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Nautilus Build Guide by ThaChechito

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThaChechito

The Jungle and Laning Anchor

ThaChechito Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there fellas! This is my first guide so I really hope it´s well done and that it will help you win matches with this awesome champion called Nautilus.

This guide will consist of the explanation of how to jungle, gank, lane and carry your team trough the whole game.

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Once, Nautilus was a sailor commissioned by the Institute of War to explore the uncharted reaches of the Guardian's Sea. This expedition took him deep into unknown waters where he and his crew found a vast section of black oozing liquid that none of the crew could identify. Though their job was to investigate anything new that they found, no man aboard was willing to brave the murk except Nautilus. Only moments after he donned the hulking diver's suit and climbed over the ship's rail, something lurking in the muck grabbed hold of him. He clung to the side of the ship, but the thing below pulled him fiercely, rocking the entire ship. The other sailors grew afraid and made a terrible decision. As he stared and pled for help, they wrenched his grip free of the rail. He tumbled into the ink, grabbing the anchor in futile desperation. Dark tendrils enveloped him and he could do nothing but watch as the dimming outline of his ship faded away. Then everything went black.

When Nautilus awoke, he was something... different. The great iron suit had become a seamless shell around him, concealing whatever awful truth lay inside. All the details of his memory seemed fuzzy and indistinct but one fact remained clear: he was left here, alone in the sunless depths, to die. In his hands he still clutched the anchor that belonged to the men who had condemned him. Having no other purpose, he took this clue and trudged - too heavy to swim or run - in search of answers. He wandered without direction or sense of passing time in what felt like an eternal dream. By the time he stumbled upon the shores of Bilgewater, he could find no traces of the man he was. No house, no family, no life to which he could return. Terrified sailors who'd heard his tale directed Nautilus back to the Institute, but the summoners refused to relinquish the names of the others they commissioned. By then Nautilus had learned about the League of Legends and there he saw an opportunity to discover and punish those responsible for the time and life he lost.

''When consumed by utter darkness, there is nothing left but forward.'' -- Nautilus.

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  • Tons of CC
  • Great tanking capabilities
  • Excellent at ganking
  • Easy jungle
  • He floats when you press shift+1

  • Not so great damage
  • There are better tanks

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For the runes I use


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health

This way I can have a stronger early to get myself and the team fed.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist is also a good option if you think you won´t have a problem with magic damage in early.

For the second build I pick the armor per level and magic resistance per level runes for a stronger late. Notice that the quintessences are still the flat ones because in my opinion the health per level is just not worth it.

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9/21/0 is the masteries build I use so the jungle will be easier at the beginning. I focus on getting as less damage as posible because that is very imporant in your first levels of jungle.
Taking Initiator is also a good option instead of Enlightenmen if what you´re looking for is more speed when ganking.

For laning I get Vigor for mayor lane sustain.

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Staggering Blow

This is such a good passive for ganking because it lets you snare the enemy so your teammate has time to aproach in time and get the damage done.

Dredge Line

Excellent ability to gank, prevent enemies from escaping, escaping yourself and also good for initiating. Also recommended to cancel abilities like Death Lotus or Nether Grasp.

Titan's Wrath

Your main skill. It gives you an easy jungle after rank 2, good for farming and also provides you with an useful shield (excellent to counter Requiem).


AoE slow with some damage (good damage if you build AP but that´s not my case), gives you a good CC combo.

Depth Charge

Good for teamfights, chasing, ganking and escaping.

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Summoner´s Spells

Smite is a MUST if you´re going jungle. Without it, jungle is too difficult.
Flash is good for everything, I always take it but if you´re not so much into it Ghost or Teleport are also good options.

Do not take Exhaust because you already have all the CC you need.

Clarity will not be necessary if you just don´t spam skills randomly and know how to save your mana.

Ignite always useful but in Nautilus case I prefer to get something else.

Cleanse not recommended on this champ since you shouldnñt worry about getting CC´ed.

Heal just leave this for your lane partner or don´t have it at all, there are better options.


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Early Game

At the start you must get and x5 for jungle sustain. At your first going back to base you should be able to get and maybe .

Mid Game

Complete mercury threads and Philosopher's Stone. Then you will proceed to build and , with these two you will have the attack speed you will learn to love when following this build.

Late Game

Finish Shurelya's Reverie and get a . Finishing the game you will get . Here´s an option, if you want more tankyness but you don´t want to lose that excellent active from Shurelya's Reverie , sell it and get


Early Game

You will start getting a and one . When you go back to your base, next items you should get are , Philosopher's Stone and in that order.

Mid Game

Buy to begin farming it´s passive. Then you will get . This will allow you to tank towers if your team wants to dive.

Late Game

Depending on the opposite team composition you will get in the order you believe is more important.


is good if you are really needing a counter for those anoyying AD carries out there in the rift.

is good if you need a mayor resistance for a CC that doesn´t let you fight like you should.

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Team fights

You must focus on using Depth Charge when the enmy team is most together so it will hit the max quantity of targets posible. Use Dredge Line to engage the enemy and instantly pop-up Titan's Wrath and use Riptide. You will continue to use your first three skills as soon as their CD is over.

If you wanna escape you can flash away, pop-up Shurelya's Reverie active and run. Using your Dredge Line to drag yourself to terrain also helps you escape but be careful since it´s not always the best option.

If you wanna chace you can do the same as escaping but make sure you land Dredge Line where you think your target should dodge it. If your enemy isn´t very skilled then just use it rectly and it should be fine.

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Desired lane mates

For bot lane you should always go with a range ad carry since your CC will allow them to do some great damage over the enemy and your constant threat of landing Dreadge Line on them will allow your partner to farm more calmly. Miss Fortune is a terrific option, trust me when I say it´s one of best lanes ever. REMEMBER ALWAYS TO KEEP A WARD UP IN DRAGON TO PREVENT GANKS.

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  • Start with Blue Golem. Ask for leash so you will be able to do all the jungle before going back and ganking. Use Smite to finish it and a Health Potion as soon as your Titan's Wrath shield is over.
  • Move on to wolves and use both of your skills. Drink another Health Potion while you move to
  • Wraiths. Same as before, use both skills but this time no need to heal.
  • Next go to Golems (kill the big one first) and drink another Health Potion.
  • Finally you go to Red Lizard with your rank 2 Titan's Wrath which makes it less of a challenge. Finish it up with Smite and go back to base.

Get Boots of Speed first and Regrowth Pendant if you have the money and start ganking!!!

Ganking should not be difficult, tell your teammate to stop pushing so the enemy gets further away from it´s turret. Do not use Dreadge Line first if it´s not necessary, this way you´ll have it if the enemy tries to flee. Start with Titan's Wrath and hit your opponent. As soon as your snare effect ends, use Riptide. This way you´ll do more damage and slow your enemy more time.

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Thanks for taking your time to read my guide, it was my first so I really hope you liked it. Cheers and have fun playing!!!