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Tahm Kench Build Guide by Epicmaneuvers

T0mmy Pickl3s Xx420xX Bench L0rd

T0mmy Pickl3s Xx420xX Bench L0rd

Updated on November 26, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Epicmaneuvers Build Guide By Epicmaneuvers 382,284 Views 6 Comments
382,284 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Epicmaneuvers Tahm Kench Build Guide By Epicmaneuvers Updated on November 26, 2015
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Nov 3 2015 - added more to the Combat section
- Cleaned up some spelling and grammar
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Hello, I am a Diamond 5 Support main on the North American Server. I have been playing Tahm Kench for the last few months (Prior to his hype following the LCS). After much trial and error. I have added this monster to my standard roster. Here is my Build on Tahm Kench.

Each of the 5 sections below outline everything you need to know about his 5 spells.
Read them carefully more than once to absorb all the knowledge. This is literally everything you need to know about Tahm Kench's spells.

After the spells are explained, I will go over how to use them together and outline why we take the masteries and runes and why we build certain items. How the items, masteries, runes and spells come together to form the "Kit" is critical to understanding how to play this champion.
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Strengths and Weaknesses


+ Crowd Control
+ High Damage
+ Save Teammates Button
+ Teleport
+ Sustain
The River King Is a Melee Tank that excels in keeping your allies alive from dangerous abilities like Vi's Ultimate. He has long range for a melee champion, two single target Crowd control spells, and a teleport much like twisted fate's. In lane he provides harassment with a skill shot and when a fight breaks out he has the potential to do lots of damage in small fights. He can provide lots of map control because of his ultimate and can take a beating in lane thanks to his shield/regen.

+ Item Dependent
+ Weak early game
+ No Escape
+ Takes Time to Combo
+ Predictable
The River King has few weaknesses, he is entirely dependent on his build and items to make him a tank since he has no tanking abilities. His damage is slow and takes time to build up stacks on a target, he can be cc'd and killed given enough time, And he has no escape. Focusing him will dispatch him swiftly
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An Acquired Taste

• Stacking debuff
• Immune to spell shields
• Last around 7-12 seconds

Basic Information
• Dealing damage applies one stack ( auto attacks and spell damage included )
• Stacks max out on a target at 3 ( damaging them after this prolongs stacks )
• Some abilities consume stacks
• Devour and Tongue Lash gain secondary effects at 3 stacks

Advanced Information
• Stacks begin to decay after 7 seconds
• Using tongue lash at 3 stacks does not consume the stacks on the target
• Using devour at 3 stacks consumes the stacks on the target
• Hitting enemies at 3 stacks will refresh them
• Spell shields don’t prevent stacks from being applied
• Tahm takes on a new graphical effect with each proceeding stack applied
• Stacks can be applied to multiple simultaneous targets
• At 3 stacks his Q stuns
• At 3 stacks he can use devour on enemy champions



Try to build up stacks on your target in order to either stun them or use devour. Build stacks by attacking with your auto attacks or dealing damage with spells.

There are three ways to deal damage with spells. Your Q, your devour when shot as a projectile, and your Devour damage after they are spat out, and lastly Auto attacking. Try to keep stacks on a target by continually harassing.

With zero cooldown, you can get 3 stacks with just your Q if you hit them right again when it comes off cooldown. Stacks persist through Spell shields.

This is the core to Tahm's kit, you need to build stacks to execute his combos, they will get applied naturally without having to try since it is a passive
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Tongue Lash

+ Short Cool down
+ Low mana Cost
+ Single target ranged slow/stun
+ High Damage

Basic Information
• 6 second cool down at all ranks (3.6 at full cdr)
• Costs 50 mana at all times (Very low)
• Range 800 (Blitz Crank hook is 925 for comparison)
• Briefly Roots tahm Kench ( prevents movement )

• 80-260 Damage with Rank (260 is great for base spell damage, Twisted fates Q has the same damage at rank 5 )

• 2 second Percent based slow ranging from 50-70 % ( 70% will make a 400 move speed sivir move at 120 )

• 70 percent ap ratio (high but currently there are no good Hp + Ap items to get since Rylias slow is wasted and ROA is too expensive and too dependent on getting early on for a support to buy, Liandrys is good but too expensive as well)

• Stun duration 1.5s (this is a standard stun length, Brand is the only champ in the game with a 2 second instant stun at rank one, Also note that the slow will last .5 seconds beyond the stun)

• Gains additional damage that Scales off of Abyssal Voyage for %health
• Deals Magic Damage

Advanced Information
• Applies Acquired Taste
• Resets Auto attack animation
• Hit box is shaped like a ====>. This allows you to accurately hit an enemy trying to avoid skill shots by standing near other minions
• Decent Spell width which means you can hit this spell easily
• Fast cast time meaning you can hit this spell easily
• Can use this ability to eat minions from afar by timing your “w” at the same time (not champions)
• Makes a sound if you hit a target
• Tongue will stop at a point when it comes in contact with a target
• Does not consume acquired taste stacks on stun

• Do not use all your mana with this spell at early levels
• If you are behind in levels do not use this spell to harass, wait until you are level 6
• When playing against champions with sustain, make sure if you Q them you follow up with auto attacks and devour to make it worth it
• Use it quickly or first in fights because you want it back up again for the stun
• Using it point blank for damage is not a waste
• Pick one target and stay on them
• Generally speaking hitting your Q means you are going to devour them – and that generally means they are going to die

Use Tongue Lash to harass your opponents in Lane, it has a 6 second cool down which is very low, even lower when you have cool down reduction to the point where it will feel like it is always up.

It only costs 50 mana at all ranks, so early on you can use this ability often without going OOm. It has a very long attack range almost as long as blitzcranks hook. If you land the ability it will apply a slow giving you the opportunity to move toward them and follow up with auto attacks. Do not move forward to follow up if you are not going to commit to using Devour on the target. Tongue lash can be used to stun targets but generally you will not be trying to do this it will just happen on its own. It is your main ability to start Tahm kench’s combo.

It provides consistent high damage and Single target slow throughout long fights. It can be used to chase enemies and should be used liberally. The hit box is shaped like a ===> so you can hit enemies with precision when they attempt to stand near minions to avoid skill shots since the longest part of the tongue is the center point. The width of this spell is considerable, making it very easy to hit enemies who try to side step it. The speed at which the ability travels is very Fast making it easier to miss but harder for enemies to dodge. Using this ability on an angle can increase the likelihood of hitting an enemy with it since if they move left to right the width of the spell will still come in contact with them.

You can cast devour while the tongue is in midair to eat any minion your tongue hits, use this on scuttle crab or other jungle minions to steal them ( works on tibbers and other pets ). This spell does high damage throughout the entire game. Use it often at ranks 3-5. Applies a very strong slow so always be aware of the fact that if you hit an enemy they will panic and even in some cases have to flash since landing this spell late game is usually a death sentence.

This ability will reset your attack animation meaning you can get to three stacks very quickly by first attacking -> using q -> attacking again right away. This spell makes a sound when you hit an enemy, including enemies that are not visible. Using it to check bushes before you enter them will give you an indication on if anyone is inside the bush. Note that the tongue stops once it hits an enemy giving you more information on how far away they are. You can use this to find invisible enemies like twitch and shaco.

The general feel of this spell is that you use it to start a fight, you auto attack a few times to get three stacks Thanks to the slow, next you use devour and after you spit them out you immediately hit them with Q again for slow and continue to attack them, if they somehow live you can use your q to stun them now and follow up with a second Devour.

Note that once you start getting ranks in your ultimate the damage of tongue lash will continue to go up, so once its maxed out at 5 ranks it will continue to improve as you get more health giving this ability a very rewarding and depth of power throughout all parts of the game.

This concludes all the details about Tahm Kench’s Q, Tongue Lash. Using all the utility and damage from this spell properly will greatly increase your effectiveness. There is a lot of information here so just try to let it sink in because his Q is his best ability. Like blitzcranks hook, you need to master this ability to play him at a high level.
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+ Multi-Purpose
+ Short Cool down at late levels
+ High Damage
+ Single target

Basic Information
• Cool down Scales with level 14-10 (8.4-6 with Full CDR)
• 90 mana at all levels (relatively Low since you don’t spam this)
• Range 250 (Tahm Kench’s attack range is 200, so this is only slightly longer)
• Briefly Roots you (Prevents Movement)
• When activated, swallows the target putting them into stasis for 4-6 seconds (they take no damage from any source) what happens next depends on what you swallow.

• Gains 15-25 % movement speed if you swallows an ally (bonus is doubled when moving towards enemy champions)

• Enemy champions lose vision (much like graves smoke screen) and instead of getting a speed bonus you get a 95 percent self-slow

• Spitting out an champion deals 20-32 % of their max health and stun them for 0.25 seconds ( minions and monsters also take this damage but are not stunned )

• Spitting out minions or monsters will shoot them a distance and deal aoe damage on impact equal to 100-300 damage ( the minions can go over terrain but stop when hitting a unit )

• 2% damage per 100 ap on devour damage ( Not worth it )
• Spitting out an ally will move them 200 units in direction ( can place allies over small terrain )
• 60% AP ratio on projectile Damage ( again not worth it )
• Both the percent health damage and the projectile damage gain bonus damage from your ultimate.

Advanced Information
• When you devour any unit your skin will turn a different color, This gives a graphical indication that you have someone inside your stomach, note this when you try to bring a jungler into lane the enemy will know you have someone inside you.
• Devour can be used to grab an allied champion and shoot them over a wall
• When you have an allied champion inside you, after a short delay they can choose to exit by clicking in any direction to be spat out that way. You can also choose where to spit them out.
• When using the ability to run away or engage or get somewhere faster, make sure you tell your ally not to click out because they often forget that they can remain inside for up to 6 seconds.
• Certain aoe effects persist through devour for both allies and enemies, some of these effects include: Kennen’s ult, Garens spin, Fiddles Crowstorm, karthus’s Defile.
• Some Spells will be applied to you instead of your ally that you swallow, but not all, some include: Fizz’s Ultimate, Zileans Time bombs, and Tristanna’s Bomb. Other effects will occur immediately.
• Damage over time spells applied to allies eaten will continue to expire while inside you but they will not do any damage, it is important to note this because holding them inside longer can prevent death to certain abilities like Vlad’s ultimate.
• Spitting an enemy out onto a cait trap is a great way to secure a kill.
• Spitting a minion at opponents before a fight starts to get a stack of acquired taste is a good way to get your stun off.
• Spitting minions into your own wave is a good way to manipulate the flow of minions in your favor
• Note that stacks of acquired taste are consumed when eating an enemy
• Grabbing home guards and eating an ally is a great way to transport them long distances fast
• Note that the damage is based on maximum health which means you can use this ability to execute enemies.
• You can use flash and any other spells while you have an ally inside you, except for your ulitmate

On ally use
• Gain a movement speed increase for 4-6 seconds
• Spitting allies out moves them about 200 units in a direction
• Movement speed increase even more when moving towards enemies

On minion or monster use
• Do not gain movement speed increase
• Spitting a monster or minion out will move them 650 units and deal aoe damage on hit
• Also deals the percent health damage to the minion or monster that you spit out

On enemy champ use
• Enemy champion must have 3 stacks of acquired taste to use
• Slows you by 95 percent for the duration
• Deals large percent health damage to the target upon exiting
• Can direct where they get spit out but they only move about 100 units
• Target is stunned for 0.25 seconds on exit
• Target loses all vision while inside
• All damage of time effects on the target will not deal damage while inside you
• Duration for how long you can hold them is halved

• Only use devour if you are certain you won’t need to use it on an ally
• When you use devour on a friendly champion always have a plan for where you are going
• When devouring an enemy champion, always move towards your team and spit them out in a spot where they are not close to walls where they can flash away
• Always take the time to explain the benefits of devour to your team mates and explain how they can click to remove themselves and if they press nothing they will stay inside for a longer time


Devour is a very very versatile spell. We will break the details up into three sections, one for allies, one for minions and monsters, and one for enemy champions.

First of all, for minions and monsters, this spell can be activated without any stacks. The target can be stored for the full duration and you don’t gain or lose movement speed in the process, you do however get a graphical change to your skin. You can press it again to release them, spitting them in a direction. They will collide with units and then apply an aoe at that location doing damage and applying Stacks. The damage from this is considerably low since you aren’t maxing this spell, so it’s not something you want to do in lane to harass all the time. It does obviously have its place though so don’t forget about it. Note that units can be spat over walls if they can make it. They will collide with walls if the wall is too thick. You can use tongue lash in conjunction with devour on a monster or minion to pick them up from a distance. This is best used to steal scuttle crabs and other jungle creatures. It can be used on tibbers to put him into tower or get him out of the way. You can block skill shots by throwing jungle minions in front of yourself. The minion will take the high percent health damage from this ability and if they die they will still be thrown as a projectile.

On ally cast, you gain a large move speed boost, this boost is doubled when moving towards champions much like that one item I can’t remember the name for. Use this movement speed boost for a variety of situations. While inside your ally will take no damage from any sources. This is the best support utility tahm has because he can completely negate many champions from killing your adc. It is important to note however that you can use devour DURING an enemy spell. Like vi’s ultimate, after vi has cast her ultimate you can eat your ally and Vi’s ultimate will go on cool down. This is the best way to do it. Don’t use devour unless the spell has been already cast. You can of course devour an ally to save them from bad positioning. You can even spit allies over walls like in dragon pit. I like to pick up home guards and eat my allies and run them from the base with the giant move speed buff.

On enemy cast, you need three stacks to do it. Once you eat them, they immediately stop taking any damage from any source, they lose all vision and you get slowed by 95 percent. The duration they can stay inside you is halved and you can still spit them out but they barely move. The best way to do it is to turn them around and put them on the back side of you. They take insane damage when they get spat out and they also get stunned for 0.25 seconds. After you spit them out follow up with a q and auto attacks to kill them if they survived the digestion.

And that’s really all there is, it’s an easy spell to use, but the decisions are key. The spell is really powerful when used both offensively and defensively and is the Core to your kit. Everything else enables you to use this spell, SO USE IT!
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Thick Skin

• Self Shield
• Self Heal over time
• Activate
• Tanking ability

Basic Information
• Cooldown lowered by rank 16-12s ( 9.6 – 7.2s with Full CDR)
• Costs 50 mana at all ranks ( Very low and you use it sparingly )
• Passive Component Turns all damage taken into Grey health
• Grey health does nothing until you activate the ability
• Activating the ability turns grey health into a shield that decays over 6 seconds
• Grey health is slowly healed back when out of combat 20-44 percent of it turns back into health

Advanced Information

• Activating Thick skin requires control of your character
• If you are stunned or suppressed or silenced you cannot activate Thick skin so be careful
• Activating Thick skin roots you briefly so be careful when using this after a tower dive because the delay in movement might make you take an additional hit.
• Combat is a loosely described term. Shield starts to turn back into health after about 5 seconds generally of not taking damage. You can stay in combat by attacking minions to maintain your grey health pool
• Using this ability early is wrong
• You want to use this ability only when you need it since activating the shield means you won’t heal back the health.
• Healing back the health is very useful in lane so only activate the shield if you are going to die.
• Self healing from Spirit Visage or masteries will improve the amount of health you heal from this ability.
• The shield only lasts 6 seconds but is generally enough time to get away
• The more health you have the bigger the impact this spell has
• You will not produce Grey health if this ability is on Cooldown

• Only use this ability if you are going to die
• Sometimes you want to activate it early if they have many CC abilities
• Never use this ability early on in a fight (Unless you are going to die)
• Heal in lane and after fights with this ability passively


There isn’t much to say about this ability. It is the simplest ability in his kit. It gives you a second chance sort to speak in a fight. All damage you take is converted to grey health. But only a percentage of it will return to real health in the healing phase.

Activating the ability stops you from moving and you cannot do it if you are stunned or silenced or anything else that prevents actions. The more health you have the better this ability becomes. Stay in combat by attacking minions if you want to prolong your grey health from healing you.

And that’s it, this is his only innate tanking ability so use it wisely and not often, the passive effect is much better than the active for most parts of the game.
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Abyssal Voyage

• Passive and active effect
• Magic Damage on hit
• Semi global teleport
• Can take one addition player

Basic Information
• Cooldown is 120-100 seconds which is much shorter than Twisted Fates ( 72-60 with Full CDR)
• Costs 100 mana (It’s an ultimate so yea)
• Range 4000 – 6000 ( at max range is about form the fountain to almost the first turret )
• Passive effect makes all your damaging abilities and basic attacks deal bonus magic damage based on your bonus health 20 + 4-8 percent ( This applies to devour and tongue lash as well as basic attacks )
• Allies can click you to teleport with you
• You can teleport alone
• Provides normal vision of the area half way through the channel
• Any damage taken while channeling will cancel the effect
• You cannot cancel it once activated

Advanced information

• The bonus damage scales throughout the entire game, the tankier you get the more damage you do
• Because it applies to your spells, it means that at level 6, 11, and 16 your spells also get a big boost in damage, keeping your tongue lash at a reasonably high damage level throughout the whole game.
• The base damage from your passive will apply to units who get devoured on top of the percent damage
• Your basic attacks are no very strong since they apply magic damage on hit
• The projectile from spitting enemies out also gains bonus damage
• The teleport takes about 2.5 seconds to actually appear giving enemies a great deal of time to get away, it is not like Twisted Fates ultimate since when you come out of the ground you have to wait for the animation to finish before you can move
• Use the teleport often since it has a low cooldown and is generally not used in the same way Twisted fates ultimate is used
• Rarely do I take passengers with me because most players don’t react in time to get in fast enough to make the play that im trying to make work.
• Enemies will know you are ulting near them because of a noise and a graphic, even without vision.
• You cannot ult with someone in your belly

• Use the ultimate often, it is for utility
• Don’t wait for allies to join you when ulting if you are trying to cut someone off
• Use the ult to save towers and push towers
• Use the ult to just get back to lane faster
• Don’t attempt to ult in combat
• Remember that your auto attacks do a lot of damage once you have your ultimate


Tahm Kench’s ultimate is what ties his entire kit together. The passive effect gives all of your abilities increased damage based off of your bonus health. This means the tankier you get the more damage you do. It makes your auto attacks worth hitting now not just for stacks and since your auto attacks have a 200 range it’s not bad at all.

The activate is basically a free teleport, Use it to move around the map, sometimes you can bring allies to set up a fight but don’t expect it to happen in a solo queue game. Use the ultimate to chase down players by yourself or with others. Use it to get to baron or dragon. Use it all the time. The cool down is very low and the passive effect is more important. This ultimate is also very tied in with his lore.

That concludes Tahm Kenches kit, I will go over a brief synopsis of the use of all his abilities in conjunction with one another and explain why we use the items and runes and masteries that we chose to improve everything he does with this kit.
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Overview of a typical Game

Here is where it all comes together, This is where the bread bakes. Lets take a look at how its done.

1. First off, as you know by now, Tahm Deals primarily Magic Damage, and his damage scales off of Health and Levels. This is why we run for yellow Runes. The only other options are armor, and since health is more important than Armor, we take the scaling health runes since Tahm gets better with levels. The synergy is clear. Even though Tahm deals magic damage, we don't take magic pen Reds because it is MORE important to ensure that we can get enough auto attacks in the small window of time that gives us with its slow. To maximize this we get for our red choice. this gives our short window of opportunity from the slow to get to three stacks and use . Are you with me so far?

2. As for our blue choice, we could go with Magic resist, but instead we are going with cool down reduction per level. gives you 15 at level 18. Combined with other items this is a great addition to your base kit. Again, we go with scaling because tahm gets much better with levels. Lastly, for our quintessence choice, we want to get some armor since we are playing in the bottom lane and we want to have even stats for more survivability. provide good early game protection from minions and the adc. Basic attacks and minion aggro are going to be your biggest source of damage early on so defending against these is primary.

3. That explains our rune choices, next lets talk about masteries. Beginning with the defensive tree. gives us slow tenacity, which is extremely helpful when trying to catch up or get to an opponent. It synergies well with we are also getting and for simple damage reduction from basic attacks, this is mainly useful because you are a melee champion and you will receive many auto attacks in the lane phase. Next, we want to get that health pool big, so were going to take the obvious choices here with and . lastly for the defensive tree, we want to get raw stats in the form of MR and AD simply because we want to build more health items than stat items to maximize our passive on the ultimate. So and are great choices to do this. and are both available now since we have the prerequisites and they provide a combination of defense from mages and adc's alike.

3. Now lets look at the Utility Tree, You are a support so it is mandatory that you get some stuff in utility in order to be useful. Starting with , this gives us a boost to our movement speed, which as you know, is a primary way of getting in range to use and landing our . Tahm also has no escape, so getting movement speed is imperative. next is , this is helpful because it increases our base mana pool. Giving us more chances to miss our Q and giving us more mana to use over all. is vital to playing support, it allows both exhaust and flash to be used more often throughout the game. is mandatory for gold income and we get our last point in to make more gold when our adc last hits. Scavenger is important because if you cannot engage you will make a bit of money off of staying in lane.

This concludes our mastery Set up. Obviously there are other ways to build him depending on what you want to focus on but i believe that this is the most well rounded choices for a solo queue game where you have no control over many factors that would effect building. You will be tanky enough to do your job, and you will have enough utility to stay in lane and be consistent. None of your masteries demand you to successfully do anything to get worth out of them, they are all just helpful additives.

4. Moving along, Lets talk about Items. Our starting items are always going to be the same, pick up two and one as well as your and lastly . Lets talk about the importance of potions now. Potions are something i purchase on every champ i play, throughout the entire game. They are the only cheap source of active mitigation. You can always add "clicking a potion" into something you did to improve results be it a team fight, a gank, or an escape. They are cheap and they are never not useful. They are especially useful in the early stages of the game. Just be sure not to buy to many of them, 2 or 3 is enough to keep on you. Were going to be using these potions to stay topped up in the lane phase up until we make our first back, without them we will be too low to properly provide pressure. Lets talk about . This item gives you health, its upgraded version continues to give you more health. It is a support item. It is the only health item out of the three support items. So its PRETTY OBVIOUS RIGHT? well stats aside. The active portion of this item is critical to playing kench in lane. You will be taking damage often trying to get your combo off. And even though you've got and you are still going to need heal, so the active on is going to be very helpful since it not only gives you money, but i heals you and your adc. Keep this in mind because you don't want to just use the stacks when they are up, you want to try and use it to heal yourself. is pretty standard, you will trade this in when you buy

5. Okay, Take a deep breathe that was a lot of stuff right? and we haven't even started the game. SO you've got your optimized rune page, you've got your masteries, and you've got a solid understanding of Tahm's kit. We just bought our starting items and we are playing the SUPPORT ROLE It is all very clearly spelled out for you now. The first thing you have to do now is tell your jungler that you are starting with and that he needs to stand back and allow you to eat the jungle camp first. Place a ward with your nearby so that you don't get invaded. use on Gromp or the Rocks and go to lane. I like to rush level 2 as fast as i can so that i can start getting control of the lane back with . So i use my stacks from on the first two melee minions. I than continue to attack the other minions to push the wave onto the opponents. Once you are level two you can relax. Now you can use your to trade back with anyone who tries to harass your adc or yourself. Using Tongue Lash here defensively will prevent opponents from pushing you out of the lane. Use your anytime its up from here on out and try not to use your health pots if you can. You should be fine for mana and getting closer to level 3. Level three we are ranking up once more to get it to Rank 2. It does some actual damage now. You can not take control of the lane by harassing the adc or support when ever they move up to CS or harass you. If you think you can kill them, try to get to three stacks of and than use . It will work best against an adc without an escape. If you don't end up getting the kill, you will significantly damage them maybe even causing a flash or a heal, which is just as good as a kill early on. You can now begin zoning. heal up with your get any mana back that you used with and Zone your opponents. Zoning your opponents is critical since you are going to want to get a level advantage on them if you can. Tahm scales so well with levels its best to stay in lane until you are level 6. Level up next and enjoy the passive healing you will receive. Level 5 Level up and continue to put out glorious amounts of damage. If you can get a chance to skip away from combat in lane, run to the River Crab and Eat it using spit it out against the wall inside of dragon pit , it will get stuck here moving back and forth bugging out. Use auto attacks and to kill it. This will help you get ahead in levels, it will prevent junglers from getting sated, and it will give you more map control early on which is hard to do since you don't have wards yet. At level 6, Rank up and now realize that your damage has just gone up by a lot. your q just got about 40 more damage, your auto attacks do 40 more damage and your devour does more damage as well. If the enemy wants to fight, you should fight because you have a big power spike. But perhaps its time to go back home and pick up new items.
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Breakdown of goals/level

  • Use Devour on the Gromp or Rock Dude, this halfs it almost, and run to lane.
  • Use your Two stacks from targons to rush level 2, avoid taking any damage
  • At level 2, rank up q and push the lane out to tower
  • Run to the river and eat the scuttle crab, throw it against the wall and kill it with q and autos
  • Return to lane, use your targons and wait for level 3
  • At level 3 rank up q again, allow the lane to push, and make a play
  • Start by hitting a slow on the enemy, run up and auto attack twice, eat them and spit them back, make sure you ward the bush you spit them into if you do that. Try to kill them, this should work
  • After this, you either just lane and wait for kill opportunity, return to base and get the next level of targons as soon as possible so that you can have more sustain in lane and make more gold.
  • Keep killing the scuttle crab, if you get caught bring it with you and have your adc help kill it.
  • At level 6 you should be able to get a kill
  • Get sightstone and scanner, be aware of mid now that you have ult so you can help them
  • Just engage with q and follow up with devour, if jungler comes eat ally and run away
  • Control dragon pit by eating scuttles and warding. use scanner to scan mid bushes so you can gank mid.

Levels 6-11
  • At this point of the game, you should have sightstone, regular boots, and level 2 targons. You want to decide what to do next.
  • If you are against a lot of AD, get glacial shroud or wardens mail
  • If you are against a lot of AP, Get Aegis
  • If you are against an equal distribution of damage types, Build Face of the mountain
  • If you are very ahead, Build swiftness boots
  • Building properly into the mid game is key. If you can survive damage in the first dragon fight, you will have a better chance of winning the fight.
  • After the first dragon goes down, things calm down. Try to set up wards for your adc to farm if you lost tower, Try to set up wards around enemy jungle deep if you took there tower.
  • You don't have to be in lane anymore, hover around mid so that you can teleport to top or bottom to help who ever gets in trouble.
  • Keep doing this until team fights occur, in team fights, you want to play according to the enemy team. If they have things like VI or Zed, or other assasins. stay near your adc, so that you can eat the adc when the enemies use things like VI ult or a YAS ult. This will win you the fight 9/10 times. Other than that, provide slow on who ever your team is focusing and dish out damage, save you eat for when they use their engage to protect.
  • Keep building up your primary items into finished items and itemize accordingly. If they have a few AP guy, Get mr, if its a fed darius, get armor and health. Use your brain and build what you need.

Levels 11-18
[*] Just be with the team, or near it so you can ult
[*] Don't be alone you can die easily in unfair fights.
[*] look for loose players and try to poke them.
[*] use your activatable items and try to soak damage for the team.
[*] Let your main engager go in first and than react to the situation afterwards
[*] Don't try to force anything
[*] always chase down targets with your q
[*] Ward as you go, and back often using homeguards to fly around the map
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