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Sion Build Guide by CoupDeGrace

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CoupDeGrace

The Best Sion is a Jungle Sion: Ranked Guide (No smite)

CoupDeGrace Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why I made this guide:


I have been playing LoL for more than an year now. However, this is my first guide on this website. As such, constructive criticism is definitely welcomed. With that said, please don't down-vote the guide without reading my explanation and trying it out in 2-3 games. I realize there are plenty of AD jungle Sion builds out there. Though I agree with most of them, I find that they are somewhat lacking to my play style and to Sion's full potential.

Why jungle Sion? Because when it comes to ganks I can't think of any champ that does it as well as Sion with his Cryptic Gaze. He has one of the easiest stuns in the game. If your team coordinates it's a kill with almost every attempt. As such this guide will have a great emphasis on ganking. Making him exceptionally powerful early and mid game, while he naturally scales well into late game.

Why is my guide different?: Well this is my guide for AD JUNGLE Sion without Smite. I did this because I find Smite to be a burden. Yes, of course you jungle faster with Smite but it's value depreciates very quickly as you approach mid game and it's worthless by late game. Exhaust or Ignite on the other hand retains it's value and even increases in worth by deciding outcomes of team fights. With this build you will be able to maintain near 100% hp through the whole jungle so you really don't need Smite.
(better explained in "Summoner Spells" section)

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The purpose of this guide isn't to convince anyone to play AD or AP. It is to point out a new way to play AD jungle Sion. I am assuming anyone reading his guide wants to play ad Sion. SO DON'T DOWN-VOTE ME BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE AD SION.

AP vs AD

Go AP if:

-Your team lacks CC (better CDR with AP items)
-Your team has too many AD carries
-Your team lacks early to mid game strength
(This guide isn't meant for AP Sion so I'll stop here)

Go AD if:

-Your team needs an Off tank
-Your team need a jungler
-Your team lack AD carries
-You want to be a ganker all through early and mid game (by following my play style you get yourself and your teammates fed)
-You want to be a Juggernaut by late game.

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For Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation because it will lower neutral monster armor to near 0 and it retains value through the whole game
For Seals: Greater Seal of Armor because it helps tank jungle and allows us to start with vampiric scepter instead of cloth armor.
For Glyphs: really anything can go here. I personally like Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because as I play more AP carries I realize how big a difference 30 vs 50 magic resist makes as far as damage received.
** Quints: (most important) Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (life steal runes): In my opinions this rune makes all the difference because it allows for plenty of sustain in jungle. (I can't seem to add this rune to my rune summary at top)

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The mastery is pretty self explanatory. I take all physical damage increase from the offense. From utilities I take movement speed and increased buff duration.

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Summoner Spells

I like Flash and Exhaust but this is a lot of personal preference than anything else but I'll explain my logic for my choice.

I choose Flash because I am guarantied an escape almost every time I use it. It's also great for closing the gap quickly for ganks.

**I choose Exhaust because the skills scales almost exponentially as the game progresses. In early game it can make the difference in a 1v1 fight (shouldn't happen though) and helps provide CC while stun is on cool down. (never stack stun with exhaust, it defeats the purpose). As late game approaches this skill gets better and better. Imagine Tryndamere with ult (one of the most hated champs in the game) enters a fight. A well timed Exhaust + Cryptic Gaze disables him for 4/5 secs of his precious ult. A champ that had the potential to clean out your team is now negated. You single-handedly countered roughly 5000 damage.

This is why I dislike Smite and prefer spells like Ignite and Exhaust.

My recommendation are the above two. But really it's personal preference. Pretty much anything other than Promote is viable for sion.

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Jungle Without Smite? You don't want dragon? (NEW ADDITION)

Ok, I get this a lot. Yes, Smite helps secure baron and dragon. But in my experience baron n dragon aren't going to be contested if you plan ahead of time. Anyone playing ranked game should know to never dragon or baron without a pink ward or oracle. For first drag you should have at least 2 people if not 4 with you on drag. For baron you should have the whole group and a significant lead on alive players (like 3:1 or 5:2).

My logic is simple: you will never be contested with a ping ward. they have to see the drag to steal it. kill their wards and they won't steal your drag.

Now if they manage to steal your drag even with pink ward and a significant advantage in numbers (it should never happen) then I'm pretty sure the Smite you carried with you wouldn't make the difference.

**The only times I've ever lost dragon or baron is when 1-2 schmucks decide to do their own thing without coordinating with the rest of us... In which case smite or no smite you are likely to lose.

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Start with Vampiric Scepter. with this rune build you don't really need Cloth Armor.

Boots of Mobility VS Other Boots : This is another point where my build differs from others... I feel Sion is best used as a roaming ganker all through early and mid game. To roam effectively you have to emphasize movement speed. As late game approaches sell the Boots of Mobility for Mercury's Treads

Finish Wriggle's Lantern, then Zeal. Leave it as Zeal since you are now desperate for some attack damage. work on Infinity Edge with priority on B. F. Sword and Pickaxe. After Infinity Edge is finished complete your Phantom Dancer.

I strongly recommend the next item be The Black Cleaver. It combines well with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer.

The rest of the build is fairly situation. Depending on if you will need to be more tanky or more DPS. I prefer the role of DPS during late game leaving my tank to initiate fights. But If your play style and situation differs then build accordingly. I have listed above my complete build suited for my play style.


Trinity Force is probably the greatest alternative build. This is a viable option. I personally find it to be too expensive for the early investment. If you do build Trinity Force i recommend replacing the first Zeal with Sheen and finishing Trinity Force where I normally finish my first Phantom Dancer

Last Whisper If more than 2 enemy are tanky and stacking armor buy this instead of The Black Cleaver

Youmuu's Ghostblade Definitely a viable option. If you are used to the active on this item and know how to use it properly then buy this instead of the 2nd Phantom Dancer

Warmog's Armor The tanky route. combines nicely with Atma's Impaler

Why Not:

Frozen Mallet: I have never needed Frozen Mallet. With 2X Phantom Dancer your movement speed is fast enough to make Frozen Mallet a luxury.

The Bloodthirster: sion has plenty of lifesteal + there are much better items for damage.

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Creeping / Jungling

1. I start with Vampiric Scepter. Ask for a hard leash, and turn on shield once leash has started. don't blow shield till you take a couple hits from the minions. Always try to blow the shield just before the minions break it.

2. Once you have blue buff put a point in E Enrage, turn it on and preset shield as you walk toward wolves. By the time Wolves are done you should have about 75% or more HP.

3. Onto Wraiths, set up shield as you pass mid lane so you can blow it on wraiths after taking a couple hits.

4. Onto Red buff, it can be difficult to manually blow shield here but if you preset the shield you should be able to blow it at least once. After Red buff is done take a point in Q Cryptic Gaze.

5. At this point I access all the lanes and my HP (should be around 50%). If you need more HP go onto Small Golems. Warn top or mid lane that you'll be ganking their lane. Using the shield to negate damage you should be able to heal up 85% HP or better.

6. After a successful gank farm jungle while looking for more gank opportunities. Also, use shield conservatively so you can save mana for ganks.

7. I farm jungle and gank until I have 1000G. Then buy Boots of Mobility. Gank and roam for a bit while taking RED BUFF as it spawns and giving BLUE BUFF to AP carry. finish Wriggle's Lantern and get dragon once bottom lane is ready (around lvl 6 or 7).

Jungle Order for Those Who Don't Like to Read

1. Blue Buff
2. Wolves
3. Wraiths
4. Red Buff
5. Small Golem
6. Gank... Gank... Gank
7. Dragon

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1. I prefer to play Sion as a roaming ganker. Making him exceptionally powerful early and mid game, while he naturally scales well into late game.
2. I find Smite to be an expensive trade for a slightly faster early jungle.
3. This guide is based on my experience and my game theory and may not agree with others.
4. Constructive criticism and positive feedback is always appreciated. Thank you