tanky mage that has ridiculous spell vamp. With these masteries I can be an annoying support who deals lots of damage and can harass easy. Dealing a lot of damage with Nunu is a good thing so people will focus you instead of the carry but i have been the carry with this Nunu build numerous times. If you get focused just keep eating away minions and spell vamping the mess out of Consume

You can do 9/21/0 if you feel like going more tanky but that is all up to you.

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Summoner Spells


Smite, You have to have this in order to jungle.

Flash, I recommend this because you already have a permanent ghost,Blood Boil, and its great to flash up to someone so you can land your Ice Blasteasier.


Ignite, Good for countering people like a vlad, mundo, fiddle, etc. Anyone with insane life regen.

Exhaust, Not super necessary since you have a slow, Ice Blast, but could ruin the enemy team's AD carry.

Teleport, Only if you really like back-dooring. Your more useful with your team.




These Summoner Spells are a lot more flexible and can be interchanged with however you like. This is my choice if i ever lane with Nunu.

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If you don't feel comfortable using Mejai's you can always substitute it out for a variety of items like Sunfire Cape , Randuin's Omen , or even an Abyssal Scepter if your team is lacking AP and they have lots of AP.

Banshee's Veil is a must. This way you can pull off your ult easier.

Mercury's Treads, Crowd control help and a must unless you prefer Boots of Lucidity which can be traded in.

3 Hextec Revolvers will give you amazing spell vamp and survivability.

The longer the game goes, your Hextech Revolvers should start turning into Hextech Gunblades and by then you will be spell vamping and life stealing away like crazy. You can even turn one of those Revolvers into if you really need which most cases you don't.

With the Revolvers alone you will be getting 45% spell vamp. One bite from the minions should give you about 1000 hp or more!! You will also be spell vamping with Ice Blast and your ult. It is really nice to have 45% Spell Vamp so when people focus you down in your ult, you get a lot of that back when it hits people back.

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Creeping / Jungling

Nunu is probably one of the easiest junglers out there. You don't need to feel worried about lack of experience in the jungle since Nunu has Consume which will keep you at decent health throughout your Jungle. The Health runes will be a huge help too.

This is my Jungling pattern

I like to start out with with a Cloth Armor and 5 health pots.
1) Start atGolem Buff. Hit it twice and then use Consume and immediately use a pot. Smite close to 450. Use Consume every time it is up.

2) Go to Wolfs camp and Consume the larger one and it should die in 1-2 attacks. Remember to keep on spamming Ice Blast all the time. Pop a pot every time your health is a little under half health.

3) Go to Wraiths and Consume the bigger one and attack the rest. You will need to use a pot.

Between these 2 creeps you should try to use your pots and keep your health up high so you can be ready for Lizard Buff.

4) Go to Golems and keep on using Consume and Ice Blast.

5) Making sure your health is higher than half health by this time, go to Lizard Buff and Consume the Lizard and use smite on him.

By this time you should have another pot left or more depending if you got help in Golem Buff, without them taking your exp, you can either use the pot and head straight over to gank if the opportunity is great or go back, buy your shoes and head to the lane that is best for ganks.

After this initial gank everything varies after this point, so good luck with the build and have fun using it. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE BLUE BUFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

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Pros / Cons


Easy Jungler/ great for ganking (because of your slow)
End game survivability is unreal!
Great Support
Good Initiator with your slow
Great for killing towers since you can speed someone up
If someone is chasing you, you can slow them
If no one cancels your Ultimate, the damage is insane! AND the spell vamp is nice


If your using Mejai's, your fairly squishy early game
Almost everyone kills your ult
Other than your ult, your only nice damage is Ice Blast
Not really a super reliable tank

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I hope you enjoy playing Spell Vamp Nunu. I love it because of the insane spell vamp you get end game. Not only is your survivability is high, your damage is pretty good too. It will make people want to focus you which in my opinion is good because your carries can just unload on them.

Have fun and enjoy this build!

I'll try to update this guide if there are any mistakes.