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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Draven Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

ThatsNotMyPirate's Draven - AD Carry

ThatsNotMyPirate's Draven - AD Carry

Updated on March 19, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate Build Guide By thatsnotmypirate 188 47 1,653,633 Views 103 Comments
188 47 1,653,633 Views 103 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate Draven Build Guide By thatsnotmypirate Updated on March 19, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Draven

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Please read the Chapter below this one (: I love you guys.

Draven is the newest Range AD carry to join the League. If you are new to LoL I don't recommend using this champion just yet. He takes a good bit of skill to play well and I believe should know be played if you know how to play other AD carries well.

Draven Relies on his as his main damage tool and its a skill you need to master to use Draven to the best of his ability.
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Pros / Cons

+ Great Harassment early game
+ Amazing chaser
+ Very fun to play
+ Spinning axe isn't like any other skill in the game
+ Globe Ultimate
+ Passive is a mini ignite

Cons __________________________________________________________
- Must have good mirco
- Need to learn positioning
- CC will be your undoing
- Can be hard to keep track of Spinning axes in team fights.
- You will be a target
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My Games

More to come
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Fan Games

Thank you all for sending me your stats. But I would like to ask if you could take a pictures of your stats at the end of game stats window so I can show you all using my items from my build. Thank you all for enjoying me guide so much :) I am loving all your feed back and info!

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great spell for getting into range for a kill, or getting away. Still one of the most powerful spells in the game.

Heal A great spell after its buff this season. Its very good for baiting people to attack you and giving you the upper hand. If your fighting someone with ignite, its good to pop it early somtimes.

Exhaust Another great spell. This can help you solo someone because it lowers their damage. Also help you keep hitting someone trying to get away. Also good for if they flash after, they will still be slowed enough for you to get in range.

Ignite A good spell but I don't believe its very useful on Draven cause of his passive. It still works well on him, Its really just personal preference.
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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - Flat Ad runes are just so so good. A good early game will carry you into a great late game, so Flat AD runes is the way to go.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Just as I said above. But because you are giving up armor pen marks, This is why I feel you should grab The Brutalizer to make up for it early game.

Greater Seal of Armor - This is to protect you early game. Remember that your goal for early game is money and leveling up. You want to stay in lane as long as you can and armor seals help with that.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is great for late game. Most AP carries snowball so you want the most Magic resist you can late game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - If you feel like you need more magic resist early game, then you can pick this over shielding.
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Skills Priority

Skills Priority left to right

Spinning Axe This is what Draven is built around so I make it by level 9. This is his main source of damage and it is always used with his other spells and tricks.

Blood Rush Blood rush gives you great speed for chasing and getting away. It also refreshes if you catch a spinning axe. If you are using Sheen then blood rush becomes even more important. I make it by level 13

Stand Aside Great Utility. Can be used to help catch up with someone or get away. It can stop charges like Volibear's Thundering Smash

Whirling Death As with all ultimates, max it as soon as you can. This ult can be used to snipe foes, kill feeing foes and much much more. Great speed and damage.
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Draven's Laning phase (**New Video**)

Draven is an AD carry, so like most AD carries take bottom lane with a support. Draven work around his Q . It does great damage and refreshed the cooldown on W This will keep draven moving fast and having great attack speed.

Draven has pretty good range so use to lane an auto attack on him, then run away after you let the axe fly. This will make your axe land behind you so you can grab it with out having to worry about taking damage from them.

Its good to hit minions with Spinning axe and lead the axe upwards so you will be in range to hit them your opponents. Just make sure you are last hitting!
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Why Stack Doran's?

Doran's Blade give you cheap and gives you HP, Damage and life on hit. If you do bad early game its good to stack them, but never more then 3. They sell for a good bit to so I like to hang on to some as I build my core items.

BUT I only get some Doran's Blades cause I like to hold onto them as I build my other items, but this is really just personal preference, by all means ignore them if you don't like building them. If you still want early HP then build Phage .
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Maw of Malmortius vs Banshee's Veil

Having problems with AP, well I tend to like to go BV over Maws.

The question is why? Well, Banshee's Veil helps protect you from CC and in team fights, that spell shield will keep other people from forcing you right away.

Does this mean I shouldn't get Maw of Malmortius? Don't be silly! It's a great item. If you feel like it gives you what you need to fight an AP heavy team then it is a must buy. Build what ever you like! I myself just like to feel as safe as I can and BV is a great way for me to feel safe.
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Which build to play? Build 1 vs Build 2

Build 1 - is the standard AD carry build. Great damage, GA will keep you from being forced down. Its a good build to carry your team to victory.

Build 2 is a sheen build. You use To proc Sheen every time you catch a spinning axe. This will give you amazing early game damage and its a pretty fun way to play Draven.

The difference between the two builds is that you need more skill to play the sheen build. You need to be good at catching axes, leading them correctly, and remember to hit W after every catch when fighting. This is a lot to handle for new players, so this build is a technical build for more skilled players.

Remember that this guide (as all my other guides) are for new players trying to get use to new heroes. Over time I believe you should find your own build and way of playing. Remember that (:
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Boots Options

- I love being able to get around the map. These boots will make you faster then most people on the map. Making you even better at chasing down foes.

- Best boots in the game. Amazing for CC heavy teams. Also is good if you need more magic resistance.
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**Item Opener Options**

+ - My favorite opener, keeps you moving fast and you can stay in lane for a very long time.

- Great stander opening, can never go wrong with this.

+ - If your greedy to start your build fast then this can work, but I believe its a risky opener. I would only do this if you have a good support in lane with you.

- In my old builds I loved getting this early. It gives good damage and armor pen that will carry you intill you get your build going.

+ Into - I like this opening a good bit. This item has the highest life steal in the game not counting the stacks from bloodthirster. It's crit works well early game and the passive on it stacks with your passive for amazing early game harassment and damage. This item is to be sold later

- If you don't like building doran's blades then you can build an early Phage. I like to have HP early game to try and keep people from forcing you down.

- If you don't like brut, then rush a BF sword if you can. If your having a bad game, this isn't always a good idea.
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****Items Options******

Here are a list of items you should think about using on Draven. Remember, all games are different and call for different items. Being good in LoL is learning how to build your hero for each game.

- The idea is that you use W to activate Sheen and it applies to spinning axe. It gives you pretty awesome damage but I still need to test it out myself a bit more to see if it should be in my main build or not.

- Great item to finish build with if they are stacking armor. Even can get it early if they start to get armor.

- Really good for a spell caster heavy team or CC teams. It gives good magic resist and HP. The Spell shield is amazing. Lets say Annie has a stun up. Well to bad Annie, you have to waste it on my spell shield! I added this to my first build.

- A great item when you are fighting an AP heavy team. Gives you a 30 magic resist and pretty good damage as well. The best part about this is when you take a blow from an AP skill that may kill you. Its a great new item and gives you more AD the lower your health, great for last stands and duels.

- One of the most underrated items in the game. It is Cheap, High Magic resist, and active gets rid of all debuffes, Suppression, and summoner spells. It can even stop Mord and Malz ult. Great if your against a fed mord or malz.

This can be good late game, even more so if you add Atma's Impaler. You will be able to take some hits and the extra HP will give you more AD with Atma's impaler.

- Very good vs magic teams. Give you attack speed and more magic resist. This is a good item against AP heavy teams, don't be afraid to build items like Maw of Malmortius and wits end to counter AP heavy teams.

- An underrated item. Gives you good attack damage and crit for early game. But most importantly it gives you just as much tenacity as Mercs do. Tenacity doesn't stack so only get this item if you didn't get Mercs, but if your having problems with CC heavy teams, this item can help out alot. Sadly it is to be sold late game.

- Amazing for any team that has healers or people with life steal or HP Regen. This is one of my favorite items because you can use its active every 20 seconds. It really does feel good to throw this on Dr.Mundo when he uses his ult. Its crit and life steal works well with draven too.
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