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Teemo Build Guide by Mythicality

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mythicality

Teemo- A Trap In Every Bush (AP Guide)

Mythicality Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi there! I'm Mythicality. I'll be taking you through my guide to Teemo, the Swift Scout, my absolute FAVORITE character in League of Legends. This is my first guide, so please read through and give your comments!

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Pros / Cons

Teemo is an amazing harasser, but he does have his weak points.


  • Great harassment.
  • Incredibly fast.
  • Traps.
  • Sneaky DPS (I'll address this in a later chapter)
  • Downright fun.
  • Doesn't tend to need a lot of minion farm if you have a good support with you.


  • So squishy.
  • Difficult to truly 'get away' without Flash.
  • Requires PRACTICE.
  • 1v1 fights can be tough.

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Skills To Pay The Shop Yordle

Before we get into the real meat of the guide, let's talk for a little bit about Teemo's skills.

Q: Blinding Dart (Level me up last.)

This little baby is a great nuke, shuts down AD carries, and saves lives. Why level it last, you ask? Because you get its utility at level 1--- that great blind that stops things from hitting for 1.5 seconds. Increasing its level gets you a longer blind and more damage, which is all well and good, but its cooldown is incredibly long for a nuke. We should be relying on Toxic Shot, our passive E, for our damage, so Blinding Dart becomes something you cast at the beginning of a fight to initiate (once your tank has gone in!)

We take one point of this at level one to ensure that a gank is successful bottom lane or invading the jungle- this shuts down our target and enables our laning partner/team to finish the job. This also saves our life if something goes wrong.

W: Move Quick (Level me up second)

This is your fantastic, all-in-one, amazing escape/gap closer. Combined with Flash, it will save your life, and enable you to keep those stacks of your Soulstealer up when others would be sitting back at the spawn. Why level it up second? Its passive movement speed enables you to dodge skill shots that others would flounder on, helps you get that last hit, secure the kill, and generally be amazing.

E: Toxic Shot (Level me up first.)

Oh, baby. This is where the fun begins. This little beauty (since it was patched) now does amazing damage, overwrites properly, and is your main source of pwnage on every level. At level one it's not terribly impressive- the dot is okay, and combined with your Q it does a great amount of damage. When it reaches level two, however, you notice a jump in damage, and the harassment truly starts to hurt. Love it, abuse it, enjoy it.

R: Noxious Trap

Noxious Trap is our ultimate, our go-getter, our bridge over troubled water when things get rough. Placed properly, it's amazing. I usually refer to this guide by Ferrovial for all my trapping info: Teemo Build Guide by Ferrovial


This ability means we stealth when we stand still for two seconds, giving us an attack speed bonus upon it breaking... now, I have a love/hate relationship with this ability. In the beginning of games it can really make a difference, as you can stealth into bushes, wait for a passerby, and ambush them with a teammate. End game, you can hide near Baron or Dragon and steal it- BUT. It can get you killed. If they have an Oracle's or a purple ward (which they, inevitably, put down right next to you) it is unlikely you will survive the encounter. Some Teemo guides expect you to abuse this passive every team fight. I discuss this in the strategy section; how dangerous (and useful) this tactic can be.

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Runes For Fun And Profit

Ah, runes. Many people choose to run something like this with Teemo:

You're more than welcome to run whatever runes you like.

Not even kidding.

Their effect on your total game is relatively small, unless you're a character like Riven who runes nothing but damage and starts out with 90 AD. For Teemo, it isn't much of a problem- his AP ratio for his main damage ability ( Toxic Shot) is relatively small (.14 ap) so you need A LOT of it to truly make a difference. Once you get some items under your belt, this changes; but when you're first starting out, and that's where runes really count, it doesn't make up that much of a change.

I run these runes:

Why run with these? Starting out, last hitting with Teemo is tough. We take Butcher for the extra minion damage, as well as Brute Force , to help with last hitting. His attack, while faster than other bottom laning champs, is still pretty slow, and with its small damage minions often get the kill before your shot reaches them. I run attack speed runes for several reasons:
    1. Last hitting is easier.
    2. This build does not include a fantastic amount of attack speed.
    3. Early attack speed enables you to stack toxic shots before enemies can properly counter.

----If you feel comfortable with Teemo's last hitting ability, run whatever runes you like.----

For information on defensive runes/masteries, see the section after Masteries.

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Summoner Spells (It's Preferences, Not Prerequisites)

Summoner spells are always about personal style. Change it up if you want to try something out.

Exhaust: This is great to shut down enemy carries, slow somebody up, or escape. I'll talk about Ignite and Exhaust down below in more detail.

Ghost: Some people really enjoy this ability as an escape or a kill-getter. I don't use it often for several reasons:
  • It is not a true escape. If you don't have Flash, you are vulnerable to CCs and slows, which Ghost will not save you from.
  • You have a miniature Ghost in your W.
  • When using this to chase, you will often run right into your target's teammate, where they will turn around and kill you.

As always, use it if you like it, but I don't prefer it on Teemo.

Heal: I used to run Heal a lot. It's a great ability to save your life or someone else's, but it has limits. With Teemo's small health pool, it doesn't add up to much health gained. If you take this ability, take the Defensive booster mastery for it- an extra 10% is very helpful.

Surge: If I'm feeling aggressive, I'll take this spell. It can mean a TON of damage in a short amount of time. Take it if you like it, and take the summoner mastery if you do.

Teleport: I love this ability. You can teleport to traps, which makes things fun if you trap everywhere. You can save towers, save teammates, secure kills, go back to base for a quick refresh (which I do often)--- I love this spell. Abuse it.

Cleanse: This one is interesting. I might take it on a CC heavy team, but odds are if you are focused enough to use it you are dead. Kinda meh.

Clarity: Teemo has mana problems sometimes. I'll talk about his mana difficulties in the Strategies section. Take it if you are -learning- how to play Teemo and want to really spam stuff. Kinda blase.

Ignite: Great for aggressive Teemos, but I'll talk about this below.

Flash: Absolutely necessary. This enables you to escape + W if you get in trouble. They might flash to catch you, but you're already ahead of them by a length and a half. Love it. I'm personally AWFUL at flashing over walls, so I wouldn't recommend doing that unless you're sure you can get away AND that area is clear. Love it, abuse it, roll around in it.


Exhaust AND Ignite: Why They Can Be Bad

Let's talk about Exhaust and Ignite for a bit here. Their range is rather short- short enough that if you get into range to use it you're vulnerable to counter attack. I also (and I am not the only one who does this) tend to focus on using it to the detriment of other things- I might get into range and chase, only to not see the jungler coming up on the rear. It encourages aggressive, dangerous play with Teemo--- with can be useful, in certain situations, but most often ends up with you handing the enemy team a kill. This is why I avoid these particular spells, as I want to avoid feeding the other team at all costs. I'll talk about this more in the strategies section.

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Masteries That Make A Difference

Ah, Masteries. These DO make a difference, so I'll go through them one by one.



3/3 Brute Force (Optional): This helps last hit, and gives you a tiny bit of early damage. Put these points somewhere else if you feel comfortable.

4/4 Mental Force (Necessary): Ability Power. Early damage. Tiny, but delicious. Like a chocolate truffle.

2/2 Butcher (Optional): Last hitting with Teemo before (and sometimes after) Toxic Shot is a nightmare. I'm an awful last hitter, admittedly, so I need all the help I can get. Put them somewhere else if you want.


4/4 Alacrity (Necessary): Attack Speed. Sweet!

4/4 Sorcery (Necessary): Cooldown Reduction. We don't get a lot in this build (only 25% from Nashor's Tooth and an extra 15% if our Soulstealer is fully stacked) so having an extra 4% is good. This means more traps.

1/1 Demolitionist (Optional): Why would I take this, you wonder? Because Teemo's damage against turrets is very small, as is most AP characters. With our fast attack speed, this helps us get down turrets and live to tell the tale. Put it somewhere else if you want.


1/1 Arcane Knowledge (Necessary): Magic Penetration is hard to get. I discuss other options in the items section, but this helps against champs with naturally high magic resist as well as late game.


4/4 Blast (Necessary): Oh yeah. Ability Power per level means early game and late game fun.


4/4 Archmage (Necessary): 5% Ability Power?! Okay!


1/1 Executioner : This little baby means Toxic Shot ticks do extra damage against low health targets. Running away doesn't guarantee you'll live. Combined with traps in every bush, this means kills (and stacks) for you.


See the section below for information about defensive masteries/runes.


Only two points in here.

1/1 Summoner's Insight (Necessary): Now, summoner spells are a matter of preference, but Teemo really needs that Flash to escape sometimes. Without it, he's vulnerable- and the extra cooldown helps. As for the Teleport reduction, I don't see it matter that often, but if you've got to get somewhere fast it helps.

1/1 Enhanced Recall (Optional): This little baby has saved my life. I abuse it constantly with Teleport. Put it somewhere else if you don't like it.

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Defensive Discussions

Okay. Here we go. *puts on flame protective gear*

Defense on Teemo: Why does it suck?

First off, you might argue it can save your life. Yeah, it's helpful to get armor, magic resist, and in the items area I'll discuss options to help out if you're having trouble.

But the bottom line is, with Teemo, if you're hit, focused, or otherwise in trouble, you're probably dead. Learning to play cautiously- darting in and out of team fights, not committing to turret diving unless you are 100% sure you can secure the kill- is more important than relying on runes or masteries to save you. I talk about this darting in and out in the strategies section.

With Teemo, it's all or nothing- you either commit and win or you die. He has a naturally low health pool and low survivability, but the tradeoff is that you are incredibly maneuverable and can get kills where others fall away.

Play smarter, not harder.

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Items (They Make Us Go!)

This build's sequence should go something like this:

Let's talk about our choices a little bit here.

Doran's Blade/ Doran's Shield: Starting off, Doran's Items are great. I'd recommend the Blade, as it helps last hit and do a bit more harassment to those pesky enemy teams. It also gives you a bit of health to survive harassment. I'd take the Shield if you're going to be facing some heavy poking (like Draven or Ezreal).

Berserker's Greaves: I feel these are a must. They give us some badly needed attack speed and make us go faster. If you want to try out Sorceror's Treads or even Ionian Boots of Lucidity, feel free, but keep in mind you'll need more attack speed down the line to make up for it.

Phage: Phage is one of those items that has a replacement- Rylai's Crystal Scepter. I like Phage because you get the slow earlier, it's cheaper, and often times games end before I have the time/gold to finish it. Rylaj's also is only 15% slow for damage over time spells, which is a major problem when you are chasing someone like Udyr or Nidalee. Personal preference rules, but I'd recommend Phage. Did I mention you get some health?

Stinger/ Fiendish Codex/ Nashor's Tooth: Amazing item. It's got EVERYTHING we need- attack speed, cooldown reduction, mana regen-- this baby was made for us. Abuse the **** out of it, it's absolutely perfect for Teemo.

Mejai's Soulstealer: This baby gets a lot of funny looks from a friend of mine. He feels its a crutch, and in many ways it can even be a detriment to you, but I love this item. Teemo is one of the very few champs who can escape often enough to keep up their stacks, and while enemy teams may focus you because you have it you can W away over a trap, laugh, and watch as the rest of your team rips them apart. I'll talk about proper ways to keep this item's stacks up in the strategies section, but the bottom line is this:

Use it if you feel comfortable and are not getting rolfstomped. If you are getting roflstomped, choose one of the other items in the Optional section below.

Rabadon's Deathcap: One you get this item, you can trololololo your way to victory, because you've either farmed a lot of minions or gotten a lot of kills and are fed to all hell. If the game is still going on by the time you have this item, it's time to kick things up into high gear and clinch the victory. Your Noxious Trap will take out 600 health a piece, your Toxic Shot makes people cry, and combined with a Madred's Bloodrazor you will be unstoppable. This is where you need to start being careful, because that Sneaky DPS I mentioned earlier will start to come into play. Be sure to read that section, so you're prepared.

Madred's Bloodrazor: Get this. I'm serious. 4% magic damage equal to their health each hit. It's expensive but worth every penny. Abuse it.

At this point, your build is finished. If you followed the build order at the beginning of this guide you've already purchased Elixers/Consumables- I put them before the Deathcap because I ALWAYS forget to buy them when I have an open slot. If you didn't, no worries- just go punch someone in the face.

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Optional Items For Discerning Patrons

As always, items are a matter of preference. Here are some good replacements if you don't care for an item.

Berserker's Greaves:

Sorceror's Shoes: Magic pen is great if they are a tanky team and really don't like you.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Distant third. Wouldn't recommend it, but try it out if you're feeling brave.

Phage/ Frozen Mallet:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This item is technically a replacement, but its expensive as hell and doesn't give you a baby slow while you're building it.

Nashor's Tooth:

This item has no replacement. If you replace this, I'll cry and lead you over a trap in that bush over there.

Mejai's Soulstealer:

Lots of replacements for this bad boy.

Void Staff: Take this if they're building magic resist. They usually don't unless your mid (like LeBlanc or Kassadin) has been owning their opponent. See the Sneaky DPS chapter for more on that. Bottom line: This item is great if you need magic penetration. Do NOT take Abyssal Mask to replace this item! You should not, under any circumstances, be close enough for long enough to get the full effect out of it.

Wit's End: This item is great if you need a little magic resist. Buy this item if champs like Ezreal, Leona, or Zilean are giving you trouble.

Malady: Good item. Lots of attack speed and a stacking debuff, though it kinda slacks off endgame. Okay choice.

Athene's Unholy Grail: Take this item if you can't get blue buff or need mana regen. It's fantastic, and the only reason I didn't take it over the Soulstealer is that learning to play with a Soulstealer (and focusing on keeping your stacks) really helps Teemo players stay out of trouble. If you don't like Soulstealer or are feeling awesome (which you should with practice) take this bad boy.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Take this if you tend to get focused. It's handy so your teammates can finish the job and you can Flash + W away after you plant a trap.

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Items That Don't Earn A Spot In Your Easter Basket

Just a couple mentions here.

Lich Bane: I know. I KNOW. Don't look at me like that. Some Teemo players SWEAR by this item, and it's great, but there are other options out there and you have to consider what you're actually getting. Lich Bane is wonderful for champs that have lots of abilities they can spam, like Nidalee or even Cassiopeia in some builds. Teemo's only ability to activate it is Blinding Dart (traps do too but you can't count on the enemy tripping them) and that's on a roughly five to eight second cooldown- not enough to make this item worth it. Take Soulstealer or Unholy Grail and get more for your money.

Will of the Ancients: I've seen a couple Teemo players take this as they move into a more supportive role, and if that's what you want to do by all means go for it. However, with the way I recommend you play Teemo, you won't be in the team fight long enough to make it count.

Trinity Force: This item. THIS. ITEM. I love and hate it. It's passives are great, it helps out a lot, but it's so expensive. I stick with Frozen Mallet + Bloodrazor over this.

Deathfire Grasp: This little beauty is sort of an oddball. I resist putting it here because of how great it is, but there are a couple reasons I avoid it. The reasons I stated above for Exhaust and Ignite also apply to this item- it can secure a kill, but you're exposing yourself while you do it. If you can hide in a bush and use it during a team fight, then please, take it- but it's been my experience that often you have so much to do during fights you will forget you even have it.

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Farming- Shake Your Money Maker

First off- Jungling Teemo is Stupid Teemo. No.

Minion farming, however, is incredibly important. Remember all those talents we took to help out? Here's where they shine.

Before you ever take Teemo into a real game, practice on the bots. Cut your teeth, learn to last hit, and once you get comfortable with a build stick with it. Every small change- in masteries, in runes- makes a difference in how you last hit. And that adds up over a game to mean you get as much as ONE WHOLE ITEM less than you normally would. The most important thing with Teemo is to get comfortable.

This image has been passed around more than the peace pipe at Gragas's last stag party, but it's incredibly valuable.

This is so true. Watch where you are. Pay attention- do they have a jungle? Are you safe? Is it warded?


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Teams To Trap With

Here I'll be talking about some of my favorite laning partners and why. Standard A-F system.


Teemo needs a babysitter bottom. Tanks work best for this- supports like Janna and Sona are alright, but you will be the target and not them- which is a huge problem as you are squishy and delicious. Try and get a tank whenever possible, and send the support somewhere else if you need one at all.

If you MUST have a support, play extra cautious. Focus on minion farms and try not to give them any kills- odds are you will have a jungler who, if they're competent, can come down and get you a kill or two.

You will often rely on your laning partner to do things for you- initiate, grab, get close where you can't. Let them know what you need- most people who play supports or tanks bottom understand that you'll need help.


Alistar: Best cow ever. Knock ups, heals, and love. Roll with him all day. A

Blitzcrank: #1 favorite support. His grab + knockup means someone's gonna die, he protects you if he's good, and doesn't take your minion kills. Blitzy is best Pony, no joke. A+++++++

Cho'Gath: He's alright. Knock up and silence is good, but he's a little squishy in the beginning, which is when you really need a babysitter. C

Dr. Mundo: This guy is better served solo topping for massive ownage. Let him go there. C

Galio: Fun guy to lane with. Not as good as others, but he will protect you and harass a lot if he's worth anything. B

Janna: Fun. If she can hit her skill shots you're golden, but she's as squishy as you and runs out of mana quickly. Not my favorite--- play cautiously. B (if cautious)

Jarvan IV: Alright. Again, solo top is best. D

Kayle: Fun times. Keep in mind, however, that nine times out of ten you will be fighting for creeps. Not my favorite person to go with. D

Karma: Karma is my other main, and I love her to death. She's amazing for characters like Draven and Darius, but for Teemo she's a bit lackluster- her heal doesn't do a whole lot, she's cooldown dependent in the beginning, and honestly if she is bottom you'd best head solo top. Bottom line: Okay. B

Leona: I don't get to lane with Leonas often, but they are awesome. Stuns, slows... only thing she's lacking is a grab like Blitzy's. Leono charges forward, not pulls back, and that can spell trouble if she goes too far and you can't help in time. B (if properly played)

Malphite: I love Malphite. However, Jungle Malphite properly played is worth more than being stuck in bottom lane holding your hand. B

Maokai: Meh. I've seen very few good Maokais, and the ones I did see were jungle. C

Nautilus: Love this guy. Tanky, good damage, grab. Only reason he's second to Blitzy- his knockup is his ult. A

Orianna: I hate support Orianna. She's one of my favorite characters, and I feel she should be middle owning stuff. If she must come bottom, she shouldn't be with you. F

Poppy: Okay. Much like Cho'gath, squishy. Played properly she's insane. D (only cause I see so few good Poppys)

Rammus: Sorta... meh. Good tank, but not with you. Should be jungling. C

Renekton: Tank Renekton is a waste of an insane solo top. Only go this way if you must. F

Sejuani: I see very few Sejuanis, but good ones are really good. Your abilities synergize alright, just be sure not to overextend. B

Skarner: Amazing if they're good. Really ****py if they're not. Jungle whenever possible. B

Singed: Oh yeah. Knockup and poison + Teemo = death. Usually a solo top though, which means he can't really hold your hand. B

Sona: I love Sona... but she's not really great with Teemo. See the problems with Janna above.

Sion: Very rarely see this guy. Stun is good but that's about it. Another solo top. D

Taric: I love Taric. On other characters. The problem with him is that Teemo's burst is not that great, and Taric's only CC is a stun. A long one, given, but the only one. Not as fabulous as Blitzy or Naut. At least... in the synergy department. B

Udyr: Jungle Udyr is best Udyr. D

Urgot: I know, he's not a tank. But this guy is insane bottom. If you don't mind sharing creeps, prepare to get several kills if he's good. Nasty. B

Zilean: He's okay. Best with other carries. C

IF, by some chance, you are forced into laning with another carry, keep these points in mind:
    They need minions more than you do. You can shine after 6 with traps to farm.
    They cannot protect you. Do not overextend or get into trouble.
    Do not save them. You will give the enemy team a double kill and get yelled at.
    Help out whenever possible. HARASS, HARASS, HARASS.

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Enemies To Engage With

Matchups and strategies champ by champ are posted here.

Ahri: Watch out for her coming from mid lane. If she lands her combo, be prepared for a lot of damage- Flash + W to get out. If she missed or you got away and are greater than half health, harass her- she's cooldown dependent, like most mids. Dodge her skill shots and you're set, but only chase her if you're sure she can't get away- her ultimate is impossible to follow, and it often means she's got friends coming to hurt you.

Akali: Insane burst after six. Harass her if you can before then, do not engage alone after. If possible, wait to join team fights until after she's made an appearance and focus her down- if you don't, she will focus you as soon as you appear.

Alistar: Doesn't do a lot of damage. Watch out for his charge and CC, his teammates will kill you. Harass him if he's alone.

Amumu: Same as Alistar, 'cept he does more damage. Be careful and cautious.

Anivia: Don't face her often. Watch out for her AOE slow and dodge her skill shots. Be aware if she has her passive or not- you will have to kill her twice over if she does.

Annie: Oh, god. Do not ever engage alone, her burst will kill you instantly. Her ult is insane. Bring friends and buy a Wit's End.

Ashe: Nasty. Slows you down and hurts a lot. Bring friends or ambush when it's opportune. Blinding dart shuts her down, but you don't have the burst to kill her before it's finished unless you are fed beyond belief.

Blitzcrank: Grabs. GRABS GRABS GRABS. Watch out for them. Bring a friend and don't get caught. If you do you're probably dead without Flash + W.

Brand: Dodge his skillshots. Watch out for his ultimate and stand away from other people. Harass.

Caitlyn: Eh, she's not as tough as she sounds. Watch out for traps in the bushes that you like to go into, blinding dart, and dodge her Q. Don't engage at low health; she will ult and kill you.

Cassiopeia: Nasty. Harass her till you're sure you can get the kill. Watch out for poison and keep an eye on your health- if you know you're going to be facing her, sometimes it's handy to buy either an Elixir of Fortitude or a Zhonya's Hourglass.

Cho'Gath: Dodge his spikes and don't engage and lot health. Not much of a threat otherwise.

Corki: Long range and will out-poke you. Be careful and bring a friend. His DPS isn't that high, but his harass is better than yours.

Darius: The most op champ in the game in my opinion. His bleed is insane, he can build tanky and still do massive damage, and his ult will, no joke, kill you at half health or slightly over that. Do not engage alone, focus him down, and run away if he starts coming towards you. A good tip is to put a mushroom underneath yourself so that when he runs towards you he runs over it.

Dr. Mundo: His regen will outdo your poison. Bring friends and be prepared for a long fight. Don't chase under any circumstances.

Draven: The second most op champ in the game in my opinion. He hits like a truck and, if fed, will dominate just about anyone. Kills you in three hits, has a bleed, and his ult has nasty habit of kiling you when you thought you got away. If you are running away from him at low health, head for a bush you don't normally do- that way he will sometimes throw his ult in the wrong place.

Evelynn: Oh, Eve. I love you. These days she's pretty much a free kill, as her burst is lower than yours and her escape is her ultimate. Watch out in team fights, though, and buy an Oracle's as soon as you feel able to ensure she won't be a living ward for the other team.

Ezreal: My worst enemy. Insane damage, fast skill shots, a free flash, and an ult that comes at the worst possible moments. Bring a friend, let your tank go in first, and harass. Dodge his shots IF YOU CAN-- sometimes its beneficial to put that first point from Blinding Dart into Move Quick if you're going to face him, as the extra 10% speed can save your life.

Fiddlesticks: Sometimes I lane with a Fiddles, and he's fun. As an enemy he's annoying- watch out for ults from the bushes, stay AWAY from minions so his Dark Wind can't jump to you, and be mindful of his fear. Do not take him alone, he'll just drain your health and laugh.

Fiora: Nasty. Speed boost, lots of damage, and a parry. You can probably 1v1 her if you're fed. Trap a lot- she's vulnerable to slows without Flash.

Fizz: Meh. He's not fun if he gets his ult on you. Play careful and ask for ganks. Not-fed-Fizz is really lame.

Galio: Don't face this guy a lot; when I do he's not much of a threat. Harass him and poke his carry, he can't do much to stop it.

Gangplank: Hate this guy. Lots of damage and about the same range as me. Try not to get to extended and harass. If you are facing a Gang, try to focus on minions more than him.

Garen: Meh. Don't let him hit you. Poke to win.

Gragas: Long range skill shots, easy to dodge. He's also hard to get close to, which means you should rely on your laning partner to harass him and bring him close.

Graves: Annoying. Dash, good dps, and lame on all counts. Do not feed, whatever you do, and focus on minion kills. Try and get an early gank if possible.

Hecarim: His dps is low starting out. If he's jungling, watch out for ganks and buy a ward. If he's laning, harass to victory and laugh when he can't hurt you.

Heimerdinger: Annoying. Get him without his turrets and he's toast. This is where a Blitzy is your best friend. Wait, Blitzy's always your best friend!

Irelia: Will kill you. Bring friends and focus down. Do not let get fed.

Janna: Catch her by surprise and she's dead. Watch out for her knockback; she'll put you under a turret and glide away.

Jarvan IV: Flash out of his ultimate. Laugh. Don't get caught by surprise; against a Jarvan is one of the few times I advocate buying wards in addition to your traps. Dart in and out of teamfights to avoid getting caught.

Jax: Annoying as hell. Blinding dart and run away until you can get a friend.

Karma: Focus down her carry and she's toast. CD dependent, so if you exhaust her Mantras victory is yours. Watch out for Mantra'd shields in teamfights.

Karthus: Let someone else initate, or simply dodge his skill shots and let your toxic shot do its work. Buy a Zhonya's Hourglass if you're really having trouble, or buy a Hexdrinker/ Maw of Malmortius.

Kassadin: Yet another Hexdrinker/Maw enemy. Focus with friends and bring a stun/grab, otherwise you'll never catch him.

Katarina: Disgustingly awesome. As with Akali, let her come in before you do- her ult will burst you down and then you'll cry. Buy a Hexdrinker/Maw if you're really having trouble, and ask your team to focus her down. She's very vulnerable to CC.

Kayle: Early game she's a pushover. Late game, if fed, she's terrifying. However, she is very vulnerable to your blinding dart. Don't chase if she has her ult; she'll lead you to her team and they'll finish you off.

Kennen: As with all assassin characters, let them initate before you do. His stun is nasty, I wouldn't recommend taking him on 1v1. One of the few times I recommend buying a health item of some sort; Banshee's Veil and shut him down, or if you're feeling trollish buy Warmog's.

Kog'Maw: Very vulnerable to CC. Watch out for his long-distance ult. If he's AD, Blinding Dart helps a lot. S'all about the dodging with Koggy.

LeBlanc: Do not engage alone. Pray to the LoL Gods she isn't fed. Your poison hangs over her head when she clones- use it to focus her down. If she is fed, ask your team to focus her and lay several traps where you think she might run away. Vulnerable to CC in a big way.

Lee Sin: Jungler Lee Sin is annoying. Blinding Dart him and bring a friend; early on his health isn't very high. If possible, and safe, invade his jungle and either kill him or steal his buffs.

Leona: Try and whittle her down; a protracted engagement will always go her way. Avoid her stuns.

Lulu: Irritating. Focus her down and don't get slowed; her health is very low no matter what level she is. If you're fed or confident, you might be able to 1v1 her, but be careful- it's rare that she doesn't have teammates close by.

Lux: Lux is hit or miss: if she's good she'll poke you a lot and then kill you. If she's not, wait till she uses her abilities and finish her off. Recommend a friend for safety- Buddy System is the key. Try to come from opposite directions, as her snare only goes one way.

Malphite: You do barely any damage to him. Try to help but be careful and focus his other teammates.

Malzahar: Dodge his stuff, watch for his ult. Treat him like an assassin: wait till he goes in, then attack. Preferably under a turret.

Maokai: Meh. Kite him and don't let his little leaf things hit you. Run away and kill his carry, then laugh.

Master Yi: God, I hate this guy. Don't let him get fed, even if it means you go up top and finish him off yourself. He'll kill you in three hits tops. If he's jungling, treat him like Lee Sin and buy a couple wards. If you know you can't run from him, try and get close to some minions- his Alpha Strike will bounce off of them. Flash + W and live to fight another day.

Miss Fortune: Queen of I-Didn't-Think-She'd-Hit-That-Hard. Very, very vulnerable to slows and CCs. Lay traps, wait, and pounce.

Mordekaiser: If you're facing this guy 1v1 run. He gets a shield based on how much damage he does, so let it wear off before you harass him. Just run; he'll kill you and laugh about it.

Morgana: Dodge skill shots, don't stand in puddles, and Flash + W away from her ult. It takes time to get off, so usually you have a chance. Stay out of the way in teamfights until she's committed and casts it, then you can safely go in and kill her.

Nasus: HATE. His slow is ridiculous, his Q is apocalyptic if farmed, and he's got more lifesteal than you have unlimited darts in your gun. Buddy System.

Nautilus: If he brings friends, kill them. If he targets you, run to a turret. If you get knocked up and focused or grabbed, you're dead.

Nidalee: Nid goes two ways- AD or AP. AD Nid's only talent is her spear throws, she's useless otherwise. Be careful and kite to win with the technique I recommended on Darius above. Move around a corner to get her to come to you. If AP, dodge those spears, you'll die. She does decent damage in cougar form too, so be careful. DO NOT CHASE.

Nocturne: Fears, does lots of damage, and can get at you from a million miles away. Don't be alone, blinding dart, and focus him if he appears.

Nunu: Avoid his ult and skill shots. Laugh.

Olaf: Do not take on alone. See Nasus above. Be careful- under his ult he can't be slowed by your shrooms.

Orianna: Dodge her ball. Does good DPS if fed a bit. You could probably kill her one on one if you juke bushes like a pro.

Pantheon: Ugh. Don't. Just don't. Hold your friend's hands.

Poppy: You might win one on one with Poppy if she's out of mana. Give it a shot and be sure she's alone.

Rammus: Flash + W through minions. Laugh. Don't stand near him when he ults, the range of it is just inside your attack range.

Renekton: See Pantheon above. If he's tank, kite him to death. Laugh

Riven: Do. Not. Feed. Under any circumstances. Do not 'think' you can get a kill and then die to her, she's ridiculous when she's fed. Engage only if you're sure you can win.

Rumble: Long range, lots of damage. Wouldn't recommend taking alone unless he's low health.

Ryze: Snare, lots of dps. A worthy opponent. I don't fight him too much, so play with caution.

Sejuani: Beware her passive and ult damage, slow, and stun. Fat as hell. Focus her last and don't stand next to other people.

Shaco: Worst possible champ to meet when you're overextended. Don't overextend when he's around, and buy purple wards. Hard to chase- traps will get him if placed properly.

Shen: Annoying. No one is ever alone when a good Shen is around. Avoid chasing and his dash/taunt.

Shyvana: Annoying from the bushes. Wait till she engages like any other assassin; then collect your kill and run.

Singed: See Pantheon. No. I mean it- his poison will kill you. No.

Sion: Irritating, but not impossible. Bring friends. Watch for his stun, he'll do it at the worst possible moment.

Sivir: Free kill. Let her ult and run over your trap; collect gold and laugh. Very occasionally she's been fed, so her burst will be considerable- watch out for it. Otherwise, have fun.

Skarner: Annoying. Let someone else get stung. Focus his carry.

Sona: Don't stand next to others in team fights. Focus, kill, laugh.

Soraka: HATE. SORAKA. She gives infinite sustain to her laning partner, two heals, and a funky damage doer. CC her, she has no escapes.

Swain: Don't take him alone. Tyrant Swain will destroy you. Watch out for snares in bushes. Personally, I get distracted staring cause it's my favorite skin. :o

Talon: Annoying. Bursty. Wait as always.

Taric: Kill his teammates then watch him cry.

Teemo: This comes down to who's more awesome, and it will be you.

Tristana: Watch out, she'll chase you and win. Hard to catch. Knockback, healing reduction, attack speed boost... 1v1 you -might- be able to take her if she's low health.

Trundle: Trundle is amazing. Watch for his poop towers and guide him off his corrupted ground. Let others engage.

Tryndamere: Do. Not. Chase. Do not engage, do not get caught, do not feed him. Blinding dart him in team fights first off, he supersedes any other opponent for it.

Twisted Fate: He's strange. Don't get low health when he's around, he'll just ult to you and kill you. Try to dodge his cards (it's not always possible in a team fight) and, actually, buy a Hexdrinker/Maw.

Twitch: Oracles. Hide. Kill. Continue warding.

Udyr: Hard to catch and kill. He can't do a whole lot to you unless he catches you, so kite him.

Urgot: I hate Urgot only slightly less than I hate Ezreal. His gas missile is hard to avoid and the range on his other missile is insane if you get hit with it. Ask for ganks, hug the tower, and cry.

Varus: Annoying. Watch for his ult snare and long-range skill shot. Other than that, focus him down.

Vayne: Will burst you down before you can blink. Blinding Dart and run to Blitzy.

Veigar: His stuns are annoying. Try to keep and eye on him as much as possible.

Viktor: Much like any other mid. Avoid stuff and kill.

Vladimir: Bring a friend, he'll pool away. Try to trap his escape route if you can; watch him cry when he dies to your mushroom.

Volibear: Don't let him catch you. W works well for this. Kite and win.

Warwick: Ward. Ward ward ward.

Wukong: See Warwick, plus cry like a little baby cause you're gonna die. Wukong is Teemo's rock to our scissors. Insane damage, knockup, and cool monkey skin. Ask for ganks and hug your turret.

Xerath: Meh. Kite and win, don't get caught by his ult.

XIN XHAO: Be careful, ward, don't get charged/knocked up, and smile.

Yorick: Run. He'll destroy you.

Ziggs: Dodge his stuff, watch for his ult (it's easily avoidable with Flash + W) and punch him in the face.

Zilean: Watch for bombs, kill him a lot, and buy a Wits End.

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Sneaky DPS- It's Not Just For Evelynn

This little section is going to talk about Sneaky DPS. You heard it here first.

The Sneaky DPS I refer to is that people really underestimate Teemo. Unless your mid has been dominating, people don't generally build magic resist, as most of their danger, they feel, comes from physical carries like Darius or Ashe. Teemo is just hangin' in the back, chillin', but while you've not been paying attention he's been building his Soulstealer.

Teemo's a sleeper agent. His Toxic Shot ticks over time, as do his Noxious Trap, and his Blinding Dart doesn't do a fabulous amount of damage. People often think that they can kill Teemo before he kills them, or chase after him and get him before his team catches up. This is completely wrong, and often results in a hilarious panic as they realize they can't survive all this damage over time. We aim to increase that Sneaky DPS and use it to our full advantage with an easy-to-follow strategy below.

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Strategies With A Capital S

Okay. Here we go. The most important thing to learn with Teemo:

How to play him.

Now, some carries are played aggressively. They go in, kick someone in the face, and utterly destroy them. ( Draven, anyone?)

Teemo is not played like this. Teemo is squishy, like three-hits-dead squishy, and requires a certain playstyle, I feel, to really use him effectively. So let's talk about that for a bit.

Your first entry into your lane should be pretty easy. You head down to their bottom bushes, stand in the bush closest to their turret, and hold still till you stealth. Meanwhile, your partner goes into the bush closest to -your- turret and waits. You wait there, until they either come into the bush you're in (and see nothing) or start to farm minions. This is when the grab/stun/pull occurs, you jump their carry, and slay them for first blood. If this isn't possible, just start farming under the protective gaze of Uncle Blitzy.

Remember- just be patient.

This is a great way to get champs like Darius and Lee Sin. Cover your escape; don't give them a free kill. And escape the way that you either a: know is clear or b: your enemy won't expect. This ensures you can recall safely and return home.

As the game progresses, you'll have to switch up- move closer to the turret for heavy harassment, watch for jungle ganks, or just generally PLAY CAREFULLY.

The very last thing you want to do is give the enemy team a kill.

Down in that bottom lane is their carry, and he wants to kill you so he can buy another item to further ruin your day. Don't let him. Hit him once and run; blinding dart him before he can last hit; have your tank harass the **** out of him. But above all, play safely.

Soon you start getting into teamfights, and this is where this playstyle comes in handy. By now you've probably purchased your Soulstealer and are wondering how you're going to keep it stacked; well, here's how you do it.

When a team fight begins, hang back. Three, maybe four seconds, until people have committed and everyone has made their appearance. Put down a trap underneath your feet. Then blinding dart and begin- but don't stay put. Most of the time, when you pop out of stealth to attack, people will change their focus to you, and that is when you run. You lead them over your trap while your team focuses down their carries; at this point when you have enough distance and they start to panic you turn around and continue firing. This is where most of your kills are secured, and where you remain safe.

If you are familiar with the Mongol Horse Archers and their strategies, this is an excellent analogy of what you should do. Strike, fade, strike, fade.

There are a few other things to consider before engaging, and you must be sure you can escape or, if you can't escape, that you can secure a kill before dying.

    Do you have an escape route?
    Are all their team accounted for?
    Who should you focus?
    Is your ultimate up with enough stacks to lay an emergency mushroom?
    Do you have enough support to win?

All these things and more -should- be considered, but they aren't always. If you don't have time to plan an escape route, simply assist your team in this fashion- move in, strike, get off a couple shots, and pull back. Only chase and commit when you are sure you can win.

I realize I've said that a lot, but it's the most important thing I can pass on. Trading a kill does nothing, and by the time you have fifteen stacks and haven't died once you're worth a lot more to their team than that kill is to you. Use bushes and traps to ensure you survive; at this point in the game you are more important than the Master Yi who's 4/4/2 and *****ing that you left him to die. It is not your responsibility to 'save' teammates who got themselves into an untenable position at the cost of your own life; putting a trap in their path or blinding darting someone to draw off an attacker is well and good, but going 2v4 will not do them any favors.

Try and get Blue Buff as much as possible. It will help with your mana problems (they occasionally happen when team fights occur one after the other, or you've had to put down several traps at once.) If you can't, buy an Athene's Unholy Grail instead of Mejai's Soulstealer

As for trap positions, I must refer people to Ferrovial's excellent guide located here on MobaFire:

This is everything you need to know about trapping and more. I used this guide for a long time until I felt comfortable with my own build.

Before we finish up here, there is one other thing I need to discuss- our passive, camouflage.

Some people state that you should abuse this passive as much as possible by stealthing and then entering combat, and, for the most part, I agree with that. However, it is difficult when your team is calling out to you for help to wait those two seconds. So my recommendation is that if you can do it, fine, but if you can't, don't worry about it. Help your team.

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A Farewell To Arms... and Enemies

Well, this concludes up this guide. It's my first one here on MobaFire, and I hope you learn as much reading it as I did making it.

Enjoy the League, and Enjoy Teemo!


Many thanks to Spartacus075 for his amazing laning support, Birthday Party Fiddles for all the love he's given me, and my other two buddies: Exreal and Vayne, you know who you are. A special thanks to Morganaburr for hugs. <3

Thank you to Jhoijhoi for the amazing spacer images!