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Fiora Build Guide by SaxTig

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaxTig

The Subtle Duelist [Patch 5.15]

SaxTig Last updated on August 21, 2015
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello I'm SaxTiger and this is my brief guide to the new Fiora. This is my first guide ever and would appreciate some feed back. I may not have many ranked games on Fiora, but she was one of the first champions I ever mained and really learned to love. This made me decide that I should give her some love after her recent update. Fiora is currently in a confusing spot as many people do not know how to build her now but this is an interesting build I've had good results with recently.

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Pros / Cons

- % Max Health True Damage
- Trades Very Well
- Low Cool Down Escape and Engage
- Built in Slows
- Game Changing Aoe Heal
- Has a Damage "Spell Shield"
- Very Fun to Play
- Headmistress

- Difficult to Play
- Naturally Squishy
- Difficult in Team Fights
- No Range
- Lacks Her Old Burst
- Gets Focused Hard
- Pink Hair Highlight

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Skill Sequence

Skill Priority

R > Q > E > W

Skill Overview


This is Fiora's bread and butter skill that increases her mobility massively. It is necessary for her to dodge, initiate, reposition, and more! This skill is what makes her an excellent duelist in correspondence with her passive Duelist Dance. It also has a built in auto attack reset that procs ALL ON HIT EFFECTS. Our build optimizes this through our black cleaver and iceborn gauntlet, utilizing both item passives each time we dash with Q. Lunge also has reduced cool down for each time it strikes an enemy unit or neutral creep. Abuse the hell out of this and chase engage passive enemies by making your first dash through a minion wave and then to the enemy since the spell is on such low cool down. Our item build will bring Q's cooldown to 3.25 seconds each time it strikes something which makes Fiora one of the hardest champions to run from. Another cool trick to this skill is that it will target enemies even if they are in a bush with no vision, so go for that last hit with the dash and don't worry about being cheesed by lack of vision. Start and max this skill first.



This skill is one of those make or break skills that will often decide how successful one is with a champion. It is technically a .75 second spell shield that blocks all incoming damage from enemy champions, which makes for some crazy out plays. About to get dunked by Darius? Parry it. Predicting a Malphite ult? Parry it. Feel like saying #@!# you to any nearly any skill that has and will ever annoy you? Parry it. But here comes the difficult part, parrying it. This skill is all about prediction and reading ones enemy. Once mastered, this will make you win duels that will turn heads. The slow and attack speed debuff are both things to note as well though. It may be better to use ones parry early in certain matchups (Yasuo) in order to more easily win trades. W can also be used to poke the enemy and proc Fiora's passive which is extremely useful in lane. Lastly W can be used to last hit an enemy, which feels just about as great as killing someone with a blue smite. Take this skill third and max it last.



This skill is a blessing and a curse rolled into one. While it is nice to have the slow on the first hit, it cannot crit (Rito pls). The second auto attack then has a guaranteed reduced crit. It is this skill and Fiora's passive that have slowly pushed me away from playing Fiora as an AD Nuke. It is a very necessary skill to her kit now that she does not receive bonus movement speed from her former E, but it does have strings attached. Use this skill for its auto attack reset and slow to re-position for that next devastating critical strike + vital strike. The guaranteed crit is also very valuable early game as well in trades, so be sure to get it off before ducking back out of the trade. Take and max second.

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Flash is something to always take despite her low cool down dash. With the two combined large distances can be covered to create amazing plays or make unbelievable escapes. There are also many walls that cannot be hopped by Q and Flash is needed for. It is a must have ability and should not be swapped out for anything else.

Teleport is the next skill I sudgest due to the mobility and play making it provides with the ability to cover the entire map for objectives and team fights. There will be times when the next summoner spell should be used in its place.

Ignite, the kill lane spell. This is what you want to take if you want to make the other laners life miserable and possibly snowball kill after kill. I suggest taking this spell when going against another kill lane champion (like Riven) in order to make sure they don't have a leg up on you in lane. This spell and teleport are interchangeable and are based more upon preference and play style.

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Lane is an important area for Fiora that can make or break the rest of her game. With her changes she doesn't fall so far behind as before and has potential for impact on the match via w and her ultimate, but lane is still vital to success.

At level 1 one should focus on csing till the level 2 power spike. If the enemy mispositions allowing for an easy vital strike, get a quick proc with q but back out immediately after because minions damage is op early game. Level 2 is fairly similar, but this is the time that the trades can last slightly longer than before. If possible proc Vitals with q, then e to slow the enemy and proc the next vital spot with a critical strike. After this try to duck out of the fight with Q or with the movement speed buff acquired. Extended trades are not to Fiora's favor as the vital strikes can only be chained so quickly. Q does not have the shortest cool down as of yet to duck and weave for each and every vital, and minion waves are quite difficult to fight in. This should be repeated for each time an easy vital can be reasonably be struck, but focus upon csing and keeping waves under control.

This will go on until level 6 unless you have already killed your opponent or pushed them out early. At 6 though, Fiora gains a lot of burst via her ultimate with 4 true damage procs and a massive 50% movement speed buff to accompany it. Level 6 is the time to get kills against your lane opponent as you should be able to out duel just about anyone when at reasonable health. It will catch your lane opponent off guard and cause them to desperately lash back and this is the time to have Parry at the ready and secure the trade and ultimate kill with a slow and eventual heal.

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Mid Game

This is where either top tower will have been knocked down by now and approximately 16 minutes into the game. This is also the point where one must make one of two decisions, to split push or to play objectives through team fights. Roaming in general is highly recommended at the very least, as making picks is very easy with the amount of chase and escape Fiora has. Ultimately I suggest to split push more when slightly ahead to pull focus top lane. If behind focus on defending the next tower but roam and team fight to catch back up through kills and assists while bringing the rest of the team ahead as well. The problem with split pushing while behind with Fiora is that she is to easy for the enemy to simply kill and turn into a non issue.

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Split Pushing

Split Pushing is a very effective way to force objectives from the enemy. Fiora has amazing wave clear after finishing tiamat/hydra and this should be utilized to put pressure on different areas of the map. If one pulls 2 or 3 enemies to top or bottom lane, whichever is being split, that is a success in itself. If played correctly, the team will secure a more valuable objective through a dragon or tower than the enemy simply getting one kill. Split pushing is just as defensive as it is offensive, as the enemy team has a much harder time to take an objective if a wave isn't at a turret. Do note that deaths MUST be reduced through careful warding in order to get the most benefit out of split pushing. Also note that split pushing simply doesn't work with and against certain teams so do not force it.

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Team Fighting

This area is normally Fiora's weak spot as she is so naturally squishy she cannot get her damage off without being blown up, but with our build her vitality is much greater and this will cover what should be focused in team fights while playing Fiora.

By far the most important thing Fiora must do in a team fight is to have a successful ult. What I find to be most effective is to sit tight until someone is low enough to ult and kill (regaurdless of whether you kill them or not) as it does not matter if Fiora kills them as long as she procs one of the vital spots before they die.

Next, Fiora must attempt diving the back line to make that important pick on the ADC or Midlaner. Even if not successful in getting a kill, Fiora should be able to eat enough focus for the ally ADC to wreck house and win the team fight. If successful, continue making picks on each carry with her insane mobility on Q.

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I hope you all enjoyed my guide to Fiora! She is one of my favorite champions to play in League of legends due to how dynamic she is and how much outplay potential has been included into her kit. Please leave a like or comment. If you have any input as far as the champion or the guide itself feel free and I am willing to make edits when i find the time to. Enjoy skewering tanks and carries alike on the rift and don't be afraid to be creative with this awesome champion!