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Wukong Build Guide by jtlie

AD Offtank Super (Saiyan) Wukong!!! (season 3)

AD Offtank Super (Saiyan) Wukong!!! (season 3)

Updated on July 22, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jtlie Build Guide By jtlie 10,857 Views 10 Comments
10,857 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jtlie Wukong Build Guide By jtlie Updated on July 22, 2013
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Hi, this is my first guide and as my main champ is Wukong, why not start with it ^^
This build is made in my opinion of course so if you have some feedback, feel free to comment.
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Wukong, The monkey king

Wukong is a champ which has a pretty good early game and has a awesome late game. But like most champs, he can be countered. Champs like Darius, Riven or Olaf are pretty frustrating to play against but if you can survive and farm under the tower, you'll be way better in teamfights.
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At first sight, you may think this passive isn't that great. But it gives you great sustain, especially late game in teamfights. 8 armor and magic resist for each enemy around. that's 40 armor in magic resist total. In other words, Great passive.

This is your main source of burst. Thanks to the 30% armor penetration, all your other attacks will do increased damage. DON'T use Crushing Blow as a harass ability. you waste a lot of mana and the armor penetration. Only use it when you know ur gonna engage and if you can, use it as a opener to gain the armor penetration for all of your ability's

Most funny and difficult skill on Wukong. Mastering your Warrior Trickster is mastering Wukong. Warrior Trickster is all about timing. Don't use it to quick. your enemy will see right through you and just bypass it. Try to stand still sometime. Making a "fake" Warrior Trickster to juke your enemy. This is why I want the cooldown reduction. with 40% cooldown reduction. you Warrior Trickster will have a cooldown of 6 seconds plus the duration of 1.5 seconds. In combination with your fake decoys, your enemy s will get crazy and be juked 24/7.

Nimbus Strike is your main harass ability. By leveling Nimbus Strike, you''ll increase the damage and also the attackspeed gained from it ( leveling Crushing Blow doesn't increase the armor penetration). You'll probably use it as a opener to engage.

Wukong's ultimate and only crowd control. The cooldown is pretty short, especially with 40% cooldown reduction so don't be afraid to use it. Also, you won't be able to use your other spells while using Cyclone. Press it again to cancel it if you think you have to escape with your Warrior Trickster as people will still be spamming everything on you in a teamfight. And of course : SPIN TO WIN!!!
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Summoner spells

One of the most used summoners spells and my favorite with Wukong. It´s really frustrating when your enemy gets away with like 50 hp or less because he used a health pot. And when people get cocky and stay under their tower while very low on health, You can just Nimbus Strike, Ignite and make a troll face ^^

Most people will say Flash is way better and more secure but I prefer Ghost instead. The reason why I pick Ghost it had a shorter cooldown then Flash. It's also way easier to roam with Ghost. Especially when the wards from your support aren't placed in the position to get teleported to. Besides this, it also stacks with your Summoner's Wrath mastery, increasing it to 35% movement speed.

Flash is still a great spell. I definitely recommend it if you dislike Ghost. Enemy's flashing over walls while you have to walk around is pretty annoying. A option to prevent that is my having sight ward. Its like a Lee Sin jump but on a enemy instead. Place a sight ward to get vision and Nimbus Strike to your enemy. This requires some reflexes, practice, and a little bit luck is it definitely pays off.
When you take Flash, you probably would take Enchantment: Distortion and maybe Summoner's Insight

A great summoner spell when your playing against a counter which makes you recall a lot. Teleport should be used in combination with great warding. Still, I recommend Ghost and Flash over teleport. Another thing you can do is take Teleport with Ghost or Flash in combination with Enchantment: Distortion
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For runes, I take Seal of Armor, Mark of Attack Damage, Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist and quint of attack damage. The flat armor is great for early sustain as most top champions are AD. The Scaling Magic resist may make your early game a bit more difficult but it really pays off late game. The reason why I take Flat AD runes is because it makes farming under the tower way easier. Farming without having to use ur ability's prevents you from going Out of mana in case your jungler comes ganking.
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108 health at lvl 18 is really good. This stacks with your Warmog's Armor health regen.

Just like the runes, armor is great really game. This is a must have mastery.

This flat magic resist fills the gap that is made because of Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

A great mastery when you play against champs with overtimes like Teemo or Singed. Won't be useful against every champion but it also pays off in teamfights if people are focusing the offtank ^^.

30 health isn't much late game but can safe your life early game. Lets say you start if 600 hp. 30 extra health means your increasing your health with 5%. That's more then 3 points in Juggernaut

3 less damage from champion basic attacks. This mastery also depends on the enemy champion. Playing against Teemo, sure. Playing against Singed, prefer not.

Really a great mastery. This one makes your laning phase way safer, especially when you have a enemy babysitter. Also, it stacks with the Tenacity passive.

Stacks with your Warmog's Armor and the other health masteries. the only reason why I put 1 point in it is because the first point gives you 1,5% and the 2 remaining point 1,25%. This way I can spent the other point in something else.

Increase you passive!!! This one is not really a must, but I really like it. 5 additional armor and magic resist in teamfight is awesome ^^

Legendary Armor is great late game. I only put 1 point in it for the same reason as with Juggernaut . 2% for the first point, 1.5% for the other 2 points.

For only one point is this a awesome mastery. 3% dmg reduce from all dmg.


This is a must have mastery. Especially when you have Ghost and Ignite

basic attacks isn't wukong main source or dmg but they are still painful against squishy champions. Those 3 point are mainly just to fill the Offence tree so we can get to the next line ^^

good scaling ad mastery. don't think it needs a explanation

8% armor penetration. This plus Wukong his Crushing Blow and Black Cleaver? Bye Bye armor ^^

other options

It's a good mastery for chasing and escape. The only reason why I don't take it is because slows never bothered me.

Wukong is deadly with Cooldown reduction. You can take Sorcery for early Cooldown reduction but keep in mind that with Black Cleaver, iceborn gauntless and Spirit Visage, you already reached the maximum cooldown reduction of 40%.

great mastery when you take flash, nothing else to say ^^
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I made a build in a way I've got the maximum cooldown reduction, a lot of health and defenses
Mercury's Treads are great boots to have. U probably won't buy any other items with tenacity. If you are playing against a heavy AD team, it's better to but Ninja Tabi.

One of the best Items for AD since season 3. Attack damage, Armor penetration and health. A early The Brutalizer will make you kill your opponent way easier early game. The stack of armor reduction you'll get goes great with Cyclone

This is your main item for health and health regeneration. You can also build a Frozen Mallet for some extra attack damage but you already have a (aoe) perma slow with Iceborn Gauntlet.

Iceborn Gauntlet give great sustain because of the armor you get. 15% cooldown reduction is a lot. The reason why I prefer Iceborn Gauntlet over Trinity Force, is because the damage is aoe and the chance of a slow (which is also aoe) is 100%. The aoe slow goes great with Cyclone, making it harder for opponents to escape.

I guess most people won't take Spirit Visage on Wukong. That's probably because they haven't seen the benefits from it. More health means more health regeneration thanks to Warmog's Armor. The increased health regeneration goes with the health regeneration also from Warmog's Armor. This is also the item to gain your magic resist from and the 15% cooldown reduction to get to your 40%.

Take a additional offensive item to finish your build. Your can replace Bloodthirster with Last Whisper for high armor enemies and Blade of the Ruined King for high health enemies

Other good items

take Maw of Malmortius if you want to be more offensive. I can imagine if you think my build is to defensive ^^

Alot of people prefer Trinity Force. You get great damage, movement speed and a chance on a slow.

A great item for offence and defense. Late game, it will give you about 50 Attack damage. U should take this instead of Spirit Visage or Maw of Malmortius if you playing against a heavy AD team. Also, take Avarice Blade after The Brutalizer to gain the extra gold.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jtlie
jtlie Wukong Guide
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Super (Saiyan) Wukong!!! (season 3)

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