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Urgot Build Guide by FluorescentBulb

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FluorescentBulb

The Debuff King

FluorescentBulb Last updated on July 1, 2014
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Urgot The Debuff King

There are two things in the league that don't seem to have a place. One is Urgot, the other is Runaan's Hurricane. While full of potential, both of these items are sadly lacking in favor. Together they meet a similar fate, falling just short of the power they desire to show. However, all good things come in three and with one more item the trinity can be completed. Feral Flare is that item and it shall join the fray and create a dangerous force.

This build is for jungle Urgot only and if that doesn't scare you off it also forgoes your Acid Hunter in place of your auto attacks. If you don't want to have anything to do with this then leave now. Without faith nothing can be achieved, but with faith and mechanics you can make something people will never expect. I believe that Urgot was destined to be the Debuff King and if you will give this guide the time it may just surprise you.

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Why this works and Who It Works Against

Quick warning, this is not a carry build. Yes you can deal damage and even secure kills, but the main point of this guide is to be the Debuff King. Your teamfight presence is your most valuable trait and what you will have to focus your gameplay on. If that does not interest you then leave now.

That being said, Urgot has the most underappreciated skill in the game, Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter. By aiming the build around this skill Urgot tranforms into the Debuff King, and here's why:

Now is the question of ranged junglers. Lately it was revealed that with enough attack speed any ranged character can clear camps by juggling the Buff taking very minimal damage. I saw it best demonstrated on a SolWolf video, but it can be seens elsewhere wherever ranged junglers can be found, or even just late game marksmen.

Urgot is a jack of all trades champion. He does ok at a lot of things and but masters none of them. He deals some damage and has some tankiness that really lack compared to more specialized champions. This build gives that feeling to your enemies. Weaken their attacks with Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter and Frozen Heart; slow their movements with Frozen Mallet, Terror Capacitor, and Red Buff; and shred their armor with Noxian Corrosive Charge. The enemy will wonder what is happening to them as they are all around weaker than they should be whilst sorrow and pain overwhelm them.

This build works very well against assassin reliant compositions. Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser is the best peel spell in the game, the aforementioned movement speed reduction will make it hard for the enemy to even reach your carries, and by spreading Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter you will ensure that even if they do get past you they won't be able to kill anyone. This build can work against most of composition, but I think it shines best against this type of enemy.

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Smite & Exhaust

Smite is absolutely essential on junglers for clear speed and objective control

Exhaust is my preference as in this build your damage is good, but it is second priority to your peel.

I know I have to explain the exclusion of Flash because of its prevalence in this game. You lose two things here: Initiation and Escape.

While you can be the teams initiator your main goal is to peel. You should be putting yourself between your teammates and your enemies, not the other way around. You should only ult to initiate on sure, free kills and because of this losing a bit of initiation power is not that big of a blow.

As for escapes, remember you are the tank. You are not going to be escaping, you are going to be throwing yourself into danger and ulting into more danger to protect your allies.

Much like many junglers take Ghost over Flash because it is better for them, overall there are just better options for you. If you can make it to the late game using ward to prevent feeding, or better yet using Exhaust to secure kills then you will be fine and have a stronger spell out of it.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

A typical set of ranged jungler runes involve more attack speed, but with Acid Hunter you can reset the jungle monsters just as well. Being able to take attack damage runes will make you a little scarier early game while still maintaining high, consistent damage. I suggest starting withBlue Buff because it moves much slower and is easier to juggle.

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I try to take as much early game damage in the offense tree. I end on Warlord and stop just short of the penetration. I make sure to take Expose Weakness , Spell Weaving , and Blade Weaving because getting in the middle, attacking, and spamming is your game.

In defense you want Bladed Armor for monsters and Unyielding for champions. I personally get Hardiness since I forgo potions and armor is always nice, but Swiftness is also an option. I also find Oppression absolutely necessary since you will have so much slows and if all goes right take so much focus.

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Skill and Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Your passive is incredibly strong being about a third the strength of the Exhaust damage reduction that you can maintain to be permanent and with Runaan's Hurricane apply to an entire team.

Although this build does rely more on autoattacks you do still need this spell in the early game. Without it ganks will be less potent and invades harder to deal with. I take this as my first spell and max it second after my ultimate.

This spell will keep you alive and help your ganks. I take this at level 4 or right before an early gank. As for maxing it depends on the game. If you need more durability max this spell third.

This spell has amazing shred and is part of the reason you can build Urgot as a more support tank. I won't go over it in excruciating detail since this guide is not for beginner Urgot players, but I will say that you should focus on hitting as many people as possible. Since you are not sniping carries with this Urgot you should weaken the frontline to compliment your team's damage. I take a point in this at level 2. As for maxing it depends on the game. If you can afford to be less durable max this spell third.

Your ultimate is amazingly versatile. The high durability compliments your tanky build and the snare/position swap is amazing for securing kills on ganks, initiating, or catching a squishy character out of position (the best of the latter being over a warded wall). As with almost build I take a point at level 6 and max it whenever available.

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Feral Flare will help you clear incredibly fast and once you get Runaan's Hurricane will deal its full damage on the bolts as on hit effects. Make sure to keep stacking this item to scale indefinitely into the late game. You want this as soon as possible, but your first purchase should be Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed for faster overall jungle times.

The glory of being a ranged jungler is that a good chunk of the jungle monsters will never hit you. Because of this an early Vision Ward and a pair of potions are more than enough for your first wave of clears. It will be most beneficial to you and your team to get an Everlasting Ward rather than potions you won't need. Remember to place it as late as you can or someone might check for it. And of course, make sure you practice your no damage clear first or it will all be for waste when you recall after your first camp.

Ninja Tabi are my personal choice in shoes as Marksmen and fighters will be your main opponent, however Mercury's Treads are also viable if they have a lot of magic damage or you are getting focused. I buy Boots of Speed on my first back and finish my boots after Runaan's Hurricane.

This item is the core of jungle Urgot. With it, Feral Flare will proc the entire jungle camp at once and heal for 30 as opposed to 10 if you land both bolts. In team fights you should always position yourself to hit the most people possible to debuff everyone be standing between them all and all your teammates. This can be done in combination with Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser and some subtle repositioning. Make sure you hit assassins so significantly reduce their burst before it even starts.

Combining this item with Runaan's Hurricane, Terror Capacitor, and Blessing of the Lizard Elder this item will lower an enemy team's speed down to 30.6% max speed. This crawl will make it impossible to escape you without some sort of Flash and even if they do they will be chased down or kited by your team because they are too slow.

The 20% cooldown is great on Urgot but the attack speed debuff is what you want to be the Debuff King. You are already lowering their damage by 15%, so adding a 15% attack speed debuff means they will deal 72.25% max damage from their autoattacks, which for many champions is their only damage source. Adding in slows for the melee's and it'd be surprising for them to deal even that to anyone but you who has this incredible armor item to prevent it further.

It is best to start with a Yellow Trinket to make sure you are not invaded. Place the ward whenever you are taking a buff or if you are counter jungling. When you don't think you need the safety anymore replace it with a Red Trinket to be upgraded at your disgretion for more objective control.

Because you are using the range jungler glitch you shouldn't need any health potions, but awkward zone between Crest of the Ancient Golem and Runaan's Hurricane a few mana potions can make it easier to hardcore farm to your next big item.

Vision Wards are crucial for you and your team so keep bying them as yours gets taken out. I prefer to place it outside your team's Red Buff since that is an opening to both your jungle and a good gank path for the enemy, but it is also useful for dragon control.

For your final items, it is really up to you and the game. This build is somewhat low on Magic Resist so a 6th item can compensate for this, or act as a replacement for Frozen Heart if the enemy is very magic heavy team. This is a situational part of the guide so I will not tell you what to do, just use your judgement and know that anything from pure damage to pure tank to pure cdr can be viable if it is necessary.

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Early Game

Early game you are quite weak but with the jungle glitch you will not take much damage from jungle monsters. Earlier I posted the SolWolf Video, but for more spell based jungling you should also watch this video by Spreek2 to figure out how to do it properly. You can stand where he does, but you can also just stand against the treeline facing the Blue Buff camp just as well.

I go Blue Buff and straight to Red Buff while placing your Warding Totem because invasion is a scary thing. However, if you expect invasion start red and maybe take a leash. If you do start Blue Buff you don't need a leash, but you can take one if you really feel like it. Just remember to place your Warding Totem somewhere it can protect you while you take your second buff, whichever it may be. With jungle being pacified your real threat is invasion, but with proper use of your Warding Totem you will be fine. Also note that if you are taking the early buffs you will need to tank a little bit of the damage or it will hard reset on you. Try it once in a custom game to get the timing down.

You wanna get Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed on your first recall to make your clear speed much faster. You should look to gank whenever possible as Urgot has deadly gank potential. As long as you hit your Noxian Corrosive Charge they will be slowed, weakened, and will probably die with the combination of your other spells. If you have Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser then they will definitely die. Just don't waste time since you are trying to stack your Feral Flare as quickly as you can. Always look to counter jungle, but at this stage only if you have clear vision of the enemy jungler. Once you get Madred's Razors or Wriggle's Lantern you can easily snatch a Big Wraith before they even realize you were there.

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Mid Game

Once you get Wriggle's Lantern you will have somewhat better clears, but your lack of AOE clear will start to show. At this point you can hard farm or gank, especially since Feral Flare gets stacks from kills and assists too. Just make sure you only go for sure kills and not waste time. Urgot's powerful ganks can easily work with that criteria.

Once you get your Runaan's Hurricane you will have an amazing clear speed. A Noxian Corrosive Charge and autoattacks alone will clear a wave incredibly fast and heal you like crazy. It is important to complete Feral Flare at this stage since clears are so easy. At this point in the game you should be looking to counter jungle more frequently and pressure lanes harder. Always make a mountain out of your own personal molehills. By that I mean a good gank should mean you take a tower, push the wave to the next tower, and take an enemy jungle camp on the way out if it is safe to do so. Never leave an advantage unabused.

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Late Game

In team fights you need to gauge what your team needs and what opportunities present themselves. If your team needs an initiator then you can do so, especially if one of the enemy carries are out of position. However, if your team has another strong initiator then you should save your ult for peel. It is a great tool to immediately suppress an assassin as you peel the enemy team from the frontline since its range is so high at later levels. Make sure you apply Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter and Noxian Corrosive Charge to as many enemies as possible and know that your life is not important. You are the tank, so even though you can kite doesn't mean you always should. Using Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser and your tanky build you can simply stand in the fray trading blows and soaking damage for your team.

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Final Notes

This build uses a simple glitch that could be fixed at any time. Even if you took damage from jungling this build would still work but it is currently a lot stronger than otherwise. I like Urgot and he can be played in many lanes with many roles. This is just another one that abuses Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter more so than others. I suggest you try before you knock it. It may not be the most exciting, but if you can get enjoyment out of supporting your team and being an immortal bruiser then I think you will have fun with it.

Thanks to Jhoijhoi for her Making a Guide which helped me a lot.

Shoutout to SolWolf who makes the Break the Meta videos, you should check him out.

Shoutout to FoxDrop whose channel is how I went from hating jungling to it being my current main role.