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Yasuo Build Guide by C9Hai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Hai

The Name of the Wind

C9Hai Last updated on February 12, 2015
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Hey, welcome to my Yasuo guide! If there is anything I don't cover in this guide, feel free to message me and ask the question!

Let's talk about some Pros and Cons of Yasuo.

+ Crit items are very gold efficient on him ( Way of the Wanderer)
+ Strong laner
+ Scales incredibly well
+ Works well with a lot of champions
+ Extremely mobile
+ Great at split pushing, his power spikes are very noticeable

- Prone to getting ganked
- Very hard to play at top level
- Need a lot of game knowledge to effectively make use of him
- End game team fights are awkward if no knock ups

There's plenty more to champion than just these few things, but play him and you'll figure it out as you go :)

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You run 4.6% Crit to bring yourself to 99.2% Crit with IE/Shiv, and it's pretty helpful for lane when you get that random crit on them.
Fill up the rest of your marks with attack damage since it's the most efficient mark for Yasuo.
In the case you're vs Zed/Riven/Talon or other all AD champions, go Flat Armor yellows.
Everyone else that you don't need armor, go HP/Lvl. Some people like to take 1 rune out and put in a crit rune so that you hit 100% crit with Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge, but it's preference really.
You basically run MR all the time, unless they literally have no magic damage, then you can run armor blues.
Flat AD, no questions asked.

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Starting Items

You have 3 options that you can start with.

(VS Skillshots)
Boots of Speed and 4 Health Potions: Good vs Syndra/ Ziggs, basically AP Mids that are skillshot reliant and very harass heavy, gives you good sustain and helps you juke skillshots.
Doran's Blade and one Health Potion: Good vs melees/non harass-heavy mids such as Akali/ Zilean, and/or mids that you want to all-in at level 2 or 3. I normally start with Doran's Blade and start Boots of Speed situationally.
Long Sword + 3 Health Potions: I don't normally ever get this, but it's not too bad in the case you want to rush Vampiric Scepter, works well vs any mid.

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Final Items

Statikk Shiv

This is basically your first item to buy, gives you your first huge power spike, helps farming and gives you some wave clear.
(For Split-pushing)
Blade of the Ruined King

This is the standard buy as it gives you a lot of sustain, helps you get to your Q CD cap, and lets you split vs top laners efficiently and win duels.
(Team Fighting)
Infinity Edge

You buy this second in the odd case that you're super rich and can afford a B. F. Sword straight up. This item is better for team fighting as it gives you more burst damage.
The Bloodthirster

It's kind of a luxury item as you usually won't get fed enough, but if you want more damage out of your 6th item you can buy The Bloodthirster. Otherwise just get another defensive item.
Randuin's Omen

You can buy this after your first 2 or 3 damage items if you're against a heavy physical team or if you want to double up on defensive items.
Banshee's Veil

You can buy this after your first 2 or 3 damage items if you're against a heavy magic team, or if you want to double up on defensive items.

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Tips and Tricks

A cool trick is getting an Auto Attack off during the knock up of your Q, before immediately ultimating them. For example, if you have a charged tornado, and you E-Q the enemy champion, auto him before ultimating him, for some extra damage in your combo. You can only get off the extra auto if you do it quick.

When trading during lane, make sure you have an escape route via your E, if you dash towards them make sure you can dash away as well, be wary of the HP of the creeps and which ones you E'd through.

Basically, any displacement ability from your teammates allows you to use your ultimate ( Janna's Monsoon, Trundle's Pillar of Ice, Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage). You don't always want to spam Last Breath right away the moment you're able to. For example if your Blitzcrank uses Rocket Grab on an enemy, you can wait for them to reach Blitzcrank before using it, whereas with Thresh's Death Sentence/ Flay you only have like a quarter second to do it. In the case where Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage is about to knock multiple enemies, you can wait for it to knock up the other people, then cast Last Breath. So be a bit patient with it.

After using your ultimate, you have 40% Armor Penetration, so try to use it relatively early in Team Fights and 1v1's so that you're much stronger after. A lot of people don't realize you become stronger after using it, so keep it in mind.

Try and weave Auto Attacks with your Q, make it as efficient as possible. Auto Q, Auto Q, etc etc.

When running around to get your Flow back, running long paths instead of pacing back and forth regenerates it faster, so try and do long strides.

Using your Wind Wall is very important, it blocks all projectiles and can be the difference between winning a fight or losing one. It does not block spells that aren't projectiles, such as Force Pulse, Final Spark, Incinerate and Summon: Tibbers. The Wind Wall also shoots out a bit in front of you, so it'll take a couple times to get used to it.

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If Orianna starts E, start Q, if she starts Q, you start E. Basically what happens is, if she starts E she can't really harass you, and you can safely farm with Q. In the case she starts Q, you can harass her pretty heavily with E as you can dodge her Q and get in good damage. As the lane goes on, she becomes stronger and stronger, and especially if she gets a blue buff, she'll likely be able to poke you down a good amount. Hopefully you have a Vampiric Scepter or she doesn't punish you hard, but it's hard to win 1v1 as you'll get ganked probably if you go too aggressive. So be smart about the lane, and just try to farm, kill if you see their jungler somewhere but otherwise try to farm.
Start Boots of Speed vs Syndra as she's very skillshot reliant and if you're able to juke her Qs and trade effectively, you'll slowly win the lane. Start E and do your best to juke her Qs at level 1, you can E through creeps and through her if she's out of position or missed a Q. The early levels 1-3 aren't too bad, but as she starts leveling up and hits 6, she has a ton of kill pressure vs you. Also if you ever get ganked, it's pretty rough for you as she has good CC. Do note though, that you can block her Q E combo as long as you Wind Wall is in front of the ball.

For other match ups, they all play out differently and it just takes some understanding of Yasuo to play correctly. Controlling your E usage and planning when to go aggressive is the most important things for Yasuo, play him a lot and find your limits on what he can and can't do.

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Hey guys, thanks for reading over my guide and checking everything out!

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Be sure to check out my other guides over at and good luck on the fields of justice!