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Anivia Build Guide by Haljawchiks

AP Offtank Suprise Anivia <3 TOP !

By Haljawchiks | Updated on June 20, 2016

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My name is Haljawchiks and I play in EU West server at the moment. Anivia is classified as a control Mage and as an assasin at the same time.
The Table of Contents can guide you through this guide on where to find things. This is my first guide, and i wanted to share something very simple and extremly strong . As you continue on, you'll get to understand the ways of this build. Thank you if you gave my guide a chance. I hope you will enjoy it.
If you have any comments, questions, feel free to leave me a message in the discussion!
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Pros / Cons


+ Hard CC
+ Easy & fast combos
+ Able to Carry Games
+ Excellent Wave Clear and Farming
+ Easy to Learn, Hard To Master
+ Insane burst
+ Excellent in choke points.
+ Passive to rely on.


- Bad wall placement can destory a game.
- No mobility whatsoever.
- Skill shot heavy
- Difficult in close combats.
- Difficult vs mobile targets.
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Rebirth - Anivia will become in egg form for 6 seconds when takind fatal damage , you will recieve armor and magic resist reduction and will be reborn if not killed. While this passive is up you can play a little more agressive than usual,taking on 1v1's and such.
Flash Frost - This is the key skillshot you WILL have to land in order to efficiently put out damage and control the fights. Time it well, as it deals damage while going through a unit and when reactivated, which means that you will have to time it the second it deals the first tick of damage to reactivate it.
Crystallize - The placement of your wall can change a lot in most skirmishes, most of the times you want to cut of the enemies escape route with it , but sometimes you can put it between the enemy and a wall, to make them stuck ,unable to move for the duration of your wall.
Frostbite - This is your burst , combining your Q with E is the main tool pre 6. Overall are 2 ways to combo your damage. Stun a target with your Q and follow up with E (simple) . Or after you reach level 6, Throw out your E ability and while the projectile is flying ,put down your ultimate underneath your opponent for double damage, for some bonus cheese, the Q+E or E+R+auto combo will proc
thunderlord's decree
Glacial storm - Your ultimate ability is a low cooldown combo tool for your kit, and also it can be put down for massive over time damage. Put it down in a teamfight, while chugging out combos on enemies,it will shread your opponents health bars.
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Your Runes can vary on Anivia. Since she benefits from all sources with this build and setup. I prefer certain Rune setups into certain Top laner setups (vs mages etc) These are my standard rune setups when playing Anivia. One thing that never changes are my Quintessence Runes. But overall this is a great rune setup for auto attack and spell combination damage with a little survivability.

You can rotate between more AD/armor pen or AP/magic pen.
This build does not rely on specific order of runes, you can set them up in the way you like them. That's just my example of what i use as a standart for Anivia top.
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  • Sorcery 5/5
  • Feast 1/1
  • Vampirism 5/5
  • Oppressor 1/1

  • Wanderer 5/5
  • Secret stash 1/1
  • Merciless 5/5
  • Dangerous game 1/1
  • Intelligence 5/5
  • Thunderlord's decree 1/1
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Skill Sequence

Flash Frost (Q) - We want to take this as the first skill and put other points in it only when everything else is maxed.

Crystallize (W) - Skip taking it level 3 ,(as you would normally do with most champs) and take it level 4, so you can put 2 points in E early on for maximum burst.

Frostbite (E) - Let's take this level 2 and max it first, for pure damage.
Glacial storm (R) - As with all ultimates, take it levels 6,11 and 16
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Summoner Spells

Let's stick with these and help our team whenever possible with
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Trading in lane.

What you want to do , is start harrasing the enemy with auto attacks as much as possible,land Q's when you get close enough,since the long range one's are much easiesr to dodge,follow up with the E, while the enemy is chilled and keep harrasing with auto's.
If the enemy can certainly outtrade you, for example Lulu, wait for them to make the first move as you counter it with your stun, followup with E and just back off so the enemy won't have time to retaliate. As Anivia you have 1 trick up your sleeve - all animations look alike. Basic attacks can trigger enemies to think you're about to use an ability.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haljawchiks
Haljawchiks Anivia Guide

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