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Cho'Gath Build Guide by O Takes Square

Top The Most Impressive Build Cho'zen, New Meta Breaker!

By O Takes Square | Updated on February 22, 2018
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Frozen Cho'gath or Cho'Zen
  • LoL Champion: Cho'Gath
    Harder lane vs Juggernauts or


Glacial Augment
Perfect Timing
Minion Dematerializer
Approach Velocity

The Ultimate Hat


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ability Order

Intro to this off-meta but insanely fun and extremely effective build

((This is my first Guide here and I'm really excited about this build..I've theorycrafted in many other TCG's and MMO's and other games so It's great that League has something for geeks like me now! This is a really great build and I highly recommend trying it out a few times if you are a Cho'gath Player..I call it Cho'Zen as a pun but meh..Lots of text incoming and I hope you all enjoy!))

The difference between Cho'gath now and Cho'gath 6 months ago are night and day, no longer a dominate must pick or ban champ, good? yes but can really struggle early and also building HP doesn't have the same impact as it did last season because of the new runes and ADCs and Mages just are able to shred through walls of HP like Cho'gath really easy if he isn't building Resistances like other tanks..
Cho'gath players are still trying to build him as a wall of HP because they want to abuse his R which is still nice but without the Armor or MR it won't really be that great.

I've had builds with Cinderhulk, Warmog's and Righteous Glory (somewhere around 5k with my stacks, maybe close to 6k) and got blown up by a not so fed ADC in 1 root..

Cho'gaths flaws are on us for not adaptive quickly enough!
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Flaws of Cho'gath Cont

The Guy can't really gap close like a Maokai, hence why Righteous Glory was valued so much on him, it gives him a way of gap closing and also more bang for his buck with R, but outside of adding on more hp that's about it.
His poor lane phase, which it isn't extremely bad but it can be rough especially if you get camped early.
Cs in general can be a struggle with Cho'gath considering he usually goes Righteous Glory first item in most cases, not much dmg on him except for his R and he is just a wall of hp and cc (but the hp means much less this pre-season then it has in the past).

Takes a while to get rolling, can get forced out of lane early which just delays his power spikes (if you can call him getting hp items a power spike, his spikes in the way he was built before was based on R farming..that was the old slow boring runes as well)
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Covering up the Flaws with the updated runes and a new meta DEFINING strat

I've theorycrafted in many TCG's and in MMO's and all sorts of other games..I love this stuff, and I love finding new ways to tackle the very narrow window that some people look through with this game.

So if you looked at the flaws I've listed..

Lane Phase early, Gap Close, Not enough effective Resist/Defense this season, Relies mostly on old strats of R farming which just won't work anymore with how much dmg adc's will do now.

So we want a better reliable lane phase with more consistent ways of farming so that brings in (what some ppl THINK is useless but they are so so wrong)

1) Biscuit Delivery, it's great
2) Minion Dematerializer this item is so good on champs with week lane phase like cho, It instantly kills whatever minion (Cannon Creep!) gives you the CS and (least i believe) will proc Cho's Passive..This is essentially a mini-smite with 6 charges and only on a 6 sec cd (not counting the first 2 min of the game) AND it lets you hit harder against that type of minion so better lane farming consistency overall.
3) Also *updated* Movement speed abuse whenever you land literally ANY CC ability, makes for easier peeling but also easier and more CONSISTENT engages.
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I led into this with basically the approach / theory and strat behind this build.

So Glacial Augmentation, at first is like meh, Cho already has slows built into half his kit but then after you see the combination with GLP and Randuin you see how insane this build can get when it comes to sticking on a target or just gap closing..Rather than speeding myself up with a Righteous Glory, now I slow them down (as well as anyone who gets hit) this makes for easy Q's, W's, E's, R I mean literally they will be so slow the only way they avoid a Q is to flash and even then you could just W then Q and they are stuck..

But what if GLP isn't up? Or somehow they are gaining distance from you? Well so what? You just hit the active on Ranuin and now we have another massive snare covering the area! and they have to either eat a Q/W/E or Flash (assuming you didn't W).

You have more resist, more kill pressure early/mid (GLP first item is nothing to underestimate) and more survival mid-late..

You'll also have more utility because I (unlike most others) realize how effing BROKEN LOCKET is on Cho'gath!!! I put up a 1.6k shield on everyone in the Area aaaaannnd how do you deal with not just my tanking but the tanking i give my team??

We don't just want to be a alien meatball that runs at ppl but if you cc him 1 time he rolls onto the floor! We want to be as DISRUPTIVE to the enemy as possible but also being beneficial to our team in ways that other tanks just won't be able to do.

The reason why Q is a max first is because of cs'ing in lane..we want to get as much as we can while still harassing when we can..Q is nice for setups and knockdowns.

I suppose if you wanted to be reluctant to change, you could still pick up a righteous glory maybe 3rd, but personally i don't think just running faster is a good enough reason to get it..compared to say oh idk ANYTHING else!! that item isn't good imo on cho'gath
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Skill Sequence

I put heavy priority on Q first, this is a great way to get cs without any penalty, just cast Q under creeps, walk away, rinse repeat.

W just for a mid range harass, so if Q is a primary farm skill in lane, W is your main source of mid-range harass..You punish them for walking up to cs but they can't punish you (real scumbag way to play lol)

E is honestly worthless in lane except for the slow and it's a ****py auto reset, max it last.
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For those of you who don't quite understand the items (this is very heavy on-use/active items, so if you don't know how to use those keys then this build will just flat out NOT work for you until you learn), Glacial Augment turns our GLP and Randuin into a massive snare, but also literally everything in Cho'gaths kit gets buffed (CC wise) by Glacial Augmentation, it is downright broken..

Lead off with a GLP to engage, then into a Q>W, now depending on how many stacks you have, you may just chunk them so hard right then that you can R and secure the kill, but suppose they manage to run or TRY to run..ok hit Randuin, now Q>W again or W>Q whatever, it literally makes this so simple you can not miss his combo after landing your GLP or Randuin + Glacial Augmentation slow..

I will say, don't ever think that you can't take a Adaptive helm or Visage 2nd item, i know i said randuin is core, but you can take it 3rd..getting adaptive helm early just shuts down ppl like Malz, Anivia, Swain, and from that you just farm them with your R..

You may wonder why no Rylais..Well if it's between GLP and Rylais, I choose GLP...It's active slow in combination with Glacial Aug is just way better, Rylais is reliant on you landing your basic combo, which could never happen if ppl are great at side stepping (it will eventually but why give them any chance to side step your skill shot?)...That's why GLP is so so so strong on champs like Cho'gath who already have great CC, it just turns his already great CC that WAS reliant on you hitting a skillshot here and there, into great CC that makes hitting and sticking with and after your Skillshots easier and more effective.