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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seth346

The Best Riven World Guide

Seth346 Last updated on June 13, 2018
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Riven Build

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Legend: Bloodline
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LoL Path: Resolve
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LoL Rune: Chrysalis

+9% Attack Speed and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Combo Section

~ If you like this banner, you can request one Here and Owentheawesomer could make you one ~

My name is Dekar346. Adrian thinks my combos are "buttery smooth" and Oorix believes I have the best q comboing of any Riven, so that's nice.

Here's some Gameplay to go along with that. You wouldn't believe how much I'd appreciate a sub/follow to these sites respectively.

YouTube: Crs Dekar
Twitch: Dekar346
If you would like to donate to me, click anywhere on this line. Donations obviously keep me with the motivation to keep my guide current and help me feel good about myself. If anyone ends up donating just pm me and I'll make a thank you box here on my guide.

+ Least Limited Champion: How can I only play Riven (2015 games)? Because I'm attracted to difficult champions that reward the player for their skill, Riven's the best example of this. Amazing adrenaline inducing plays can be addictive.

+Infinitely High Skill Cap: The mechanics for this champ have no skill ceiling.. Keep improving, my friends. A champion with no limits, is a champion begging to be mastered. Even I'm still getting better and I'm one of the best. When I find out new stuff, I usually add it to this guide... Lucky you.

+ Spammable Abilities With No Resource:
You don't have to rely on your mana to deal damage or help you sustain. You aren't Pantheon, you don't have such limits! The only limits are her cooldowns, which are pretty damn short. This augments her limitless potential
- Hates CC Ever been in a Soraka silence or grounded? Every champion has a rough time with this, but its especially hard for Riven because she gets her fighting potential from abilities. She can't use any of them while stunned. However, QSS is a huge help for this. Being able to do away with CC at the push of a button is a godsend.

- Vulnerable To Ganks: Ever faced a Quinn jungle? You know my pain. If you're playing someone like Malphite, you can just hobble away with 100 armor at level 5. You have to conserve abilities for escapes instead of using them for aggression

Challenging smite, this is the new meta. Adapt to bot lane being generally safe and pick yourself up a free won lane. With ignite and red smite against any melee matchup you win if they don't have the same. Worst case scenario, they flash away with a sliver of health and you can't chase them. Best case, you win every fight... Ever.

This ward skin is CLEARLY vital to the build. You must be inherently spooky to win lane! It's also my favorite, so you may enjoy it.

The point of this section is to keep you up to date. I will do my best to find out all information pertaining to Riven in the incoming patches as quickly as I can.


A new item coming out? Very interesting for us all! I'm looking forward to it and possible new golden age for Riven! Just hope it'll be melee only O.O (jhin). This item with Death's Dance and Black cleaver seem insane!
I know this guy isn't Boxbox, but here's how to animation cancel and combo... It's everything. Thanks to Spyroflex for the video :).

Time to explain tips and tricks with her abilities, I would suggest looking through it even if you're pretty confident you know everything. We'll also be going over walljumps and other stuff.

Runic Blade

Range:haha XD
Riven's abilities charge her blade for 5 seconds, causing her to do 25 / 29 / 33 / 38 / 42 / 46 / 50 % of her attack damage as bonus physical damage on her next basic attack. Riven can store up to 3 charges, and can only expend one at a time.

This effect lasts 5 seconds allowing you to "prime" it and have 3 procs when the cd comes back up. This comes in use with lv 1 camp xp (wolves)

Sometimes qing away from the lane to get the proc and make the most of your lifesteal is smart, this can also be used on wards to get the lifesteal... Interesting if nothing more.

Broken Wings

Range: 1st and 2nd ranges (112.5) 3rd (150)
Blade of the Exile Enhanced ranges: 1st= 162.5 2nd= 112.5 3rd= 200

ACTIVE: Riven steps forward and lashes out in a series of powerful slashes, dealing physical damage to all enemies within 112.5-range. Broken Wings can be cast two additional times within 4 seconds, with the timer resetting after each.

All three strikes deal the same damage, with the third damaging enemies within 150-range and knocking them up. Riven will target the unit under your cursor; if no targets are present, Riven will simply strike the direction she is currently facing.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 15 / 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 (+ 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65% AD)
TOTAL DAMAGE: 30 / 90 / 150 / 210 / 270 (+ 120 / 135 / 150 / 165 / 180% AD)

If you're moving faster than 550 movement speed, using your abilities will slow you down. Her dashes do not scale with MS.

This is the best ability to max for damage, as well as being an engage, escape, and tool for bursting down enemies.

Broken Wings

Range:150/200 (with ult)
Description: This q has a slightly longer animation where Riven flips in the air and upon landing knocks back nearby units. This ability can also be used to hop over walls/towers and with the glitch, maybe even your mother.
Where you can wall hop (updated):

Video to prove:

Some hops can only be done by glitching your e into the wall. Pretty trippy and I love it. I'll let Decker, Dekar173 explain this one. This is one of his first useful videos he's ever posted (besides tilting hash). All credit to him for the video, credit to myself for the dragon wallhop. Enjoy "bonkbonk" wall jumps.
Skip to 1:27

Ki Burst

Range: 125/135 (with ult)
Riven's sword emits a burst of runic energy that shocks nearby enemies, dealing physical damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+ 100% bonus AD)

This ability allows very profitable trading. A stun that deals good damage, has a short cooldown, and scales nicely.


Range: 325.. Apparently has a range
Riven dashes towards the cursor and gains a shield that absorbs incoming damage for 1.5 seconds.
SHIELD: 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 (+ 100% bonus AD)

This ability is one of the best shields in the game. Scaling off of AD and being nearly the same CD as a KARMA shield. It allows you to trade without fear, tank tower shots as if they were your younger sibling, engage like a tonka truck, and live with 12 hp all the time!

I actually came up with my own mechanic using this. You auto during e... Bet you didn't know that one. This is also in the combos section, I felt it should be here too since I talk about it.

Blade of the Exile

For 15 seconds (Shush, that's as long as your sword lasts too) Riven's sword is reformed, gaining:
+ 20% of her total AD as bonus attack damage
+ 75 bonus attack range (200 total range).

Range increases:
- First Q (From 112.5 To 162.5)
- Third Q (From 150 To 200)
- Ki Burst (From 125 to 135)
(Notice I said nothing about her "Second Q"

After one second, for the next 14, Riven can use Wind Slash Wind Slash once.

Wind Slash

This ability:
This above image came from this video: Cyber Riven

Range: 900

ACTIVE: Riven unleashes a 1600-speed (Sad nerf, was 2200) wave of energy in a cone, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit.
MINIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 80 / 120 / 160 (+ 60% bonus AD)[/color]
The damage is increased by 2.67% for every 1% of an enemy's missing capping at 200% bonus damage (300% total damage) against enemies with 75% or more missing health.
MAXIMUM PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 240 / 360 / 480 (+ 180% bonus AD)

That's a massive amount of damage, having something that scales at a 3.0 ad ratio is all you could ever ask for. This is Riven's greatest strength, a true execution, do not let it go to waste.

Most of this is in the match up section of how to play accordingly at level one. I have a few specific tips that could help you though.

So, this is a very simple trick to help deny your opponents some creeps. It sets up an early freeze in lanes you have advantages in (NASUS) or in lanes that are hard (GP/Panth).

Generally you want to play pretty defensively in the early game as Riven nowadays. You're not the menace you once were.

Level 2 pop

My explanation is above your criticism :P

Just using "The Dekar" to make csing less annoying vs some matchups. It's a way to auto during your e (sorta) and it procs the passive.

Salutes* Sadly we can't upgrade totem, but here's some good places to ward
- Always try to get a pink in River
- Ward tri ~ 3 minutes and keep it warded when you don't see the jungler.
- If your laner moves on you as you're about to ward just chill, dying isn't worth getting a ward down, even on Baron.

- Then just keep that bush as warded as you can till you get a pink first/second back and slap it in that riv bush. Then you can have a ward in tri most of the time.


These are the places best for late game.


This image seems to be done by REikkK1 on imgur.

- Doug Huap on YouTube did an AMAZING job with this. Extremely detailed and in depth. I'm sorry it's so long but hey, nobody ever said becoming a GREAT league player was easy. I never had a clue how towers targeted ****, and swear its still random occasionally :P.

The only thing he left out is that the tower's favorite food is cannons.. because b*tches love cannons. If they're in the tower's range, the tower will go for them first regardless of arrangement.

Try in EVERY single game you play to not miss a single cs that you weren't forced off of. This doesn't mean run in and die to a renekton, but just because maokai is near something doesn't mean you can't walk up and bop it.

- Don't auto anything if multiple minions are in kill range until the tower has targeted. For example, you have 3 ranged creeps. You auto one and the tower shoots the other, say goodbye to that cs.

- Forgetting you have/don't have a passive proc

Counter Jungling

- If you're blue side and you've pushed in, take scuttle, blue sentries, wolves, and gromp. Take them one at a time as you shove a wave in and you won't miss cs. You're jungler may not like this but you'll get EXTREMELY ahead, and he'll gank more, works for me.

If you're Red side, scuttle is really the only safe option unless you're fed enough to solo the jungler. Keep in mind that you can't take long or you'll die to top/mid cutting you off.

Trading In Lane

Here are some combos you should master to trade in lane.

- Third q auto ew out. You've already seen this one, but here's the clip if you forgot.

- E auto w q auto q (they will run at this point most likely) either decide to continue going or just back off. While you waste part of your e durability, you will proc thunderlord's in an explosive trade that deals about 500 dmg to them. This is the second clip in the following video.

- Just autoing them when they auto a cs. Don't try on ranged champs ;P. There isn't much they can do if they've started their auto. If it's an Irelia/Renekton you better have your e ready.

- Just auto q auto q auto q back off. I use this level one if I don't have level 2 already and they give me a good chance to. You should win the trade.

- At times, e auto or q auto e out and extremely short trades that proc bandit will be best. These are really easy in lanes like Mundo. I usually use this extremely early in the lane phase.

Disengage Damage

- What is DD? Disengage Damage. After doing a trade, back off with some type of mobility so you can't be turned on to re compensate the trade. This is highly prevalent facing ranged champions. If you engage and disengage properly, you shouldn't take too much on your way out.
This is usually done pretty simply. Just all in with everything when you hit level 6. If they aren't level 6 yet and you've gotten advantages earlier, you can easily get a kill her. If its someone like Maokai just push up and e r third q combo some unexpecting mid laner. This will help you snowball the entire game very easily. Save all inning Maokai until you have a Black Cleaver.


Nah, you thought I'd start out telling you how to freeze. Hell no. I'm starting with telling you how to PREPARE to freeze. Pretty much, before you recall, you push into the enemy tower. You let the tower kill your wave and quickly the enemy wave starts pushing, the backup wave gets there and now you have an uneven lane.

What can you do with an uneven lane? You can freeze it. You just sit there killing the enemy minions as slowly as possible. Eventually all your minions will die. You have two choices now, either break the freeze, tank the minions, or drag them back. Break the freeze if you need to roam by killing the leftover minions, tank them if the enemy is pressuring, drag them back if the enemy isn't in lane.

Don't do this after about level 9 or your laner can do some serious damage roaming. If you see him in another lane or suspect he's heading for it, break the freeze and immediately shove to tower to set up for another.

Slow pushing is when you just push as slowly as possible. Like a freeze that can't happen in the current circumstances. Your minions push up very slowly and build up. This allows you to have a large creep wave that the enemy rarely can fight you in. Make sure not to have the waves clash much past mid way or you'll be in an awful position for a jungle gank with plenty of aggressive space for your enemies.


He details this nearly flawlessly. Zoning is a little more complicated for us because zoning them out of xp range while not missing minions is nearly impossible. As long as you're facing a weak laner or zoning them so well they can't be in an aggressive position you're free from the oppression of ganks. I already went over freezing and slow pushing, but this guy probably did just as good of a job as I did while having a video, so kudos to him.

Spread your Leg (cough) I mean Lead

The best true way to do this, is to be a commander. You have to know when to do what, and be able to call it out, don't try anything you're not sure of. No one knows this better than SOLDIER RIVEN!
The above image can be found here: Soldier Riven
I'll let unswlolsoc give you a very good explanation, then do my best to delve even deeper.

This is what wins games. Applying massive amounts of pressure is how to attain a lead. If you're just obliterating your lane opponent, ask yourself a few questions
"is your team doing alright?"
Glance mid, how's that champ doing? Oh! 0-3, that sucks! Shove your wave in, proxy another, then go push down that tower with him or kill his lane opponent then push down the tower. This is how you get rid of the "Win Lane Lose Game" mentality.

If you kill any lane opponent, shove, then look for objectives. With the new Rift Herald, you even have a convenient first tower gold objective right next to your lane that extends your lead GREATLY.

If you use the push strategy, quickly ping your laners path then say "(Champions name) inc bot". While this takes a decent amount of time, it at least gives you justification to be annoyed if your mid/bot lane ignores you. After doing this, immediately clear your wave as fast as you can. By doing this, you extend your creep advantage and deny them minions. A kill is worth more though, so hopefully your team notices your 7 pings. Just focus on what you can impact, there's nothing more you can do after that.

Split pushing

But... That's not how you win games!? Well, not if you do it when you shouldn't. Make sure your laners are doing alright. I'd say if no enemy has more than 2 kills you don't have to leave lane excluding the best of roams. You take waves, proxy, cs enemy jungler, scuttle, rift herald, take towers, roam behind enemy mid, etc. This is the most consistent way to extend a lead.
You all saw that big wardy thing, right? Well, hopefully you've been warding. Occasionally you will see the enemy start to go extremely aggressive, randomly walking directly towards you. This means you're getting ganked.. RUN!

The absolute best way to do this is by having all your abilities up. How do you prepare for that!? Either have good ward coverage (river and tri brush) or make sure the jungler is elsewhere by seeing him on the minimap.

Now, I would say that in lower elo you can just outplay most jungler ganks so you don't have to go to such an extent to keep yourself safe. In the worst possible situation, you have to blow flash and you should easily escape.

EW is a very good tool for escaping whatever jungler and the top laner, outplay or bait out their cc/gap closer first though preferably. Third q usually can't be completely utilized, but I'm sure there will be moments. With all abilities up, you rarely will die to ganks. Its not being stupid enough to engage while the enemy jungler is sitting in that unwarded river bush that will truly keep you safe though.
Below is a good example of how to escape a gank

If I had EWd udyr and Rumble I wouldn't have needed to do anything at all, I'd be gone, just like your father.
This is personally one of my favorites. Here, take a look at this clip.

Once you've killed him and you have tons of minions, get the tower down to low hp [500 ish] make sure you can escape/duel the jungler. Then sit up there like a total nuisance saying "Want to get to lane? Take the long way b*tch" If they refuse, kill them where they stand.

When doing this, ward further back in their lane and pressure it. If they come up and are playing something like Ryze, you can easily go in and one shot them with ult and ignite. Then they'll miss an entire minute or so of being in lane and just get further behind.

You have to be relatively careful doing this strategy if you can't fight just lay out both your enemy and the jungler (or know where he is). If you get stuck in between towers your only choice is to fight or wall hop out which neither are usually easy.

This is MY COMBO... I made it, here's it's uses:
- it allows you to get the full duration of your shield (Time shield lasts)
- It allows the full mobility of the ability (Distance)
- It allows the full capacity (Shield amount)
- While retaining full passive damage (no stacks going in, uses on auto)

If you have good reaction time, you can dodge missiles completely using this. If you face a decent player, they won't throw their abilities at your shield, instead they wait for the duration to cease. With this trick, you don't have to worry about that, you can get your auto off and continue having no window of vulnerability

But wait! There's more! If someone uses CC on you, if you e just before this after getting the auto, you bait them into moving further up to trade, and thus, unleash your fury as you get out of the CC. Works best against Irelia and Renekton. Do not use against Singed or Voli if their flip is already in animation, you will be flipped twice as far, I have no clue why... Kinda bs imo.

These are Riven's strongest trading combos. A combination of skill, double casting, mass fervor, and raw power!

Clip One: Valor E -> Tiamat -> Auto Ki Burst W Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Third Q

Clip One (Pt.2): Valor E -> Auto Attack -> Ki Burst W -> Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Third Q

Clip Two (Mainly used on Ranged Champions like Pantheon and GP): Valor E -> Broken Wings Q -> Ki Burst -> Auto Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Third Q

Clip Breakdown: Valor E -> Blade of the Exile R -> Broken Wings Q -> Ki Burst W -> Auto Broken Wings Q -> Auto Broken Wings Third Q

Flash Combo

This is the best Riven combo. It's used everywhere, teamfights, picks, your mother's bedroom, etc. If performed correctly it has next to no counterplay.

PRIME YOUR QS: Broken Wings Q -> Wait 3.99 seconds -> Broken Wings Q -> Wait 3 seconds -> Valor E Blade of the Exile R -> Flash Broken Wings Third Q -> Auto Tiamat Ki Burst W -> Auto -> Wind Slash Broken Wings Q

Now, it's being kind of optimistic that you won't miss a single auto with base AS, so use Youmuu's. Pulling off this combo exactly as described is very difficult, but is the highest total Damage, completely AOE (except autos) Riven combo in the game.

This combo, if done correctly, is the second highest DPS Riven combo in the game.

Clip Breakdown: Valor Blade of the Exile -> Flash Ki Burst -> Auto Tiamat Wind Slash R Broken Wings Q

Clip Breakdown: Valor E Blade of the Exile R -> Flash Ki Burst W Broken Wings Q -> Auto Tiamat Wind Slash R Broken Wings Q

Clip Breakdown: Blade of the Exile -> Auto Ki Burst -> Auto Wind Slash R Tiamat Broken Wings

Sit in a bush, wait for a person to walk near/into bush, give em the... You know.

Clip Breakdown: PRIME YOUR Q IF POSSIBLE Broken Wings Q -> Wait 3.99 seconds -> Broken Wings Q -> Wait 3 seconds -> Valor E Blade of the Exile R -> Broken Wings Third Q -> Auto Tiamat Ki Burst -> Auto Wind Slash Broken Wings Q

This combo is clearly specific, but extremely useful when it's time comes.

Clearly her face shows it, she does not enjoy being a cheerleader. She wants to be in the front lines bashing people's faces in!
This image belongs to djsunji

For everyone who has so much trouble with teamfighting, once again, unswlolsoc comes for the save. I think all ranks (excluding challenger and maybe master) can learn a lot from this.

Everyone platinum and below just kind of runs into teamfights and does their best. If they win, they did good, if they lose, the enemy is just "too fed". You won't be able to get such organized play, but recognizing these tactics (especially what he does on Orianna) is key to learning (yes I mean learning) how to teamfight properly.
Here is one specifically for a Riven playing as an assassin.

Focus on teamcomps to know how to fight. If they're engage, focus on disengage if possible or counterengage. If they're kite, focus on split pushing... Honestly that is probably the best option, but if you must fight this comp, try to land a good third q and immediately w ult hydra q and kill those sobs you landed on. They then have no chance to kite you.

Flanking is also a great option for these, and many other comps. I only really suggest it for Riven if you're insanely ahead and already have GA. If you go in without both of these advantages, you're leaving a lot up to chance.

Do the above combo (as explained in combo section) shortly after the initial engage and impactful cooldowns have been blown. Land on 3 kiddos, blow em up, then move straight to the clean up phase.


I'll be honest... I don't do this one near as much as I should. Pretty much, you can peel for that really fed twitch on your team and watch the bodies drop. It can help you because you don't have to overcommit and get CC locked for 4 score and 7 years. There are cons to this however. If your tank dies, Riven doesn't have the best engage without her flash or just ALLAHHH-ing into the enemy. She doesn't want to get hit by all that burst. Like a girl nervous about jumping in the water. Then her Boyfriend (the ADC) just shoves her in with a grin.

Split pushing

Not even being there; split pushing. This is strangely the safest for you, and the risky-est. You have to depend on your team to not get engaged on (or engage... It happens) or at least last a while (unlike you or your husband/BF). Occasionally this'll end in them just winning the game off of that teamfight.

I'd say anyone lower than Diamond 4 really has no clue how to play with a split pusher. Be very careful while doing this strategy in lower elos.

Also, Youmuu's Ghostblade + Blade of the Exile Steroids work VERY well together for this occasion. I wouldn't use them unless you just want to leave, or are somewhat confident you can kill a recently backed enemy within the duration of your ultimate.

This art is done by Asuka111

If you've made mistakes, dw, it happens to the best of us. Sadly, after one mistake, more are sure to follow. A good way to avoid these is to itemize defensively, as well as adjusting your playstyle to be more defensive for this game.

First of all, do not, and I mean DO NOT! Ever! build a full defensive item before you have a full damage item. A hexdrinker or chain mail are alright, but a Randuin's is not. If you do this, you will be useless.
You can find the above image Here

Susan knows this sh*t better than anyone. If you look at the pro's, or even myself, we all get an insane amount of cs throughout the game (I average ~200). If you're fed enough, you get a discount of effort for your kills. I think this is by far the best way to recover.

In the late game Riven sweeps away minion wave after minion wave and can even take some from each jungle to help her come back quicker or get ahead. You can win a game just off of cs if you play decently.

If your laner is done bending you over and... You know. The second he runs off to impact the rest of the game JUST FARM! Get every dang cs, get jungle creeps, and suddenly you're getting items. Your laner returns and you destroy him. Just remember to ward the spots I've told you to maintain safety.

At times, this will be your only option. Completely abandoning lane.


Only do this if you cannot face your lane opponent any longer, and you can easily kill other enemy laners. If you're sitting top at 20 minutes and you just got your tiamat or approaching your first item and you can't kill anyone, there's no easy way to come back.

Execution of this strategy

You head to a different lane pinging for your jungler to cover. If they don't, you may miss a few waves or even lose tower, but again and again I can do this strategy when I'm facing someone I just can't kill (Fizz/Renekton with items) and get 2-3 kills bot, tower, and Dragon. This will haul your arse right back into the game and you may even be able to kill your laner. Your team won't care as long as you make it worth it.

Spoiler: Click to view

I would like to thank all of those who've read this to the very end. Hopefully its left a good impression of me on you. Don't be afraid to suggest anything I can do to make this better.

Credit Where Credit is Due

- Icecreamy for teaching me columns with his guide
- King of Orb Walk (Eric)
- Foxy Riven
- Boxbox
- Spyroflex
- Keyori
- Khazem
- Jhoi Jhoi
- JeremyGC
- Vicious Skittle
- Solorenektononly for spoiler design of match ups
- Unswlolsoc for his multiple tutorial videos
- All the various authors of images and videos credited previously in this guide
- Riot games for the amazing game and all icons/pictures/maps I used
- All the people who wrote the league of legends wiki page for Riven
And Other various high rated Riven Guides especially:
-S5 Ultimate Carry Riven Build - LimitlessHavoc
-(S5 Preseason) In depth Riven Guide (High elo) -Peeew Peeew
-Riven - Bunny On The Loose! -Foxy Riven
-Khazem's Top Lane Riven -Khazem
-Making a Guide - JhoiJhoi

And Above all

Special thanks to Sir Wellington for his review
Special thanks to Utopus for the review and the +scout
Special thanks to Embracing for his review of my guide!
Special thanks to Foxy Riven for the design of my Table of Contents, various coding, and his Review of my guide :)
Special thanks to Limitless Havoc for specific help with some coding
Very Special thanks to Owentheawesomer for my sweet Sig, Banners, AND Headers

My Sig
Have fun causing your enemies to do that ^ (From "Let's Melt This" YouTube)