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Sivir Build Guide by Blurghblah

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blurghblah

Tanky Sivir Build/Mini Guide

Blurghblah Last updated on June 27, 2011
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Brute Force
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Welcome everybody to my first build/mini guide made on this site, I'm very pleased to teach my ways of playing Sivir. This build I made is designed to be used when your tank isn't really a tank or is lacking of one, example: Vladimir , Ryze , and other Champions that were not meant for being full tank. The way I play Sivir is sort of a Tanky/DPS Carry/Bait, regarding to the bait part it will be explained through out the Gameplay Chapter. Important note, you should try to take side lanes, as building tanky won't give you the edge in soloing middle.

P.S. I kinda made this build in-game of a 5v5, when my team had no tank at all. Our team consisted of: Sivir(Me, ZzBlurghblahzZ), Veigar(Rastasmurf28), Renekton(THEGRANDEMPEROR), Kennen(Hancsak) and Kog' Maw(Zetshimaru) while the other Team had: Twisted Fate(Pallypong), Nidalee(Kigashi), a jungling Warwick(Kju), Maokai(garza4) and Twitch(PIZANI), obviously they had a quite amount of CC. We were losing 2-11 at first but I farmed harsh and began to start carrying even though I was semi-tanking.

We then later won due to them trying to chase me (big mistake as I often escaped) and forgetting the fact that they took tons of damage from my teammates.

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Runes & Masteries


9x - Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
Your standard DPS runes, you need them in order to deliver damage that wont easily be reduced

9x - Greater Seal of Alacrity
You need these attack speed runes in order for you to still be an effective carry

9x - Greater Glyph of Focus or Greater Glyph of Shielding
Now the further cooldown reduction is great for your Spell Shield but if you feel that you still take a beating from the magic damage, then the Shielding runes are there for you.

3x - Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Need I say more about armor penetration?


Either the typical DPS mastery 21/0/9
Or the defensive DPS mastery 21/9/0

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Summoner Spells

The order goes from the most important to least important
Recommended Spells
Viable Spells
Bad Spells

Ghost - Excellent for chasing or escaping
Exhaust - Makes deadly champions weak at just a push of a button
Ignite - Great at taking down massive healers or last hitting champions

Cleanse - Now having Cleanse is just too much because you already have 3 things to rely on removing CC
Flash - Good for juking enemies but there are better spells available
Heal - Decent, but when your team has heals and you have life steal its just used a last option.
Teleport - Not a bad spell at the beginning but becomes useless later on because of the long cooldown

Clairvoyance - Wards are a more effective way of revealing without "revealing"
Clarity - Your build quenches your thirst for mana
Fortify - Your supports or tanks should have this instead.
Rally - Small damage boost for 15 seconds and long cooldown? Not worth it.
Smite - You aren't jungling, therefore it is not needed

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Build Usage

For starters I'd like to advise people that this build was sort of based on Blitzcrank's typical tanky/dps build but just altered to fit to a role of a carry as well.

Core items and Recommended/Viable items

[*] Mercury's Treads
Needed to resist those hard CC's while you lure/escape/chase the enemy team
[*] Manamune
Needed to provide the main damage supply as 1% of your mana turns to damage and to satiate your mana quench
[*] Trinity Force
Needed for the movement speed boost and for the Sheen's passive which can allow you to do great damage.
[*] Frozen Heart
Provides great damage resistance, mana and quite a bit of Cooldown Reduction
[*] Banshee's Veil
Tiny boost of mana and health but gives an amazing passive which works well with your Spell shield
[*] Stark's Fervor
Now this is the cherry on top, an aura that gives attack speed, life steal, health regen and a armor reduction debuff. Obviously made for her.

[*] Wit's End
Now if healing isn't a problem for your team, then get this quite decent item which can shut down mages from doing a ton of damage
[*] Madred's Bloodrazor
Once again if healing isn't a problem, get this item if the other team is composed of tanky/dps champions (Ex: Renekton )
[*] Aegis of the Legion
Now if survivability is a problem, look no further as this gives a health boost plus an armor, magic resist and a tiny damage boost aura for your team

How to start the build
I start off with a Meki Pendant followed with 2 health potions , I then upgrade the Meki Pendant to a Tear of the Goddess followed by a Mercury's Treads . I get a Manamune and a Trinity Force (I get the Sheen first, then the Phage and then finally the Zeal . After, I get a Glacial Shroud but only upgrading it to a Frozen Heart when I get a Banshee's Veil . Here on then is your personal preference on getting your 6th item, my choice was Stark's Fervor because I felt Sivir was lacking attack speed and life steal.

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Gameplay/Team Work

People you should lane with Crowd Control, preferably Stuns, Fears, or anything that Immobilizes their movement because this can work well with your Q ability

At the beginning (Levels 1-8), you really should be just farming and/or getting trying to get kills but not tanking just yet until you get your Banshee's Veil and Frozen Heart .

Once you max out your Spell shield or at least getting it to Level 3, iniate in Team fights with Boomerang Blade and obviously try to block out spells with you Spell Shield. They should be targeting you and if they do, let your team rip the squishes to shreds, you should be able to survive the assault with little to half health taken away. Let it be known that you are still the carry and that building tanky will not consider you a full tank.

How to successfully work as a team

As Sivir, you are quite squishy, use this to your advantage to lure the enemy towards your team (they should be hiding/fighting nearby ready to gank) When iniating, ready your Spell Shield to block out some of the spell damage and while they focus you. When your team joins in to rip apart the VIP targets, assist them with your ult to speed up the killing. With this strategy you can be able win most team fights.

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Conclusion/ Q&A

This comes to the end of this mini-guide, I hope you have enjoyed it and soon begin to use the strategy and or build for Sivir. If you feel that there needs to be some changes (such as typos), have any questions or you want to just suggest a few items, feel free to comment on it and I will try to respond back.

No questions yet

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