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Take a Tip for the Mid! - The Ultimate Mid Lane Showdown

Take a Tip for the Mid! - The Ultimate Mid Lane Showdown

Updated on May 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Build Guide By Crazy Smurf 63 28 85,652 Views 76 Comments
63 28 85,652 Views 76 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf Build Guide By Crazy Smurf Updated on May 6, 2011
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The One Who Fights & Runs, Lives To Fight Another Day

This is like a main motto for Mid Players. You Hit, then You run. You can't get carried away, not even for a second. You don't have a partner to save your wumpsy-***, if you get too cocky - then that's your fault.
One thing I hate is when the people whine/are mean/downvote because of my fondness on Anime. Please, stay calm and understand that I have my own likes. Thank You. In addition, take a notice - this guide isn't for High ELO players only, sure, maybe the will find useful, maybe not. It's more like Tips and Tricks for Beginners.
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The Mid... No, The LoL Song. Watch it all over until you learn <3

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Getting the Grasp - FAQ.

1. What is The Mid Lane?
Simply, a main place of Summoner's Rift map. Why? Simply, again... This is where most of the late game team fights occur, this is the most ganked spot, this is where the most annyoing and usually so-called OP champions gather! In addition, being 1vs1 is frickin' exciting, don'tcha think?

2. What is the main purpose of Midder?
We must keep an eye on everything. Other champions, their situation, reporting missing... misses, informing people about Karthus getting level 6 etc.. Being a Midder is kind of a hard task, yet very satisfaying. You get a lot of gold, you will probably get a grasp of enemy's AD/AP Carry and that great feeling when you win 1vs1 with Vladimir against Karthus and he can't Requiem you cause You have Sanguine Pool to dodge it...! Sorry, daydreaming.

3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of being a Midder?
- Lots of Gold, that's one.
- Ability to gank other lanes in order to... get more gold.
- Having a somehow easier and harder situation.
- 1 on 1 is easier because noone will bug in (usually), however still it's harder because noone will save your *** (exceptions may be Shen, Ashe, sometimes Gangplank or Soraka.
- Once again, you're the easiest target.
- You must stay focused! Keep an eye on missing/recalling enemies (especially with Karthus.
- If you have a chance to kill someone from further distance, do it! Ashe, Ezreal, Gangplank, Karthus, Lux intended here.
- Warn your team, keep them safe, if they need help and you can manage these 40 seconds, help them in the push a little, get yourself 2-3 minions, sometimes a kill or an assist.
- Don't be a ****in' meanie... if you know you can't save them, don't say sorry.

4. What about Mid Champions? Are they rather expensive?
Yes. A 100% Mid Champion is best with full rune set-up, level 30 with all Masteries. Most of the best Mid Champions may be found on 3150 IP, few of them at 450-1350 IP and there are like 3-4 (not THE) but still best Mid Champions on 6300 IP. I'll do a section about this later.

5. Am I supposed to buy wards?
Yes. Why? Place one in each bush and have a free world like "Oh, they're coming" "Hey guys, push them a bit." "Sure thing" Announcer: Your team has destroyed a turret! "Enemies: %^$%ing Wards"

6. What about Zoning?
Zoning on Mid is, idk, easier. You have a bigger field to move, only one guy disturbing you, and you can run to your turret quickly, also, near each turret there 2 ways to escape, make an use of them. When it comes to Katarina for example try placing a ward somewhere nearby their turret to get that last hit or have an easier way to run. Vladimir for example can just Sanguine Pool himself out of turret agrro.
One disadvantage here for almost all Middders: No Bush for You.

Other questions would be too obvious to be even explained, despite the wards... If you have any questions, keep them coming, I'll add each one of them here along with the answer.
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Levels of the Big Importance

Level 3

This is just when some of the champions can kill their enemies. Why? Because usually at this level, they will have 1 powered-up ability or 3 of them. Along with let's say Exhaust or Ignite the tables can be turned in split seconds.
- Teemo
- Twisted Fate
- Annie
- LeBlanc

Levels 5-6

Usually, most of the champions will have some rape power here, like Ashe with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Ezreal with Trueshot Barrage or Karthus with Requiem. Not only they can kill you, but your allies as well. Don't forget to inform your allies when your Mid Enemy (whoever it is) reaches level 6, that's when most of the real ganks occur.
Examples of Levels 5-6 Dominance:
- Ashe
- Karthus
- Malzahar
- Ezreal
- Lux
- LeBlanc

Levels 7-9

However, it's unthinkable that some champions would be better than the others here, it's still the most real. The best example of level 9 instant dominance? That's right Fellas - Vladimir. Transfusion on 5 and almost every Mid Champion can say bye-bye. The ones who are starting to be nuinasnces are: Malzahar (even more thanks to Malefic Visions) or Katarina with her Bouncing Blades spam.

Examples of levels 7-9 Dominance:
- Vladimir
- Katarina
- Malzahar
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10 Iron Rules of a Real Midder

Thanks to DeviantArt for an awesome Stock.
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Countering Karthus, because we all hate his Requiem.

I'll present you some fun tricks on how do gain advantage against Karthus.

If you see Karthus on the enemy team, it's almost 100% probability that he will go mid. In such a terms, Boots are your biggest friends to start. Thanks to them you can simply outrun his Lay Waste or easily run from possible Defile. When so many Karthus players can't really target you right with Lay Waste, be careful when you see the one who can... Placing Lay Waste is all about smart thinking.

1. He is going a bit too far, so he's going to harass me. Let's use Lay Waste to harass him instead. Most of Karthus will target your route that is closer to them. Mistake. Iron Rule says - If you have the upper hand, harass them. It's rare to have an upper hand against Karthus unless you are a pure nuker like Vladimir, Veigar or Annie. So, if you're going to harass him, do it on the left/right side of your enemies, while still being on move, meaning you can switch directions as you want, Lay Waste is visible before it hits for almost 0,3 second, that's enough to counter it and change your direction.

2. He is totally offensive, what to do now? Lay Waste and farm. That's the usual thing I recall during Smurf's games with Vladimir on mid. However, at level 1 - Smurf has 49 MR and 4% reduced damage, meaning he could harass Karthus with an ease, since level 4. The only bad thing, that Karthus wasn't countering, just simply farming. The thing to do here is to erase his Minions with Last Hit and harras him throughout, that will finally keep him out of range. Simply: Don't recklessly push, not against Karthus

3. Requiem, we all hate this. I can't tell so thanks to Sanguine Pool, but it's not the deal. If you're going to kill Karthus and you can't manage with his Requiem later on... get an ally to help you:) Killing Karthus faster = less of his time to deal damage = less probability of being killed by Requiem. It's also a good strategy to buy yourself some cheapest MR item just during first recall, it will help you significally, as Karthus is rather fragile, you can take him down with most champions, but for a price of getting killed as well. That at least 50 Magic Resist will raise your chances by a high %.

This were but just the most common mistakes/problems I got from random people. If you have any more, post them, I'll make sure to answer them.
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Last Hitting as the Rule of Thumb.

True that last-hitting is just damnly important on the Lane. But the real masters of it can be found on Mid Lane^^ Okay, let's bring this up like this:

Melee Minions:

* Take a not these info are useful for laners as well, I'd suggest reading it:)

1. Health 445 (+20/3 min)
2. Damage 12
3. Range 100?
4. Armor 0 (+2/3 min)
5. Magic Resistance 0 (+1.25/3 min)
6. Critical Strike Chance 0%
7. Attack Speed 1.250
8. Movement Speed 325
9. Initial Spawn Time 1:30
10. Respawn Time 0:30
11. Gold: 25 (+ 1/6 min)

Caster Minions:

1. Health 280 (+1/3 min)
2. Mana 150
3. Damage 25
4. Range Yet to be known. About ~450-500.
5. Armor 0 (+1.25/3 min)
6. Magic Resistance 0 (+2/3 min)
7. Critical Strike Chance 0%
8. Attack Speed 0.670
9. Movement Speed 325
10. Initial Spawn Time 1:30
11. Respawn Time 0:30
12. Gold: 16 (+ 1/3 min)

Tank Minions (Siege)

1. Health 500 (+27/3 min)
2. Mana 0
3. Damage 40
4. Range ?
5. Armor 12 (+6 per 3 minutes)
6. Magic Resistance 0 (+3 per 3 minutes)
7. Critical Strike Chance 0%
8. Attack Speed 1.000
9. Movement Speed 325
10. Initial Spawn Time 2:30
11. Respawn Time 1:30 (1:00 after 35 minutes)
12. Gold: 30

In terms of Gold:
The best way to quickly farm here is to get 1-2 Auto-Attacks against Melee minions and wait for them to get next to your turret. Don't push, it will only hasten the enemy's gold and exp gain. Try keeping them off from last hitting, of course, if this is possible. When Melee minions come in the range of turret, let it hit them twice and last-hit them. (Work a bit different for AD and AP, AD can sometimes kill them at spot, without turret help, just by aiming AA's in time). Later in the game focus Caster minions, they are really cheap way of farming after 15 minutes as you will have them by 1 Skill + 1 AA (usually, just 3-4 hits for AD Midders). Siege Minions aren't really worth it, if you see an oppurtunity to finish them off, do so. Other than that, focus them a bit if they come, so the turret will have the job done faster. Remember they take 50% less damage from Turrets, so it's obvious you must wreck them first. Overally:

1-14 Minutes:
Melee Minions > Caster Minions > Siege Minions

15-35 Minutes:
Caster Minions > Melee Minions > Siege Minions

35+ Minutes:
All Minions as they go.
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Map seen with Midders' Eyes

Self-explaintory I suppose^^
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What to be aware of?

1. Warwick
2. Malzahar
3. Twisted Fate
4. Shen
5. Urf the Manatee
6. Exhaust
7. Flash
8. Ghost
9. Ignite
10. Heal

Okay, these 10 things can really turn the tables on Mid.
1. Warwick with his Infinite Duress can screw you up badly with let's say Ashe/Malzahar on Mid:) Enemy team has a jungling Warwick? Spare some gold on Wards, it will be worth it.

2. Malzahar... I forgot his Ultimate name, anyway, be on guard, he is more troublesome then Warwick thanks to Malefic Visions and Silence. Wards, if he's not on Mid.

3 & 4. Teleports For the win shall be enough said, yeah?:( Nothing more to say, stay focused against them, really.

5. Just because... it's Urf!

6 & 9 + Teemo intended. And Mister you're 90% dead.

Ghost... Saw that? This guy's foots just become to sparkle in blue... better run or he will wreck you up:/

Flash - Expect the unexpected, it's be used in most strange moments:D

10. Heal, uh, really, it can turn the end of battle for you. Just a really annyoing Spell, believe me, care if your opponent has it.
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Credits, Maybe Improvements.

To DeviantArt for graphic stocks.
To LoL Wiki for Minion informations and map layout.
To one of my buddies - Nai, for helping me out with some less common gank spots.
To one of my buddies - l1, for cutting in in Karthus's part.

Would you like to see anything more? Ask me anything? Add something? See something improved? Post it all, this guide will be updated weekly.

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