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Janna Build Guide by SaveAsUntitled

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaveAsUntitled

The Storm Approaches - Support Janna Guide

SaveAsUntitled Last updated on March 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Leona Leona is a great matchup for Janna because Janna's disengage heavily counters Leona's engage. Stay behind your ADC for the most part so that you can shield them and attempt to stop her Zenith Blade with your Q. Stay out of melee range and don't be afraid to play aggressive what Zenith Blade is on cooldown, especially pre-6.
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Hey guys, SaveAsUntitled here! I picked up League of Legends about two years ago (right around the release of Lucian) and since the beginning I've been one of the weirdos who just loves playing support. For the longest time, I had been playing mainly Thresh but I saw some pros playing Janna so I thought I'd try her out and I absolutely fell in love with her play style. So I hope I can help you out with learning how to play the amazingly enjoyable Janna with this in-depth (and my first) guide!

[*] The best disengage support in the game
[*] Two abilities with hard CC and one slow
[*] Shield gives 50+ AD at max level
[*] Can break up sieges with charged Q & turret shield
[*] Amazing AP scaling
[*] Fits with most ADCs
[*] Simple to learn, hard to master
[*] Extremely squishy
[*] Lacks damage
[*] Doesn’t have sustain for laining
[*] Hard to catch enemies out in the mid/late game
[*] Taunt spams are lackluster

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Abilities & Skill Sequence

Passive: Janna's passive, Tailwind, is a nice benefit to have in lane or when disengaging but it will rarely play a huge factor in deciding games.

Q: Janna's Q, Howling Gale, is a fantastic engaging and disengaging tool that can be devastatingly effective if it's able to hit multiple targets. In most situations, you'll be reactivating it immediately but when defending a tower from a siege and/or a large group of minions, you'll want to let it completely charge so that it goes the complete distance and knocks up the minions and enemies for the max amount of time.

W: Janna's W, Zephyr, is a useful tool for getting catches on champions especially when combined with Q or ally CC. It's low mana cost also allows it to be a good tool to proc spellthief's and get some poke in lane. Furthermore, Zephyr's passive allows Janna to dodge skillshots, set up picks, and make plans easier with it's massive speed boost.

E: Janna's E, Eye Of The Storm, is one of the strongest support abilities in the entire game because of its ability to give your ADC an extra BF sword of AD at max level without factoring in AP. The timing and use of this ability is gravely important in lane for winning trades. This ability can also be used to shield turrets which, when used in combination with a fully charged Q, can save turrets on the brink of death, break up sieges, and most importantly: annoy the hell out of the enemy team.

R: Janna's R, Monsoon, is a game changing ultimate that can single handedly win or lose a team fight. Monsoon has three major uses:

  • Disengaging when an assassin such as Katarina attempts to jump into the middle of your team and burst them down.
  • Healing your team with the ridiculous 180% AP ratio so that they can have a second wind (pun totally intended) in a team fight or on the rare occasion, to heal your team while taking Baron with dangerously low health.
  • And rarely, Monsoon can be used to engage by pushing the enemy team into your team and tower by combining the knock back from your ultimate with flash. Be wary of trying to play make with this combo because it puts squishy Janna in a very dangerous situation if your team cannot kill the threats quickly.
Ability Sequence
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So the skill sequence for Janna is E>W>Q. Eye Of The Storm is the first ability that should be maxed because of 50 AD it gives without factoring in AP at max rank. Zephyr is next because of its low mana cost even at high levels and because its point and click targeting sets up for a much easier Q. Howling Gale is the last ability that we max on Janna because its mana cost gets too expensive too quickly and W&E are better ability to have at max rank first.

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Janna's itemization should always be dependent on the enemy's team composition, who on the other team is doing the most damage, and what item will best fit your team. There is no Janna build that will work perfectly for every single game but there are three items that should be built every single game without fail.

  • Sightstone is such an important item. As a support, your most important job by far is vision control. Don't worry about upgrading it into Ruby Sightstone until late game because it's not worth the price until you have nothing else left to buy. Side-note on vision: switch your green trinket to red once you complete sightstone and upgrade it as soon as you can once you hit level 9 (and make sure to kindly remind your teammates that buying wards and upgrading trinkets is cheap and not just for you.)
  • Frostfang is the best choice of support item for Janna in lane and when it's fully upgraded, it gives mana regeneration, AP, gold per 10, and cooldown reduction which are all amazing stats to have on Janna. It also gives Janna's kit more utility by adding yet another disengage tool.
  • Boots of Mobility are a great and stat efficient pick up on almost every support but they are especially fitting for Janna. Being able to increase her already high movement speed even further allows for more efficient roaming, warding, and catches with W+Q.

From there it all really depends on the match-up. Some itemization choices are easy such as Frozen Heart and Thornmail VS an all AD team but others aren't aren't obvious. If you aren't exactly certain on what you think you should build, remember to focus on these two most important things: what champion is doing the most damage on the other team and reaching the 40% CDR cap (and making sure to not waste stats by going over it.) I know this is an extremely oversimplified way to explain what path of items your build should follow but it's a solid foundational rule for helping choose items.

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With Janna being a mainly defensive support, the best option by far for Janna is exhaust and flash. Flash is a staple on almost all champions and exhaust allows you to even further defend your team past the extent of your abilities and is important for shutting down the damage ADCs and assassins late game.

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Offensive Tree

Putting four points in Sorcery is essential for inevitably reaching the 40% CDR cap by the end of the game. When combined with Intelligence in the utility tree, you start the game off with a nice and even 10% CDR.

Putting points into Mental Force and Arcane Mastery gives Janna a bit more AP which is also beneficial with her fantastic AP scaling.

Expose Weakness helps your carries do more damage when you hit an opponent with a spell and is by far the best way to use your ninth point in offense. It's a far better choice than Double-Edged Sword because Janna's damage output is not great enough to counterbalance the additional 1.5 damage received.

Defensive Tree

Putting zero points in the Defensive tree is a necessary choice that needs to be made to reach 10% CDR from masteries alone. Furthermore, defensive stats aren't that useful on Janna anyway because if you're caught with your crazy movespeed, a little bit of extra health won't save you.

Utility Tree

Greed , Scavenger , Wealth , and Bandit are all core masteries for supports to take to help increase their lackluster gold production.

Intelligence is the other key half in reaching 10% CDR with masteries. Also, the 10% CDR on activated items is great to have for any other active items besides yoyr support item that you may pick up such as Crucible or Locket.

Alchemist and Culinary Master are solid masteries that help your early game sustain and are frankly your best options this early in the tree (and who doesn't love biscuits?)

Wanderer is a no brainer after getting this far in the mastery tree and it synergizes with mobo boots and Zephyr's passive.

Summoner's Insight allows you to use flash and exhaust more frequently which is always a great benefit and much like Alchemist it's easily the best pick at this level of the tree.

Putting three points into Meditation allows for much more diverse itemization for Janna throughout the game because it eliminates the severity of the need for a mana item.

Fleet of Foot boosts Janna's crazy movement speed even further which allows more opportunity to make picks, roam, and escape from perilous situations.

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9x Mark of Armor helps minimize the poke damage Janna will take in lane. Pretty much a standard.

9x Seal of Health mitigate both types of damage early and partially makes up for the lack of points in the defense tree.

9x Glyph of Magic Resist minimize the damage from the enemy support who will mainly be outputting AP damage.

With Janna's great AP scaling on her abilities, 3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power are the perfect choice to start her off strong.

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Early Game

As Janna, you should be playing passive for the most part during the easy game (particularly in your bad match-ups.) Looking for safe opportunities to get Spellthief's Edge procs and capitalizing on level advantages (particularly if you hit level two or six first) are what you should be focusing on strategy wish at this point in the game. Shield your ADC or yourself when caught by CC to minimize damage and shield your ADC to make good trades even better when you catch an enemy out with CC. When getting pushed into tower, shield your own tower to minimize the damage it takes. When playing on the blue side, you should buy a pink ward and put it in the tri-bush to defend from ganks and not have to use your Sightstone wards in the river. How this part of the game goes will help decide if it is a good idea to pick up a soulstealer this game.

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Mid Game

At this point in the game, objectives should become the number one focus. Vision control on Dragon is imperative in the Mid game. Saying in chat when Dragon is a minute or less away is a good tactic to make sure your team rotates to pick up the objective. Destroying and defending towers should also be a major focus during the Mid Game. For the majority of games, bot lane tower should be your first objective and then you and your ADC should go help take mid tower. Be sure to not giving up your bot tower for free while helping out mid especially as Janna who can dramatically stall a push by herself with a fully charged Q and tower shield.

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Janna's Role in Teamfights

At this point in the game, full team-fights and large skirmishes will start occurring (especially around towers and dragon pit.) Janna should be on the back-line of the team giving shield to whomever needs it with the ADC being prioritized over all other teammates because of the shield's AD bonus. Janna should also be keeping enemies from reaching her team's carries on the back-line by using Howling Gale, Zephyr, and Monsoon. Make sure to save your ult until you can use it to its maximum potential and to make sure you're not going to screwing over someone on your team's abilities by the ability's displacement.

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Late Game

WARDS WARDS WARDS. Knowing when Baron and Dragon are up and if anyone is taking them is the most important thing that a support can do during the late game. Vision or lack there of can singlehandly win or lose your team the game at this point. Other than worrying about wards, continue to keep your carries alive in team-fights and don't get caught out and you should be well on your way to winning.

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So I hope you've been able to enjoy my guide and I hope I've been able to help you out in some sort of way with playing Janna! As previously stated, this is my first guide I've ever made so any critiques or criticisms in the comments are greatly appreciated! I do stream from time to time but its usually just me and a bunch of friends playing some normals together but if that sounds like your cup of tea, the link to my twitch channel is right below.

Twitch Channel: SaveAsUntitled
Youtube Channel: SaveAsUntitled