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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Sejuani Build Guide by lottabullets

Stone Cold Sejuani

Stone Cold Sejuani

Updated on February 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lottabullets Build Guide By lottabullets 11,438 Views 6 Comments
11,438 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lottabullets Sejuani Build Guide By lottabullets Updated on February 4, 2012
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Hi guys, my screen name is lottabullets, and I'm here to share with you guys a build that I created for Sejuani. This is my first guide on this website, and I hope to write many more so I would like to thank you guys in advance for reading this guide.

Anyways, this is a guide for lane Sejuani, I recommend her laning bot, however solo top is viable its just that you have to be extremely cautious when up against a Tryndamere, or Gangplank

Experience wise, I haven't played a ridiculous amount of games on Sejuani, but I really enjoy her play style over other tanks in the game, and a health scaling ability is ridiculous
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Pros / Cons

Fun Champion
Relatively easy to pick up and learn
Ridiculous amount of health
Her escape ability is amazing
Northern Winds scaling with health makes her a machine

Can't kill single targets easily
Abilities don't have amazing scaling with AP

There aren't many cons to this champion except she isn't a carry ;)
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Now I choose these runes because they provide the MR, Armor, Health, and Health Regen for a good start to the game. This allows you to be prepared for anything that comes your way in lane. Personally this is what I prefer, but remember, this is a guide, so you can just use this as a starting point. I'm sure some people prefer going straight health/armor/MR etc. but I like having the well roundedness early game to get a good start.
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Mastery-wise, 0/30/0 is great for Sejuani because the defense tree offers a great amount of masteries that fit Sejauni's needs perfectly. I thought about going a little into the offence tree, but there isn't much of a point because her main damage output is Northern Winds, which scales off health, so getting extra AP wouldn't necessarily be worth it considering we get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter at extreme late game for the AP boost you may need. In short terms, you won't need the AP until you have to put the entire team on your back and win games.
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Skill Sequence

Maxing out your Northern Winds as fast as possible is what makes Sejuani good. Maxing Arctic Assault next just makes her engages ridiculous. Permafrost is handy, but you only really need one point in it early on because if i'm not mistaken, there is only a damage increase as you level it up, the slow time remains the same. Actually I don't know, it still doesn't matter in my opinion. Leveling your Ulti as often as possible is always recommended.
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Early Game
I start Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion because you need the Cloth Armor for Ninja Tabi later, and 5 red sodas are too stronk in lane. I would say go back when you can get a Heart of Gold and Ninja Tabi, but if you find you're winning the lane, getting a Heart of Gold as fast as possible leads to amazing things.

Mid Game
After you get Ninja Tabi go back and get a Giant's Belt. Continue farming and go back whenever you can get both a Regen Pendant and a Ruby Crystal. The next time you go back is for your Warmog's Armor. Once you get your second Warmog's built, build a Force of Nature OR a Thornmail, it all depends on team comp. If there is a champion like Tryndamere, Vayne, Gangplank, or hell even Ashe destroying your team, Thornmail makes you their biggest enemy, and getting a Thornmail is cheaper than a Force of Nature. It all depends on the situation. At this point you should either be taking down Inhibitor turrets, or destroying the enemy team, but what happens in reality and what should happen are 2 completely different things and you may find yourself not winning (which is an outrage).

Late Game
It's now time to say "Forget Carries" and time to make the former walking target Sejuani into the unstoppable killing machine Sejauni. Build an Atma's Impaler followed by a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Game Over.


Now let me just say that if you get 2 Warmog's Armor and a Force of Nature and you haven't won the game, then an Atma's Impaler is just desperately needed seeing as you get 200 AD for just building it once you get to that point and the Rylai's Crystal Scepter is just there to boost your overall damage because at that point, if you get this fed, the reason you haven't won is almost guaranteed NOT your fault, so you have to be the new hybrid carry for your team that simply doesn't die unless something stupid happens ie. your entire team leaves you in a 1v5. These moments happen in League, so just be prepared.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Teleport are what I use on Sejauni, but there are other summoners that work just as well.

Flash- Use this to get away, intercept, engage team fights, or to just burn a long cooldown.

Teleport- I find myself being one of the most clutch people when it comes to using this summoner because there have been countless times that I have teleported in, and saved a lane, tower, or a team fight if I ever find myself too far away.

Exhaust- Seeing as you already have an immense slow, another immense slow would be useful to have in lane to feed a carry or whatnot. Useful throughout the game.

Ignite- You can get early game kills with ignite, but I don't find the utility of this spell late game whereas teleport makes me more mobile. I'm not saying this is a bad summoner spell, I'm just saying it's a bad summoner spell on Sejuani.

Heal- I mean, yeah you can use this ****, but who really wants to?

Ghost- I never have found the greatness of ghost considering Flash is a better escape tool anyways, but I suppose you could find the utility in Ghost over Flash.

Clairvoyance- Not exactly my cup of tea on this champion, but it's definitely underused and should be used on true support champions. Sejuani just isn't a support imo and this spell just isn't needed however I do like it.

Clarity- Back to what I was saying about Clairvoyance, with Sejuani not being a true support tank, taking Clarity simply just doesn't fit the quota although I could see the benefits of using it to stay in lane longer. I just don't think that I would ever use Clarity, but there are some pros to using it.

Revive- HA!

Promote- ruforreals?

Smite- Use this to get sick frags in lane.

Surge- In all seriousness, this spell is just trash and is even more trash on Sejuani.

Cleanse- A large debate over Cleanse is just that with most CCs in this game lasting just a couple seconds means that when you do actually press cleanse, sometimes its just too late for you to escape your pursuer and getting out of silences just doesn't make this spell that good at all and it simply doesn't work with Sejauni because if anything, getting CCed would be like a goal for you, and there are other spells that have better utility on Sejuani
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Advanced Techniques

Now kids, Sejuani is a little bit of an oddball champion because you literally have to stand in the enemy team to kill anyone. Primarily you focus on assisting carries as Sejuani, but 9 times out of 10 I've found myself needing to carry quite a bit, so these are the advanced techniques.

Alright, so knowing that your Northern Winds scales off your health and that your Artic Assault is used as an initiator, you can devastate people. You just have to learn the Frost and Permafrost combo. It's a little tricky, but knowing that Frost is applied by stacks and that Permafrost "detonates" the stacks, you have to know how to combo things up a little.

Let's take a pretty common situation: You have everything off cooldown and the enemy team is approaching your inhibitor turret. When they arrive, get as many enemies as possible in your Glacial Prison and pop Northern Winds followed immediately after with an Arctic Assault. After a few seconds have passed, your Northern Winds has stopped and the entire enemy team has frost. Now, you Press the E key and a few things happen: The entire team is slowed, they are all damaged, and you/your carry have a chance at a multikill.

A full rotation from Sejuani combined with the rest of her team regardless if they are fed or not is almost a guaranteed win, just learn how to use the Frost Permafrost combo and things end up well.
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In this section I will be showcasing the games that I have had on Sejuani that are good scores and the build used in the guide (there are some modifications to the build, but my scores are still insane)

Note that I am playing on my level 20 account with my level 30 friends. My 30 was suspended indefinitely because I broke the Summoner's Code several times.
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Now with this guide being new, how could I have an FAQ already? Simple, I know what I would ask about the guide and the general questions are covered here.

Q: Can [insert item here] be used on Sejuani effectively?
A: This is a question by question basis. I find that experimentation is the best way to answer this, so if you are very curious on if an item would work on Sejuani, go ahead and try it.

Q: What is your experience with Sejuani?
A: As stated early in the guide not a lot, but I do play her as my new main tank so I am racking up the experience on her as we speak.

Q: When is a new section coming out?
A: I will work on writing as much as I can as I learn new things on Sejuani. As for specific sections, I expect to do them in the order that the Closing Remarks/Things to Come chapter states. I wouldn't hold your breath, but I will try to put out a section once every week or so depending on what my schedule is like.

Q; Can and where do I submit pictures to you for the gallery section?
A: Yes you can submit pictures of games that you do well in! As for where, you can email me ar

Q: Can I play with you?
A: It's entirely possible that you could ;)
But seriously, if you want to, message me in game- lottabullets

Q; Will you be making more guides?
A: I hope to, but seeing as the champions I play use mixtures of guides from here and other websites, I wouldn't want to be called out for plagarism

Q: Who is your main?
A: Gangplank

If there are any other specific guide questions, leave a comment
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Closing Remarks/Things to come!

I wanted to thank you for reading this guide through it's entirety, and that I will be adding much more in the future as well as theory crafting with people who comment!

Also, please, if you voted this guide down could you leave a comment letting me know what I did wrong, and what I could do to improve? Please post pictures of game scores of you using this build as I would like to add in a gallery of photos of epic scores.

Things to Come

In-depth laning guide taking you through the entire game
Situational Items
(Once I get more familiar with guides) Add in YouTube videos displaying advanced tactics and ways to maximize damage output
Thanks Section


V 0.1- Wrote the basic chapters
V 0.2- Added links to items and abilities
V 0.3- Added Advanced Techniques and FAQ sections
V 0.4- Added Pros/Cons Section
V 1.0- Published Guide and added the Gallery Section!
V 1.0.1- Grammar fixing, Resizing of pictures in the Gallery
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