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Fiora Build Guide by iskillzi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iskillzi

The queen of AOE

iskillzi Last updated on March 27, 2012
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solo top/bot & jungle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction - about the guide

Hello everyone, this guide will be my very first guide ever. I'm not too confident in myself about making this so please help me in anyways possible, thanks.

About the guide - This first build was completely made by my friend, she told me about tiamat and how it DOES work with her ultimate. Yes that's right her ultimate will be AOE damage, and you will steal life with this too.

So full credit for the build goes to my friend, whose name will not be mentioned.

Full credit for the guide is mine.

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About the runes - the runes used for her are basic runes for almost any AD carry.
I typically run:

Armor pen marks
Armor seals
Magic resist/level glyphs
Armor pen Quintessances

I feel this rune build is mostly suited for late game than early game (because of the armor pen and MR/level glyphs.

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About the masteries - These masteries I feel are also typically used for any AD carry not sure how much I can explain about them or really what there is TO explain about them.

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Skill Sequence

About the skills - Here is a simple lay down about all of her abilities

her Q (lunge) is a distance ability you can use to get close or run from opponents, seeing as you can use this ability twice within a few seconds of the first cast you can easily go into a fight and get out with another Q (lunge) or if you take the opponents HP down quite a bit and you can finish them with only a few more hits you can use Q (lunge) to get closer to them.

her W (riposte) will parry any basic attack, and inflict some damage back to the attacker. This ability makes it really easy to dive opponents head on, not only will you take a lot less damage from an attack (if vs another AD carry like yi or gangplank etc) and deal a small amount back.

her E (burst of speed) will increase your attack speed by A LOT, therefore you will require no attack speed items. Yes in some builds they may give her a phantom dancer or two, however if I was the maker of those builds I would do spam infinity edge (if I wanted just crit spam) not only does infinity edge give you a lot of damage, but it also gives you a high crit chance. Along with Fiora's E this will do a lot of damage, however this isn't what this guide is about.

her R (blade waltz) will cause her to attack nearby champions in a quick succession, the first and last hit of this ability will be on the same target you clicked at first. This ability is really powerful as well because you CANNOT be targeted while in this state. As powerful as this ability already is Tiamat along with lifesteal will give you an AOE Lifestealing ultimate, which means all that insane damage this ultimate already did before, will become even greater.

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About the items - The abilities chapter pretty much sums up the items chapter.

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About jungling - With fiora jungling is very easy because her W (riposte) allows her to also parry big minions (this includes buffed minions, wolves, big wraith, and both of the little golems.

The typical jungle route for fiora would be: Blue buff first Then go over to the wolves after the wolves head over to the wraith camp at this point you should be level 3 if not continue to red buff camp after red buff camp check your hp, if you're atleast 3/4ths full and have 1 health potion left, gank mid lane or bottom lane, after you gank you should go back and buy items at this time you should be able to afford madreds madreds razors or even wriggles at this point.
continue to jungle and gank every minute or so make sure you gank each lane equally, I don't care if top is tank and you won't get a kill from it, do it anyways.

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Summoner Spells

About the summoner spells - The goods and bads about summoner spells with fiora.

Good summoner spells:

Exhaust Exhaust is a very good summoner spell for almost any champion, it slows down move speed by a lot (which is nice for fiora until after she gets frozen mallet) and also if used with offensive mastery "summoners wrath" Summoners Wrath it will reduce opponents armor and magic resist by 10, which is great early game.

Ghost Ghost is not really required for fiora however is still a decent spell for getting away or chasing enemy champions however I always prefer flash for running instead of ghost both spells CAN be used together and will be very effective still if they are.

Smite Smite is REQUIRED for jungling in ranked games no matter who you play even if you don't need it in normal games you need it for stealing dragon baron or other buffs in ranked.

Teleport Teleport is useful for backdooring along with stopping backdoorers or returning to lane quickly after going back or dying.

Ignite Ignite is one of the best summoner spells (in my opinion) because of the high true damage it deals, this is a useful skill for getting first blood, and many mid-late game kills. Most effective when used on squishies.

Flash Flash is no doubt the best summoner spell. Even after its nerf, reduced flash range it still comes out on the top because it is by far the best skill for getting away when close to death.

Neutral spells:

Heal Heal in my opinion is useful at times, however you should leave heal to the tanks, AD ranged carries, and supports. This build focuses on high damage and lifesteal so getting this would only be like 1 basic attacks worth of HP late game.

Cleanse Cleanse is a pretty good spell, you should only get this if the oponent has quite a bit of crowd control abilities, I would say 3+ mid-heavy crowd controllers you should get this ability, any less you don't need it.

Bad spells:

Revive Revive is a bad spell because to use it you need to die, why would a guide tell you all this information expecting you to die? Not to mention that this spells cooldown is INSANELY long.

Surge Surge is a bad spell because Yes it gives a decent amount of attack speed, however it also gives you ability power, which fiora's abilities use NO ability power. I would only use this spell on hybrids like jax.

Clarity Clarity is a bad spell because it only restores your mana, and fiora really doesn't need this mana.

Clairvoyance Clairvoyance is a very good spell, but should only be used for supports.

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Thanks to everyone who reads this guide and uses it. Please comment on it, rate it, etc.
Hope you all liked this. Like I said earlier on in the guide please be harsh in comments I want information to make this guide better!