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Teemo Build Guide by ElecticFinga

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElecticFinga

Teemo and his HUGE... blowpipe + Dominion Item Guide

ElecticFinga Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Teemo (Normal, Dominion)

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Never Underestimate the Power of the Scouts Code

Teemo may seem like a squishy character, well... he is.. usually. But, with this guide I have given him a new life, with a total of 3000 health, teemo will no longer be the focused player.
Please read the whole guide and try it out before commenting and voting. Thanks in advance!

(It has been scientifically proven that giving this guide a thumbs-up will make you a better teemo player.)

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+ Great Farmer
+ Once you get through the first 10 minutes, you should be able to get some decent items and OWN them little silehbois! Anyway, point is, get through the first bit, and OWN the rest of the match.
+ REALLY nice attack speed, this, combined with your poison darts, can destroy anyone almost instantly.
+ Shrooms can be used as wards for watching the dragon, baron, blue buff, etc..
+ Also has a really good movement speed

- Squishy Early-Game
- Sounds like a 5-year-old and can be prone to internet bullying.
- Is a dwarf and can be prone to internet bullying
- If against a skillshot player, like Ezreal, your camouflage can be a bit useless if he sees you before you go invisible.

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I go for the 9-21-0 mainly for the defence. I will now explain each and every point I placed.

Cripple: Improves your exhaust spell
Archmage's Savvy : I gives you a small AP boost, not really needed, but it unlocks the next tier of masteries.
Sorcery: Reduces cooldowns, always handy.
Sunder : Can't go wrong with armor penetration.

Resistance : Magic Resistance is a must these days.
Hardiness : Cant go wrong with some armor.
Evasion : I only really picked this as a "lesser of two evils" kinda thing.
Harden Skin : Doesn't seem like much, but it could save your backside one day.
Veteran's Scars : 50 hp AND you get to show of your cool scars. WIN-WIN.
Ardor : Bonus attack speed and ability power.
Reinforce : I know, Teemo isn't a tank or support, but when can you go wrong with splash damage?
Tenacity : 4% Damage reduction... Why the hell SHOULDN'T I pick it?

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Health

Right now (October) the harrowing trail is on LoL, they have added some special ltd edition runes, get the Quintessence of Bountiful Treats instead of the Quintessence of Fortitude. It is half the price (995 IP) and gives 24+ health. It is under the Tier 2 runes, under Limited Availability. Get it while you can!

I use Greater mark of Desolation because, well basically, why not? It improves the damage dealt to enemies and are a bargain at 410 IP.

You may or may not of noticed (if you didnt notice then GTFO) that I use Greater Seal of Vitality.This is not a great deal of health, but with all 9, gives you a nice +200 health bonus.

I picked the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction mainly for the cooldown effect on the Move Quick as it is often needed more than once in a chase/escape.

I use Greater Quintessence of Health on these as well because Teemo is squishy, I have been left alive countless times with less than 100hp left, and thanks to these babies (and my Doran's blade), I live to tell the tale.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Camouflage is Teemo's passive, this ability allows you to remain hidden for as long as you want, providing you dont move. If you stand still and take no actions for 2 seconds, camouflage will activate. Once you leave camouflage, you will gain a 40% attack speed bonus for 3 seconds.

I feel the need for Toxic Shot straight away, but again, you could always choose Blinding Dart instead. I personally like Poison Dart for "poking" people, as it does damage over time, not a lot, granted, but when constantly poking, you will get BIG results.

Grab Blinding Dart (or Toxic Shot, depending on what you picked at lvl 1) at lvl 2. This could save your life when someone gets too close. When blinded, the enemy cannot hit you with BASIC ATTACKS for a short period. Careful, they can still use abilities on you and summoner spells.

Move Quick is Teemo's least important ability (in my opinion) and should be mastered last. However, this does not mean it is useless, and has saved me plenty of times.

Noxious Trap is a VERY handy thing. It consists of Teemo dropping a poisonous mushroom that explodes on contact with an enemy, releasing a poison that damages all nearby enemies over time and slows them down. The shrooms are invisible and can only be see using wards or an oracles elixir. The shrooms are based on an ammo principle. Every 35/31/27 seconds, teemo will pick up a mushroom and can place it immediately. The shrooms can be placed within 3 seconds of each other. When you re-spawn, you will start with 2 mushrooms. I go into further detail below.

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You know the basics from the previous Chapter, so, let's get down to business.

Careful shroom placement is VITAL. Be sure to place them in key locations (such as the baron, dragon, brush). The shrooms also work as wards, not as good, but they are free and they deal damage. Make sure to place them in the jungle especially, whenever someone get hit by a shroom, go in for the kill. It shouldn't be too hard if you are the same lvl AND, if you have place enough shrooms, should hit some on the way out (in case you die or he runs away). Remember to prepare an escape route in advance. Below is a guide/map to the vital shroom spots:


  • Red = Important, place these as soon as you can.
  • Blue = Less important, place these when get the chance.
  • Green = Not very important, only place these if you feel the need to.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: It's a must. It helps you escape, chase people down and help team mates. Remember that flash CAN go over walls. This works well with "Move Quick" as, after you come out of flash, you can speed off if need be.

Exhaust: Personally, I dont use exhaust, but I have on the odd occasion. And on that "odd occasion", I have found it useful, helping you escape and chase people down. BUT, flash kinda fills the same niche, so, its not for me.

Alternate Spells:

Ignite: A lot of people disagree with using Ignite with Teemo, and I see their point, considering that Teemo has his awesome, kick-*** poison darts, but sometimes its just NOT enough.

Ghost: This for me is just pointless... The only reason I would pick it, would be to get the boots of mobility, max out my "Move Quick" and then ghost and W at the same time to go at 120km/h.

Revive: Just.... NO

Teleport: I can see how this would be handy with other champions, but Teemos items are quick to find and his movement speed means you dont miss out on much xp anyway.

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Item Sequence


Frozen Mallet

Wit's End

The Bloodthirster

Madred's Bloodrazor

In this chapter I will explain why I use the items that I have listed above.

Doran's Blade: I recommend this as a starter item for most champions. I have survived countless times using this. It adds 100 health and 10 AD. It also drops in a 3% life-steal. Not much, granted, but can give you that vital sustainability early-game. Should be sold later on. Depending on what kind of champion you are playing what and against, you MIGHT want a second Doran's Blade.

Mercury's Treads: These boots are ideal for Teemo, given his squishiness, he can be easy to kill with some CC (crowd control). Mercury's Treads give you 2 speed, 25 MR AND 35 tenacity, wich reduces the effects of CC.

Malady: This item is a beast, and not NEARLY too expensive for early-game. It grants you 25 AP and a nice 50% attack speed. It also has a handy passive wich deals 20 magic damage and lowers their MR by 6. This effect can stack up to 4 times. Meaning: You hit them with your basic attack, wich deals (mid-game) about 100. By now you probably have poison dart on 5, so that's another (30x4=120) 120 damage. That's approximately 200 damage (armor) and if you then use your Q (125 at lvl 2 + 80% AP = about 200 damage)wich means a total of about 400 damage JUST with one auto-attack and one spell that costs 80 mana.

Frozen Mallet: Now, you dont have to buy this in the order that I did, just make sure you buy it because this item reduces your squishiness A LOT. This, in turn, means people will be more careful when attacking you, or maybe not even attack at all. But just in case they do, you've got your attack speed AND your blinding Dart.

Wit's End: Again, more attack speed, you need it. It also gets you a nice 30 MR AND, has a passive wich grants you 42 magic damage and gets you another 5 MR for 5 seconds just for hitting an opponent.

The Bloodthirster: This item will give you a nice 60 AD and also 15 Life Steal, this item will increase in total damage every time you kill a MINION, not a champ, a minion. Meaning you can easily receive stacks from this.

Madred's Bloodrazor: This item is really good, considering it deals 4% of the targets maximum health as magic damage and also includes a nice 30 attack damage AND 40% attack speed.
Alternate Items

Boots of Speed: Optional starting item if you value speed over health. I would recommend, if you do decide to get these, that you also get 2 health potions.

Boots of Swiftness: With the extra movement speed at 3 it is good for getting where you need to be, fast. However, I personally value the tenacity over that one point on movement.

Banshee's Veil: Good for when fighting against an AP or mage. It adds MR, hp, and mana. Also, as a passive, grants you a block to negative spells once every 45 seconds.

Sunfire Cape: Grants you armor and health, it has a nice passive wich inflicts 35 magic damage to all nearby enemies. For me, this is just annoying when going through the jungle and accidently attacking all the neutrals , or when you go near a turret with a champion nearby, the tower will attack you for "attacking" the champion.

Wriggle's Lantern: There is no need for this because of your shrooms. However, if you feel the need, you COULD get one, though I wouldn't recommend it.

The Black Cleaver: You could get this instead of the bloodthirster if you want, it does appear to be better, but I would ask you to keep in mind that the bloodthirster increases with every MINION kill.

Guardian Angel: DO NOT GET THIS IF THE GAME ISN'T GOING WELL. If you are NOT winning, do not bother with this item. If you are losing, the other team is probably more fed than you, meaning you will probably die more. You would think it would be good to get this BUT if you lose a team fight, as you most likely will if you're losing, then they can just wait for you to come back, and THEN kill you. If you're winning, you can think about it, but then again, if you are winning, you probably dont need this.

Last Whisper: This being an AD Teemo, the 40 Attack Damage AND the 40% armor pen seems like a nice fit for Teemo when playing against armor-stacking champs.

Thornmail: Get this if your'e against someone with lots of AD, for example, Tryndamere.

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Dominion Items

Item Sequence

Sanguine Blade

Phantom Dancer

The Black Cleaver

I have not explained some items here because I have done so in the previous Chapter. For example: Mercury Treads.

Prospector's Blade: A great starter item for similar reasons the those listed on the
Doran's Blade, after getting this item, get the Boots of Speed and upgrade as soon as possible to your Mercury's Treads.

Sanguine Blade: Build up to this with the B. F. Sword to get a nice damage output and that little bit of Life steal

Phantom Dancer: I take two of these (one before, one after the last whisper) because, when you have two of them, you get 110 Attack speed, 60 critical strike chance and it even throws in some movement speed. Could you ask for much more?

The Black Cleaver: This nice-looking baby gives us 30 Attack Speed and another 55 Attack Damage wich increases when you kill a minion.

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Teemo is a decent farmer, and, if you want ALL the minion kills, It's probably not as hard as you think. There are 2 main tactics:
-Basic: Just last-hit the minions when you see them on low health
-Poison Wave: Just hit all minions once to poison them, then wait for
one to get on low health and last-hit him. This can be annoying with a team
mate as he may steal your minion kills.

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Early-Game: I would recommend poking constantly and surprise attacking after going invisible. Once you get your Toxic Shot and your Blinding Dart, you should try to initiate your combo. Teemo's "combo" isn't REALLY a combo because it consists of 3 attacks: Auto attack (to poison your enemies), Blinding Dart (to prevent them from auto attacking you) and finally auto attack again (your blinding dart resets your auto attack so that you can attack immediately after your Q). This will slowly but surely, lower your opponents health, forcing him/her/it to recall, allowing YOU to get xp and farm the minions in peace.

Mid-Game: Same principle, but a LOT more aggressive, try to go in for the kill if you think you can, and remember to poke whenever you get the chance. Dont forget to drop shrooms constantly: "Dop'em Like They're Hot"

Late game: By now, you should have the whole map warded with shrooms and should have a nice AD and attack speed. If against mainly auto-attack champions, blind them and destroy them.

This is the OFFICIAL Teemo champion spotlight, in this video, Phreak uses a different build wich I HAVE tested, but found my own one better. Phreak explains the tactics and the abilities in-depth.

Another video, this one explaining the use of shrooms. I say "explaining" but to be honest, he just shows you. I REALLY disagree with this guys taste of music.

Additional Tactics:

  • Staying Hidden: This would involve entering your camouflage, waiting for the enemy to pass, then initiating your combo (Auto, Q, Auto).
  • Bait: This one takes preparation. Place some shrooms somewhere that you know he/she/it will go near, run past them (use Move Quick if you have to), and leading them into the previously placed shroom. This will slow them down, now, again, use your combo.
  • Eye for an Eye: When you are in a 1v1 fight, if you are stuck without an escape route (wich shouldn't happen), use your combo constantly, if you see you are going to die, place shrooms at his/her/it's feet and hope for the best.

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Teemo is a fairly good ganker as his move quick can be used to get to and from lanes quickly. With this in mind, try to save team-mates in need of help, even if you dont think you can reach them in time, you might be able to avenge their death.

When leaving your current lane for a gank, make sure you leave a shrooms in your trail to see if someone is following you. Once there, if possible, cut off escape routes with your shrooms and only attack if you have a chance at killing him. Try to work with your team-mate, and above-all, dont just run in, with the runes and items I have managed to make Teemo less squishy, but he is still vulnerable.

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Preparation, the most important thing, drop shrooms A.S.A.P and dont run in, you are not a tank, try to keep at a distance, but dont be afraid to play aggressively. Work with your team-mates, try to flank using your camouflage and use Move Quick to get a kill or to get out of a sticky situation. Above all, Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Teemo's "Recon" Skin

Teemo's "Happy Elf" Skin
Teemo's "Cottontail" Skin
Teemo's "Astronaut" Skin
Teemo's "Badger" Skin

And of course, SUPER TEEMO!!!!

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Dont forget to leave comments and rate, this is my first guide, all the coding was doing my head in and it would be nice for it to pay off. Please be honest. Thank you in advance!

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uhmm... I forgot what I was gonna say....

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OK, this is just dragging out. Please give the guide a proper chance. Good luck and Have Fun!