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Teemo Build Guide by zanizooz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zanizooz

Teemo : The Scouts Hand-Book (Fiora Patch)

zanizooz Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

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Hello Everybody! My name is Zanizooz ( Zan-ee-zoo-s ;] ) and I am here to present to you my personal playstyle and build for Teemo! This is my first guide on MobaFire so I would love constructive criticism but please try my Teemo before you hate on my build. This Build is attuned to a certain way of playing Teemo, the way in my opinion, he is meant to be played. I will try to provide pictures and maybe even videos to explain what I mean. Now sit back, relax and learn how to make all of your enemies cry to your superior skills. Your Shrooms (Eggs/Satellites/Shields) Will make your opponents flee with terror while your darts chop away at even the tankiest of foes. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Leauge, I give you The Swift Scout!

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The Scouts Rules

The Scouts Code is something I came up with to try and keep all our little yordle scouts safe, and hopefully with a nice positive score and safe nexus ;)

1) A Yorlde Scout Will Always Have A Way Out!

- this means before you make a move against the enemy place shrooms down and know your way out. This will save your life countless times, 1-2 shrooms in a couple bushes, running flash + ghost + move quickly means your almost sure to get away.

Example Escape Route

2) When In Fear Stand Still, Turn It Around And Get A Kill!

- another life saver! I swear almost every game i see another Teemo in they make little to no use of this ability and it really can turn the tide of a situation. You wont always have your frozen mallet to slow, so if you can, plop a shroom down and kite them into it. Once they are slowed, pop your "W" move quickly and get some distance, now if they havn't given up plop another shroom down and sit right on top of it. Once the foolish hunter walks into the brush, and hits your shroom, the hunter becomes the hunted. They've now hit 2 shrooms, that are now burning through their HP (Poison does NOT stack, but it does reset slow timer), break your passive, shred them with darts, if they turn to attack blind them, or "w" away. At the very least you should be able to get away providing you remembered the first rule and/or have your summoner spells up.

3) Size Isn't Everything! Speed Is!

- an important thing to try and remember with Teemo is you always want to be faster than your enemy. If you get pinned down for a second by a Yordle Snap Trap and have a Cho'Gath nomming on your backside and they pounce on you, there's a decent chance your going to die. If the AP caster is slowing you down don't be afraid to grab a Force of Nature, remember that every bit of moment speed you add is increased by move quickly. Boots are really a matter of preference. Boots of swiftness can work, and even mobility, IF you decide to take these boots YOU MUST be placing your shrooms all around, its the only reason you need THAT much speed unless your really having problems with getting chased down by that nasty Shaco or Evelynn


- this is the skill that really makes Teemo who he is. They are his life line, one of his greatest sources of damage, his best farming utility as well as one of the most supportive ulti's in the game! No matter what lane your in once you hit level 6 you are un-gankable! ( Pics will follow with where in each lane and neutral zones/jungle paths to shroom. ) These little guys can help you safe turrets, securing objectives like baron and dragon, as well as keeping your team safe while they do them. They give you a large amount of assists and therefore gold, as well as saving your team and yourself in sticky situations.

Shroom Guide

Blue = Bot Lane Shrooming
Red = Top Lane Shrooming
Green = Mid Lane Shrooming
Purple = Objective Shrooming

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Pros / Cons

So Teemo attracts many players just cause he's so damn cute! Haha, or they like his skill set, or maybe they've seen someone tear it up as a little bunny and wanted to do the same. In any case Teemo is fairly hard champion to really play right. Here are some pros and cons so we can evaluate an effective way to play our little furry buddy.

Pretty Pwnage Pros
+ Fast!
+ Poison DoT's are really fun to use, and effective.
+ Has a blind to counter AD carries
+ Infinite damaging wards that slow!!!
+ Holy **** did your read that last one?! ^
+ You can be a Bunny (Aka Global Taunt)
+ You can be a Super Hero, *trumpet noise*
+ Unique playstyle that takes some brains and is a lot of fun
+ Stealth!
+ Built in Ghost
****py Killing Cons

- You can be very squishy, sometimes at all stages of the game
- Item dependent to be fully effective
- Liable to CC
- People like to stomp on you. A lot.
- No seriously your gunna get hella focused
- No real sustain

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So we learned Teemo is squishy, liable to CC and gets focused. This is where we can fix a lot of those problems! Most Teemo players that i see go with full offensive masteries, usually either the AP caster 21/0/9 or the AD carry 21/0/9. While watching your darts shred an enemies health away in seconds, watching your own decline at a faster rate is a terrible thing to behold. So by going 9/21/0 in defensive masteries we get:

+ Extra Armor against those nasty AD's (and OP minions)
+ Extra MR against silly mages
+ Extra health. Because our runes are set up mostly for offence the extra health from masteies is really nice
+ Movement speed, you can never be too fast. This also is effected by Move Quick
+ CDR, More shrooms!
+ More gold off every kill/assist
+ Juggernaut Gives us Extra Health and Tenacity, or CC reduction. This is truly amazing on Teemo!

If I havn't convinced you of taking defensive masteries on this little guy yet then the road ahead is a risky one. One Dark Binding or Yordle Snap Trap and our little friend is Kog'Maw food

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Ideal Runes

Greater Glyph of Shielding I Put this on Teemo because even with defensive masteries and a decent ammount of health via items, your late game is still more squishy than most champs. So if we throw some late game magic resist in i think it really benefits you.

Greater Mark of Intellect If you look at your skills, your Q, E and R all run off magic damage. This is pretty simple, we want to be doing as much damage as we can when the enemy has resistances and this really help for early game true damage and late lame penetration.

Greater Seal of Resilience These seals give Teemo a nice amount of armor early game so that he doesnt take as large of chunks from your health as usual. This means you'll be able to take more early game harass and a few more hits in a teamfight than usual. Running Greater Seal of Attack Speed for attack speed or greater seal of replenishment for mana regen can also work well. Attack speed is always a help for poking with your darts and MR/5 lets you spam your Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap even more, which can be quite usefull. It really comes down to whether you want to carry your team or support your team.
Greater Quintessence of Power
So as I said above this flat AP at the begining of the game is really nice to have on both your toxic shot and your blind. I put a second Quint of power in and then a single Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power for the late game AP, I find this to be a good balance, though you can go 3 Flat AP if you prefer.

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Alternate Runes

I think magic pen marks are the best choice for Teemo, they provide him with the damage that he needs at all stages of the game. Without these your poison from poison darts and Noxious Trap will take a pretty big hit. Greater Mark of Attack Speed I have seen work for some Teemo players and I've seen them run [greater mark of strength]] too. Both can be of use, a lot of this is personal preference. For all around usefullness and effectiveness I still recommend Greater Mark of Mana

Seals are fairly versatile for Teemo, he benefits from multiple bonus's. If you find yourself surviving with ease using Greater Seal of Armor then you might want to try Greater Seal of Attack Speed for the bonus attack speed. This can help your early game harass and your farming ability. If you find yourself running out of manna because of constant shrooming then you might want to try greater seal of replenishment. Any of these seals can be beneficial to Teemo, again its really up to personal preference and play style.

Glyphs; personally I really like the magic resist per level. But hey maybe your amazing at dodging those Pillar of Flame and you don't even need it. Well, as always there always room for more attack speed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed is always viable. These AS runes can really help you if you want more AP in items. Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power if you want some extra AP throughout the game and greater glyph of power if your looking to dominate early game.

Like I've said..I don't even know how many times so far, this really boils down to personal preference. I think Teemo is one of the champions where playstyle really impacts how your games go, find something that works for you! If you have any other suggestions I'd love to here them in the comment section, these are just the runes i personally have tried. There are many more that I haven't had the chance to test.

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Summoner Spells

Not a lot to go over in here, but I'll give you my two cents anyways.

Flash + Ghost Work best for me and the way i like to play, being speedy and almost ungankable is and incredibly attractive feature to me and its why I use the two escape spells.

Flash + Cleanse works as well, if you don't have Juggernaut or mercury treads then this is almost a must.

Ghost + Ignite This is for an offensive teemo who really wants to carry a team, get the early kills and for the people who Hate when people get away with <100 HP. It can be effective in shutting down that Dr. Mundo and securing the kill on a squshy Annie. I recommend this for people that are comfortable with teemo as these spells synergize very well with his "w" and his "e"

Heal is also viable and good for baiting, its up to you

Teleport if your in mid lane and your not experience enough to get the farm required, go ahead and take it, it could change the game.

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Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potion

Amplifying Tome + 1x Health Potion

Those are my preferred two starting kits. Some people like to go with a dorans blade but i don't feel its a practical start as Teemo is very liable to early harass and needs the pots for sustain. the 3% life steal doesn't do enough to sustain him unless your constantly pushing your lane. Though the 100 HP could help and the DMG can help with last hitting I think that boots is probably the best start for Teemo.


For the majority of my games I usually follow pretty closly to the build above. Items are always situational but i feel like at the start this is the best way to go. After you got some farm you can go B and get your Amplifying Tome if your doing well in lane and want to continue to hurt with your harass. If your having troubles and getting hit a lot get your 2nd boots first. If your laning against AP champions and are taking a beating then you can start your wits end with the Null-Magic Mantle. If its heavy in AD and the harass hurts, start Phage with a Ruby Crystal. If all is going well then just build for Malady it is an amazing early game item. Cheap and works perfectly with Teemo. The passive on this item makes each hit of poison do more and more damage.


At start mid game you should have your Phage and Malady done. You can continue to build your Frozen Mallet/ Wit's End to your needs at the time. Whether you need extra health and the slow or magic resist and damage is dependent on the state of the match. Remember to utilize the slow on Frozen Mallet for kiting and escaping. It does stack with shroom slow giving a total of 80% slow.


Late game is where the game becomes a lot of fun if you play him as the Swift Scout he is meant to be. You should have completed Frozen Mallet and Wit's End if mid game went well, if not make sure you keep farming and try and get your team to work together to get some kills. Next, Nashor's Tooth Gives you AP, attack speed, cooldown reduction and mana regen. All of which are going to help you out, placing more shrooms and doing more damage.


The 6th item is almost always dependent on the enemy team. Its kind of a rule of thumb. For the most part Madred's Bloodrazor works really well be cause it makes the enemy hit for less, you hit for more and gives you the ability to shred all those people that stacked HP. If the enemy team is AP heavy buy a force of nature if the enemy has a Vayne or a Master Yi, buy a Thornmail These items will make a huge difference in your survivability

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You can use your shrooms to farm and push lanes very well.

Blinding the AD carry is the way to go. Dont put a blind on Brand when Tryndamere is cutting your Veigar in half.

Teemo is very good at juking with move quickly and Noxious Trap but beware of abilities like Alpha Strike and nimbus strike

Shroom neutral objectives like Baron and Dragon

Once you've completed your build remember to buy elixirs! they're quite advantageous at the end.

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So I hope you've enjoyed my guide and it serves you well. I'll be putting some video footage in it in the near future :) Rest assure it will stay updated with every patch! Remember this build is about kiting them through shrooms, map control, speed and smarts. Follow The Scouts Hand-book and you should never go negative, unless you have a noob team ^^ Feel free to comment and vote.

Thanks guys!

-cheers, zanizooz

*Note Changes will be coming soon. More polishing is needed. Experimentation with different runes masteries and build orders will ensue :)

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Change Log


Health per level increased to 82 from 77
Move Quick's passive component now shows a cooldown timer
Noxious Trap arm time reduced to 1 seconds from 2

This means that we can use Teemos shrooms much more effectively as a dueling item and also for the ambush trick! The shroom will arm in 1 second now!

- Changed Seals for Resilience after some testing. Finding them more suitable to this playstyle.

- Added an alternate runes section