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Talon Build Guide by iTz Coby

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iTz Coby

Talon Jungle

iTz Coby Last updated on August 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, My name Is QQKitsune and i've recently picked up talon after seeing him be played alot recently. Talon is pretty much a high mobility champion who works well with single assassinations or diving into the center of an enemy team to do huge burst. That being said he is squishy and has no escapes. Also without flash, he really needs to be played smart. Jungle talon is frowned upon though for his lack luster sustain in jungle. However he makes up for it with how strong his ganks can be.

To start you off, imagine why talon is good in mid. He has great roam, great lane pushing, and great trading with his silence teleport. Now imagine why he doesn't get picked in Lcs ever, He has no escapes(unless you are good enough to E behind a chaser and throw out your slow) and he is easy to build against unless fed and falls behind easily.

Now that you understand his immediate strengths and weaknesses, how can you use them to make his jungling viable?

Onto our journey we go

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Pros / Cons

Great Early Ganks
Strong damage throughout early and mid game
very mobile with ghost,ghost blade, and his ult and teleport
Not a high skill cap
fast jungle clear after tiamat
snow balls easily
can save his team mates with his E by peeling off enemies
counter ganks easily because he has faster running mobiity then most junglers

Falls off if people build against him
Can't kill tanks unless he itemizes for it
can be shut down early game if buffs get stolen
if getting counter jungled, will not scale well into mid-late game
late game depends on early game
weak to heavy crowd control and vision wards or trinkets

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The masteries i've set in place are focused around his early game in the jungle. He needs to be strong enough to take out the jungle creeps without taking to much damage. This becomes less a problem once he gets a few parts of tiamat and madrids for the extra health regen. I choose the extra attack speed for him instead of CDR because of how it effects his creep killing, if he gets more attacks off, he heals more with madrids allowing him to effectively kill creeps faster because his skills aren't amazingly strong in the jungle.

As an assassin, you want to get as much damage out at once, so you want talon to have Double-edge sword, and maxed out all skills going down the AD path. This gives him the most bang for his buck late game.

the defense masteries are geared toward as much tankiness as possible early game and the most amount of suirvivability vs jungle creeps.

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This itemization for runes is all about the jungling. Flat AD Marks to clear camps faster(i might try attack speed soon to see which is better or which scales better into late game). flat armor seals to tank most jungle monsters. 4 extra armor for jungling help(it helps quite a bit surprsingly) and the scaling mr because generally talon will be silencing The apc when he ganks so they wont be able to put out much damage meaning he wont need much MR till late game. Life steal Quints are also very much needed. they give you a lot of extra sustain early game and scale into late game when u have hydra for 17% life steal.

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Summoner Spells

You need to take the two i suggested, if you don't then you might as well play another champion in the jungle

Smite, Generic jungle pick, don't go without it unless you're high. Even then it's still helpful.

Ghost. This is the only reason why jungle talon is viable. He needs this spell to get around the map and counter gank or even catch up during a gank. If he ganks a lane with low mobility and can keep up with Rake and his Ghost proc he will surely secure the kills. Ghost provides a lot of utility late game as well, he can pop his ghost, ghost blade, and ult and within those 3-4 seconds travel at about 700+ movement speed allowing him to possibly catch someone out.

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You always want to start with machete and 4 hp pots. This gives talon his early sustain in jungle. I truly believe its better to go yellow trinket over red trinket for most games because if people know you are play talon jungle they will try and steal your buffs. So if you have yellow trinket u can keep an eye on them.

Tiamat is your best friend, Enough said you need it before you even finish lantern. It dramatically increases your jungle clear time and gives you a lot of extra regen.

Mobi boots make talon who he is, a fast traveling assassin who can catch out a lot of people. Best thing you can do is get distortion on this early if you want to be able to counter gank or provide a really strong gank atleast every 2 and a half minutes.

Ghost blade gives you a lot of damage, some crt chance and amazing mobility. With this your ult and ghost you can get your character moving well into the 700+ ms for quite a bit of time. Ive out run a lot of people chasing me by popping GBs active. Great utility and cost efficiency

Last Whisper is a must. People will counter build you if you are ahead. You need the extra pen and damage from this to people to put down the damage consistently throughout the end game.

Finish Hydra comes after last whisper because you've always had 5% life steal and hydra just gives you a bit more damage and life steal. Now you can duel people even after you pull off your broken combo of E Q R W R

Finally the 6th slot goes to whatever you like, i personally like blood thrister for the extra damage and sustain in a team fight. Other people like GA for a bit better burst survivability. i fee like when your talon though you do the damage and die or you clean up after the initation. Another great item is Infinity edge because it works well with Ghost blades crt. it can give some of your autos 6-800 crts which is very helpful in dueling. cleaver id have to say is a must if you're running a team comp with a lot of AD users on your team. You run in ult out and in and try to hit as many people as possible to reduce their armor for your team to clean up.

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Counters coming soon

weak against champs who can clear extremely fast and can counter jungle very effectively pre 6

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Team Compositions Coming soon

Just a heads up, try to get teams with a lot of aoe CC

supports i'd assume talon works well with late game are