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Gragas Build Guide by Lectric Pal

The Gragster

The Gragster

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lectric Pal Build Guide By Lectric Pal 4,109 Views 0 Comments
4,109 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lectric Pal Gragas Build Guide By Lectric Pal Updated on June 29, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity



Say hello to Gragas! He is probably the biggest alcoholic in the history of ever! He's fat, he's mean and he messes your face up in a Druken Rage! I saw another player using him and thought i would give him at try. Needless to say if I didn't do well I wouldn't be making this build right now. He has a great spell combo if you know what your doing and can be used as a tank, a caster, or an AD fighter. He is one of the better multi-use champs in this game because he's rather balanced with AP and AD.
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The Lore of Gragas

The foothills of the Great Barrier are home to the hardiest people found anywhere on Valoran. Only those with great fortitude and endurance dwell in what is perhaps the most rugged and unforgiving environment anywhere on the face of Runeterra. It is here that the mighty Gragas keeps permanent residence, living south of Noxus. This behemoth of a man has long eschewed the rigors of civilization for what he calls his ''slice of paradise;'' he has no neighbors to bother him and plenty of space to pursue his life's ambition - brewing. Grogs, ales, meads, and wine - nothing is beyond his skill to brew. What makes Gragas a truly special brewmaster, however, is his proximity to a large and powerful nexus.

The magic of this nexus has seeped into his fermented creations, and Gragas has consumed enough of his own poison over the years to slake the thirst of an army. This arcane alcohol has caused Gragas to swell both in height and girth; he looms over the tallest of men and boasts nearly twice their width. To complement his immoderate size, Gragas has developed an ornery temper - one fueled by liquor and raw magic. His infrequent sojourns into Noxus for supplies always unfold the same way: Gragas enters a Noxian tavern, Gragas gets into several fights, Gragas lays out countless citizens, and finally Gragas flees for the foothills with Noxian constables in hot - though reluctant - pursuit. His misadventures have garnered him the attention of several summoners in the League of Legends, and he is now a willing champion in the arenas...doling out hard liquor and harder fists.

The Rabble Rouser leaves a path of drunken destruction in his wake, both in the Fields of Justice and off.
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The runes I chose for this Gragas build are:

Greater Mark of Insight - So for Gragas, all of his abilities EXCEPT his W scale off AP. Therefore magic pen would be a nice touch for some extra damage. Plus his ult scales off 100% of your AP so you want as much magic pen to maximize damage.

Greater Seal of Resilience - These seals give the Gragster the extra flat armor he needs to survive at level 1. I've noticed when playing early game unless you build some tank items, he is incredibly squishy so these help early game survivability.

Greater Glyph of Celerity - The cooldown over time is ESSENTIAL for Gragas because his W which is has a high cd which is fine when your turret hugging early game but not as great when your team fighting mid-late game. His is on a 60 sec cooldown at level 3 with no reduction so you'll be blowing stuff up every 44 seconds with these glyphs and the .

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - Finally are the Quints that will give Gragas the health to match the armor. At level 1 Gragas has a pretty decent amount of HP but the lack of armor lets people eat him. So along with flat armor I give him 78 extra HP at level 1. You will be able to lane for quite a while using and but without these runes you'll have to b a few times.
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For Gragas the most ideal masteries are 9/21/0. As i mentioned before he can be built as a tank or a caster so why not grab some masteries to raise defense and magic pen! Killing two birds with one stone right. The main reason I put 21 into the defense tree is for the following masteries:

Tenacity - With Tenacity you take 4% less damage which benefits you because of your increased defense from the runes. Also, you'll be able to save teammates and escape from the enemies easier becasue YOU DON'T DIE!

Harden Skin - This blocks physical damage which, again, is awesome because of your defense runes.

Veteran's Scars - This mastery gives you additional HP which goes well with the quints you have. Also, hey look! MORE SURVIVABILITY
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This is kinda a hybrid type build, cause you build tanky and AP. These are why I chose these items:

Aegis of the Legion - This item works really well early game for Gragas because it builds armor and magic resist. It also gives your laning partner a buff for more damage which, if they're like , they will appreciate. You also get the aura buff so that just stacks even more armor for early game.

Mercury's Treads - These boots work very good for Gragas because of the magic resist it gives you and the tenacity. No you don't move very fast but that's why they gave him ;)

Rod of Ages - This item gives Gragas MORE HP and some decent AP over time. s the longer the game goes on the better off you'll be. It also grants you more mana so you spam your high costing a lot more often.

Force of Nature - This item speaks for itself. It not only gives you more magic resist, health regen and speed, but also has a personal aura for 0.35% health regen. Good for when you have a lot of HP *cough* GRAGAS *cough*.

Frozen Heart - This item gives you MORE COOLDOWN REDUCTION which will be great when you get your ult level 3. It also slows enemies they are hit by you. Yes this does proc with his for even more slows.

Rabadon's Deathcap - All this is here for is to give you butt loads of AP so you can own people. End of story.
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Skill Sequence

All you need to do is harrass with your Q , initiate with your Ult and ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL before ANYTHING use your W . And unless your in a team fight use your E to flee the scene through walls. Like flash but with less cd.
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Summoner Spells

What to Use:

Teleport - Can you say map domination? Tele to a friend in trouble and save them with your ult or body slam. Usually people run in fear first though.

Clarity - You will find early game even with drunken rage Gragas is very hard on mana. so clarity works very well to provide longer laning and more attacks.

Whats Useless or Repetitive:

Clairvoyance - Why?

Revive - ..... I'd rather wait to spawn then insta spawn and die again. No feeding for Gragas.

Exhaust - His body slam does this already.

Fortify - Yes he is a tank but if your like me and forget you have it what good does it do?

Cleanse - Can be really good but thats what tenacity is for right?

Rally - Basically a staionary Drunken rage that helps teammates.

Heal - His passive may not heal as much but if you spam moves you'll be fine.

Flash - Again can be good but Body slam does this too.

Smite - This is not a jungle build...

Ghost - Yes it's really easy to catch people with but your ult and body slam help.
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Ok so we've reached the end of this guide to Gragas, the fat stupid drunk that can fulfill many roles on a team. I hope you read this COMPLETELY and tried it out. If you liked it please comment with constructive, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Please no insults. Thanks for reading and maybe I'll see ya In-Game! :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lectric Pal
Lectric Pal Gragas Guide
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The Gragster

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