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Teemo Build Guide by Productiveinsomniac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Productiveinsomniac

Teemo DOT's 4 Days (Twitsted Treeline) (tripple/ace Teemo)

Productiveinsomniac Last updated on March 5, 2015
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i currently only play for fun now, due to my obligation with NetherRealmStudios Mortal Kombat. I play professionally on the Playstation consoles PS3 and PS4. i have played MK1, 2,3 UMK3, MK9 for NRS. and will be playing MKX upon release!

NOTE: i am no longer Diamond 1, i consider myself NO RANK DUE to my inactivity! i am currently Unranked as of now and will be for the remander of the next few years

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Teemo How Too win

Teemo is a great kiting champ due to his DOT's from Toxic Shot and his movement speed from Move Quick... he has the ability to out run any champ on the map... as long as you have good map awareness you will dominate... then his blind allows him to out trade most bruisers with combination of his kiting capability. ive had several people build Teemo against me while I was Teemo and they used AD build.... it didn't go well for them... my secret to all my wins with this champ is... I use items like Deathfire Grasp or on twisted treeline I used Blackfire Torch... these items give me an active spell damage not unlike Ignite but stronger. and its a sure fire way of stuting them down very quickly combined with, Toxic Shot, Blinding Dart, and Ignite Game Set Match.

Noxious Trap AKA Shrooms: are devastating to any champ... in TT I place them in all exits entrances and on alters early game... late game I place them in front of my towers for added security.... you can stack 34 of them at one time... around the map... I personally stack 5 on the alters and it guaranties a death to all squishy's that make the mistake of trying to take their own alter.... it also guaranties a 100% teamfightwin on fight for alters! another good place is the middle where the health is.... place them around the bot entrance and circle them around till its has 2 on each side of health and each entrance has at least 3 then two in bush.