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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr4ce

The More I Drink, The Better You look

Tr4ce Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Well Hi everyone, and welcome to my second build. Please read my build, then tell me if its good or not. If its bad, what can I do to fix it? Don't downgrade just because...actually read my build.

You can check out my zil build right here --->

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Pros and Cons + Key

Can be some what of a tanker.
Passive generates Hp
Second skill helps get Mana
One of Its skills can be thrown really far
Can go through walls :]
Good Amount of mana to use
Great Ability and Attack power

Is fat ;-;
Kinda slow
Slow start

E-Body Slam
R-Explosive cask

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Free Skill Explanation

Free Skill Explanation:
I got Ghost and teleport. +
Why did i get haste ? Hes slow...even with boots, therefore you can use haste to run away or chase someone.
Why did i get Exhaust ? You can slow people down.. this also helps when you slow people with body slam, then do exhaust, then cask! This is what works best for me! You can get other stuff!!!!

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Mastery Tree

[/color]Lets go to Mastery Tree:
9 to help your magic attacks and cooldowns.
21-to help your cool-downs, mana, exp, regeneration..etc.

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Skill Tree

Okay lets go on to...Skill Tree:
The reason why i max drunken rage first is because you get damage reduced by 26% for 20 seconds. That's A LOT! And it gives you mana + attack damage so that you can keep harassing people by throwing your barrel at them. I later max the barrel to hit more.I get one point on body slam early game, so that you can either A) slow your oponent down or B) Run away/ Go through a wall. At 18 it should be maxed. :]

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Rune Explanation

Rune Explanation:
Ap = The stronger your bombs + will be.

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Item Explanation

Item Explanation... YAY My favorite part..Shall we Begin?
Start with boots- Okay dude, your a fatty, you don't move that getting boots right away, your able to run away or chase in the beginning.
Once you have 400 gold go back to base and get a sapphire crystal- for more mana. DO THIS ASAP
Then get a Catalyst the Protectorcatalyst- so that when you level you can get hp and mp back.
Ionian Boots- Get this to have less cool-down on all of your skills. It helps ALOT!
RodO***es- Once you get this, life is so much easier. You'll have more hp and more mp. Every minute you'll get more mp,hp, and ap.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- The reason I get this is because A)More Hp,B)More AP, C) if you throw a bomb and it hits, it will slow that person, and then you can catch up to him and kill him :] = Slows + your Body Slam = Which slows= makes that person= Really slow] Get it? Got it? Good!
Rabadon:After crystal scepter, this item owns, it makes your ap increase by 30% which is alot!!!... and if that wasn't good enough you get 155 ap! Its godly!
Abyssal:so that you can have more ability power and enemies around you have their magic resistance decreased. It's great, it does 2 of my favorite things, decrease their magic resistance and give you could it get any better?
Now you got 3 options...
1-If their getting more magic resistance you should get:
Void Staff- Now why do i get this? Alot of ability power + magic penetration, because once people start to see that your hitting them hard, their going to get some resistance.

2-If your starting to die pretty quickly you should get:
Guardian Angel: so that you have more Defence/Magic resistance and if your killed you can revive.

3-If you don't like these 2 options i suggest looking at other the section below or pick one of your choosing :]

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Other Items

Trace, I don't like some of these Items what else can i get?
Mejais: The more Kills the more AP... But stuff can happen so if you don't get no kills = No Ap.. Its risky.. I Suggest Using this with a pre-made.
Deathfire Grasp: Gives cool down reduction and a bit of AP.
When active throws a fireball. I suggest this for my cool-down lovers.
Hextech Revolver --> Hextech Gunblade ~~~>
When you use a skill on someone you get some hp back for it, great for people who want to stay outside longer and get hp. Also when you make it a gunblade you can slow people down. Making it easier to chase or runaway.
- Gives good defense and ability power!
If you made a mistake pop it and for 2 seconds they cant do anything to you.

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What to do

What to do, What to do:
Early Game: Goal: Sapphire crystal + Ionian Boots
Grab boots go to your lane, once you have 400 go back and get a sapphire crystal . Keep using your barrel to harras your enemies. Don't be afraid to use your mana because you have w to generate your mana. I love doing this because your kinda like of like a soraka, you can heal yourself thx to your passive and you can give yourself mana thanks to your drunken rage. I love it.
Mid Game Goal: Rod of Ages + Scepter [Most of it at least]
By now you should have up to rod of ages , by now you should start using your big barrel to throw enemies to your turret and gang them with your partner. If your not doing this, then you should be trying to help might be going to someone else's lane and throw a cask to split 2 people up.. and with 3 people.. i'm sure you can take that person down.
Late Game: Goal: Finish Scepter and if your already done Rabadon
If you up to rabadon, You should be raping everyone by now. You may have some trouble with a few characters. But to check how much damage you do, throw a barrel at one and see how much it does. I used A big barrel and rushed to kill a squishy ashe :=]. You should be quite strong by now ;]
Past-Late Game: Goal: Abyssal + your choice of item
If it's going this late..then its because their starting to stack some MR or you might be dying a lot. This is when you should play smart and harass with your barrels a lot. Trying to separate one from the rest and gang it, so that it becomes a 4vs5 right away. Remember kill Squishies and carries first..usually their the weakest, but hit the strongest!

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Tips + Combos

Use to harras enemies near you.
Use to get mana back and to have incoming damage decreased <~ VERY HELPFUL. Try to have it on as much as you can EXPECIALLY IN TEAM FIGHTS!.
Use to either chase down someone, or to run away/go through a wall.
If your gonna use to attack someone, make sure is on! will get the attack damage buff from it!!!!! DONT FORGET
When attacking....Use to get them to half way. Use to get some mana back.. and then to stack on them. If you have <--- your special use it to get them closer to you.. and keep attacking. So to sum this up.. W[Have this on all the time] - - [Attack] once you can use ur skills again do - ..etc
Remember while your fighting others every time you use a skill 2% of your hp is generated back.
Tower Combo [Defensive]= Use to get them near your tower and to slow them down, in case their running away.
Tower Combo [Offensive]= Use to get them out of their tower and to slow them while they run back to their tower. During this use to throw barrels at them and hopefully you or your teammate gets a kill.
Running away combos:
When one person is chasing you, use to run away.
When multiple people are chasing you, use to blow them away and after that use to run away. [You will need to be ready to be used]
In team fights: make sure your is ready! you can start by either
A) blowing them all in different directions or
B) separating one from the rest and ganging him/her.
How to use to hit them for sure: Click aim a little bit behind them..and click again fast to make it explode automatically.
REMEMBER has to be detonated by you!
Take advantage of your move. It's cool down is 50 seconds! One of the few characters that can use their special often.

don't get scared of slows, you have to run away!!!!! just watch out for stuns and mutes.


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Hey guys, I know what your wondering, how hard will my barrels hit? My dash hit.. Etc...
Well i took some screen-shots to show you. This doesn't show w..because its not affected..and for your dash move.. i used my w move to buff my e[dash move]


And i used the following items....and for my 6th item.. i chose option 1...I wanted to hit a bit harder :]...[Rod Of Ages passive was maxed too btw]