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Volibear Build Guide by Zempi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zempi

The Great and Mighty AP Offtank Volibear

Zempi Last updated on November 29, 2012
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HAI! My name is Zempi, and i got bored so i just made a AP/Tankish Volibear build.. i actually havent used this yet but RATE AS YOU PLEASE :D I will try this build when i buy volibear but until then id like to know if anyone could try this out and tell me how it works ;) Id think it would work pretty well!

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
For teh magic penetrations! This does help you alot, though you may not notice it very well ingame
greater seal of vitality
As you may know if you mouse over volibears Frenzy health amps his damage up when he activates it, and it does some serious damage. And that extra HP per level is always good :D
Greater Glyph of Ability Power/ Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Take the gylphs of potency if you want to wreck early game, take the glyphs of force for a nice boost of AP later ingame :D i personally prefer Greater Glyph of Ability Power for its early game boost, it helps with first bloods and makes you rape early game.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Obviously for the ap :p


I go 12/18/0 in my runes. Strange, huh? But its good with this build! This Mastery page gives me some AP/CDR which is good for the AP Caster, a little bit of a damage boost and some good tanky MR, Armor, a little bit of speed and a decent HP boost.
Starting with the Offensive tree, i take 4 points in Mental Force and 4 in Sorcery. Then i take Arcane Knowledge and 3 points in Havoc .
In the Defensive tree, i take 3 points in both Resistance and Hardiness , then i get 4 points in Durability and Veterans Scars. I take 2 points in Indomitable , then 2 in Initiator and my last 3 points in Enlightenment .

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I start off with Boots of Speed, some health potions and a mana pot, then i rush Rod of Ages for the AP, Health and mana boost, Then i focus on getting Sunfire Cape for the extra DPS and armor, then for some MR and AP, i get Abyssall Scepter. This also lowers the magic resistance of nearby enemy champs! After i get Abysall Scepter i start to work on my Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the AP/HP and also this items passive works pretty damn well with Volibear's Rolling Thunder. After the target is knocked behind you, they'll be slowed by 35%! That could help your team easily pick up a kill on an unsuspecting squishy. After Rylai's, i grab Rabadons Deathcap for a big endgame AP boost.

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Summoner Spells and Skillset

Summoner Spells!

I like to go with Ghost and Ignite with this build, if you almost kill an enemy and they get out of your reach and can pop your ignite on them to secure the kill. Watch out when using this on enemies with Heal though, i've been screwed over a couple of times because of that spell even with Ignite lowering the HP Regen.

Other nice spells:
Nice spell similar to Ghost. I usually use this for Casters though.
Pretty nice spell, can save you, allies, turrets and it has many other uses too.
If you feel the enemy runs from you alot, or if you just want to slow them down to secure a kill go ahead and take this.
I usually dont use this spell, but i guess its pretty good if you use your abilities alot.
If you want to be more of a support go ahead.
Spells not to use:
You trolling?
Smite is for jungle, but this is a laning build. Although, starting with a [Cloth Armor] you could probably use this as a jungling build. All in good fun!

Any spells i didn't mention i don't see much.


Passive: Chosen of the Storm

Q: Rolling Thunder
omg i love this ability. Running on all fours is badass, and if you're running towards and enemy champ you run faster o_o. Good for initiation, run up to a squishy and knock them towards your teammates for a ********, and a nice speed boost for getting around if you want to get to places faster.

W: Frenzy
The HP Tank volibears rape ability. Does insane damage to low health targets (extra 1 dmg for every 1hp missing), you can easily catch them off guard with this.

E: Majestic Roar
Another badass ability of Volibears. Good Magic damage, big slow (plus the Rylai's slow if you have it) and just an epic "ROOOAR" XD.

R: Thunder Claws
"EMBRACE THE STORM!" This ult is pretty awesome, mainly in team fights for the extra damage (it does do ALOT) to all 5 enemy champs while still doing a bunch of damage to whoever it is you're focusing. Awesome.

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Hay. I figured id make a Gameplay chapter for this guide, since it was recommended in the comments and all the cool kids do it. So stay tuned for it if you're interested c:

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Having trouble with farm?

I find farming normally pretty easy for most champions, but with some champions like Volibear, you have abilities you can use to help you out. In this case we have Majestic Roar to help us out, and with this build it does a nice amount of damage to both minions and champions and it can help you out but if you cant last hit well try to practice on it in a custom game/bot game. But as you play the game more you'll eventually become a fluent last hitter. Theres also Thunder Claws but i don't recommend using it to farm waves unless it desperately needs cleared. Try saving this ult for fights.

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Pros/Cons and End

Pros/Cons for this Build!

Nice Burst
Fun to Play
Good addition to most teams
Awesome dance
His Ult is good in Teamfights

Shouldnt be the actual tank of your team (this build)
Not much AD
Cooldowns are pretty long


Thats it. My random Volibear build of awesomeness. Please try it out and tell me how it works out for you! and please no troll votes :< if you decide to vote down please give me at least reason you did so in a comment. Thank you and also, THANKS FOR READING THE WHOLE GUIDE :D Baaai