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Master Yi Humor Guide by Turbopasta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Turbopasta

The NEW pro as heck guide to Dunkmaster Yi! Backdoor edition

Turbopasta Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

The Yi Zone

Welcome! You have re-entered "The Yi Zone". The Master Yi Zone, to be precise.

"What is the Yi Zone?" you ask? The Yi Zone is a wonderful place where we can be together, and I can teach you all about what makes a great dunkmaster. What do you think of that? Just the two of us? Maybe I should have brought a picnic basket.

Guide Top

But I'm getting ahead of myself

In case you are unfamiliar with the "Dunkmaster way", here is a quick video that my old sensei, Microsoft Sam, made on the style.

Just kidding. His name is actually Notnue. Anyways Notnue, props for the sweet video which I am currently using without your permission.

Guide Top

Pro cons.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for making such an OK looking chart.

Pros / Cons


+ // He is a badass
+ // Relly good at getting towers dead
+ // The only champion in the game who can Dunk
+ // Sexy like a bald eagle

- // Gets dirty quickly if you don't cleanse him
- // Due to the playstyle of backdoor Yi, his endgame scores will be bad, even if he killed 100 towers.
- // Needs junglemoney or he gets sad
- // He has too many eyes

Guide Top

Chapter One: the Stones of Power.

My master once told me something about Runes. He said, when I approached him in his chambers with the question...

"Runes? No, you can't use those! Only little gay losers use runes!"

He then threatened to dunk me, as he rose his fist to the sky. It was then I closed the door and left him to his studies. Anyways, it is here that I must apologize, Master, for I have gone off the path. Yes, that's right: I've been using runes. No, it isn't like that, I can quit any time I want! Watch, I'll stop using them right now!


Ah, I'll just play one more game with these runes, and then I'm off them for good. Cold turkey.

Anyways, let me go over these runes.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: This is an important one. Like a good hearty breakfast, these runes will make you as strong as an Ox. Strength is important on this build. Why? Well, the only item that gives you AD on this whole list is a Wriggle's Lanturn. Seriously? A stupid lamp? We're gonna be hitting stuff so fast that, well, we simply need more power than a lamp has to offer.

Greater Seal of Armor: Also an important one. This rune is like brunch to you. You aren't exactly sure if you need it, maybe you should just wait until lunch to eat, but no, that's not for you. See you do need these armor runes. Why? In the jungle lurks powerful Stoners and Dogs. You don't want to be dunked! Turn their steely claws against them with this kickass armor.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Ah, you made it. It's finally lunch-time. And boy, are you starving, even after having a recent brunch. When the waiter goes up to you and asks you want you want, DO NOT order more bacon! Instead, get yourself some refreshing mana-rocks. See, you have to understand, dunking is not an easy job. No, it requires hard work, patience, and to top it off, it is a very draining activity. Draining of mana, that is. Get these runes so you can continue to dunk, no matter how thirsty you would have been.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: And at long last, the final course: Dinner. In case your breakfast didn't make you Ox-strong, this dinner certainly will. You want these runes for the same reason you want the breakfast: to hit things as hard as you can.

To make things simpler, I have presented a video clip which should explain things nicely. In the following clip, pretend you are the hammer, and your enemies are the watermellon.

The best part about this video? Your dreams can become a reality!

Guide Top

Chapter Two: The Master...ies.

Masteries. Some love 'em, some hate em. When I say some hate 'em, I'm mostly talking about how my old sensei felt about masteries. "You are your own mastery!" He would say. "You are a Master Yi!" He would say. And then he would start dunking me. I apologize again, master, for the sins I am about to publicly commit.

This setup may seem odd to some, but if you have faith in the dunk, it will give back to you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. The most important things in this tree of masteries are...

The first one, well, do I even have to explain it? Look at the picture!

IT'S A WRECKING BALL. With this mastery, your hands turn into wrecking balls whenever you hit towers, dealing +10 damage with every hit.

The second one is almost as awesome, but not quite. With this mastery, hands with swords come out of the ground and help you kill towers.

Personally, I'd rather just earn my dunks myself, but I suppose we could all use a little help every now and then. You don't even have to know anything about commanding sieges to use this mastery.

Other imporant ****:

You are going to want to grab Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge as well, since you don't have very much penetration by yourself. Hey, don't give me that look! There's nothing wrong with getting a little...assistance...when it comes to penetration.

Havoc makes stuff hurt more.

Bladed Armor is the next best thing to Siege Commander, so we might as well take it. Let's also get some Veteran's Scars because scars are badass, and will make you look experienced.

Guide Top

Chapter Three: Thunderstrike and Soap.

Welcome to chapter three: Firehand and Soap! "What is Thunderstrike and Soap?" You ask? Stop asking questions! I'm going to explain everything anyways, so just quit it already.

Anyways, these are the two spells I use when backdooring as the dunkmaster himself. They are mandatory.

Smite (Thunderstrike): This spell lets you kill animals and badguys fast. It has also been updated, so now whenever you kill something and you have the mastery Summoner's Resolve , gold coins explode from out of the enemy, like a very expensive pinata. I hope I'm spelling the word "pinata" correctly.

Cleanse (Soap): This spell is very important to any self-respecting dunkmaster. Allow me to explain my reasoning: since you will be backdooring alot, there will be many times when the whole world turns against you, i.e., the entire enemy team rushes back to the tower to try and save it and kill you. To achieve their mission, they will throw all kinds of icky things at you, such as Exhaust, and other stuff. But don't get stuck in the mud! Clean yourself up, and then proceed to go somewhere where you cannot die.


Flash (Blink): This spell is dumb and useless. No champion in the game should be using this spell. I suppose you CAN use it if you are terrible at not getting caught and killed by Yordle Snap Traps.

Ghost (Runfast): Runfast is always a nice thing to have, but I personally prefer Soap.

Surge (Sterioids): I thought about using this for dunking towers, but unfortunently by the end of the recommended build, you don't get much of an attack speed bonus out of it. Lame.

Revive (Christ-mode): I'm sorry I put this spell in the dumb spells section, Master Sam, I truely am. But let's face it, if you follow this guide, you will never die in a game ever, so what's the point of taking this?

Heal (Bandaids): You've been taking damage? Didn't you read my guide?

Promote (Empowering Motivational Speech): Yeah, like we're gonna let a lowly minion hog all of the glory. Your glory.

Ignite (Firehand): Why would you want to kill something with fire? That's so crewel. A fiery death is one of the most painful kinds, they say. Well, next to being dunked, of course.

Clairvoyance (Head-explosion): I've never used this spell, but according to the picture, it makes your brain glow white and it also makes you bald. I don't like the sound of that, I'm gonna pass.

Teleport (The Other Backdoor): If you didn't have doubleswords this spell would be great. But alas, no, your doubleswords are too powerful.

Exhaust (Surprise Sedative): The Surprise Sedative is like the Other Backdoor spell, it would be good if not for your damn doubleswords. Why doubleswords! Why have you left us to this fate of being so powerful that nothing can stop us!

Fortify (Being a Traitor): What are you doing? You were put on this planet to kill towers, not to protect them! Honestly man!

Clarity (The Pinball): This spell turns you into a floating pinball. I don't recommend it.

In case you still don't believe me when I say that Thunderstrike and Soap ( Smite and Cleanse) are very important spells to have. I've got two videos that pretty much explain why these are the only two spells that should be used.

The first video is a song that was made some band that used to popular, or something. The band name is pronounced "Ayy-sea-lightningbolt-Dee-sea", make sure to say it fast so it makes sense.

This next video comes from a personal hero of mine that I've looked up to since childhood.

Guide Top

Chapter Four: Meet The Badass Headband, The Super-Doubleswords, and Arrow!

If you have watched my master's old guide on dunking, you probably remember many of his fond weapons.

The Clothes, The 5 Red Sodas, The X-man claws, The Rad Scythe, The Wiggle Lanturn, and the Doubleswords, they're all here!

It's incredible, isn't it? That after all these years, these items are just as faithful as they've always been.

My build is just a tiny bit different than Master Sam's old one. I like to build Boots of Speed before I finish my Wriggle's Lanturn, since you really need the early speed when you don't pick an escape spell, mostly just so you don't get dunked on by stuff with shoes.

After that, I finish the Boots of Mobility [and the Wriggle's Lantern. But...wait...what's this? Could it be?


A new weapon! Yes, it is the Badass Headband! You thought you were cool before? Well you just got roughly 5000% more cooler! Yes, now you too can join the ranks of great dunkmasters such as Solid Snake and Rambo. The headband is actually pretty important, because, while soap can clean you of some things (as can Highlander), there are just times where two different bars of soap aren't enough. So obviously, we invest in a 3rd one. This makes it really easy to backdoor the heck out of your enemy. Not only that, but it makes AP champions cry themselves to sleep at night.

You don't actually have to buy the Badass Headband right away. You can build some doubleswords first, if you don't think you are going to get caught in too many slows or snares in your never-ending quest to dunk.

You thought doubleswords alone were cool? Just wait til you see doubleswords with MORE GIRTH THEN EVER BEFORE. My master was against turning doubleswords into Super-Doubleswords, but I encourage this practice, just like how I encourage global pyromania.

In case it isn't obvious already, these super-doubleswords will give you the EDGE (see what I did there) you need to run and attack really really fast. If you build all of the super-doubleswords this guide says to make, who knows, you might just become Sonic The Hedgehog.

Who knows where The Arrow points to? I sure don't. Some say that it points to victory. They're probably right.

Keep in mind that if you build The Arrow, you are walking on thin ice, mister!. Making an Arrow instead of another Super-Doublesword will make it more difficult for you to get away after backdooring the heck out of the enemy.

It will also make it so that hit towers with the power of a Tyranasaurus Rex. There's also something on the description of it that says it does more critical strike damage or something? I'm not really sure. You can't hurt towers with critical strikes, but I suppose you could dunk people and creeps with it faster.

Guide Top

Chapter Five: The NEW Evil Forest!

Ah yes, the Evil Forest. Forget about Yi? Nobody really knows why animals and monsters keep coming back to this place after we keep killing them. I guess it doesn't really matter. These guys are here to stay it seems, so we might as well hit them with our Katenas.

The great overlord who watches over all of us has a name. His name is Morello. Recently, he decided that the Jungle was too scary and mean.


If anything, the evil forest wasn't scary and mean enough. Back in my day, we used to fight the Baron at level 1 and eat the Dragon for desert. But I digress. What's done is done.

So, I guess...let me walk you through the Dumb Kiddy Forest of Leisure and Ease.

Boss Battle -> The Dog -> Rude Dudes -> The Stoner Brothers -> The 2nd Boss Fight -> Rude Dudes -> The Dog -> then eat a blue piece of candy or go dunking.


Blue Golem -> Wolves -> Wraiths -> Mini-Golems -> Red Lizard -> Wraiths -> Wolves -> recall back to base, or gank an overextended lane.

Just remember to have a soda ( Health Potion) if you are feeling down.

Guide Top

Chapter Six: Makin' Paper.

And by "paper", I of course mean BLING-BLING.

This part of the guide will cover how you can make more gold in-game. Basically, if you are alive, you should either be killing baddies in the jungle, dunking baddies in lane, or sitting back and enjoying a Red Soda. You really have no reason to not be doing one of these things.

Seriously, just farm the jungle the entire game if you can. Well, not the entire game, but at least for almost all of it. Don't be afraid to counter-jungle your enemies, as you can pretty much escape from anything. Also, don't be afraid to take tower fire as you run to the other side of the enemy's jungle. You can make the tower eat those words later. Try to steal creeps from the opposing jungler as often as you can.

Another great way to earn money is to enter a fight between an ally and an enemy right before it ends, and deliver the finishing blow to the enemy champion. Get dunked! Not so hot now, are you? Champion pinatas have the most gold of all, so make sure to grab all of it before you get out of there. Your teammates will appreciate your hard work, as well.

You can also kill the Dragon and the Baron for gold as well, but I hate how they give gold to your allies as well. I killed the dragon, did I not? How come THEY get the gold that I earned? They didn't even do anything to deserve it. I really wish Demacia wasn't a communist dictatorship sometimes.

Lastly, you can earn money from killing enemy towers, inhibitors, and nexuses. As much as I hate how the towers give money to my teammates, I tolerate it. Anything is worth bringing down the eyesore that is the enemy tower.

Guide Top

Chapter Seven: See this thing?

THIS THING. Do you see it?

THIS IS THE ENEMY. More than anything, you want to destroy these. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but dunking enemy champs can wait.

The basic idea here is that you are supposed to be jungling whenever possible for extra gold, and you push whatever lanes you can whenever you can.

Believe it or not, most of the time, you actually want to ignore advice that your teammates give you. I'm dead serious. Ignore them. Don't actually go to tab and /ignore them, just listen to what they say, and do other things instead. Your teammates will ask you to assist in teamfights, but you have to ignore their cries for help. Ignore threats of being reported too, they don't have the balls. The basketballs. To dunk with.

Fact is, if you can push a tower while a teamfight is happening elsewhere, the enemy team either has to pull a champ to defend it, or lose the tower. Just make sure to keep Highlander with you while you attack the tower. Never use it early unless you are sure you can get away.

So, let's say you've just backdoored the enemy tower. Tower-dunk! Anyways, the entire enemy team is now on the hunt for a Master named Yi. At this point, you want to run to the nearest safe area. Master Yi is one of the few champs that can actually run straight through an enemy gank using a combination of Highlander, Cleanse, and Quicksilver Sash. Sometimes, you won't even need to use Highlander, but it's good to keep with you for safety.

To demonstrate my point, I have included a video of a Master Yi player who has just activated Highlander.

Guide Top

Chapter Eight: Winning all of your games forever


You have made it to the end of my guide on how to be pro as heck at backdooring as Master Yi. If you follow my instructions carefully, then you too can have a match history that looks like this:

Erm...that isn't right. Where did my screenshot of my winnings go? Oh dear. Well, I can't seem to get it down now. If you could just ignore that, that would be great.

I can't believe it, but I think I've taught you everything there is to know about dunking as Master Yi. I can't believe we're out of time already. At any rate, I'm going to miss you. JUST KIDDING! That would be a pretty gay thing to say, wouldn't it? LOL (And by gay, I mean like the stupid kind of gay, not the other kind)

I will leave you now with a glorious tribute to the Dunkmaster himself. May the rest of your days be filled with dunk.


I don't know who made this


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