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League of Legends Build Guide Author OmniBear

Tankwick, The Pedophile [3v3] Complete

OmniBear Last updated on March 14, 2011
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Hi! This will be my first guide ever in LoL and I hope you guys will enjoy this WW build that i have come to love. At first glace, it may not seem all that viable but trust me, it works incredibly well.

So lets continue!

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You may be asking yourself why max out CD runes? Well, not only will it help you jungle, but having your ult up ever 40ish seconds @ lvl 16 with CD only from masteries/runes is a big advantage, and allows you to not waste gold on other items (such as spirit visage/frozen heart) + having your Q up every 4ish seconds is very nice.

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For masteries i go with 9/0/21
I put enough in offense to get Archaic Knowledge and maxing out utilities for maximum CDR.

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Now your first 2 items should be very basic. A Cloth Armor and 5x . Basically use this to jungle (in 3's or in 5's). The next item up is ALWAYS Madred's Razors. This will be your jungle rape item until you get you're Madred's Bloodrazor.

Now the next item we want to get is Boots. Now depending on the situation i either go with Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads. If the opposing team has a lot of stuns/cc/etc. i will always choose Treads; however, if they have little to no stuns i like to go with Greaves for some extra attack speed.

After you're boots/madred's, immediately purchase madred's bloodrazor. This one item will make your ult to massive damage, as well as being the only item required for your damage output.

Your next item in most cases will have to be a Guardian Angel. This is a GREAT item if you plan on being a tank ww. In most cases (especially in 3's) you will be targeted first by the opposing team, having a GA not only allows you that extra lifeline, but will hesitate the other team to initiate.

After GA, i always either go Banshee's Veil or Thornmail depending on the opposing team comp. If they have a lot of physical i always go Thornmail, if they have a lot of stuns/etc. i like having the safety of Banshee's to block a stun or snare. Again in the end you want both items, but feel free to pick one over the other depending on the situation.

Now your last item, in my opinion will have to be a Frozen Mallet. At this point you will be tanking like crazy! Having a frozen mallet ensures you to chase down you're enemy and get the easy kill. (Now for situational items).

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Situational Items

There are only a few situational items i like to roll with when playing Tankwick and one is the Quicksilver Sash. This item is GREAT when you're going up against teams with champions with MAJOR cc's (for example Amumu). I normally get Quicksilver as my 3rd item after getting my Madred's Bloodrazor.

Another situtional item will be a Sword of the Divine, ONLY get this if the opposing team has a JAX. Being undodgeable for 5 seconds is devastating.

Another great situational item will have to be Force of Nature. This is a great item paired with Banshee's if the opposing team has tons of AP.

Now like the above, if the opposing team is mostly physical and less of a threat in terms of AP, go for a Frozen Heart. This will most likely replace your Banshee's/Guardians.

Another great tank/damage item will have to be Warmog's Armor paired with Atma's Impaler can be a devastating combo. However i generally never use this just for the plain fact that it means you're replacing you're Guardians, Banshee's, Thornmail, or Frozen Mallet.

Yes there are tons of items that allow ww to do excellent such as a Spirit Visage, Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster, etc. However, the one BIG disadvantage of going FULL AD WW is well... you're going to die fast. Sure you have a **** ton of AD and if you go crazy and build 2+ Bloodthirsters yea you're going to have a lot of lifesteal and can solo barren like a boss... but in the end, with a competent opposing team, you will get shut down hard.

The only time i decided to build a pure AD ww with a **** ton of armor pen is only in 3's, and ONLY if the opposing team has 3x tanks. Normally i play with an Amumu/Cho'gath, so when the two build tanks + another ww tank is useless. You will do minimal damage and in the end will be out powered by the opposing team. Of course this purely depends on your personal favorite team comp and that of the opposing team :P

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Skill Sequence

This is quick and simple. Max out you're Q first (getting you're ult @ 6/11/16) then focus on W and max out E last


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Summoner Spells

A must if you're going to jungle. Will easily help you get that last finishing hit on creeps/minions.

I choose ghost over flash for one reason. While flash is great for having double distance on you ult, ghost allows you to get to your teammates faster if they happen to get ganked.

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DEWO has a great Jungiling guide for WW: (check it out!)

However i mainly play 3v3. 3v3 jungiling is a bit more difficult due to not having blue buff but totally viable.

You want to start out @ the Top jungle (will put up some video footage of this later). There are 4 jungle spawns on the top. 2x middle containing the buffs and 2x end containing regular creeps. If you're lucky enough to spawn green wolves near your tower great! If you happen to get Ghouls move on to the opposing team's jungle and hope to find the green wolves there.

Generally i have one team-mate helping me do damage to the wolves (to take it faster and ensure less pot use). You and your team-mate will poke the green wolves down to half health during this time he should proceed to lane top. You can finish off the wolves using your Q/auto attack and smite if needed.

After taking green wolves, proceed to the corner creeps on the top jungle. Saving the last "buff" creep to be taken after you have reached level 3.

Keep on jungling top/bottom (ignoring red buff) until needed. You may want to help lane with your top team-mate if needed).

I normally jungle until i have 1050 gold. During this time i B back and purchase my basic boots/blood razer's.

Once you reach lvl 6, the fun begins. At this time you will want to have upgraded boots + blood razer's for ganking, as well as taking dragon whenever u can!

WW is a great ganker due to his ult! so please always initiate a gank with your ult! (SIDE NOTE: make sure you toggle Blood Scent (E) off if the enemy has marginally low life, you do not want to give away your position!) Also it is a great idea for your top laner to carry a clarity. Due to no blue buff in 3v3, a clarity will help you jungle that much faster.

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How To Play Tankwick The Pedophile/Teamwork

Well first of all... i hope you have lots of lolis.

Simple... jungle until you are 6, help out teammates cover towers if needed.

[MID GAME 6-12]
Gank, Gank, Gank! Never stop! Especially in 5's!
When you initiate a battle, make sure you will hit your target with your ult!
Basically initiate with your Infinite Duress and follow up with Hungering Strike, then proceed to using Hunters Call and auto attack to finish off the enemy. ALWAYS use your Hungering Strike when available.

[Late Game 12-18]
At this point you should have your GA and 1 or 2 items into your next desired item. Basically you want to do the same thing as you would around 6-12, however at this point, ganking is not a priority. Help your team push towers and if a battle occurs, initiate when you know you have the advantage!

In order for Tankwick to be @ his best, you must always be a team player (unlike your buddy Amumu who persists on to ksing you with his tears @.@!) You will always want to initiate a team battle with your ULT and have your team follow in. Your team should ALWAYS kill the champion you ulted (always remember to target their highest damage character or squishiest.) If your team fails to do so, well.. you're doing it wrong!

Never forget, you are GREAT 1v1 champion. Never hesitate to take on another champion if you see them alone. Just make sure to use the combo described in Mid Game and make sure you can kill that champion!

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Pros / Cons

+ Great Jungler
+ Great Tanker (Especially Due To His Passive)
+ Great Initiator/Ganker

+ Low/Mid Damage Output
+ Vulnerable To Counter Jungle Early Game
+ This Build Requires A Good Team Comp

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Questions? Comments? Improvements?

Feel free to voice your opinion! I hope you have enjoyed this guide :)
NOW, go smell some stench!