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Heimerdinger Build Guide by FluorescentBulb

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FluorescentBulb

Support Star Heimerdinger by SivHD (modified)

FluorescentBulb Last updated on May 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 8


Utility: 21

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This idea comes from SivHD. If you haven't seen his video ...

This idea never really intrigued me, but after trying it I thought it was fun and decided to do try some things out with it. Super Support Heimerdinger's strength comes from dive / all-in prevention. You may not have low, though potentially strong, initiation but your strength comes from defending when they go in hard. When they run in, you will surely deal more damage than the enemy support with shred, stuns, blinds, and damage prevention.

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Super Support Heimerdinger is a teams personal Baron Buff. By late game you give your team 10 hp regen per second, you will shred enemy defenses with turrets, and you will grab all the auras you can to make sure your team has a huge advantage over the enemy.

Turrets shred armor and resist like nobodies business, especially over a long battle.

Grenades stuns make Heimerdinger a really strong support, but the blind is also great when the enemy cllumps.

Missles give you a little burst of damage while skirting the sidelines. They are very hard to avoid.

Your ult makes you all around better at everything you do, which is help your team dominate.

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Pros and Cons


  • 100 hp per 5 for you, 50 for allies! Thats 20 and 10 health per second! PERMA-POTION!!
  • Strong CC for when they cluster.
  • Seemingly harmless turrets that shred more armor and resist than Malady and classic The Black Cleaver combined.
  • Decent harass.
  • Can clear jungle camps and tank objectives with turrets.

  • Very squishy.
  • CC is hard to land.
  • Poor initiation.
  • Turrets can be out ranged by enemies.

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Most common, most helpful, and the safest.

With Surge removed, these may be the best, but if you feel risky or you like to ward then replace Flash with Clairvoyance. If you can handle it without feeding it will really help your team out.

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You are taking mana, gold, and consumables. You want both spell upgrades as well as armor masteries. The bonus hp regen is just for style.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold

Very Standard Support Runes

Swap out marks for flat AD if you want to harass harder early game.

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Fantastic sustain for you and your adc that only gets better when you start adding Emblem of Valor items

Will not be as powerful as usual, but will strill shred defenses like crazy, alert you of enemy position, and tank objectives like a BOSS!!
Max first, the utility of each level is significantly high.

Good poke, very hard to dodge.
Max this third if the lane is passive and you want to poke.


A good stun and blind when they come in hard, though a tough skill to master.
Max third if the lane is aggressive and you need longer blinds.

Strengthens all your abilities and gives you huge, free CDR.
Master the grenade speed and different missle placement for 5 rather than 3.

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Lv 1
Plant a turret to cover your jungler and then a second to tank their first buff. If you get there fast enough you will have full mana for the second cast. If you got there slow, just tank the buff.

Place your 3rd turret at the tribush if you are purple and by the dragons pit if you are blue. The tribush you will see people coming, but at the dragon pit make sure it is in a place they will have to pass to gank you.

Keep calm and auto attack poke.

Lv 2-3
Grenade at lv 2 is for safety and lv 3 is missles for versatility.

Poke when you can, grenade if they come in hard, and if they have a pull/spear/etc then be ready with turret blocks.

Unless you are blocking or they charge you DO NOT MOVE YOUR TURRET. They won't stay in range and you will lose precious mana.

Mid Game
Level R then Q then what you need. E if the lane is aggressive and you need longer blinds or W if it is passive and oyu just wanna poke all day.

Keep calm and help your ADC. By now you should have at least one Emblem of Valor item, perhaps 2 so your ADC will have gallons of health to spare if you keep passive.

Once you get Banner of Command remember to use it in the least populated lane or in a lane that can't stop big minions. Mage's typically have trouble since to do i quickly they must spend all their mana, but if team fights are starting let a big minion backdoor the enemy.

Late Game
Be your teems personal Baron Buff. All your aura's and effects will make them and your minions much stronger while your spells will weaken the enemy.

Remember, you work best when initiated on so they don't try to run away. Because of this, it is best to casually take turret and inhibitors with turrets rather than try to dive. They will have to let them go or engage into your turrets. This is best for you since all your aura items make your minions much stronger than the enemy minions to take down towers much faster than usual.

If you can work it out with your team then try to set up big baits.

Keep pinking big objectives and all over enemy jungle for fast clears that you don't even have to stick around for.

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Turret Warding and Other Usage

It was explained briefly, but lets elaborate on turret warding.

Purple Heimerdinger will have the advantage of warding the tri bush for protection from most ganks. Turrets may be completely visible, but they will also deal about 200 damage to melee supports that try to kill them. Almost all ranged supports outrange your turrets, but they will have to ward the tribush, often impossible early game.

Blue Heimerdinger will ward at the enemy jungle path by dragon pit. The further out you ward the more warning you will have, but make sure it is in range to see them since its range is shorter than wards. If thei jungler has a jump you may want to ward the bush right next to the lane since they can get there without passing dragon.

If the enemy carry clears your turrets for supports they will be missing CS. If your enemy is placing pink wards then turrets win the exchange since they don't cost anything. Meanwhile, your vision wards are killing actual wards.

If they are about to kill a ward, you may want to place another one to refresh it and prevent them from getting the gold for the damage they took.

Because of the nature of Support Star Heimerdinger, you will do best against aggressive, all-in, melee supports. Leona, Blitzrank, Thresh, and Alistar are good examples. Pulls will be useless if you can time your turrets well and dives will meet your turrets and grenades and wonder why they did that.

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Turrets will be your vision wards so spend all your spare money only on vision wards


Philosopher's Stone

Good gold and sustain to carry you into late game and give you endless poke
Don't be afraid to build Elesia's Miracle so you can get CDR from other sources

Emblem of Valor

The HP regen for both you and your ally will be huge in a passive lane and your kit will punish them for getting aggressive

Your second time scale item
By late game this item will give you infinite spam to compliment your full CDR as well as a huge shield ability


Give your team more hp regen and many defensive stats
When ADC leaves lane you need to follow to make use of this item, but leave 1 turret in lane to not waste cs, gold, and exp

Aegis of the Legion, Banner of Command, and Emblem of Valor all have aura names, so your team gets all the hp regen
Promote minions are still incredibly powerful, especially if you throw them to your mid since they will have to spend a lot of mana to kill it quickly
Stick with large groups of minions since they will be immensely stronger then the opponents

With low damage and high, natural CDR, going for higher speed is better to get good positioning

Late game this item will give more damage and a strong shield
This item does not need to be rushed since it will get stronger late game regardless so it might be better to get other items first

You only need 10% CDR after UPGRADE!!! and Banner of Command, so getting more will be somewhat wasteful, but the auras will still be strong

A good tank item with group shield
Compliments your aura build and your role as a global buff very well

Shurelia's Reverie

The speed boost is powerful if you need stronger engage
You should be forcing them to engage, so not completely neccesary

Zeke's Herald

Gives a lot of AD and lifesteal to your entire team
Truly makes you a buff to your team as opposed to a perma-potion
Gives 20% CDR, but with an AD heavy team it is worth it

You should be able to afford 2 items from this list
Try to buy items as whole as possible so you still have space for wards

Powerful enemy shred on top of your turret shred
Buy with a team with more magic damage

Perhaps the greatest tank item in the game
Slow movement and attack speed when being bait and on command

Another decent tank item if you aren't taking as much focus
Perhaps not the best, but if they have a ton of AD champs diving you then go for it

Again makes you a power buff rather than just a defensive buff
Only get if you have magic damage
Spell vamp works on AD spells as well, consider this in your decision

Slows everything and makes you a good Singed, luring them in circles around your poison...I mean turrets
Your kit has high AOE so you will slow them all at once and never stop

A good choice and much cheaper than the other options
Powerful initiation item if your team doesn't have one

Good late game so that you will still have wards on objectives
You really don't need to rush this since you are buying pure pink wards all game