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Ashe Build Guide by Herkkuparila

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Herkkuparila

The frost Ashe***in updated on 2/1/2014

Herkkuparila Last updated on January 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm an platinum player on eune, and I would like to share my Ashe guide with you guys. Ashe is underrated as adc and I would like to see more Ashe players out there, so I hope you enjoy this guide and possibly start playing Ashe.

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Pros / Cons


+ Strong CC abilities
Frost Shot makes you a potent kiting machine
Enchanted Crystal Arrow makes a good initiate and a possible baron/dragon steal
Hawkshot can be used to check objectives without getting in the harm's way.

Ashe is hard to run away from.

- Extreme weakness to gap closers
Slow basic attack animation
Volley has long cd on early levels
Passive needs to be charged
Very mana hungry with Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow

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Summoner spells

Flash is the best summoner spell in the entire game, there is no reason why you shouldn't take it for an adc. It helps you with position/escapes and securing kills.
Barrier is my favourite choice as a second summoner spell. You can bait fights, survive dives and executes and just save your skin.
Here I list spells that are viable and less viable for Ashe

|| Cleanse should be picked when they have heavy initiate CC e.g. Leona, Sona, Amumu, Sejuani and so on. Just keep in mind that you can't cleanse knock-ups or suppresses like Nether Grasp or Pulverize.
|| Heal used to be a viable pick for ad carries but after it was nerfed it became pretty useless. Unlike Barrier you can save allies with Heal but it's not so good for protecting yourself (ignite or other healing reductions take away most of the heal).
|| You are not a jungler, do not pick Smite.
|| If you really need so much mana that you have to pick Clarity then you should try to learn some mana managing, not a very viable spell for ad carries since it doesn't have any straight forward survivability.
|| Clairvoyance is a bit of an oddjob spell, but can be used to aim your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, do not pick Clairvoyance since you have your Hawkshot to do it's job.
|| Ignite works if you go aggressive in early game, but will drop it's use in late game, get this only if you are a kill lane ( Ashe and Leona or something like this).
|| Ghost would be a perfect spell for Ashe if she wouldn't lack innate flash ability, this is why I don't suggest that you pick Ghost although it beats Flash in cooldown and in the amount of distance you can cover with it.
|| Revive shouldn't be picked, just don't do it. Picking it means that you are going to die, which you are trying to avoid at all costs, and you won't get back into the fight in time without a teleport.
|| Teleport is for teh lulz when playing Ashe, you can use Teleport can be used as a fun trick when combined to your Enchanted Crystal Arrow but should be avoided since it will not be that useful on you.

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As an adc you naturally want to insert 21 points in to the offense tree so you can get Havoc . And I like to use 9 points to the defense tree for increased sustain and a rather small damage reduction from Block . If you find the utility tree better then you can take some points from the defense tree and insert them to the utility tree for masteries such as Fleet of Foot or Culinary Master , this is all for you to decide but I suggest that you keep atleast 21 points in offense tree.
One obligatory mastery for Ashe is Frenzy . Frenzy is great for Ashe because she benefits very much from attack speed and is based on critical hits. Keep in mind that picking Double-Edged Sword will increase your damage pretty much but it will also make you squishier, I don't recommend it for starters but if you know that you can keep yourself safe then make sure to pick it.

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If you know how to farm with an adc you can skip this chapter.
Ashe has good setups for farming since her Volley deals good AoE damage to the minions giving you a good wave clear, also her range is 600 (the most common basic attack range is 550), the only downside with last hitting as Ashe is that your auto-attack animation is relatively slow so you need to get used to it. Remember to check that you don't have your Frost Shot toggled on when you are farming on lane this will eat out your mana very quickly.

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Ashe has a good basic attack range, and this is why you should try to use it to your advantage on lane. When the enemy adc is coming to last hit, close in and hit a basic attack and quickly get back to prevent them from hitting you back, toggling on Frost Shot for the attack will slow the target making it easier to get back out without getting any auto-attacks thrown your way.
If you are using Volley as a harass keep in mind that the arrows stop after hitting a target, so you won't hit Volley to an enemy the same way as you would hit Graves' Buckshot, so you need to position yourself in a way that the enemy minions won't be blocking the Volley.
If you are going to initiate a fight with the enemy bot lane, first check if the enemy laners are at mid and top, and also see if your wards are showing the enemy jungler, fighting when an enemy is ganking will most often lead to a lost engagement. If you are somewhat sure that there are no ganks coming your way, tell your support to initiate (this is preferred because if you miss your Enchanted Crystal Arrow it will be a huge disadvantage), or if he lacks the CC use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow to start the fight (focus the enemy adc). Use Volley and Frost Shot to keep them slowed, this allows you to hit more auto-attacks and possibly kill the enemies. If you have your jungler close to bot lane, make sure to see if you can grab Dragon after the fight, or possibly push the bot turret.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ashe's main damage source is her Volley, which has anawesome 1:1 ratio to AD, this is why you naturally want to max Volley first. Remember that Volley applies your Frost Shot even if you don't have it toggled on.
When you have maxed out Volley start using skill points on Frost Shot to gain a strong slow with volley and auto-attacks. Maxing Hawkshot does bring utility to the team, but having a 40% slow is more useful.
Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a global ultimate, so you can fire it even from your base and hit an enemy anywhere on the map, things to remember with this skill is that the longer it flies, the longer is the stun.

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Ashe's passive Focus makes Infinity Edge a necessity, since the 100% crit when out of combat, and also all bonus critical chance directly counts towards your Focus stacks.
This is why it would be good to have Infinity Edge as first completed item when playing Ashe. After you have Berserker's Greaves, Vampiric Scepter and Infinity Edge you should start building Statikk Shiv for increased burst damage and essential attack speed, it's essential since Ashe has no innate attack speed steroid.
When you have Statikk Shiv ready the game will be in the point that the enemy team is starting to get armor, to hinder their plans you should get Last Whisper ready right after the Statikk Shiv. With Last Whisper your damage is getting incredibly high.
You need more lifesteal for sustain and ad for criticals so finish The Bloodthirster or if the enemy team is really tanky turn your Vampiric Scepter into a Blade of the Ruined King.
Finish the build with a defensive item of your choice, Guardian Angel works good against pretty much any team, but if there is a Jax or Xin Zhao focusing you, try buying Randuin's Omen, to counter a lot of CC on you, then Banshee's Veil is the defensive item for you.
If you are snowballing hard, then you can replace Berserker's Greaves with a Phantom Dancer or Zephyr

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As the adc your damage is a key element in winning teamfights and in order to deal out that damage safely you need a good positioning.
Since Ashe has no skills that resemble Flash it's best to stay behind your frontline, you will be safest there.
If your team doesn't have a good initiate then your Enchanted Crystal Arrow is probably best used as an initiate but if your team does have a good initiate then it's a better idea to save Enchanted Crystal Arrow for peeling.
Once the teamfight has started you should keep yourself in a safe zone and what I mean by this is that you must not go past the tanky champions of your team in order to focus their carries. You will be torn to shreds and your team will lose one of its greatest damage dealers.
This is why you should focus the champions that are closest to you, whether it is a misplaced adc or a tank and it probably sounds like a bad idea to focus the tank but when you get your Last Whisper even the tanks will take a lot of damage.
Ashe has a great weakness when it comes to fighting, and that is gap closers. For Ashe it's nigh impossible to outrun a champion like Akali or Vi this is why you should ask or rely on the common sense (rare in the community of LoL) of your team to peel for you.
However if the enemy team has someone like Garen or Renekton they are much easier to kite and with Frost Shot you can outrun them with no problem (kiting means running away in between attacking).
After the teamfight has ended and you are hopefulyl still alive be sure to grab as many objectives as possible because a temfight may not be worth it if you can't get any objectives after the fight (this mostly applies if the enemy team outscales your team in lategame).
When getting objectives I would say that the importance of each objective goes like this Inhibitor > Baron > Turret > Dragon > Buffs.

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Lane opponents

What kind of opponents should you expect to play against?
Ashe has some weaknesses e.g. she has a slow burst so many burst champions can counter her by blasting her hp down before she can match the amount of damage the enemy applies. Ashe might have hard time against champions with skills that resemble flash, like Corki, Ezreal, Graves, Caitlyn. etc.
Here I list possible enemy ad carries that you most likely face on bot lane.

Caitlyn is strong against Ashe since she has 50 more attack range (650) than Ashe, she has a stronger passive for the laning phase and also her 90 Caliber Net can be used as a gap closer/escape. Ashe can win Caitlyn on lane by harassing her with Volley and with a good engagement, but in a passive lane you will probably lose. Caitlyn is hard to play against as Ashe
Graves has a low attack range (525) but he has a strong burst which you need to keep an eye on. Graves shouldn't be the toughest opponent to face on bot but there is no reason why he couldn't beat you to the ground. To win the lane you should poke him with auto-attacks and kite him if he is trying to attack you. Graves is a medium opponent to play against as Ashe
Varus has a basic attack range of 575 which is only 25 range less than your range. Varus has a longer poke distance with Piercing Arrow but in order to burst you he needs to stack his Blighted Quiver. Varus has no movement skills so hitting your Enchanted Crystal Arrow should be rather easy, and he has nothing to juke your Volley with. Keep in mind that Varus' ultimate Chain of Corruption is probably to hit you too since Ashe also lacks movement skills.
Draven has attack range of 550 and his Spinning Axe are his only source of damage and poke and he needs to land auto-attacks to use his Spinning Axe. Dravenout damages you hard with Spinning Axe so you need to poke him before a figth.
Shoot a Volley to the landing zone of his axe, he either takes damage or drops his axe so it's kind of a win-win situation. If you get caught in a fight with Draven try to use Enchanted Crystal Arrow so that he can't catch the Spinning Axe to reduce the damage he can apply. Draven is a medium opponent to lane against.
Vayne has attack range of 550. Ashe is strong against Vayne since you outpoke and outrange her and I can't emphasise how much you need to pressure her during the laning phase, since she will most likely outscale Ashe in the late game. Poke her with Volley and basic attacks and try to zone her out of last hits. The only thing you really need to worry about is Condemn but if you can prevent that from stunning you, you are good to go. Vayne is an easy champion to lane against.
Ezreal has a basic attack range of 550. You can win against Ezreal by poking him with auto-attacks, also his Mystic Shot is hard to hit than your Volley just remember that Ezreal can Arcane Shift to juke your ultimate. Ezreal has an attack speed steroid which you lack, so it's possible that you lose a 1 vs 1 fight against him. Ezreal is a medium opponent against Ashe.
Corki has a basic attack range of 550. To win against Corki use you auto-attacks to harass him, his main poke Phosphorus Bomb has a low range so you can rather easily poke him without giving him a chance to return the damage. Keep in mind that Corki can juke your ultimate with Valkyrie and he also has a strong burst which means that you need to poke him before fights. Corki is a medium opponent.
Miss Fortune has a basic attack range of 550. But her main poke is Double Up which has much longer range. If there is any way that you can use to dodge the Double Ups you can win the lane with little effort, Miss Fortune has only her Strut as a movement ability so hitting your ultimate is not a big deal, also her escapes are nothing but flash if you get to slow her. Miss Fortune is a medium opponent.
Sivir has a basic attack range of 500. So you should focus on poking her with basic attacks, instead of trying to hit her with your Volley. If she gets hit by your Volley while she is using her Spell Shield she takes no damage and gains mana. But in order to stop her from absorbing your ultimate too, you should use volley to pop hers Spell Shield and then hit your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Sivir is easy to lane against.
Tristana has a basic attack range of 550, but her passive Draw a Bead will increase it with every level she gets, up to a maximum of 703 range.
Tristana should be poked early on, but avoid straight fights due to her attack speed steroid and healing reduction. Tristana has a strong late game, so try to zone her as much as you can. Her Rocket Jump can get her out of your Volley's range but will hardly juke your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Tristana will be a medium lane opponent.
Twitch has a basic attack range of 550. Twitch's ultimate increases his range to 850. Twitch's main damage on lane is to stack his passive and then expunge it, you probably can't do much about it but you can give a lot of damage back at him while he is doing that. Twitch has a attack speed steroid from Ambush and can use the stealth to sneak up on you. With good reflexes you should be able to win a 1 vs 1. Twitch is a medium opponent on lane.

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In case you didn't know, supports are the players that carry the bot lane, in order to allow you carry the game as adc, this is why you should pick your support wisely (if you can affect on the support pick). Ashe doesn't need a support which much sustain because she can safely life steal from a far, this is why aggressive supports are very good with Ashe. Here I list some of my favourite supports.

Leona is is my favourite support when I play Ashe since the CC you combine on lane is very strong in fights, and also her passive Sunlight allows you to clear waves fast with Volley. Leona is also good in peeling for Ashe which makes her useful for you even in late game.
Thresh comes close to Leona but Leona's Sunlight and Shield of Daybreak with Solar Flare makes her synergise better with Ashe. Thresh is better at peeling when compared to Leona but is not as good on lane.
Lulu is great at poking with Glitterlance and since her protective skillset is one of the best in the entire game, she will be awesome at helping Ashe in kiting, though her lane presence doesn't match Leona or Thresh she makes up for it in late game utility.
Zilean is very underrated as support but I like to have him as support when I play Ashe, because you know slow + slow = awesome synergy right? Just kidding, Zilean helps Ashe's kiting a lot with movement speed boost, and his ultimate is useful for every adc since it's an extra Guardian Angel.

This list is more about the possible enemy supports that you are probably to face, and how hard they are to play against with Ashe.
Thresh is a tough support to play against since his CC leaves you reliant on Flash in order to escape him, he can be kited which you should use if being chased care for his Death Sentence since you don't have movement abilities to juke it with, so you need to rely on your reflexes.
like Thresh, Leona also has strong CC which leaves you with Flash as your only option of escaping, Solar Flare is something you need to be on a look-out for due to your movement abilities, Leona can't catch you without Zenith Blade or Solar Flare so if you can dodge those skills then Leona won't pose any thresh to you.
Nami's CC is much easier to dodge but her Tidecaller's Blessing will hinder your kiting and it can't be juked, she also has a heal which can make your somewhat weak poke meaningless on lane, remember that Nami runs out of mana quickly so you can start a fight when she is low on mana.
Taric has a stun that can't be dodged so he can lock you for the enemy adc and his Shatter also reduces armor so you are going to take more damage from the enemy, Taric needs to get close in order to deal damage with Shatter and Radiance so you can kite him pretty well until his stun is back from cd.
Alistar requires skill to hit his combo and he is useless without the cooldown, so if he fails a combo turn the fight around since it's technically 1 vs 2 until Alistar gets his Pulverize and Headbutt back. Alistar isn't much trouble on lane unless they go hyper aggressive against you.

Feel free to disagree with me on these, just keep in mind that these are the support I personally prefer and find it hard to play against.

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Tips and tricks

  • You can use Enchanted Crystal Arrow for a dragon/baron steal (you must hit a nearby champion with the arrow.)
  • Volley applies Frost Shot without toggling it on, it won't use extra mana either.
  • Wait a couple of seconds in between hitting minions on lane to stack your passive for a ensured critical hits.
  • If you fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and then teleport to where it's headed the stun time won't be reduced (fun trick but not for ranked).

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This is the end of my Ashe guide, but I will be updating it every now and then. Hope this guide helped you to understand how Ashe works, and maybe even encouraged you to play her. Feel free to comment on this guide and tell me if you have some improvements in mind.