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Hecarim Build Guide by Bright Sun Man

Jungle gold

The REAL Hecarim Carry (Season 8 Updated)

By Bright Sun Man | Updated on December 23, 2017
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter



LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Hi, this is my first build guide on MobaFire, and I'll be showing you my take on Hecarim, the scary pony. Hecarim in my eyes is one of the most mobile and overpowered champions right now. His base damages are insanely high, and his utility is also high. I have been playing Hecarim when he was super meta in the middle of season 7, but when he fell off, I still played him as a niche jungler. I started playing him using his most common build, Trinity Force into full tank. However, I felt like I could do more, so I added a Youmuu's Ghostblade into the mix, along with some other items with carry potential. It feels nice to have some extra damage in your kit, compared to the boring full tank build. Furthermore, with the addition of the new runes, you get a nice speed buff from Predator. PS: If I forgot something super obvious in my guide, please message me to add them. Thanks <3
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This build works most optimally when already ahead. If not, you'll be ahead by the time you finish the build anyways. If you don't feel like your'e strong enough, farm your jungle or farm the enemy's ADC for more gold to speed up your build's progress. This build still works in season 8, as they have not nerfed Hecarim, heck they buffed him with all the movement buffs.
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Pros / Cons

Demolishes Squishies
Runs fast, good at roaming
40% CDR early in game
Monstrous if ahead
Still useful late-game to dive backline

Somewhat squishy before finishing cinderhulk
Won't survive diving into 5 enemies (usually)
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Summoner Spells


Smite is completely necessary no matter what if you plan to go in the jungle.


Ghost is better than Flash on Hecarim because it gives him important movement speed for stickiness and AD.
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Runes Reforged


Predator is a nice buff to hecarim, as it gives him even more speed for his increase in AD

Sudden Impact

The only other important rune for this snowballing build. You can take all of the other stacking runes that follow in the Domination Rune path, but Sudden Impact's tenacity boost and damage boost is really good for your charges and initiations.

Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection allows you to snowball even faster after nabbing a couple kills.

Relentless Hunter

Relentless Hunter gives you more speed the more kills you get. The more base movespeed you have, the higher your AD will grow because of Warpath.


Unflinching combined with Ghost allows you to run through most cc and at least reach your desired target.


Still probably the closest thing to strength of the ages. Farming the jungle allows you to get free extra health to add onto your bulk, and subsequently make your Cinderhulk stronger.

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Starting Items

Hunter's Talisman

Generic Starting Item for hecarim, start blue side or else you will run out of mana

Refillable Potion

Do NOT buy normal Health Potions in the jungle, Refillable Potion is much more cost efficient

Skirmisher's Sabre

Most hecarim guides tell you to buy Stalker's Blade to be more sticky, but this build is mainly for killing people, build Skirmisher's Sabre for more burst and better dueling.
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Core Items

Trinity Force

This is your most important item. It gives you some of the fast jungle clear speeds in the game, and allows you start destroying the squishies with the Sheen damage along with the Devastating Charge damage.

Skirmisher's Sabre Enchantment: Cinderhulk

Enchantment: Cinderhulk is still the best jg item that hecarim can get. Enchantment: Warrior would give
Hecarim more burst for sure, but he would be extremely squishy.

Boots of Swiftness

Gotta go fast. Switch out for Mercury's Treads when you want to have a little more cc resistance.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

This amazing item gives Hecarim movespeed, which in turn gives him more AD because of Warpath. With his bonus damage, Hecarim can safely one-shot most of the squishy champions. And, they won't be able to run away, because Ghost, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Devastating Charge makes Hecarim one of the fastest champions in the game.
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Optional Items

Quicksilver Sash

This item is great for passing through single hard cc that could possibly stop your charge. For example, Twisted Fate gold card and Xerath stun. You can even run right past Veigar's Event Horizon, leading to an easy kill. Turn it into a Mercurial Scimitar if you have nothing better to do with your gold.

Dead Man's Plate/ Edge of Night

Buy either one of them for more resistances if you don't want to be shredded as fast. Dead Man's Plate is also good if you want even more movement speed. Edge of Night for the additional spell shield.

Guardian Angel

For the late game, gives you another chance if you messed up somehow.

Sterak's Gage

Only get this item if you are really ahead and can afford to lack some resistances so you can hit harder.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bright Sun Man
Bright Sun Man Hecarim Guide
The REAL Hecarim Carry (Season 8 Updated)