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Ezreal Build Guide by overleaf

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author overleaf

The Prodigal Explorer Returns!

overleaf Last updated on September 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my Ezreal guide!
I have played Ezreal a great many times (from the start of season 2 to now), and while there are many guides detailing everything about him, I play him rather differently to the current meta.

A lot of people are currently into the Blue Build Ezreal, but I don't like it so im here giving you some alternatives!

Read on and see what you learn :)

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Ezreal has remained a popular pick in competitive and normal play alike. He brings a lot to the table in a variety of team compositions, as outlined below:

+Great escape ability
+Long range q
+Global ultimate
+Great for pushing towers as a team
+High damage mid-game
+Very good kiting ability

-Mana dependant early
-Quite squishy early game
-Lacks CC
-Falls off late-game
-All abilities are skill shots

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If anyone is reading this guide I am assuming they have the basic knowledge of his skills such as scaling and mana cost etc, below is a brief outline of Ezreal's skills

Ezreal's passive is quite under-rated I feel, and sometimes having stacks of it can be the difference between life and death. The way it works; hit enemies with spells to increase your attack speed by 10%(stacks 5 times). At max stacks this is equivalent to a Phantom Dancer!

Ezreal's Main skill, this is what you will use to harras in lane, secure last hits if being zoned and kite when being chased. If you hit an enemy with Mystic Shot, all of your cooldowns will be reduced by 1 second (including Mystic Shot itself!). This skill will enable you to get more ults down the map and more arcane shifts to safety, utilising and landing this skill seperates good Ezreal players from great ones

Essence Flux is Ezreal's W and is a skill left mainly to AP Ezreal, which I will not be covering today, it does however have some uses which should be noted: This skill increases the attack speed of all allies it hits by up to 40% as well as applying Rising Spell Force for EACH ally hit! This makes the skill an incredible tower pushing ability when combined with a top lane bruiser or an assassin ( Talon, Rengar etc), simply aim this skill over your entire team and watch a towers health melt away!

Ezreal's escape ability, and one of the better escape abilities on an AD carry, see an enemy Udyr charging from river? Simply E away and run to tower till he gets bored and leaves. Arcane Shift is essentially a free Flash with a cooldown that can be dropped to around 7 seconds with Mystic Shot hits. This makes Ezreal a very difficult carry to, not only gank during laning, but also pin down in a teamfight. A VERY useful note for this skill is when you are laning against a Blitzcrank. If you happen to get hooked and Arcane Shift away at the same time, you will end up where you would have teleported to instead of ending up next to Blitzcrank with his Power Fist ready to cause some pain.

Ezreal's ultimate skill, a global range skillshot that deals magic damage and weakens the more targets it passes through. While this ability has high base damage, if it does not hit the priority target within the first few hits, it may not do a great deal of damage. This ability is mainly used initially to snipe across the map to solo lane opponents who are low after an engage. If you see an Annie on 200HP after fighting mid, you can try estimate where she will recall and get a cheeky pickup :D This skill is also good for stopping enemy baron nashor or dragon attempts or even steal the kill for your team.

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

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Not a great deal of explanation required here, standard AD carry offence, but I go 9 in defence to compensate for Ezreal's low health and defensive stats. Where others would perhaps go 21-0-9 for the extra mana, i feel the extra tankiness provided by the defense tree is superior

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

Ult is to be maxed first (as is the case for nearly every champion)

Maxing Q is the most useful route to take with Ezreal. It grants more damage as well as a lower cooldown, all round the best skill to max!

The next skill to max is down to preference and how the game is panning out, if your team groups quickly and tried to siege towers down, then maxing Essence Flux is perhaps the most beneficial as it gives your team great pushing power. But in most cases I max Arcane Shift for the lower cooldown to enable more clutch escapes.

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Summoner Spells

To be taken every single game, sometimes your Arcane Shift is not up in time, or you get level 1 ganked so you don't even have it skilled! take it EVERY GAME.

Current meta is for the AD carry to take barrier, a good choice and my personal preference for 90% of games.


An almost equivalent to Barrier in terms of protection, useful in bottom lane as it can heal not only you, but your support as well! The drawback is that it can be countered by ignite.

A more offensive oriented summoner spell, it can work if you're going HAM with a support like Leona or Blitzcrank but leaves you with no protection to fall back on should things go Pete Tong.

This summoner depends on the enemy team comp more than anything else, while the support typically takes Exhaust anyway, double Exhaust can completely ruin a Vayne's day. A solid pick if the enemy team is comprised of double AD carry/VERY little magic damage.

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The standard start for most AD carries, provides health, damage AND a bit of lifesteal all for 475 gold!

First Recall

The Sheen pickup early (10-12 minute mark) will give you incredible damage output with your Mystic Shot

If Things Are Going Well (more farm/more kills than opponent)

If you are winning your lane comfortably you will want to get your trinity force finished ASAP; the damage from Sheen's passive will DOUBLE when converted into Trinity Force as well as giving a bit of every stat that is useful on Ezreal, Trinity Force is the single best snowballing item on Ezreal.

When Things Aren't Going Well

If you end up a kill down, are getting out farmed or nothing is really happening in your lane except farming and occasional harass then you are better off finishing your Berserker's Greaves and grabbing a Vampiric Scepter to get a bit more sustain to be able to farm well enough to finish the Trinity Force

Where To Go From Here

Once you have your Trinity Force, Berserker's Greaves and Vampiric Scepter completed, your build opens up a bit. If you wish to stack damage right away, then a The Bloodthirster is the way to go, with it only costing little over 2000 gold from this point. If the enemy team is already stacking armour then a Last Whisper is the way to go (you WILL be getting one at some point MOST games but if the enemy starts their armour stacking early, you can get it now). If you are getting melting in fights, or wish to be an inescapable monster with perma slow, then a Frozen Mallet would be ideal, the slow combined with the passive speed boost from Trinity Force means you will never be caught by a single attacker or you will always catch up to a fleeing enemy.

Typical End Game Builds

With the standard base build consisting of:

You can finish off your build depending on the enemy teams composition:

Heavy CC/Magic damage enemy team:

This enables you to output a decent amount of damage while being able to Mercurial Scimitar any enemy disables, with a Guardian Angel to resurrect should you fall to an enemy casters full combo.

AD heavy enemy team:

This build allows you to kite any enemy that doesn't not have a gap-closer, however, should you be facing a Zed or Rengar the Randuin's Omen gives good health and armour to survive the burst while the active may allow for an escape.

Blue Build (I personally never use this but i thought i would include it, i also did not come up with it but if someone knows who did, message me and i will add due credit to them)


I feel like I should explain why I prefer Frozen Mallet on Ezreal as opposed to an Iceborn Gauntlet.
Firstly, the passive Spellblade on Iceborn Gauntlet will NOT stack with the Trinity Force passive (which is 75% more), I am not sure which comes out on top, but either way you're spending money for something you don't even end up with!

Secondly, while Iceborn Gauntlet gives good armour, Frozen Mallet gives an extra 700HP and 30 extra AD! This means it is far more viable to defend against not only any AD damage, but also AP burst (which Iceborn Gauntlet's armour gives nothing to)

Thirdly, the kiting. Frozen Mallet has a 10% better slow while Iceborn Gauntlet has an AoE effect, so if you are trying to kite multiple assailants, Iceborn Gauntlet may be the way to go, but if one person is getting up in your face Frozen Mallet is a FAR better option!

If you are planning to be the main DPS in teamfights, then you are best off with the standard build listed. But if you can sacrifice a bit of damage and wish to poke while at the back of your team, then an Iceborn Gauntlet is the better choice.

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Lane Matchups

Ezreal's laning phase is really quite strong, with his Arcane Shift and Flash up, he is pretty much unkillable. There are, of course, some lanes which present a bit of a challenge as far as farming and poking go:

Caitlyn is perhaps the most difficult early laning opponent to face for most champions, but Ezreal can suffer a lot if the lane is not played in the right way. Caitlyn has enough range to be able to harass you most of the time, and STILL manage to stay behind minions so your Mystic Shot cannot hit her. Your best bet is to farm with Mystic Shot if Caitlyn is playing aggressive and await ganks from your jungler. Once you reach level 6 and your Trueshot Barrage becomes available you can become aggressive if your support manages to catch her out, but for the most part this lane will be more about farming than getting kills.

This lane is pretty much the polar opposite of Caitlyn's. you need to harass early on and play safe post-6 as Vayne's Final Hour will dominate you. As the game progresses you are best of kiting Vayne with an early Frozen Mallet while awaiting ganks, if you get caught out you are dead, if you try all in a Vayne with Blade of the Ruined King you are also dead.

Graves is a bit of an oddity when paired against Ezreal. His damage output can be a real issue if you fail to dodge his Buckshot and Collateral Damage combo. The best tactic is to always have your Arcane Shift up and if he Quickdraws forward, Arcane Shift 90 degrees to him to avoid the follow up Buckshot.

Tristana is not a problem until later in the game when she can out range you massively and then Buster Shot you away when you finally get in range. Early game harassment is a good counter as her range is much shorter. also remember if you take summoner Heal, her Explosive Shot applies healing reduction. This is also important to remember if you are going for a lifesteal based build as she will halve its effectiveness.

Twitch can be a pain, especially when combined with a support like Alistar. Getting Headbutted back into a freshly Ambushed Twitch is a world of hurt. Trading with Twitch can also be very deceiving as his expunge will be used towards the end of a fight, you may think you are about to win, but when you reach about 300hp and max stacks of Deadly Venom, you are one dead explorer. Twitch is even squishier than Ezreal so if you can go aggressive with a support that has pink warded, go for it.

Draven has possibly the best damage of any AD carry, his Spinning Axes will absolutely wreck you throughout the game. The safest course of action is to farm and not be aggressive unless you are sure you have a clear advantage. Aiming Mystic Shot where Draven's Spinning Axe is about to land will either reduce his damage significantly as he will drop the axe, or her will take easy harass while trying to catch it.

This is a farm lane. Ashe can match your Mystic Shot harass with Volley and can save up a crit that can leave you recalling very early. When you both reach level 6 it is best to spam your Trueshot Barrage in lane against her as harass to prevent her from engaging. You may think this sounds odd, but you can reduce your Trueshot Barrages cooldown considerably using Mystic Shot, if she stays in lane too long after being chunked down, you can all in her your support.

Varus is an easy lane for Ezreal, his Piercing Arrow is so telegraphed its easy to Arcane Shift out of the way. Once he gets Chain of Corruption you simply need to kite him with Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift to prevent him using it. If you do get caught you will be in a some trouble so it is imperative to avoid all of Varus' skillshots.

Another easy lane, you can Arcane Shift out of his Void Ooze to prevent him getting too many free hits with his Bio-Arcane Barrage. Kog'Maw is INCREDIBLY squishy, so if you get the chance to Arcane Shift in followed up by Mystic Shot and auto attacks, do it. If you have at least sheen, you will out trade him quite easily. The problem with Kog'Maw is his very long poke, so don't let him do it!

Lucian hasn't been out for very long so people haven't quite got his skills/ builds down yet, BUT from what I can already see is you need to to avoid standing behind allied minions as his Piercing Light will go through them for free harass. Another thing to note is that after casting an ability, Lucian gets a double attack akin to Master Yi, so make sure to stand far enough away to avoid it. When The Culling finally comes out, simply Arcane Shift sideways (not backwards) to avoid getting hit at all, you can even attack him at your discretion as he can not turn or auto attack you back while The Culling is active.

Corki is almost a mirror lane for Ezreal. With the season 3 updates he will 90% of the time be building Trinity Force to use with his abilities, on top of an armour shred, he will win most engages with an Ezreal with Missile Barrage and Phosphorus Bomb

Sivir is a pain as she can spell shield any of your spells, luckily she sucks and no one plays her anymore...

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Team Fighting

Ezreal can really contribute to team fights, he can escape a lot of initiation with Arcane Shift and, even if he cant risk auto attacking directly, his Mystic Shot will slowly whittle away enemies until he can Trueshot Barrage to clean up the last enemies. If a team fight begins with enemy team initiation ( Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy, Malphite's Unstoppable Force etc) then Ezreal needs to Arcane Shift away as soon as he is out of CC and begin either attacking the bruiser in the middle of his team or at the very least Essence Fluxing the rest of his team and laying down as many Mystic Shots as humanly possible.

When playing Ezreal always remember: STAY AT THE BACK OF YOUR TEAM. If you can only attack the enemy Hecarim because he is bearing down on you, then you HAVE to attack him! There is no point trying to get past the enemy teams frontline, you will get blown up by their bruisers. By this point in the game, you should have a Last Whisper so attacking a 150 armour Malphite is not as bad as dying trying to reach Caitlyn or Orianna.

Ideal Compositions:





All of the above champions are great when paired with Ezreal as they can not only peel for him if he gets charged by an enemy Rengar or Kha'Zix but they can also apply enough crowd control to enable Ezreal to get a first hit Trueshot Barrage across at least 2 enemy champions, which is a hell of a lot of damage.

Useful Tips:

When teamfighting, the river is the best place to do it as there are no minions around to reduce Trueshot Barrage down to its 40% minimum damage. This is also something to remember when tried to pick up a kill or baron nashor steal across the map, look for a path which will not take the projectile across any neutral monster camps, as it may cost you a kill due to the reduced damage.

When trying to push towers, cast your Mystic Shot on incoming enemy minions to build charges of Rising Spell Force, you can cast it while still attacking the tower to build up the 50% bonus attack speed AS WELL AS the charge of spellblade from Trinity Force which applies bonus damage to towers. These combined effects can make Ezreal an incredibly efficient split pusher.

Remember to stagger your abilities to get as many spellblade charges as possible during a single fight. It is far better to Arcane Shift > Auto attack > Mystic Shot > Essence Flux > auto attack than to simply Arcane Shift in and cast as many spells as possible.

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Seeing as this is my first guide I would like to thank JhoiJhoi for uploading a guide tutorial with coding and other useful tips.

I encourage you all to go and read it if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading