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Jarvan IV General Guide by warmarshal death

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author warmarshal death

Support Jarvan IV: Handle it

warmarshal death Last updated on February 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, I love playing Jarvan and I once thought that he might be good in the support role, as he has good CC and a great buff to help the AD carry. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it, so please leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the guide and maybe even give support Jarvan a try. :D

I also want to thank Kinesis for his feedback. :D

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I will not explain some of the items ( Sightstone, Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed) as you should already know why you pick them.

First off, Phage.
You should only get this if you are winning the lane, as it is quite expensive. It is optional though.

Zeke's Herald
This is a useful item if you have a team with a lot of AD, although this too is quite expensive. Like the Phage it is optional.

Locket of the Iron Solari
It was suggested that Locket of the Iron Solari would be a good item to get as it has good synergy with Cataclysm. (Thanks Kinesis :P)

As for the other items, there isn't much to say. If you have supported before and played Jarvan before you should already know why Randuin's Omen and Runic Bulwark are good. When you reach the point where you can start building either it is really up to you, I suggest building what your team needs first.

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Martial Cadence
Great passive to have, and it's great for when you are helping your AD carry take down any beefy enemies, remember you can use it on multiple enemies (does require you to hit them too :P).

Dragon Strike
Incredible move for helping the AD carry, the armor reduction is too good to ignore. Great to use with your Demacian Standard for the knock effect.

Golden Aegis
This move isn't that great to be honest, though it does have it's place. The shield can save you from the last few ticks from ignite that might kill you, or even a Karthus ulti, though I wouldn't rely on it. The slow is okay, but coupled with Phage, it really does help your AD carry.

Demacian Standard
Yet another amazing move, this is so good in a team fight or Dragon/Baron fight. The Attack speed bonus helps your team and really helps your AD carry. The armor buff is great too in team fights and in lane against the enemy AD carry. The armor part of the passive really helps Jarvan survive the lane phase, not to mention it can be used to scout bushes so you never have to facecheck ever again! It is really important to use this move with Dragon Strike as the attack speed buff to your AD carry and the armor reduction debuff from Dragon Strike help you burst down your target.

This is the make or break move with Jarvan, you can easily kill your team with it or even save an enemy. This move is easily countered by any champions with a jump ability ( Jax or Katarina) and Flash. It is important to time the use of this move and it is useful to know that you can force people to use their Flash with it. It is a really good move, you just need to use it correctly.

You know why!

Currently looking at most supports in game Exhaust is used the most.

Heal is quite viable as Jarvan Support, as you really have no sustain what so ever, so it is a good alternative to Exhaust.

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The above masteries are not set in stone, they are just what I use when playing Support Jarvan. I will not go through them all, as you should be able to understand why I have taken them. Although I will go through a few.

You do not need any points in this at all, I just use it against CC heavy teams as it can mean the difference between you giving away 300g or living to fight another day. I suggest putting these 3 spare points into what you prefer.

Using the spare points you can take out of Tenacious , you can take this to boost your early game, seeing as Jarvan has no form of healing and it a mana hog, though only one use.

Requires Biscuiteer .
This is a also a great move to boost your early game, even though it doesn't last that long it is still a great move to have.

Safeguard (Mastery, not Lee Sin's move)
You are the support and if securing a kill for the AD carry requires you to take turret hits, you will take turret hits.

Greed and Wealth
Self-explanatory, helps your early game.

Mastermind and Artificer
You can always drop a point from Mastermind and put in Artificer seeing as your core items include Shurelya's Reverie, Locket of the Iron Solari and Randuin's Omen.

I have put in a Second build with some of the Masteries moved around. The Masteries are really down to your own play style, so feel free to change them to what you prefer.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9
Need this for the Late game.

Greater Seal of Armor x9
Need this for the Lane Phase.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9
Increased damage. :D
Greater Mark of Armor x9
Increased armor is always a good thing for a tanky support. (Thanks Kinesis :P)

Greater Quintessence of Gold x3
Optional, more gold woop!

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Pros / Cons

Q and E work well together for your AD carry and be used as a flash.
Q has nice armor reduction
E has nice active buff.
E has nice passive buff.
E can be use to check bushes and over walls.
W gives a slow and shield.
R is awesome when used right.
Passive is great for getting beefy people down.
He's Demacian, and he knows it.
E is great.
E is great.
And finally, E is great.

W is a really bad slow and shield.
After your burst, you don't have much else to do except hit the enemy with the pointy end.
R is terrible when used wrong.
Jarvan has no heal like other Supports, you must play him carefully.
Jarvan also likes to be in the middle of everything, so you are going to get hit.
Man Mode, can have disastrous effects.

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Working with your team

As Support Jarvan, your job is to take one for the team instead of your carries. You must protect your AD carry at all costs, and you must help him burst down his target. Try to keep Demacian Standard up at all times in a team fight.

If you can save an ally at the cost of your own life, then do it. If there is one thing Jarvan can do, it's go Man Mode. Though you need to be careful, you need to make sure the enemy doesn't get a double kill, you will have to make the judgement call.

When using your Cataclysm in a team fight, try to land it on as many enemies as possible and try to make it so that your carries are safe. If you land it on 3 or more enemies I strongly recommend using Randuin's Omen at that moment, as it will really help your carries.

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What Support Jarvan works well with and what it doesn't work well against

Graves and Corki
Support Jarvan works really well with Graves and Corki because of the burst damage they can do. Jarvan's Q ( Dragon Strike) is similar to Taric's W ( Shatter), so it really does help for burst damage. Against Graves, Jarvan's Q ( Dragon Strike) is good to counter his Passive ( True Grit). However, Graves can use Quickdraw to escape Jarvan's Ultimate ( Cataclysm). As for Corki, he can just use Valkyrie to escape Jarvan's Ultimate. Jarvan's E ( Demacian Standard) can slightly counter the effect from Corki's Gatling Gun.

When playing with Ezreal, Jarvan's buff from E ( Demacian Standard) stacks with Ezreal's passive, Rising Spell Force which is really good synergy. Jarvan struggles against Ezreal because of his poke, and when coupled with Sona it can be quite hard to overcome. Using Jarvan's W ( Golden Aegis) to counter any poke is unwise, as it uses up all his mana. As for Jarvan's Ultimate ( Cataclysm), Ezreal can just use Arcane Shift to escape.

When playing with Vayne, Jarvan's Q and E combo along with his Ultimate can lock down a target for Vayne whilst keeping her away from danger with Cataclysm. Demacian Standard also allows Vayne to stack up Silver Bolts faster, which is great. When playing against Vayne, it is important to remember that she can knock you back with Condemn, but she can't use Tumble to escape Cataclysm, though this is really buggy and she can sometimes escape with it anyway.

Able to lock down a target for him with the Q and E combo, also Cataclysm allows Varus to use Chain of Corruption and Hail of Arrows with ease. When against Varus, it is important to remember not to trap your allies in Cataclysm, otherwise you will make it easier for him. However, Varus has no dash like ability, which is great, but he will probably save his flash for Cataclysm. :(

Great to play with, you can keep a target locked down and keep them slowed long enough for Ashe to finish them off, Cataclysm allows Ashe to use Enchanted Crystal Arrow with ease. When playing against Ashe, you should try and intercept the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, so that your carries don't take it. Ashe doesn't have any dash like ability either, so it's all good. :D

Miss Fortune
Good Synergy with Q and E combo, allows her to stack up Impure Shots. Cataclysm works well with Bullet Time. When against Miss Fortune you need to try and avoid her stacking up Impure Shots on you. Another important thing is try and save your Q and E combo for when she uses Bullet Time, She has to stand still whilst casting it so it should be easy enough.

Having Draven with you is great, as you can make him do even more damage with your Dragon Strike and using Cataclysm allows him to attack and catch his Spinning Axes whilst the enemies are huddled in some impassable terrain with you. :D
When playing against Draven you should try and use the fact he has to catch his Spinning Axes to your advantage, try and prevent him from catching them, so that he does less damage to your team. It is important to watch out for his Whirling Death with your Cataclysm, as you can easily trap a teammate with it, even if they aren't inside it.

She is great to play with because there is great synergy in lane you can just use Cataclysm whenever you want and she will be able to hit every target because of her huge range. Yordle Snap Trap is also good in lane, if the enemy makes a mistake by walking into it you can use your Q and E combo to lock them down. 90 Caliber Net can be used to escape the terrain from Cataclysm so be wary of it. When using Cataclysm she can just use Yordle Snap Trap whilst you are inside it, so handle it. When playing against her, you can intercept her Ace in the Hole with you Q and E combo and even use Golden Aegis!

Rapid Fire and Demacian Standard go so well together, you can tear your opponents apart...well Tristana can. Cataclysm and Buster Shot do not have great synergy, you have to be wary of when Tristana is going to use her Buster Shot. When playing against Tristana it is important to note she has Rocket Jump, so can easily escape your Cataclysm. She also has a really big range late game, so take care against her.

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Useful things to know as a Support, especially Support Jarvan

At around the 3:20 mark you should ward these two bushes shown above, this is to help prevent jungler ganks. you should try and keep these two wards up during the lane phase.

You can use your Demacian Standard to face check these bushes if you have no ward in them. This is useful especially in the lane bush to stop the jungler ganking from that bush.

You can also use Demacian Standard to check Dragon, this also works at the Baron pit too.

This is where you should use Vision Ward's, as you need to be able to remove the enemy teams vision there, bear in mind that you have a high chance of your wards being removed when placed in these two places.

Oracle's Elixir is too good to ignore, this item is strong and is a definite purchase on any support. I would say it is one of your core items.

Know when to use your Cataclysm! You do not want to trap teammates with it, you are going to want to prevent Champions like Morgana getting her ultimate off on your team.

This will happen if you decide to go Man Mode as Support Jarvan.

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This build isn't really designed for high elo games, I'm not that high so yeah :D. I hope you enjoyed my guide to Support Jarvan (note: I didn't actually tell you how to ward, you should already know that). If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve this guide please do tell me. Thanks :D
(More coming soon!)


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