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Vi General Guide by DCruz89

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DCruz89

The Piltover Enforcer

DCruz89 Last updated on November 14, 2014
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Vi - The Piltover Enforcer

Hi guys, this is my first build guide, starting with Vi. Vi is one of my favorite champions. I love to play her in jungle. I was a very bad player in jungle and i almost quit playing jung, but since i play Vi jungle, i'm loving it. She is easy to play, to gank and to control jungle. She's also very strong in early fights.

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Vi pros:
- Great ganks;
- Great jungle clear;
- Amazing CC in team fights;
- Tanky;
- Great damege;
- Grat carry
- Good mobility

Vi cons:

- Easy to escape her Q, since is previously announced;
- Her ulti can get her kill easily in a team fight;

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When to ward? ALWAYS. I cannot stress this enough. Warding is one of the most important things anyone can do in the entire game. As jungler, don't try to delegate the responsibility of warding to the laners or the support. You need to be warding too. Here is a simple map of common places to ward.

Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

Make sure if you are warding you're also keeping an eye on the map to see if people go by them. If you keep their wraiths warded like in the picture, you can often find their jungler low health taking monsters and get a free kill or flash.
A good place for pink wards is shown here:

People usually walk right past these bushes and you can often get 20 minutes wards since pink wards don't get destroyed till someone sees them. Helps your mid laner a lot to not get ganked.

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Jungle Route

You should ask for a leash at your starting position (blue buff, #1), which means your team helps you kill it. When the buff gets to <390 health, smite it, but make sure your team is gone by then as you need all the exp. and they can steal it if they're too close. Spot 2 is wolves, which you kill smiteless (but with no leash.) Spot 3 is wraiths, no smite, no leash. Spot 4 is red buff, which you do want to smite. When taking camps, always attack the biggest enemy first, then finish off the smaller ones. After red buff, you want to gank at either one of the 5 spots. Choose between them based on which enemy is lower in health or which is more pushed. The closer to your side (and further from their tower) they are, the easier they are to gank. You can also start the game 4, 3, 2, 1 instead of 1, 2, 3, 4 if you want to gank a specific lane first or you want a better leash or you are afraid of getting counterjungled. Red buff start is usually safer if the enemy looks like they want to counter jungle you (like a Lee Sin with Ignite). After that first gank, or if a gank isn't possible, go back into the jungle, taking wraiths, wolves, and golems whenever you're not ganking. If your mid lane is someone like Karthus or Lux, try to give them blue buff next time it comes up, but if its someone who doesn't need mana like Katarina or Yasuo, take it yourself.

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Where and how to gank

This picture shows some common places to gank from/to:

LG=Lane Gank
RG=River Gank
TG= Tri Gank

When river ganking bot and top, the river brush is almost always warded when you're playing against good players, so I wouldn't suggest attempting a gank that way unless its vision warded, or the enemy is too pushed up to run even if they do see you. Usually, lane ganks are the best. A lane gank is when your laner pushes up so the enemy doesn't have vision of the brush closest to your turret. The jungler then comes into that bush, waits till the enemies push too far or are in a bad spot (particularly helped out by a bait from the laners), and jumps out. Follow the arrows, but make the laners are pushed far enough up so there's no vision of you when you move between bushes. Communicate with your laners before you attempt this, because sometimes these bushes are warded. Another way to gank without being detected is coming through the tri bush. In bot (top if you are on the other side), ganking from their tri bush (TG(b)) will involve turret diving. Have your laners push the minions to the turrets so they will tank the turret while you get into position. However, as soon as you attack the enemies, the turret will turn on you, so be careful. You usually only want to dive if the enemy is already somewhat low. You cannot be low leveled for these types of gank or you will die. You can also gank from your tri bush (TG(a)) if the enemy is pushed up too far. Especially when combined with the use of Ghost, you can sometimes catch up to the enemies more quickly than they can run. In top lane, the tri bush is easier to gank from. Make sure your laner is not pushed to the turret, and you should be able to catch the opponent too far out. Mid ganks are pretty self explanatory from the arrows. Usually when ganking as vi, you want to initiate with your q and make sure it hits. If they flash away and you're 6, you can usually ult them to clean up. Don't ult them before they flash unless it's definitely enough damage to kill them or they might just escape with [flash] after you've burned all your gapclosers. Also try not to waste q just to get closer to them, because it's your biggest damage other than your ult. The combo for vi gank is Q>AA>E>AA>E then R if need be. After you have your [sunfire cape] it's not too hard to turret dive people unless they have a lot of CC. Try to only dive if you can account for everyone on their team and you know the person you're diving can't CC you under the turret.


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