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Singed Build Guide by semajolis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author semajolis

the bane of bot lane

semajolis Last updated on December 4, 2015
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No one cared who i was, until i put on the mask.

First guide so bear with me. During the now infamous nemesis draft mode, i was stuck with singed quite a bit. and as i played him i learned a secret that i will now share with you.

Singed is a great support. NO, REALLY!

Lets look at his kit first. He is a great tank. he has a slow that can also be a root, he has a strong retreat ability(do not chase)and a good lets put them where i want them.

How is this not more popular i said to myself and saved up ip to buy singed. then i promptly forgot the idea and continued playing top like i was used to. So i hope to open some eyes to the excellent capabilities that i have found.
i have gotten comments about trolling but they seem to quiet down after the first 10 minutes and they get used to it.

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Ok so lets talk about runes.

I think that for this build you want to have health, MR and Armor runes. i like to splash in mana re-gen but you can also do full tank pretty easy.

YES there are probably better runes, but not what i use i use what i have and what i have are these so there.

i go with the super tank because you can be heavily punished early on due to ADC tendency to stand behind supports which is fine its what we are good for early game.

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Ok so next we need out lab equipment.

The first thing you need is your basic starting kit. Let’s start by acquiring your preferred support item. Personally I use the relic shield, I find it helps tank early on and the extra heal is nice. However, begin able to use your costly throw, which is support singed bread and butter, more might be useful to you and singed can never have too much mana re-gen. So it’s really personal choice here. After that be sure to grab your 3 health consumables and mana re-gen consumable. Oh and don't forget your Bunsen burner.

ok so lets talk wards. you aren't going to be buying your sight stone until after you get your catalyst, so make sure to vision wards when you can, now that we get 2 trinkets ward charges, you can afford to wait until later, maybe even deciing to go for the ward version of your support item. after that go a head and grab your rod of ages.

Ok so what’s next, next work on upgrading your tear to the angel staff? You might want to wait until it’s got its full stacks but you should be close enough that it won’t make too huge a difference. Getting rod of ages should really happen first and before 20 minutes is on the clock. however if you feel like being more of a classic support or are having a hard time getting to lane, you might consider a little righteous glory. Once you have ROA under your belt now you can euther buy your sight stone or upgrade you support item of chice to its ward status.

previously i had you going for frozen heart, and i still think it can be a great boon, but the new item, zeke's harbinger, is so much better on singed, plus you can throw it on an AD carry to wreck face, still you need to think about your support role so go ahead and start building your group magic resist items, you can either go banner or locket, again if your way a head maybe go banner to help push out lanes, if you're a little more on de fence, that shield can be a great help, but you miss out on the ability power. i like to build the locket because it offers just a bit more utility, the other wont help secure barons or dragons. if your not spending a lot of time with you ADC you may consider dead mans plat in place of zeke, but thats up to you

Grab those boots of swiftness will ensure you get where you’re going and get away when you need to. Remember if they are chasing you it’s their fault.

"Ok" i hear you saying from your perch up in skeptic land. "that's all well and good but what about magic resist MR SCIENTIST". calm down im getting there. honestly you need to play a little by ear, banshees veil, locket, banner, are all good choices, zz-rot if you need that boost, maybe even the guardian's angel

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Skill Sequence

oh man so i hear the hate already.


yea hes a support..... he ain't killing minions early anyway. grab your toss, its good to have for tower pulling, after that take your glue trap, the root is really strong and once you grab your Q you can really start messing with them, just remember not to use it on minions. otherwise your ADC will hate you and blame you for making last hitting hard. you'll get to know when you can gas and when not to, once you get tear you want to have it on when walking anywhere just be careful not to use it all or a surprise visit will make you sad.

after level six its all as nessa but i max out glue and throw first.

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Pros / Cons

-Good skills that pay a decent amount of bills
-its a laugh a minute when running
-easy escape

-early gank allergy
-may cause accusations of trolling
-AP champs tend to not care
-pulley champs can make quick work of your ADC if not careful

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Team Work

Ok here’s how to work with your lab partner.

Chances are you are going up against either another tank or a mage support with an ADC.... your bot lane do... do I really need to explain it?

Anyway. So you will either need to prove yourself or keep the trust with this because of how rare this is to see.

Here is how to support your ADC. Throw enemies at them... literally. Chances are your ADC opponent will keep back and you can just throw them the support to get them heavy damage or dead. Either way chances are they will stop wanting to be near you. Allowing you to become a huge block for your partner.

Ganks are problems until you start building your tank up. Once the game enters laning phase try to stay near your ADC but remember your singed, roam like it. I think singed has the potential to become a roaming support that makes people sad when he shows up.