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Talon Build Guide by iBrewLots

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iBrewLots

Talon ~ Master Assassin

iBrewLots Last updated on April 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Quick Note

I Know this guide isn't finished, but I need help on deciding what to put in it, so any Constructive critism would be greatly appreciated :)

Much Love, ~ brew

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My History With Talon

So, I found out about Talon at around level 20, as my friend played him and could destroy a carry in a few seconds, so I scraped up enough ip and bought this amazing champ.
I will never regret my decision on making this guy my main, He has amazing utility, shuts down a lane if played correctly and snowballs nicely.

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Pros / Cons

As with every champ, has his Ups ^.^... And downs.. :(

Here are a few of them.

Invisible text! Pros ^.^ Invirttwertesible text! Cons :(
Invisible t HUGE damage Itexrwerwerwert! Squishy with this build
Icolor]Ability to burst and come back inqeeerwrrqwe Weak first few levelsIierwwugqyiwgfywgesixsuefhwjjui! tttgStrong lane and RoamingInvisibwrwerwerwerqwerqwerle text!Melee

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Where should Talon be Played?

When I see a Talon free week, I usually have to prepare myself on a Tuesday morning with some deep breathing exercises.

I see Talons being played top.
I see Talons being played Jungle
hell, I even see some Talons being played bot lane!
Where Talon should be played is mid.

As Talon is an assassin he simply doesn't work top.
Most people top these days are tanky and burst just doesn't work on them.
( ) ( ) ( )
See what I mean? Talon has quite high mana costs and the amount of harass needed to bring these champs low enough to get a kill would leave us without enough mana to do so.


Well, his ganks are decent, he can jump onto the enemy and slow them, ult to keep up with them and probably get a kill, but jungling isn't all about ganks.
Talon has a dismal clearing time and needs to get kills and farm to snowball nicely.

Bot lane?


Then, Mid.
Here, A good Talon can squash his lane early, killing them 1 or 2 times post-6, and then can freely help out either top or bot, if either lane is struggling.
Well, even if they are not struggling, an easy double kill bot is always nice.

The enemies on mid are usually squishy burst champions, who don't take armour runes.
These are perfect for talon because of his 1 second silence, which means the enemy cant retaliate immediately.
Unfortunately, there are some people on mid who should be avoided.
namely, these are:
And good

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
So, here we have pretty generic runes, but in my opinion they are the ones that work the best with Talon.
Well I'll tell you why!
First, we have the ar.pen marks. these give a huge amount, and, added with an early brutilizer will tear through champs early, mid, and late.
I took defensive seals and defensive glyphs so I can take more harass in lane..
We are melee, we will take pretty easy harass.
Finally, the quints are there to boost our ad, making us do more damage and last hit easier.
Obviously each rune here is purely preference based and you can do what you like with them :)

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My masteries are, I think, a little different to normal ones, but as with runes, can be changed with preference

Offensive masteries

Summoner's Wrath This is for the increased ad with ignite, and to give us a point to move further down the tree.

Sorcery this is simply for increased cooldown so we can ult more, harass more and generally do everything, more.

Butcher Is just to last hit a little easier

Deadliness More AD!

Weapon Expertise More arma pen.

Lethality To stack with our Infinity edge later

Frenzy to auto attack with increased survivability, in a pinch.

Sunder Amazingly OP free arma pen.

Executioner Free extra damage, good for last hits.

Defensive Tree

Durability + Veteran's Scars For us to appear tankier and to make people afraid ^.^

Resistance Magic resist to help us take harass

Tough Skin we will be in minion range when we harass usually, and this can add up quickly

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Skill sequence

Hmm, my skill sequence, and why I chose it
So, Starting with Rake is good as it gives you an aoe ranged damage ability at level 1 which is always helpful in any early fights.

I also Max Rake First as it gives a large amount of damage through levelling, and is a ranged aoe which is easy to hit.
Depending on if you went B. F. Sword first, this will clear a minion wave very fast, instantly killing the back minions if you are fairly fed

You may need to practice with Rake as it can be hard to hit, and needs to be places so as to hit them both times for maximum damage

Next up I max Noxian Diplomacy simply for the increased damage. It also has a pretty big bleed, which people usually don't expect and easily secures skills when used along with ignite.

Third thing to max is Cutthroat as it's mostly a utility skill, and the increase in damage isn't particularly noticeable per level.

Shadow Assault should be levelled at every opportunity (6,11,16) for increased damage and lower cooldown.

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How to play Talon

This part will probably be the bulkiest, so grab a drink, and get ready to read :)
(Be Prepared, this is pretty much a wall of text, but contains a very detailed guide of what to do)

After sitting waiting for a game to load, where the enemy team's ryze has a pc made of a silicon chip and a potato, you will find yourself at the founatain with a nice sum of 475 gold.
You want to purchase boots and 3 health pots, and walk to the outermost turret on mid.
Depending on your jungler, run to red or blue from here, and proceed to help out your dear jungler, leaving at around 500-550hp left so the jungler can smite the buff. (If you havn't got a jungler, proceed to walk around mid lane until minions are fighting in your lane)

~~Early game~~

Now, you're back on mid lane, and minions are blasting each other with little wands and little maces.
Each time an enemy minion has low health, go up to it and hit it, then pillage its body and take everything it owns. congratulations! you now have 1 farm.
This will now be your "Creep score" and you will be judged upon it. (When you think about it, League really is a horrible game)

At level 1 and 2, maybe even 3, you will be fairly useless in any fights, so if the ryze wants to hit you, let him and walk away. You should be tanky enough to to take too much damage, and it would waste mana to retaliate with Rake on level 1.
Once you hit 4, you will find yourself much stronger and now if the ryze wants to hit you like before, he may get a little cocky, taking minion aggro (Where your minions hit him) and you can proceed to Rake then cutthroat and auto attack, then use Noxian Diplomacy
He will now be at between 50% and 70% health, and you won't have taken much damage as he will run away very quickly.
This is the combo you should use whenever you see a possibility, and when you hit 6, if he has under 40% health, do the same thing but use Shadow Assault and run infront of him, then auto attack him. Your Shadow Assault will come back to you, hitting Ryze and you can ignite him and walk away.
the kill will probably be yours before this entire combo.
Now kill the remaining minions and go to base, buying your first item.
This will increase the damage you do with each harass, and should make killing the enemy a lot easier.
Once the enemy is dead, or has left the lane as he is too scared, proceed to run to bot or top, and gank there, relieving pressure from the lane.

~~Mid Game~~


~~Late Game~~

Mid game is the time where you are about level 11, and turrets have started to fall.
You should now have brutally murdered enough animals, minions and champions to be able to afford some core items.

People will start grouping up in mid lane.
Hopefully, you have blue buff, and can freely run around, throwing Rakes into their team.
Usually, one side will jump onto the other. A teamfight has started.
What do I do!?
First, don't panic.
Look around for the person who does the most damage/ is the easiest to kill.
First you cutthroat to them and auto attack, then throw out a rake to hit as many people as possible. then you should use Noxian Diplomacy and Shadow Assault immediately after. Now you are invisible and can assess the situation quickly.

~~1. If the enemy team is very low, stay in the fight and auto attack, waiting to cooldowns to chase and burst remaining enemies.

~~2. If it looks like an even fight, run away before using Shadow Assault for the second time, and wait for cooldowns to jump in and burst down the next person.

~~3. If it looks like you are about to lose the fight, run away, retreat to base and try and defend to stop the enemy taking objectives.

In late game, you should aim to do the same as before, but you may find yourself being focused as you jump onto their carry. If this happens, Shadow Assault immediately to confuse the enemy, giving your team 1 or 2 seconds advantage.
Quickly lifesteal some health back (If possible) and jump back in or, following the above steps.

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Summoner Spells

Personally, I wouldn't change my summoner spells from and as I feel the increased damage to your burst and the things you can do with flash (Jump walls, Jump to chase...) are irreplaceable.
But, You may prefer other spells, and that is completely fine :)
I don't take this, even though through Summoner's Resolve we gain increased arma pen on the target. generally, we won't be chasing and the support should have probably took this to shut down the enemy carry anyway.
Well, ghost seems useless to me as we don't need it to chase, we have a blink and a slow.
[ well, I havn't used barrier on talon personally but I don't really see how it would be useful.
with Boots of Mobility we will have enough map control and can return to lane quickly, which pretty much makes Teleport useless.

Any spells not mentions here, Clairvoyance, Clarity and etc, are either too hard for me to spell are or 100% useless on a mid laner like Talon.

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"But Kyle! Why did you pick THOSE items?" I hear you scream.
Well, This section is to explain why, of course!

We'll start with

Boots of Speed
(Get it? Start with... Starting item... eugh...)
I pick these in pretty much every game I play with talon.
Well, movement speed helps us last hit and run away in the first few levels, as well as retreat faster if we are ganked early, and they allow us 450hp in the form of health potions.

Next are the first items that should be bought

The Brutalizer and B. F. Sword
Brutalizer is for lanes where you are forced to B fairly quickly, and can only afford a long sword or 2 and some pots, and is so you can keep up with their damage.

The BF sword, is when you really want to snowball and stomp a lane when you can afford it.
If you purchase a BF sword early, you will be able to kill the mage minions with one Rake

Next up are our damage items to maintain our early dominance

The Black Cleaver
The passive stacks easy with our combo and builds from The Brutalizer

The Bloodthirster Gives a huge amount of AD to increase our burst and gives us a decent amount of sustain

Last Whisper Gives us more ad, and negates even more of the opponents armour.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives us CD so we can spam more and to keep our damage up through time.
Also, I recommend Boots of Mobility for ganking lanes, very helpful

Our Defensive Item

[[Guardian Angel] gives us a nice amount of defensive stats aswell as an amazing passive that lets us live, while our cooldowns slowly tick away

And the final item

The Bloodthirster The people who say infinity edge is bad, Yeah, you're probably right.
This is a much more suitable choice it it gives an extra 100AD, and increased lifesteal for the time between fights.
I am stuck between this and Ravenous Hydra As my final item, perhaps more testing is in order!

Situational Items

Well, I wouldn't change Last Whisper The Black Cleaver or The Bloodthirster
But the other items can be swapped as necessary.
For Example,
Boots can be swapped to Mercury's Treads for the early Mr, and the Tenacity or Ninja Tabi if you need quick armour as the enemy is ad based.

The Guardian Angel can be swapped for a multitude of items,namely
Warmog's Armour for health
Frozen Mallet for Health, ad and a slow
Randuin's Omen gives health, armour and a slow
or even Rylai's Crystal Scepter for health and a slow with your ult, and your rake, but the AP is wasted

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Thanks to

Everyone who criticises or compliments my build and guide, as i'm sure I can improve upon hearing feedback
Vapora, for teaching me how to play Talon through his amazing guide found Here
And Last but not least, to JhoiJhoi for his guide on BB codes