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Kassadin Build Guide by WestRover

Top Tank kassadin [12.2 in-depth guide]

Top Tank kassadin [12.2 in-depth guide]

Updated on January 25, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WestRover Build Guide By WestRover 20 3 52,663 Views 0 Comments
20 3 52,663 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WestRover Kassadin Build Guide By WestRover Updated on January 25, 2022
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Runes: Usual runes (ad)

1 2 3 4 5 6
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Tank kassadin [12.2 in-depth guide]

By WestRover
Introduction to tank Kassadin

Tank Kassadin

I discovered tank kassadin early in the pre-season for season 12 and how viable it is espically with the fact games are going longer and kassadin has a higher chance to scale.

Tank kassadin is a off meta Top laner, He has a strong Mid game once he reaches 3 items and only gets stronger late game. The playstyle of Tank kassadin is very different to the playstyle to Ap Kassadin, Tank Kassadin plays more like a bruiser then an assasin and tank, being able to deal damage and front line for his team while also whiteling down the enemy for an all in. This guide will cover the basics of tank Kassadin Top lane
Pros/cons of tank Kassadin


Strong into both Ad and Ap comps
High mobility
Strong in teamfights and sidelane
High scaling
High carry potential
Forces you to play smart


Weak Early game
Hard to comeback if fall behind
Easy to gank pre 6
Bad against high cc
Bad against tanks early game
Team Composition
Enemy team comps to avoid
There are 2 main enemy team comps that you need to avoid when playing tank Kassadin.
Heavy cc team comps, cc will be the bane of tank Kassadins existance it is not as bad compared to other team comps but do note you are the front line so if you can eat up as much cc as you can(only if you know you can survive and bait) to allow your team to make plays .

Split pushing team comps[/u, Tank kassadin has to play with his team to win games and to secure objectives. This means if they have a split pushing team comp or champions with good split pushing abilities such as, Kayle, Yorick Tryndamere.Kassadin will be forced outside of his strongest point in games that being teamfights.

Enemy team comps that are wanted
There are 2 main enemy team comps you want when playing tank Kassadin .
Low cc team comps, Tank Kassadin struggels against cc so when the enemies team comp has little to no cc it allows Kassadin to be able to have a stronger front line and be able to force plays.

Low mobility team comps, Team comps with low mobility is tank Kassadins dream team comp, it allows Kassadin to stick to enemies better and be able to advoid deaths in early and mid game.

Ally team comps to avoid
There are 2 Team comps you need to aviod when playing Tank Kassadin.
Low damage team comps, Tank kassadin needs follow up when he goes in and tanks damage, He prefers hyper carry champions in his team comp and wihtout it he cant do as much as tank Kassadin could do.

Bad early game comps, Tank kassadin has a worse early game compared to Ap Kassadin but in my opion has a better late game then Ap Kassadin, tank Kassadin prefers to have a jgl that has a strong early game, Jarvan IV and Graves are best for Kassadin as they have strong early and mid games.


Grasp of the Undying is the strongest rune for Kassadin as it gives him hp per stack and does extra magic damage based on percent max hp this allows his autos late game to do a load of damage while also giving sustain and hp, That is why in the early game try your best to weave in a auto here and there against your enemy opponent as it allows you to scale slightly quicker, do note if its a champion like Sett or Darius I would not recommend this as they have a pull and a strong early game,Important: playing aggressive early with Kassadin I do not recommend as it puts you at high risk, however; quick trades and if they attack first I recomend weaving a few Grasp of the Undying autos in.
The reason we go Shield Bash is due to Its syndergy with Kassadin's Q Null Sphere and its shield it gives, it also gives you more damage when you do a full combo onto a enemy plus this rune works well with the item Fimbulwinter as the use of your E Force Pulse slow gives you a shield with Fimbulwinter passive.
For secondary runes, I recommend going Bone Plating as it gives Kassadin the strongest chance of surviving early game, however, if you want to play for the late game you can also go Conditioning.

Frostfire Gauntlet

Crown of the Shattered Queen
Good against high mobility comps
Good scaling
Strong against both ad and ap comps
Better tank
Bad build path
Good against high burst comps
Good ap scaling
strong passive
Weak against long fights
Worse tank
Early/mid game

Early game

Early game is very simple, I know easier said then done but what you must do early game is keep as much distance as you can between you and the enemy while also soaking exp, Once you reach lvl 6 you can walk in a bit more and farm a little bit more as you can use your r Riftwalk to escape I also recommend if you did not use start 3 to get Boots in your first back as the extra mobility gives you a higher chance of survival . If you can I recommend freezing the wave till you are able to be ganked by your jgl You can not die! If you die at any point early game it will be very hard for you to recover it is best to play safe as possible till you know you have a fighting chance

Mid game

Push wave roam repeat, staying in lane with tank Kassadin is useless so try and get around the map as much as you can, don't forget to ward enemy jg or invade if your red side I recommend taking blue buff only if you know where the enemy jgl is!
Try your best to be apart of as many teamfights as you can as that is where tank Kassadin is his strongest

Also if you can always do objectives with your jg push wave and raom to drake, usually if the enemy contests you will win the fight as your top laner if they don't have tp or are bad at roaming cant respond.
Late game

Late game

Late game for tank Kassadin Try and keep the side lanes pushed out as much as you can and play for objectives or teamfights, if you did well you should be able to work with your team and win the game late game you are a beast especially at lvl 16 your strongest. Late game you fight tooth and claw for any gold you can to fuel you more and get your build up. If your team is behind then only stick to side lanes and buy Hullbreaker trust me it is a decent item on tank kassadin and helps split pushing with him a lot more easy and safer. If your team is ahead you play with your team and basically try and front line as much as possible for them and to soak up as much damage.

You have two main objectives as tank Kassadin late game, The first is to be as annoying as possible and try and make the enemy waste summoner spells and abilities onto you, with Riftwalk you are able to escape easily and with the right summoner spells of your own even easier

The second is objective control, you want to keep the enemy as far away as possible from things like drake towers and barron, Do note blindly follow the enemy team! rather what you should do is play in the enemy jg and move to every lane stealing cs and jgl camps, this is slightly dangerous if you have no vision so keep your vision up as much as possible so you don't get caught or dove apoun.


In teamfights tank Kassadin is at his strongest, you are a tank you can take a lot of hits more then the enemy usually expects a Kassadin to take, you want the enemy to focus you and your team to follow up, if the enemy is grouped up use your second Riftwalk into them the reason we use the second rift walk is because we want to get in and spam our ult into the enemy. second is the best for manna efficacy and damage so when you ult in till you are at max stacks with Riftwalk it allows you to be apart of the teamfight longer, You do not kill the enemyrather you play like a tank support, you do damage but don't expect the damage to give you kills.

Tank Kassadin has 3 objectives in teamfights
Soak up as much cc with Riftwalk you can get out of the situation easily if the enemy dives on you, do note there will be always a slight risk with playing like this so evaluate yourself if you want to be hit by cc or not for your team
Keep the enemy seperateWhen you ult into the enemy team their instinct is to get away from you as quickly as possible(unless you are cced once you go in) due to your damage, this gives you the advantage to force the enemy to position in a way that would benefit your team.
make the carries focus you you want the enemies carry to focus you more then any other champion, as it allows your team to focus them and be safer with their attention on you.


Tank Kassadin can be stronger then normal ap Kassadin in some situations however ap Kassadin mid will always be his strongest. That does not mean tank Kassadin is weak, by no means is he weak just that ap Kassadin is better this build is more for fun than anything, as it changes his playstyle greatly and playing Kassadin top lane is never expected. Have fun with the build!!! this is by no means a meta build however you can have immense success with the build.

Kassadin is one of the strongest scaling champions to the point his base ap ratios are already powerful enough to do damage against the enemy team. He has a weaker early game building tank but once he reaches his power spikes he becomes an unkillable god.


I am dyslexic and if you notice grammar/spelling mistakes that is why, Also this is my first guide! I would love feedback as I enjoyed making this and hope to improve if I make more guides or update this one.

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