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Leona Build Guide by xIchi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi

The Everyday Hero - A Leona Guide by xIchi [S4 UPDATE]

xIchi Last updated on November 30, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 21

Table of Content
Welcome to my Leona Guide. Please read through the guide and tell me what you think or how it worked out for you!
I also stream on, on this channel there will also be videos included into this guide. Stay tuned!
I hope you can learn something and have fun with the guide!

Keep in mind that there will be more changes coming with S4, alot of updating will be done!


+Great Initiation
+Great Peeling
+Very Tanky
Leona is a natural tank. She can soak up alot of damage and assist her mates. Leona's skills increase the overall damage of your team due to her passive. Her long CC combo can lock down high prioriy targets for a whole teamfight.


If you miss CC with Leona the possivility of a counterstrike will be very high. Apart from your CC you do not have any other means to be a real threat.
Be careful and aim properly or retreat as fast as possible!
-No Sustain
-Low Movementspeed
-Missing CC can backfire

Runesetup #1 Standard/Defensive


Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health
Spoiler: Click to view

Runesetup #2 Offensive/Kill-Lane


Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Spoiler: Click to view

Runsetup #1 or Runesetup #2?

Which setup to use is up to your preferences and plans on bottom lane.
However, if you are new to supporting, I suggest using Runsetup #1 as they can be used for every support and will help you get a hang of the role.

Ohterwise you can look into the Matchup-Section and take Runsetup #2 on every support labeled as Easy-Medium!
9 Points in Defense
Spoiler: Click to view
21 Points in Utility
Spoiler: Click to view

Item Sequence

Warding Totem

Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation

Stealth Ward

Targon's Brace


Greater Vision Totem

Face of the Mountain
This is your core. Try to get this sequence out as fast as possible!
The upgrade of Sightstone to Ruby Sightstone can be delayed by alot. The Sightstone already makes it possible to put out 3 Stealth Wards at once and the Warding Totem would destroy one of these. Therefore, you should upgrade the Warding Totem ASAP or buy Oracle's Lens.

Other Core Items

Locket of the Iron Solari will be picked up by your jungler most of the time. If not feel free to pick it up. It gives a shield to nearby allies, which makes up for Leona's lacking sustain.
Guardian Angel is a great choice. Having it up will drop alot of focus off of you and you will have more space to move.

Armor Choices

Randuin's Omen is the first choice armor item. Rush the Giant's Belt when buying this item!
Get Sunfire Cape if you need even more armor and HP, but always buy Randuin's Omen before this!
Frozen Heart provides armor, CDR and Mana. The passive is okay, but the stats are not what you are aiming for

Magic Resist Choices

Mikael's Crucible is a targetable, buffed Cleanse that can also heal your allies. Pick this up if you need the active, as a magic resist choice it is rather weak!
Spectre's Cowl is the basic magic resist items that can build into the 2 bigger ones. The first choice if you are in need for magic resist!
Spirit Visage has magic resist, health, CDR and increased heal. It is the best magic resist in the game at the moment.
Banshee's Veil blocks a skill. Get this if you need to block something that can lower your efficiency.



Boots of Mobility are the best for supports. They will help you alot moving around the map and ward!
Mercury's Treads are the most popular boots in League of Legends. It is the only viable tenacity item you can get on Leona and gives magic resist.
Ninja Tabi are a niche pick. You only take these if you are really against a team with zero magic damage and no hard CC.


Homeguard will give you a speedboost if you are in your fountain and out of battle for 8 seconds. You will move back into lane way faster with these.
Captain will give allies a movementspeed boost when they are moving towards you. This can speed up the followup after your initiation!
Alacrity is the most egoistic enchantment. 15 Movementspeed will not do much for your team.
Distortion reduces the cooldown of Flash. Even less cooldown on Flash will always help. If you find yourself comfortable with these, feel free to take them.

Oracle's Lense

Mobile solution to destroy enemy wards.
Very useful for a team and against a team with fast movement and rotation.
Greater Vision Totem

Durable ward that is never going to run out unless it gets destroyed.
Therefore, it is mostly used for defensive warding in your own jungle/spots that are not common to past by often.

Both are good, but as 90% of the rest of your team will have the Warding Totem and one of its upgrades,
I recommend you to buy the Oracle's Lens.
It will give you way more map control than the Greater Vision Totem.
Keep in mind that you can still buy a Vision Ward which is the same as a ward placed by the Greater Vision Totem.

The Solution

Buy a Warding Totem and keep it until level 9, sell it and get Oracle's Lens as soon as possible!

Sunlight applies a debuff on all enemies hit by any skill of Leona. If anyone else in your team, excluding Leona, attack the same target, the Sunlight debuff will explode and deal additional magic damage.
Shield of Daybreak makes your next basic attack stun the target. Look into the Skill Combo section to learn more!
Eclipse grants you bonus armor and magic resist for 3 seconds. After the 3 seconds are over, it will explode and deal damage to nearby enemies. If you hit anything with the explosion the duration will be extended by another 3 seconds!
Zenith Blade is a skillshot that will pull yourself behind the last hit target. Keep that in mind to avoid initiations you did not want!
Solar Flare can be used as an alternative initation instead of Zenith Blade. The targets in the center will be stunned, the ones around the center will be slowed. Solar Flare also grants vision in the aera it was used.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Maxing Eclipse first is the most efficient way to spent your skill points.
Due to the extra armor and megic resist plus the damage and the slow you can easily win trades in lanes. None of the other 2 skills can live up to Eclipse in lane.

After that Shield of Daybreak wil be maxed, the cooldown will be decreased which allows you to stun more often in a fight.

Zenith Blade only has its use for initiation and making plays. The damage is very low and the aoe small.


A simple rule to choose between Exhaust or Ignite is the amount of assassins in the enemy team you need to keep away from your carry. Even one assassin can screw your ADC over.

Which means:
Assassins in enemy team? YES - Exhaust
Assassins in enemy team? NO - Ignite
If you are using Runsetup #2 Ignite is recommended, it will boost your kill potential alot.
Take Ignite despite the enemy team having an assassin if you are confident to win the lane and keep said assassin down or kill him before he becomes a threat!


Note for all combos!

One very important part about comboing with Leona is letting your AD Carry pop every Sunlight stack when possible. Of course some AD Carrys can do that better than others. But always try!


This is something you may need to practice, at least when using it against Wards.
This also helps alot in early such as level 1 engages on bottomlane where you have the surprise effect on your side

Level 2 Engage Combo

Usually you can use Shield of Daybreak before using Zenith Blade so your combo becomes faster.
This can also be used as a counter engage. If the enemy support uses crowd control on your ADC, jump on the enemy ADC to minimize their damage. Afterall you do not have any sustain or defensive skills.

Level 3 Engage Combo

This is basically the same as the Level 2 Engage Combo. The only difference is that you now have your Eclipse which makes this combo way stronger than the Level 2 Engange Combo. You cast Eclipse before Zenith Blade or Shield of Daybreak because it takes 3 seconds to explode. This way you can achieve a high burst damage.

Level 6 Zenith Blade Engage

This is the level 6 combo with Zenith Blade as the initiation skill. Try to chain the cc as long as possible. Don't use every stun / slow at once. Do them one by one.

Level 6 Solar Flare Engage

This is basically the same as the Level 6 Zenith Blade engage. But you start with a Solar Flare to pin them down and catch up to them. So in general you use this combo to chase enemies, or catch enemies that are too far away for a Zenith Blade combo.


Early Laning

The early game is all about getting an advantage on farm and money.
Try to utilize every Relic Shield stack and push the very first wave to their tower. At this point most junglers will not be ready to gank, yet.
By pushing the first wave to the enemy tower you will be level 2 before them, trading now will result in a heavy win for your lane and basically win the lane.

Mid Game

The fierst Tier 3 towers are starting to fall. Gain control over dragon and keep up your 3/3 wards on the map.
Since you cannot spam wards, stay with your ADC and get more money with Targon's Brace.
Little skirmishes will break out, use your vision wisely to win these.

Late Game

Due to your gold income with Face of the Mountain, you are pretty much one of the tankiest people in the game now.
Your Eclipse scales with your maximum armor and magic resist, making it incredibly strong lategame.
Your focus now should be:
Catch enemies that are out of position > Peel and Protect your ADC > Initiate

If your team does not have another main initatior, it is your job. In that case, initiate a fight with one of the combos in the combo section above and then back off to peel and protect your ADC!


You are only able to put up 3 Stealth Ward and 1 Vision Ward.
Here is a map of possible locations. The limited amount of wards force you to use them according to the situation. Ask your team to use their ward-limit aswell to cover as much as possible:

Ward Placement

Depending on the situation you might have to sacrifice vision for vision on some other spot.

Here are some exmaples that show the vision given by wards in the same spot but with different placement (click on the picturs for a bigger size):

This ward placed at Blue almost grants no vision.

This one on the other hand reveals the paths and the Bluebuff at the same time.

Both of these Wards are good. But depending on the vision you want you can place it the way you need.
When warding a brush, it is wise to ward deeper inside of it, than at the edge.
Otherwise you will lose the actual vision inside of the brush.
Only ward the edges if you want to gain vision on spots behind the brush or its entrance!

Difficulty: Easy
Spoiler: Click to view
Difficulty: Easy
Spoiler: Click to view
Difficulty: Medium
Spoiler: Click to view
Difficulty: Easy
Spoiler: Click to view
Difficulty: Hard
Spoiler: Click to view
Difficulty: Hard
Spoiler: Click to view

14.08.2013 / 11:17pm
- Deleted everything about Jungling
- Changed runes and Core items for both Supportbuilds
15.08.2013 / 00:38am
- Added Boots to the Items section
15.10.2013 / 00:22am
- Changed Cheat Sheet Items
- Changed skillorder
- Changed Items-Chapter
- Cleaned the Chapters
- Switched positions in the Combo-Chapter
- Added Blitzcrank, Thresh, Lulu, Sona to the Matchup-Chapter
15.10.2013 / 10:42am
- Added Alistar and Janna to the Matchup-Chapter
27.11.2013 / 05:41pm
- General S4 Update
- Oracle's Lens vs. Warding Totem added
30.11.2013 / 03:00pm
- Overall Guide Update with new formatting