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Olaf Build Guide by Fappler

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fappler

Tank Lord Olaf Jungle [1M Views!]

Fappler Last updated on June 1, 2017
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Welcome to my Guide!

Olaf is an underrated Champ. We all know it. But, with the help of Cinderhulk, he can be a great tanky champ who can **** up a lane when needed. He has power, regen, an amazing ult, and a great poke/slow. He has decent clear speeds. Once you hit a Cinderhulk jungle item and a Warmogs, you are next to unkillable at low levels. If you can get the hang of this in the current tank meta, you can be set for the rest of the season. For me, he is my go-to champ when there is need of a tank champ who can dish out decent damage. The first time I played him, this was my basic build (In essence) and I went 26/0/16. Since then, I have gone about making my build as perfect as possible, and this is what I have so far.

To be kurt, this is the first build I actually worked on and put time into. Feel free to leave me feedback and to suggest different things to my build, constructive criticism always helps. I tried to justify my reasoning behind every item, but if you are wondering about anything at all, feel free to leave a comment or to PM me. Remember, if you liked my build, and want me to make more eventually, drop a vote! I'll take requests and do my best to put out build that can help people. Cya later!


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Season 7!

It's that time of year again!

The time of year where all my previous work from the past season is rendered useless and it has to be completely redone!


All jokes aside, this season is pretty ******** fun. The new masteries are a breath of fresh air and it's pretty fun.

Olaf does feel slightly weaker this season due to Strength of the Ages being removed...

That being said, it gives Olaf a slightly different playstyle. Due to Courage of Colossus not giving a shield to Olaf (Due to the fact that Olaf's Q is soft CC and not hard,) We must make a departure from the

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My Humble Opinion on Skins

This doesn't really relate to gameplay as much as Style Points!


Update 6.10:

Butcher Olaf is currently the skin I nearly exclusively use when I am playing for real. If I am trolling or playing damage olaf, I take Brolaf.

I like the other skins, but Butcher Olaf is just a fantastic skin.

My list goes:

You may be thinking, "What? Brolaf isn't first, second or third...?" No. Brolaf was great when it came out originally, but at this point it looks like a 520 skin. It desperately needs an update. That being said, Marauder and Butcher both look incredible.

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So, I've finally stopped being a lazy sack of garbage and will now explain a few of my item choices!

You have two choices for Jg item on Olaf. If you are confident on axe placement, and know how to pick up axes well, Skirmisher is a nice bit of extra damage and will help you duel better early.

Though, you might wanna take Stalkers if you are either a beginner, or have a particularly slippery lane you want to gank. (Singed, etc.)

For jg enchant, it's pretty much exclusive. I choose Cinderhulk, unless I am trolling with some damage Olaf builds.

Next, I usually build Tiamat into Titanic for the faster clear and a huge chunk of damage scaling with my health and tankiness.

Depending on the game, I pick situational tank. The only weird things you may need to be aware of is the new GA is a decent item, and Righteous Glory is fantastic if you need initiation for your team.

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Info To New Players About Tank

To all new players going to play, you needs to learn to situationally build. This build gives you a good basis, but if you are against a full AP team and you build nothing but Armor, THERE IS A PROBLEM. Also, if you go against a mixed team, don't follow my guide exactly.

For example, if you are going against a leblanc, lucian, cho'gath, Lee Sin, and thresh, that is an example of a mixed team. But imagine if leblanc gets ********ed to a 0/10 score at 10 minutes, but the lucian is now going 4/0. What do you do? You build Armor. This is situationally building. You find the threats on the other team, and you build to defend against them AFTER getting your core. If you are going against a mixed team and following my build, if you see the need to build a spirit visage first, (Their leblanc or something is getting slightly fed) BUILD IT!

Just as a quick recap for any players who might need it:

Magic Resist (MR) counters Ability Power (AP)
Armor counters Attack Damage (AD)
True damage (Like on Olaf's E) is not counterable. It ignores any type of armor and magic resist. The only real way to go against it is to build health, but even then, building full health because they have 1 champ with true damage is NOT a good idea.
Finally, there is Tenacity. Tenacity is a stats that will reduce the amount of time debuffs
will be on you. It is on very few items, such as Merc Treads.
Any other questions? Feel free to leave a comment or message me and I will get back to you soon enough.

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Info On Jungle

See the Itemization Chapter.

Preseason 7 has a relatively simple path, so I will list that below. That being said, I will update a much more in depth guide once Season 7 actually starts.

Anything in {Brackets} are optional.

    Start Botside buff. Use
[Smite!] (Whether it is Red or blue, it is useful regardless.)

{Take Raptors if you started red side you feel up to it and got a good leash. Be sure to hit most the camp with axes and pick them up to clear the small ones quickly. If you started Blue side, take them after Wolves if you feel up to it. Use [Smite!] if needed.}

Take Wolves.

Take Blue. Use [Smite!]

If you are confident enough, you can take Gromp, but otherwise take scuttler and look to take gromp or gank.

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Preaseason 7 Masteries!

This will be updated when Season 7 drops.

I'm still hoping desperately that they will give Olaf a better keystone than Thunderlords.

If they do, I'll fix this up pretty quick.
If not, I'll cry for a week then come back and explain the current mastery build.

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Need Initiation?

These two items are GREAT on Olaf, and they are interchangeable, depending on the situation. I like Deadmans since, Righteous Glory, ghost, ult and full charged deadman's is great.

I'd call Righteous Glory nearly essential now. The AOE slow plus the initiate potential is too good to pass up.

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Leaving Note

I really appreciate all the people who are reading this. I have put WAYYYYY more time than I should have into the Guide. I will constantly update it and try to keep it up to date with the updates.

Any other Olaf players that have advice? Any Olaf newbies looking for advice or answers to questions? Leave it in the comments. I will try to answer as many as possible.

Until the next update,