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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Syndra Build Guide by Lariena

Syndra - Sustained in hp, Sated in mana and always Deadly

Syndra - Sustained in hp, Sated in mana and always Deadly

Updated on December 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Build Guide By Lariena 3 4 27,928 Views 29 Comments
3 4 27,928 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Syndra Build Guide By Lariena Updated on December 22, 2012
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Welcome on my build for Syndra.

Syndra is a fun champion to play, because she is challenging to master.

With this build, I want to find some solutions to her weakness, while not depleting her role as a damage dealer.

I play mostly in 3v3, but the build should be fine in 5v5 as well.

Don't downgrade the build without reason. Judge it for the items sequence it offer given the problems it try to solve. Excuse the dry esthetism of it. I don't have enough time to invest in the visual aspect. I will try to improve this aspect over time.
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Pros / Cons

Syndra is a great Mage, but like every champion she have her strenght and weakness.

+ Good damage dealer.
+ Long range.
+ Low Cooldown.
+ Lots of AoE spells.
+ She plays bowling with her enemies.

- Hard to master.
- Mana hungry.
- Squishy.
- Slow movement.
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Syndra have 3 main weakness:

1- She drink lots of mana, because her Q have a low Cooldown and all her skills can deal damages, so you will want to use them as often as possible.

2- She is very Squishy, so you need one form of sustain to keep her healthy.

3- She is slow and very vulnerable to CC.

Her main role in the team is to deal damage with her AoF spells. That mean, she need AP boost so that her damage output scale with the match progression.

All that put together give us 4 considerations to take care off. In the case of Syndra, all of them must be solved quickly and all at once.


I don't pretend my build is the only way to go. Depending of the thought you have on the champion characteristics and your strategy about her, you can build up different builds.

Here is the path I suggest given the four considerations mention below.

Given the 3 weaknesss identified, I propose to purchase Eleisa's Miracle. This item is not often use, but on Syndra it is almost perfect. The only thing it lack for her is AP. Beside that, it have everything you want to counter those 3 weakness.

Eleisa's Miracle is a cheap item, so it can be afford early in game. It cost even less than the price indicated, since its recipe included the Philosopher's stone so you can get that item even more faster.

Eleisa's Miracle give you huge amount of HP and Mana regen. After the Archangel's Staff, it is the second item who provide the bigest Mana Regen bonus. The Mana regen on it is enough to solve her mana hunger.

It also included an important HP Regen Bonus, which will help you to stay in shape to face potential danger. Since you are very squishy, it's important to remain full in HP.

On the top of that, Eleisa's Miracle have a Tenacity bonus, which will reduce your extreme vulnerability to CC like Slow.

It give you all that in one single item, for almost the same price of the Hextech Revolver, which will help you with only 2 factors (AP and HP sustainment). So, price matter!

Here is the problems you will encounter if you try to solve each weakness with one single item at the time.

Lets start with the Mana problem. You can go for the Chalice of Harmony. That is a very good item for her and you can make a whole build around it, but here is the problem you will face off with it:

- The Chalice of Harmony doesn't have AP bonus, neither any form of HP sustainment. It give you a nice bonus in Magic Resistence, but it won't make up for what it doesn't do for her.

- The Archangel's Staff, it have the best bonus in Mana regen and it will boost your damage, so it solve 2 considerations. However, it doesn't give you any form of sustainment and any defensive capacity to avoid quick death, which will lead up into an enemy team fed. You want to avoid that for yourself and your team.

- Clarity and Runes can fix her thirst for mana. However, this path imply sacrifice of valuable asset like Ignite and AP or Defensive Runes.

Concerning her need for HP sustainment, you can check for those solutions, but they imply some problems :

- The Hextech Revolver and the Will of the Ancients with their Spell vamp bonus can give you a very effective form of sustainment. Syndra's spell high damage makes Spell Vamp very interesting and useful. However, there is no items with Spell vamp AND Mana regen. By the time you solve the Mana problem and the sustainment, the match will be in mid stage. Your AP will lag behind since both of these problem have been address seperatly.

You can try to pretend the Mana problem doesn't exsist, but Syndra reality will bring you back on earth soon enough, so you cannot just invest into Will of the Ancients and Rabadon's Deathcap. You will be deadly, but you will run out of mana very quickly, which can be very problematic if you need to defend your towers or if you need to last hit someone and your mana is depleted.

The other items that offer a bonus in Mana regen and HP regen doesn't give any bonus in AP and more importantly, they are much more expensive than Eleisa's Miracle, so they will come too late in the match and they will make your damage output lag too much.

Once you get the Eleisa's Miracle, buy the Sorcerer's Shoes. You won't get any AP boost yet, but the Magic penetration on them will boost your damage indirectly.

Take not also that if your match goes very well, you can delay the completion of the Eleisa's Miracle to keep only the Philosopher's Stone until you reach the amount of gold to complete that item AND to afford at the same time the Boots or the whole Sorcerer's Shoes.

Once you got your boots, you need an income in AP fast. The best way to put you back on track is to rush for the Rabadon's Deathcap. Start with the Blasting Wand to level up your damage output. If you wait for the Needless Large Rod, you make your character stall for too long after you got the Eleisa and the Sorcercer's boots.

Once you got the Deathcap, strike for the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It will boost your HP and AP. The passive will also reinforce your skill Scatter the Weak as your escape mechanism (Push and slow). On that matter, it's sad the Crystal Scepter cannot be afford as your third item. The boost in damage on the Deathcap cannot be ignore given the absence of AP boost on the Eleisa's Miracle.

The last two items are rather situational in the case of Syndra and the current state of the build.

Since you will be focused a lot, your 5th item can be the Zhonya's Hourglass, especially if they have some dangerous AD champ in their team. If all their team is AP, then Abyssal Mask might be better, but the Zhonya have a nice passive.

For the 6th item, I propose the Deathfire Grasp. It offer a good AP bonus, CdR which allow you to cast your Dark Sphere faster so you can display two of them to cast your ultimate Unleashed Power at its full potential. The passive is good as well and fit your role well as damage dealer. If your game goes well, you might even prefer to buy Deathfire Grasp as your 5th item and finish with the Hourglass.

If the enemy build up strong magical resistence, buy the Void Staff for your 5th or 6th item and skip the Deathfire Grasp.

The main build will give you the current sequence:

Item Sequence

Mana Potion 0
Nomad's Medallion 850
Eleisa's Miracle 1100
Boots 300
Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Blasting Wand 850
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Zhonya's Hourglass 3250
Deathfire Grasp 3100

Versus a team that will build strong Magic resistence, you have something like this:

Item Sequence

Mana Potion 0
Nomad's Medallion 850
Eleisa's Miracle 1100
Boots 300
Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Blasting Wand 850
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Void Staff 3000
Zhonya's Hourglass 3250
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Unique Skills

Just one small note about her skills combo.

Most build will propose you the current sequence:


However, you might want to delay your E after you have cast Unleashed Power. That way 3 Dark spheres or more will be on the ground to be available to be blown away. Your chance to stun someone and inflict extra damage will be increaeed that way.

So if you can, try this sequence:

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For the Runes, I propose to go either full AP (except for the Marks with Magic penetration) or full AP + Mana regen Seal. If you prefer Flat AP Runes, you may take those. I prefer those that increase by level to be dominante in games that last for long time.

With the current Build items, you can also change the AP Seal for the flat HP one or for the HP regen Seal (per level or not).

If you want to spam your spells even more often, you can also get the Mana Regen Seal (Flat or per Level). For the main build, I choose this option, which allow you to push a lane faster late game without getting cought out of mana if a battle had to occure at the same time.

I tested the Full AP set as well, and you won't have mana problem too that way. Here, I need more game to decided which set I prefer. Sometimes I found full AP was just fine, other time, in late game, I found I could push the lane stronger with a bit more mana regen. In all cases, in late game, your Eleisa's Miracle will do the job well to sated Syndra in mana so that you won't need to manage mana that much.
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Hall of Fame

You succeed to get nice score with my build? You want to show the good result? You can send me a message to tell me you have a screenshot and I will post your score on the build page.

Earl Konrad: 14-7-17. Congrat!

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I hope you enjoyed this build.

Your constructive comments, recommendations and critics are welcome. I take also praises and flatteries = )

On needs and given your comments and critics, I will improve the build.
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[19-09-2012 : Replaced Will of the Ancient by Deathfire Grasp and made Zhonya's Hourglass 5th item.

[29-09-2012] After the patch, which makes Scatter the Weak more efficient as an escape mechanism, I replaced Ghost for Flash

[29-09-2012]] Added the section "Hall of Fame". First player to be added, Earl Konrad. Thanks for the contribution = )

[22-12-2012] Updated items and Mastery.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena
Lariena Syndra Guide
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Syndra - Sustained in hp, Sated in mana and always Deadly

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