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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dxdiego

Teemo Killing Spree (Updt April 25th) Hybrid and AP

dxdiego Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Thank you for reading my guide :D.

This is the first guide i write and i hope it helps a lot of people on finding the right path with -my favorite and main champion- Teemo.

The guide is focused on the item purchase sequence and choices that after trying a lot of guides and combinations, i've found the most useful. *note: From now on, changes in the guide will come from some experiments and analysis i've been trying. I hope now i can contribute with fresh ideas and new alternatives.*

For me, Teemo is a champion that requires a lot of analysis specially for the correct use of mushrooms and ability to avoid death to bring more pain :).Also, it is really important to adapt the play style and, consequently, the items to buy according to the development of the game and the needs of your team. As a support / killing-machine-from-the-back helping the team is a must!

Enjoy the guide and feel free to comment and vote!

*Update April 25th: Beginning of the new build: Teemo AP. Coming soon more entries about it!
Update March 1st: change in summoner spells: Ignite instead of Teleport, change in mastery tree: Burning Embers
*Update Feb 21st: developed starting items, back to Frozen Mallet, anti tank proof ;), pros/cons chapter, first strategies for specific champions (more champions coming soon)
*Update Feb 10th: more friendly writing style, more summoner spells analyzed and masteries in depth
*Update Feb 16th: change in situational items, Frozen Mallet vs. Rod of Ages*

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Pros / Cons

If you are reading this guide to have an overview so you add Teemo to your champion list, this may be interesting for you.

*Great mobility: to scape and to hunt
*Surprise attacks: Camouflage + Noxious Trap
*Low life runners ownage: Toxic Shot
*Free kills & xp: Noxious Trap , even dead!
*Control lane pace: pushing or standing still by spreading Toxic Shot
*Control of the map: using Noxious Trap as wards
*Planning scape routes: with Noxious Trap
*Disabling melee enemies: Blinding Dart
*Build adaptable to the situation of the fight

*First objective in group fights
*Very dependant on first fights results
*No destroying ultimate

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I recommend a 22/0/8 Offensive/ Utility mastery.

The idea is to boost Teemo's dmg output.

Let's check each mastery i recommend to use:

Offensive Tree

Archmage Sawy (3/3): it increases AP/level. AP directly boosts Teemo's magic dmg so it's a must.

Cripple (1/1): reduces the target's resistances and increases the time of exhaust. For me, Exhaust is a summoner's spell every Teemo must have and this mastery will make the target you cast the spell on a lot more killable. If you don't use that spell, change this point to our next mastery.

Deadlyness (1/3): increases critical strike: CS isn't Teemo main way to inflict dmg (10% chance is good but not great) but i found is a good choice because when you get fast shooter, critical strikes proc a lot. You only need 1 point here but you can add the 22th point too if Meditation doesn't convince you (that's my case).

Sorcery (4/4): CDR. Great mastery that will increase the amount of Noxious Trap you can plant and you'll be able to cast (disable) with Blinding Dart more often.

Alacrity (4/4): attack rate. I've checked some forums to find out the real meaning of "attack rate" but it isn't clear if it affects AS or %AD. Anyways, it means more dmg, and we like that.

Burning Embers (1/1): AP boost. Recent tries have showed that Ignite + Toxic Shot = Dead Runners in ganks. Ignite + Exhaust is the perfect combo specially for the first gank and that +10AP after using (and hopefully killing the enemy) will be great.

Archaic Penetration (1/1): 15% magic penetration. Poison will be able to dmg those champions who are looking forward to reduce your poison's effect.

Brute Force (3/3): more AD. Simply and great

Lethality (3/3): increases crits dmg. As i said before, critical strikes will be more often due to our fast attack speed and thats why your 10% chance will be enough to make this mastery worth.

Havoc (1/1): more damage! Teemo is a damage dealer, you are offensive, you live to kill and Offensive is the right path to kill more and easier.

Utility tree:

Perseverence (3/3): mana and hp regen. Very useful specially in the early game to survive and later when you want to plant Noxious Trap all over the place.

Good Hands (1/3): the best option of the tier. Teleport doesn't need to improve for what i use it and i never use Ghost. The idea is to never die but if you accidentally ended dead a reduction time is good.

Awareness (4/4): You should be always getting experience from minions because you are range dps, boosting the xp will help to increase the gap between you and your lane rival(s).

*Meditation: mana regen/5s. If you didn't like the idea of using a 22th mastery point in Deadliness, i recommend to use the point here simply because we are always using Noxious Trap if there's nothing important happening and that drains your mana.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells i use only two combinations:

For 3vs3:
Exhaust : no scape!
Cleanse : scape!
Scape + No scape makes the difference between a positive or a negative count in your killing/killed recount which is so important in this map.

For 5vs5:
Exhaust : no scape!
Teleport : back to business
In this case Teemo is more likely to be shooting from behind and shouldn't risk to get debuffs so often (and if you were careless and you got them you are probably dead xD) and teleport provides fast return to lane after purchases/death from base or surprise attacks when teleporting to hidden shrooms. It's a very offensive combination.

Other useful abilities include:
Ignite Ignite: one way or another you will die.
Teemo's poison is annoying for all the enemies but if you add the DoT of Ignite there's even less chances for the poor running champion to survive. Casting Ignite with Exhaust is a deadly combo.

Flash : you are fast and you can blink too!
This is another way to scape from ganks and hard situations. Useful almost for every champion i don't like to add another way to scape apart from our fast running speed and mushroom scape routes but some people may find it interesting instead of cleanse.

Clarity :i've never used this spell with Teemo because it isn't mana dependent to inflict important dmg (cheers for mana-free Toxic Shot ) but some people may need a lot of mana to because they like to spam Bliding Dart or to plant a "rode of death" with lots of Noxious Trap. It's up to play style.

The abilities i don't recommend are:

Fortify :It's a helpful spell if the champion in that lane is dead or went shopping, but im pretty sure that using Teleport or running fast to the tower will be more effective to protect it.

Heal :I find it only really useful in early and mid game. The thing is that early and mid game you shouldn't be so near to death or if you are about to die because you ran away but some DoT is killing you, Cleanse is more useful.

Promote and Rally :They are not bad and may be handy in specific situations but i prefer leaving them to support champions.

Revive :You shouldn't die, really. If you do, you are not the type of champion that will make your team to lose only because of waiting some seconds.

Smite :Not a jungler, and you have Noxious Trap for minions, so no need of this.

The ability you should never ever use:

Ghost : you are a runner, why would you want to run even faster?
If you feel like you need to run faster to hunt an enemy or to survive, you may have a problem. Move Quick + Noxious Trap are all you need to do both tasks.

Clairvoyance :you have poison wards, why would you want to see even more?
If you feel like you need to see even more areas of the maps to prevent or to plan ganks, you may have a problem. Noxious Trap is all you need to do both tasks.

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This guide is focused on the items that as teemo work the best for me.

Doran's Shield : a great start item.
Helps a lot with 120 hp for the start ganks, a little armor that always comes handy and the reason I use it the most: 8hp/5s. I think is great because it allows you to manage how aggressive you will play so you can try to get down the enemy champion or just get xp and some gold shooting from distance while recovering hp from a fight. Really, I've been in lots of situations were i was left with a bar and a half and after a couple of minutes shooting behind my minions (and checking constantly mias) i'm back to full health.

Boots of Swiftness : Move fast, avoid dmg, take distance, shoot and kill.
Great mobility is terrific with Teemo to avoid nasty speels from the enemy with ease like i.e. Caitlyn , Swain or Ashe . You can piss off enemies with single poison shots and back off everytime you want. Also, you can change lane and gank faster than anyone and allows you to chase the dying enemy to get that last toxic shot he needs to die while running back. Teemo can be awesome at early and mid game if you know how to move.Consider to change them to Mercury's Treads or to Sorcerer's Shoes in end game, check the useful situational items at the end of this chapter

Malady : a well round item specially for mid game.
It has everything Teemo can get advantage of: AP, maic dmg, magic res reduction and even AS. Toxic shot will be painful in this stage of the game!

Hextech Gunblade : AP! is my favorite item.
It gives a huge amount of AD and AP that will empower your shots and shrooms. Also, Life Steal and Spell Vamp may be handy to resist a little more in fights and the active spell is great if your exhaust is on cd. Another thing to consider of this item is that the items used to build it are cheap and will boost your game pace everytime you buy a part.

Guinsoo's Rageblade : 8 stacks = fearful hybrid item.
Another excellent item with AD and AP with a really nice boost of speed when you warm up a little bit with minions before engaging with the champ. Fights when you get this item will be getting longer and you will be able to stack speed with AP/AD and you will be a killing machine when attacking from distance.

Deathfire Grasp : shroom booster and an awesome active.
I called it a mushroom booster because AP will make them more powerful plus the CDR (and mana regen) will help you to plant them all over the place. Obviously, the AP will boost also the poison and the active 30% of the enemy's hp + 3.5%/100AP will bring pain to almost everything is in front of you.

Frozen Mallet : hp + no scape.
Frozen Mallet is back in the main list. Before, i said Rod of Ages gives better stats (AP and more hp) than Frozen Mallet]. But after trying what numbers proved was a better item, [[Frozen Mallet gave a lot better results. Definitely, the slowing effect of Frozen Mallet makes a huge different to get that "Legendary" call to your killing spree. Of course, Rod of Ages is still a great option, specially if you play more like a support dmg dealer than a killing machine :D

Sometimes, you may need hp because you are going down really fast (specially if you have been dangerous you might be first target in fights). Frozen Mallet provides an important hp boost, no scape for enemy champions with its movement speed reduction plus a nice AD boost.

The useful situational items:

Mercury's Treads: anti cc teams boots choice.
If the opposite team is cc based, buying these boots is a wise choice. The 35% time reduction in taunts, fears, slows, snares and stuns will frustrate any attempt of cc based champions to get you. After the cc wores off just use Move Quick and you will be out of danger.

Sorcerer's Shoes: end game more dmg boots.
95% of the time i stick to Boots of Swiftness from the beginning to the end of the game. But, if you really want to say you made the right item build for the battle you should be able to adapt it to any enemy combination or situation during the game. If the game lasted too much, killing enemies will become slower and harder and you will need to get every inch of dmg output you can from your items. In a situation like this, you won't go hunting enemies alone by yourself (it's safer to use Noxious Trap to finish runners) and instead of Boots of Swiftness , Sorcerer's Shoes magic penetration will be more useful in that stage.

Rod of Ages :survival + more AP
Up to now, is the best survival item i've found (even more hp than Frozen Mallet after some minutes) and it gives you a nice AP boost (and useful mana to blind blind blind in end game). Sometimes you may buy this item before Deathfire Grasp if you've been ganked a lot and need hp to survive. Frozen Mallet is back to the main shopping list after a lot of tries, but consider this item as is great to inflict a nice dps.

Madred's Bloodrazor : the high hp champs killer.
Awesome when combined with Guinsoo's Rageblade the 4% enemy's max hp magic dmg you get each shot will bring down any tank you want. You will not need to buy this item unless the enemy team has lots and lots of hp (speacially end game when nobody knows how to bring down those tanks), but if they do this item will do all the work. Although this is mainly an anti tank item, my best match results were when i got this item (check my yesterday anti tank match screenshot at the end). For long games where everyone got lots of hp, consider to buy this intem instead of Malady and it may change the balance of the match

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is focused on maxing as soon as possible Teemo's main Skill: Toxic Shot.

Blinding Dart is a great supporting ability to survive.
Early on game it can be used offensive because there isn't any other thing to use mana on and it will keep enemy champions back behind their minions. Obviously, the best use of this ability is just before an enemy runs away combined with an auto attack: deadly.

Move Quick:It has changed recently and its useful as always.
Run away to survive, run forward to kill. Activate it in danger to totally leave behind enemies or to always get the enemy who is running away.

Toxic Shot is everything for Teemo.
No mana required, magic dmg over time, lane control, killing runners: everything!

Noxious Trap. Its not a traditional ultimate.
Common ultimates are focused on finishing enemies with a big blow. Little silent shrooms are made to used them wisely. A good Teemo player must analyze the game to determine whether you must use them as wards, as traps, as aoe dmg or as the 3 at the same time. For me, this makes the difference between the common Teemo player who spams poison all over the place or the one who knows how to prepare scape routes for risky pushes, ward incoming ganks, checking baron for surprise attacks, etc. I try to use them as the 3 functions but mana and creation time are the limitations so analize whats happening and enjoy surprised enemy champions when they die when they were about to teleport back or when you frustrate a surprise attack :).

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Team Work

Although Teemo is a champion that can do very well solo in a lane, i found him that he really shines when laning with a cc champ.

You can bring your enemy's hp down to half or less only by using toxic and blinding shots from time to time. After that, ask your team mate to slow down or root the enemy and he will be dead easily. To do this, patience is the key.

When being pushed, remember your are squishy and stay behind your minions, spreading poison will help you controlling how far or near you want to be from your tower. If you or your teammate gets attacked when cced, blinding dart will buy some seconds to scape, heal or counter attack and get that overconfident enemy down.

Finally, my favorite suggestion is to plan scape routes for your teammates on heavy attacks with mushrooms . Light the paths where your enemies can appear, make the path where your teammates should run when low hp so enemies get slowed when chasing. They will be greatful (or maybe they wont notice but your team's dead numbers will be your reward)

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Teemo's farming abilities are Toxic shot and Noxious Traps.

Toxic shots allows you to control the lane. If you want to push, spread your poison and youll go fast forward. If you are weak or there is a mia around, attack single target and stay closer to your turret.

Noxious traps are your aoe dmg source. When turrets are getting "ganked" with minions or you want to push even faster, just plant a shroom between melee and casting minions and after a few seconds it will blow a lot of them and killing the remaning after a couple of seconds. With mushrooms you can easily solo defend the lane without inhibitor of your base.

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Anti Champion

The idea of this section is to analyze the strategy you can use against each champion (specially early game). There are a lot so this section will be updated each time i can

Caitlyn :
A long long shooter for a ranged champion may result in a headache if you get intimidated. Caitlyn is a great pusher and can put you in a difficult situation especially in early game. The trick here is all about moving away from her Piltover Peacemaker. Buy your boots as soon as you can and use the second skill point in Move Quick. You got 1 second before the shoot is done and thats enough to avoid it if you pay attention. The Yordle Snap Trap is easy to see so if you know how to move, you'll own her.

Lux :
A great ccer that can make your life miserable. Light Binding is Lux's first-of-whatever-combo she can make so if you avoid it, you are safe. As Caitlyn , the trick is to know how to dance. Again, buy your boots as soon as possible and with the help of Move Quick avoid everything she can throw to you!! Especially in early game, stay behind two minions to avoid Light Binding when you dont have boots. Above lvl 6, if you were trap and detonated, run in zig zag (never, never!!! in the same opposite straight direction) to avoid a possible Finales Funkeln incoming.

Teemo :
Mirror match. You are reading this guide (hope the other Teemo didnt) so you probably have the advantage lol. Now, seriously the difference between one Teemo or another is how well you move. That's it. Almost everyone plant Noxious Traps on the same places and uses Blinding Dart to avoid auto attack dmg. Move when you gotta move so you get a kill that can make the difference and you will have the edge. Also place wisely your shrooms to ward (not to explode) you from ganks so you can be safe.

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Some of you guys love to watch the proof that this really works.

Heres the result of a fun game i had yesterday. My team was losing against a high hp team but then Teemo anti tank showed up and went WILD xD. A great killing result (not so well in the deaths recount but in the end i began to get ganked for obvious reasons). The official anti tank combo goes like this:

Really, it works ;)

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That's it for now about my Teemo guide. He is the only Champion I've bought (after playing a lot with Tristana when i received her as gift) and he is awesome.

I'll be adding more information to the guide whenever i get the writer's mood again :)
P.S. Don't you find this Skin awesome? It's my favorite and I'll be buying it soon. Can't wait for laser shots and technology bombs :D