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Evelynn Build Guide by stonebreaker55

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author stonebreaker55

Stonebreaker55's Evelynn Jungle Build

stonebreaker55 Last updated on June 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Amumu If you play vs Amumu you shouldn't have any problems as you are really strong versus him.
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Hello guys and welcome to my first guide,i hope you like it and any comments are accepted in order to help me get better at this :). I've been playing the game since preseason 2 and i used to main the ad carry role but after a few months of the of season 4 i main jungle, cause it fits my playing style more :)

I made this guide because i main evelynn among other junglers and she is one of the strongest junglers in the game right now.Her AD jungle build is the best in my opinion and it is quite fun to play too.She has really nice ganks because of her passive and her ultimate.You can roam wherever you want with her because she makes the usage of Stealth Ward almost useless and by that way all enemy laners are forced to play carefully.

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Pros / Cons


  • +Her amazing passive Shadow Walk,which makes her unpredictable.
  • +Versatile way of building (both AP and AD)
  • + Dark Frenzy, a good mobility ability which can help you in catching fleeing enemies or escaping tough situations.
  • +High Damage Output
  • +AoE slow+shield,depending on number of enemies hit,by her ultimate Agony's Embrace
  • +Abilities with low mana cost
  • +Strong early game presence


  • -Squishy Early Game
  • -Close Range
  • -Weak to all kinds of CC,except slows
  • -No CC before she hits level 6,which is one of the best strengths of a jungler, making his ganks better
  • -Easy Mana loss early game
  • -Can be easily counter jungled
  • -She really needs a new skin :P

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Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells

You need Flash because it is the most useful spell in the game.It can be used to catch enemies,to escape and all that with no cast time.Almost every champion needs it and especially junglers.

Smite because is essential for jungling and if you play without it you may have a hard time early game farming. Also, the new jungle 5 smites are really powerful, especially chilling smite that is offered by Stalker's Blade that we are going to be getting.

Viable Summoner Spells

I have rarely used Exhaust when playing evelynn jungle , but you can pick it if your team lacks CC.

You can pick Ghost if your team doesn't has good engage,in order to place you ultimate Agony's Embrace.Although,i do not recommend this.

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My mastery page for evelynn is displayed below,which i think is the best,because it focuses on damage which evelynn's main power because she is an assasin,although in the current meta she is played more like an AD tank.The points spent on the flat AD masteries give her reliable dmg and sustain through the jungle(especially when you have bought your jungle item.
Double-Edged Sword , improves your combat perfomance, Sorcery gives you 5% CDR,which is really nice, Dangerous Game helps you in HP and MP regen especially in teamfights where you constantly spam your Q Hate Spike. Additionally, Tough Skin helps you in jungling especially in early game and finally, Unyielding and Veteran's Scars improve your defense.
Although i definitely suggest a 21-9-0 page you can go with a 9-21-0 if you feel that you need to be more tanky.


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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power




Although you can add more armor per level or less AP and -5% CDR,if you wish :)

And here's a photo of my rune page :

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Abilities Explanation

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your passive Shadow Walk(passive) makes you invisible and you will be only seen if you move within a 700 units,of an enemy ,range,use an ability,autoattack or walk into a Vision Ward.Additionally,while you are in your passive's stealth form you regenerate MP faster,giving evelynn more sustain while roaming in the jungle.

Hate Spike(Q) is the first ability that you must max.It is your best damaging and eve's DPS spell.It's low cooldown allows you to spam it on teamfights and it makes your clear times on the jungle fast because of the multipe target damage and also because of the hugh attack speed that it grants you after use.On patch 4.13 Hate Spike's damage was reduced but evelynn is still strong when using it.

Dark Frenzy(W) is really useful ability that can help you in various ways,from catching fleeing enemies to landind your ultimate or to move faster throught the jungle.Its passive gives you a flat movement speed bonus for 3 seconds each time Evelynn's spells hit an enemy champions,which can stack up to 4 times.When activated evelynn has increased ms for 3 seconds and also it removes all slowing effects.It's your last to max ability.

Your second to max ability is Ravage(E).It is an ability with a decent amount of burst damage and after using it you have a huge amount of attack speed that really helps your jungling.

Now time has come to talk about eve's magnificent ultimate Agony's Embrace(R).It's a large AoE slowing ability and grants you a shield that depends on the number of enemies hit by the ability.It's literally a game changing ultimate and therefore always make sure to use it good.Use it when your team is near you and you can engage the enemy team safely.Also,in the new season 5 jungle it synergizes really well with
stalker blade's chilling chilling smite.You can use chilling smite to slow a target then engage on him.

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Starting Items

Start with hunter's machete and 2 health potions,for obvious reasons and if you don't eve can have a hard time jungling at early game. Also the health potions will help you stay alive when clearing jungle camps and to heal damage that you have been dealt from ganks.


On first back buy Stalker's Blade, Boots of Speed and a couple of Health Potions. Sometimes i have enough gold to buy 1 Long Sword or maybe 2,they
will build into the The Brutalizer needed for Stalker's Blade - Warrior enchantment. The second is if you have much gold cause you did like 2 successful ganks.
What you're going to buy,either the first choice or the second,depends on the gold you have and what you need.Usually,you won't have so much gold to get the second choice but getting the first one is also ok.If you can't buy all the things of the second choice,no worries!!!
You will buy them in your second back for sure.

Jungle Item

This is a great item on Evelynn,not only it will give you 45 AD and faster jungle clearing but,also, 10% CDR that is awesome,10 Armor Penetration,that will help you shred the enemies in the early game and 20 bonus gold per large monster kill,which is really cool.
Since Evelynn doesn't have really powerful AP ratios as a champion(they were also reduced in patch 4.13), stalker's blade - magus is not good on her. Stalker's Blade - Warrior is the best on her. Although,the best item for Eve was Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior but it got nerfer hard(patch 4.21).The cooldown on the smite it offered was removed,so the smite is again 60 secs and not 45 secs .So now it's not worth buying.

Boot Options

I recommend buying Boots of Mobility on Evelynn,because it will improve your ganking ability and the you can move faster through the jungle from camp to camp. Although you could buy Mercury's Treads if you need the MR or Ninja Tabi if you need the Armor. They are all viable choices but it again depends on what you need,because remember counter buying is an effective way to help you win games.

Essential Items

Randuin's Omen,is a great item on Evelynn not only because of the tanky stats it gives you(500 Health and 70 Armor) but for its unique active that slows all enemies,on a 500 unit range,which can synergize amazing with your ultimate Agony's Embrace.
Next we have Banshee's Veil,which is also a great item on Evelynn because it gives you 450 health and 55 MR,that are really nice and useful and ofcourse the amazing spellshield,that since patch 4.13 is on a 40 second cooldown(before it was on a 25 seconds Cooldown).
Finally,we have Maw of Malmortius,that grants you 60 AD and 40 MR and like those weren't nice stats you have the unique shield that activates,when you reach below 30 % of your total HP,that absorbs 400 magic damage.In other words,it's a great item not only for the stats that it provides you but from the amazing shield that helps you stay alive in many teamfights.Ofcourse,in early game you have Hexdrinker that is essential and later on builds onto Maw of Malmortius.

Late Game Item

This is a really nice late game item on Evelynn,because it gives you 25 Attack Damage,10% Lifesteal and 40% Attack Speed that can synergize amazingly with your AS that you get from your E Ravage.Also,it has a really good active,it deals 10% damage of the target's maximum health and it heals you for the damage dealt.Furthermore,you steal 25% of the MS for 3 seconds,that can go really well with your W Dark Frenzy for chasing down enemies.

Other Viable Items

Sunfire Cape,gives you 450 Health and 45 Armor that are really nice and also it has the unique passive,which deals 25 damage +level magic Damage per second.This passive is really good on teamfights as it damages many enemies.
Next,we have Spirit Visage,which is a really nice item choice because it gives you many helpful stats like,10% CDR,400 Health,20 HP Regen and 55 MR and finally it's passive increases your healing regeneration by 20%.So after all it a great item on Evelynn and you should always consider buying if you need some really nice stats CDR and HP regen.
Warmog's Armor,gives 1000 HP!!It is amazing if you need to go really tanky(more than the build guides you to)and also you regenerate 1% of your maximum health every 5 secs.
Ofcourse,the famous Guardian Angel,a literally life saving item.Except from it's passive that we all know :P it gives you 50 Armor and 40 MR,that combined with the fact that you can be reborn,makes it an awesome item.
Buy Thornmail if enemy team has heavy AD damage,like a fed Lucian or a Talon,and to survive their damage you need armor. Thornmail is one of the best armor items in the game.Also,when you are hit by basic attacks you return 30%,of that damage back, like magic damage.
Finally,we have Locket of the Iron Solari,that is the best item if enemy team has heave AP casters,like Ahri, Katarina, Veigar,as it gives you 10% CDR,400 health and 20 MR.Also,it's aura gives your allies 20 MR and 10 HP regen.Finally,it's active gives your allies a shield that absorbs 50+10 per level damage,that lasts for 5 seconds.

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Standard jungle route for the season 5 jungle. If you are blue side start with Krugs,which is where you will take the most help because your bot lane will help you.Smite the Krugs to take the buff they offer, which will help your junling, because after 6 AAs you will stun the monster. This can synergize really well with your E's Ravage,attack speed. This means that you will stun the monster raelly fast. Then go to red,take it up,don't hesitate to use health potions and finally end up in the blue buff. Kill it with smite and then go back. Buy your Stalker's Blade and start ganking. In between ganks,if you want to farm don't use your smite if possible, because the chilling smite from the stalker's is really good for ganking as it slows the enemy and deals a decent amount of true damage.

If you are red side it's not that different from the blue side. Start Gromp,because you will get help from your bot lane. Smite it to obtain the awesome buff it offers. This buff grants you poison on attack so when you attack a target is gets poisoned and this deals magical damage. By having this buff your jungling will be a piece of cake because with the attack speed from E Ravage you will poison the monster really fast. After Gromp,go to blue which will fall really fast because you have the poison and use 2 potions. Then, go to red and kill it with smite. Don't cast the smite since you engage. Use it when you get low from fighting it,use it when you have like 250-300 hp to get the heal from smiting the red buff. Then back and buy your items.

Usually,after doing these camps, you will be level 3 and i always look to gank a lane because if someone is pushed you can easily secure first blood, and that's what you should do also.

Try to gank top first because it's usually the most pushed lane and you can secure the first blood. Second gank,should be on mid and third on bot.Ofcourse,this if for normal circumstances,if your mid really needs a gank go there for the first gank,this is just the recommended and if possible ganking route.
Always remember to farm camps in between ganks.

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Team Fighting

In teamfights,you should be trying to stay invisible until they engage. Then use your W Dark Frenzy and try to reach their carries and isolate them.Use your ultimate on many enemies if possible, because you get the amazing sheild that gets bigger per enemy hit, so you are trying to hit as many of them as you can. Constantly spam your Q Hate Spike and ofcourse remember that your E Ravage gives you and AS bonus. Also,don't forget to use chilling smite. It can be used to catch a fleeing enemy, by slowing him and then running to him with W Dark Frenzy, to damage the target or to slow him so you can land your ultimate on him. Generally, chilling smite is very useful and you should never forget to use it in fights.

If your team has heavy CC,then your work is a bit easier.For example,if you have a Lux or a Leona,that can stun the enemy carries it's easier for you to reach them.

Always,keep your W Dark Frenzy on CD cause you might need it to chase down enemies.

Finally,if your team doesn't have any good initiation you could start the fight by using your ultimate Agony's Embrace.

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Early game

Early game is when Evelynn is really strong and is the assassin she is made to be,so you should be looking to do things.
After finishing both your buffs you are level 3 that means that you are capable of ganking.I usually gank top first because if they enemies have pushed(that most of the times this happens)you have an easy gank.Go behind them and then start your E Q combo.If your laner sees you you can easily secure first blood.Otherwise,you can take their flash,etc.

You shouldn't waste much time farming in the jungle,because you will miss all the early game power Evelynn has.

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Mid Game

Evelynn's mid game is kinda awkward, because her damage output falls and enemy laners might have put down Vision Ward, they will be able to see you. Also you haven't completed all your core items (in normal circumstances,not fed like 30-0 :P) so you are not that strong yet.

In mid game try to farm and gank lanes so that they don't fall behind and the enemy laner/laners dominate them. You should be trying to farm to get as much gold as possible to spend it building your core items. Luckilly, her late game is suprizingly better ;).

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Late Game

On late game, Evelynn is really powerful again because her damage output goes up again and after completing core items like Maw of Malmortius, Banshee's Veil and Randuin's Omen you are tanky and you have the necessary damage.
If your team is ahead, try to force a fight to get the advantage of completing objectives, baron or turrets. You can,also, bait baron and try to ace all of the enemies so that you can get baron and get as many things of their base as possible, maybe even finish the game.

Finally, to sum up, Evelynn's late game is as poweful as her early game so you should be looking to do stuff then too. Her mid game phase is weak but if you know what you need to be doing at that time you shouldn't have any real problems.

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Eve= Evelynn
AS=Attack Speed
CDR=Cooldown Reduction
MS=Movement Speed
AD=Attack Damage
AP=Ability Power
CC=Crowd Control
MR=Magic Resist
LS=Life Steal

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That's all guys for my Evelynn guide!!This was my first guide on MOBAFire.I hope you like it and any comments are accepted.If you find any mistakes,feel free to tell me :)
Please support me if you think that this guide is good.For any news i will be updating it.Also i am going to make a Lee Sin and probably a Rammus guide and many other junglers ;)!.
And until next time remember to use your passive Shadow Walk wisely.