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Thresh Build Guide by Razing42

Support The Chain Warden of Botlane

Support The Chain Warden of Botlane

Updated on March 1, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Razing42 Build Guide By Razing42 17 3 95,522 Views 0 Comments
17 3 95,522 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Razing42 Thresh Build Guide By Razing42 Updated on March 1, 2024
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Runes: Guardian

1 2 3
Font of Life
Second Wind

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+10-180 Bonus Health
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

The Chain Warden of Botlane

By Razing42
Why play Thresh?
+ Very strong early
+ Good engage and disengage tools
+ You will have a lot of agency
+ Very fun to play

Thresh has always been present in the support meta and the reason for this is that his kit is flexible and allows multiple different playstyles.
If you want to play a support champion that can save teammates, lock down single targets very effectively or control multiple enemies with a 5-man Flay then you should consider learning to play Thresh.
- Very skill dependant
- Will struggle with weak adc
- Has no sustain
- Gets outscaled by enchanters

Thresh has a very high skill ceiling. This means that you will need to spend a lot of time learning his kit to be able to pilot him effectively. You also have no sustain in lane so if you're playing against a long range lane it can be difficult to get any action going in the botlane especially if you can't access the bushes.
Runes: Resolve

Guardian is really effective as it will help you protect a single teammate more and you can easily use it with your Dark Passage from long range.
Aftershock makes you tankier after you immobilize an opponent, which will allow you to buy more space in front of your team or in lane vs another engage support.
Font of Life gives your team slightly more sustain whenever you CC an opponent.
Bone Plating reduces damage taken in a quick trade, but against a botlane that can easily proc it on you without putting themselves in too much danger then Second Wind gives you more sustain against the poke matchups.
Currently I think Unflinching gives too little resists (at only 2-10) and Overgrowth takes too long to really have any value which is why I prefer going Revitalize now, especially if I'm going Guardian, Locket of the Iron Solari and maybe even Redemption.

Biscuit Delivery is going to give you some mana and health sustain which will help Thresh in the early game. Cosmic Insight gives you summoner spell and item haste which allows for more aggression. Hextech Flashtraption is also a good option for catching your enemies off guard.
Your rune shards are going to change depending on how you prefer to play. Personally I like going Ability Haste, Health Scaling and Flat Health. But always consider Tenacity and Slow Resist if you need it, or Movement Speed if you like going Mobility Boots and Trailblazer.
Runes: Inspiration

Glacial Augment allows you to catch people even easier thanks to the slow and it also works really well defensively as it reduces damage to your teammates by 15% from those affected.
Hextech Flashtraption can catch your enemy off guard and lead to more picks.
Biscuit Delivery will keep you healthier and gives you a lot of mana in a pinch in the early game which is when Thresh wants to fight. Use the biscuits when you have low mana to get the most value from them.
Cosmic Insight will give your summoner spells more haste which will enable more aggression, but also gives item haste in case you're running Locket of the Iron Solari or Redemption.

Font of Life gives your teammates extra sustain (also gets applied by Glacial Augment. Then choose Second Wind if you're going to get poked early game or Bone Plating against engage supports.
Your rune shards are going to change depending on how you prefer to play. Personally I like going Ability Haste, Health Scaling and Flat Health. But always consider Tenacity and Slow Resist if you need it, or Movement Speed if you like going Mobility Boots and Trailblazer.
Great defensive item
Locket of the Iron solari is still a fantastic item that helps you protect your teammates. This is just a fantastic item that should always be at the back of your mind.
Chivalry isn't dead
Knight's Vow is tailor-made for Thresh, it gives you great stats for the cost and helps you peel for your fed teammate and keep them alive (and get some healing for yourself as well).
Speedy roams
Trailblazer is a great item as it gives you and your teammates movespeed to cross the map faster. However as Thresh is considered a ranged champion he will not slow the enemy when fully charged, but it's still a great item.
Zeke's Convergence has been changed once again. Now it creates a slowing field around you which makes you sticker and harder to kite away from.
Big teamfight heal
Redemption is a great teamfight item, it helps in keeping your entire team alive during a fight. Don't be afraid of using it before a fight if you're about to take an objective.
Anti AD item
Frozen heart is now a really cheap tank item that gives Thresh what he wants. Armor, haste and even mana are all good stats on him and the added benefits of the passives make this a really compelling item when facing multple AD or AA based champions.
Anti AP item
Abyssal mask gives you a lot of magic resist and health for its cost. It also enables your ap damage dealers to do more damage.
Anti hard CC item
Mikael's Blessing gives you more oppurtunities to peel your team if the enemy has some hard hitting CC spells e.g Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Sleepy Trouble Bubble.
Single damage threat
Anathema's Chains is a decent choice if the enemy has one super strong member and four bots/tanks. It reduces their damage to you and also reduces their tenacity.
Great objective vision control
Vigilant Wardstone should always be your final item if you get this far. It gives you more wards on the map, more control wards in your inventory and some nice bonus stats as well.
Abilities Explained
Damnation Infinitely stacking AP+Armor. Thresh's passive makes enemies periodically drop souls, which he can pick up to gain 1 AP and 1 Armor per soul. In exchange he doesn't gain any armor per level so make sure to actively pick up souls without putting yourself in too much danger. (One soul has a gold value of 40 gold.)

Death Sentence The hook. This ability is Thresh's primary and most iconic ability. He throws out his scythe and if he hits an enemy he pulls them in twice before letting them go. You can also reactivate the ability to fly towards your hooked target. (If you hit a target the cooldown goes down by 2 seconds.)

Dark Passage Safety or follow-up. This is probably one of the most powerful spell Thresh has at his disposal as it really easily repositions one of his allies which can either be used as a disengage tool to save teammates from danger or as an engage tool to pull a teammate with you into the enemies face. It also gives a small shield which can activate your Guardian from a distance (It can also be used to pick up souls from a distance, but beware of "wasting" this valuable cooldown if you might get ganked.)

Flay Disruption. It's passive allows Thresh to deal more damage on his basic attack scaling with souls and total AD. The active is fantastic at disrupting the enemies movement abilities like for example Elastic Slingshot, Rocket Jump or Battle Dance. It can of course just be used to move the enemy, but if you can cancel enemy dashes or jumps it gives so much more value.

The Box Zone control. As Thresh's ultimate ability you get five walls which deals damage to the first enemy that walks into it and slows them by a tremendous amout (99%). The rest of the walls then slow for half of that amount and deals no damage. It can be used either as part of a combo to burst a squishy target or as disengage when the enemy is chasing you.
Abilities Tips
Champions, large minions and large monsters drop one soul each, epic monsters drop two and "normal" minions and monsters have a ~33% chance to drop a soul, however that drop rate can increase or decrease depending on however many souls have dropped that game. In other words if you've been lucky with a lot of dropped souls the game will drop less souls for you or if you've been unlucky with few souls then the game increases the drop rate for you. (This only accounts for souls dropped and not souls collected.)
Death sentence
If your enemy has Cleanse you should hold your Ignite until after they Cleanse your Death Sentence. This way they don't Cleanse two things at once.
Dark Passage
When your teammate is being chased by the enemy try to throw your Dark Passage in the direction they are running as opposed to right on top of them. This way they wont have to click backwards towards the enemies chasing them to click the lantern and it also makes it harder for the enemy to place a ward on your lantern thereby blocking your teammate from clicking it altogether.
If you're playing against a short range botlane you can put one or two more points into Flay and maybe take an extra Adaptive so your AA will do some more damage.
The Box
As you hit a Death Sentence you can activate The Box so the cast animation happens while the enemy is CCed by your hook. Then you can easily Flay the enemy into the wall of The Box to deal a lot of damage and slow the enemy, making it very hard for them to escape.
Season 14 Changes
With the new season comes a lot of changes to the rift and builds, but I'll try to keep this chapter concise and relevant to Thresh.

Firstly our support item got merged into just one with multiple choices as the quest reward. The two best ones are Solstice Sleigh which will give an ally more health and movespeed great for both engaging and disengaging fights and Celestial Opposition which is great for both defensiveness against divers or assassins, but also great if you want to be the initial engage for your team. Bloodsong is a bit more of a for fun choice, but as Thresh is ranged and doesn't really proc the effect easily in his combo it doesn't give as much value as the other options.
The support item no longer has Attack Damage or Ablity Power which means that your Adaptive Force from runes will only be AD unless you build AP e.g Shurelya's Battlesong as the AP from your passive Damnation will not change the Adaptive Force to AP.

Mythics have been removed so Evenshroud is gone and Shurelya's Battlesong has been changed so it's no longer a good item on Thresh.

Unflinching has been changed to not give tenacity anymore. Now it only gives a very small amount of armor and magic resistance when you've been CCed. I think the numbers on it needs to be buffed for it to be considered a good rune.
Random tidbits
This chapter will have random information and tips regarding that didn't fit into the guide elsewhere.


Taking Revitalize may look odd on Thresh as he only has a weak shield on his Dark Passage, but it will also buff your Guardian, Font of Life, Second Wind, Locket of the Iron Solari and your Redemption. The small 5% heal and shield power (+10% strength on targets below 40%hp) may not look like a lot but it will add up over the course of a game.

If I don't need the Tenacity and Slow Resist shard should I take Flat Health or Health Scaling? Well the Health Scaling will give you more health level 7 and onwards, but I don't think that's very relevant on Thresh as you will be fighting a lot early on and because you're playing support you aren't going to get a lot of XP from waves so scaling stats will be less valuable anyways.


The damage taken from Knight's Vow when redirected from your ally to you will proc and waste your Celestial Opposition so try to keep that in mind as you have to be out of combat for 20 seconds for the shield to come back up. It also deactivates your Mobility Boots even if the damage is only from minions.

When in a fight without your Knight's Vow target (whether they're dead or just not in the fight) you should try to change your mark to another teammate. This way you're still getting value from the passive. Another thing to remember is that the target doesn't have to be your adc. If your adc is super behind while your midlaner is smurfing you should change priorities. Don't get stuck in the mindset of having to support only your adc!

Solstice Sleigh is not a heal it only gives bonus health, so it is not affected by grievous wounds or heal and shield power. Think of it as a mini Wild Growth.


Generally starting with Flay is best as it gives you more power and allows for both proactive trades and defensive peel, however when playing against a double ranged botlane I like starting Death Sentence as it gives me the opportunity to catch the enemy off guard level 1.

When you hit a Death Sentence on someone don't immediately use Flay. Instead wait for your Death Sentence to tug them in twice and then Flay them right after your Death Sentence ends. This way you can CC them for longer and potentially cancel their dash/jump with your Flay. Most people will be spamming their escape button during your Death Sentence so this way you will be more likely to cancel their Rocket Jump for example. If you're struggling with the timing then spend a few minutes in Practice Tool and you can get it down pretty fast.
Stuff I'm currently testing
I've experimented with going Ingenious Hunter for Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption before, but I decided it probably wasn't worth it (despite it reducing the cooldown by 30 seconds when fully stacked). However now with the support items Solstice Sleigh and Celestial Opposition there is even more value with going Ingenious Hunter so I'll start experimenting with it again. The main drawback is that if we're going Resolve then we're losing the summoner spell haste from Cosmic Insight as secondary runes, or if we're going Inspiration we'd be losing out on the tanky stats from Resolve secondary.
I'd also like to get Redemption right away as my second item which means I'm probably not going to get Knight's Vow unless the game goes very long which will make me even squishier.

I've also considered buying Imperial Mandate as a damage item on Thresh, but I think it would only be a good option if I already have a tanky frontline in my team and the enemy team are tanky as well and don't do too much damage. This is because Imperial Mandate only gives damage so I'd be very squishy, but it does 12% current HP damage which means it has more value against tanks than against squishies. I have a feeling this will be terrible even in a "good" scenario, but it might be fun.
Other guides
Check out my other guides if you'd like!

Embrace the depths
Warm hugs for everybody!
Special thanks
Special thanks to jhoijhoi for their great guide to coding.
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