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Veigar Build Guide by sepulchurz

Support The Supporting Carry. Tiny Master of KS (WIP)

By sepulchurz | Updated on April 5, 2018
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This is my first ever guide, so I'm not sure how good this is but I'll try my best. I'm new to the game. I started playing League 6 months ago and I quite enjoyed it. I was reading TSM's site and found no veigar guides so i decided to make one here. Not really for any reason, just happens Veigar is my main for quite a bit now.
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Pros / Cons


  • Strong against a squishy team
  • Capable of carrying a game, as long as you have a buddy that is also not feeding
  • You can 2v5 just about any enemy comp
  • Team wide cc, potential of 12.5 seconds worth of cc on every cast.
  • Your cc is on an 8 second cooldown, by late game with a 45% cdr.
  • Great to peel of chasing enemies, especially after losing a teamfight
  • Assists give you 5 free ap


  • A lot of hard matchups
  • Very weak early game
  • Requires time and some planning
  • Requires a non feeding AD teammate to carry
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First items, always buy Ancient Coin and three potions. Why Ancient Coin? Because first, Ancient Coin is pretty standard support item. Also, means that your greedy adc can farm all the minions and you profit from it by picking up the mana and gold tokens they drop. ALso the mana tokens are useful in lane allowing you to basically spam your e's.

First back, we will get a Sapphire Crystal and Nomad's Medallion. The reason for Sapphire Crystal is because with a larger mana pool, the more mana we can get from Nomad's Medallion mana tokens. Nomad's medallion is upgraded first for extra gold income and more profitable back. Also, everytime you get an assist and you have a Nomad's Medallion, you will get 40 gold no matter how far away the enemy is. If you played Soraka, carried a Medallion, ulted, and your team wipesout the whole enemy team, you get a free 200 gold plus assist gold.

Second back, we should definitely have enough to upgrade our Sapphire Crystal into a Lost Chapter. This will even further increase our staying power in lane. Also, and extra gold will be placed in boots to allow you to land a better engage stun.

On your third back, this is where your decision must come into play. If your adc is NOT feeding, you can relax and support him by grabbing the Eye of the Oasis. If you are getting ganked often, you MUST buy Eye of the Oasis. However, if you do buy a Sightstone object, you should change your trinket into a truesight trinket allowing you to deward enemy river wards creating a better opportunities for your jungler to gank.

HOWEVER, IF YOUR ADC IS FEEDING, we must calm down, breathe in, and focus.
You MUST starting thinking about carrying your team. Start buying the components of the Morellonomicon and start ksing the ranged minions with a W-AA-Q combo. this will start slowly building up your ap. While your doing that just allow your adc to keep farming and showering you in gold from nomad's medallion. Even if your adc is just autoing and not csing, as long as the minion dies not from your attacks, they will still give you gold.

After completing your morellonomicon, I go straight for Rabadon's Deathcap because this basically multiplies your damage by 1.3. And it's passive allows you to do scale even better into late game.

Now, since in bronze solo queue, everyone probably is playing a squishy champion, and no one wanted to play a tank. You might be able to go tanky and solo carry this game. The next item I build is the Abyssal Mask. Not only does it give you magic resist and hp, it also has a wonderful teamfighting aura that will help you and your team. It makes all nearby ENEMY CHAMPIONS TO TAKE 10% MORE DAMAGE FROM MAGIC DAMAGE. Since, you are Veigar and likely outputting 1000 damage w's, having this passively weakening your enemies will help you chunk the enemies that decided to buy magic resist to counter you.

Zhonya's is a maybe build, you can switch it with another armor item but since it also gives ap, it is a good choice to pick with veigar. Also, it has an active that can allow you to (hopefully) survive enemy tower dives. Maybe you get a few kills by dropping an e around you, using zhonyas, forcing them to stay under your tower for up to 4-6 seconds or flash away abandoning the idea of killing you.

Finally, the final item that we need to complete the solo carry Veigar build is Warmog's Armor. Because you have basically unlimited mana from your Morellonomicon, all you need is health regen to sustain your seige. To get Warmog's, you will need to sell your precious Nomad's Medallion. You shouldn't sell your gold gain item until the very last moment that you have to. Once you get 2500 gold, you can bid farewell to your Nomad's Medallion as you sell it and purchase your Warmog's Armor. Now with full build, you will have some armor, some magic resist, 3.2k health, and unlimited mana. Now you can fight 2v1s quite easily, and if you need to, buy some time from your death with zhonya's and kill the enemy with the towers help.
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Skill Sequence

Normally, I max my stun first for better peel and get q second for stacking and poke. w is main damage and leveling does not decrease it's cooldown so leaving it at level 1 is the best plan. Normally, I max my stun so that anyone that gets hit by it will suffer a 2.5 second stun. By late game, your stun will be very powerful, after all, a team wide 2.5 second stun can easily win you the game.

If you find your adc feeding quite early, you should be leveling up your q to level 2-3 for better csing by level 8.

Bsic combo to cs ranged minions is your wq combo. W brings the ranged minions low, and q gets your 2 free ap.
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Team Work

Veigar works best with quite a few champions, champions that can slow enemies from range are good because it will allow Veigar to walk up and cage them in the E. Also, allies capable of displacing champions will do very well with Veigar. If you can sucessfully cage an enemy, a Draven E can knock all enemies into your stun wall, ensuring the stun. Vayne, another high damage champion can also use condemn to knock a single target through your stun wall. Since Vayne's condemn is a single target point and click ability, this will always work, making this a wonderful combo to 100% stun a single target.

Other combos include other ap champions with hard cc, like Lux. Lux can farm, can harass with her e, and if paired up with you, can chain cc them for up to 4.5 seconds. This is plenty of time for you to combo an enemy twice. Also allowing lux to have an easier time landing her own combo. Initiating with her q, she bind a target, just before her light's binding wears off, you can stun the enemy with your e and combo off. just as she also combos off. This will usually be enough to kill off most adcs in early game. and is definitely a combo worth trying out with a friend.
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Veigar is a powerful champion if used right. When used in botlane, you have a lot more opportunities to stack up your ap from landing skills because there are more enemies to hit. However this can be dangerous because there ARE more enemies to hit you there. And that's what your adc is for. To cover your ***, and go in when you do land a beautiful 2.5 second stun on both the enemy adc and support.

Please leave some constructive criticism on this guide. Your comments will go a long way to helping me improve on this guide and my own gameplay.
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23/02/2018 - The gutting of the Morellonomicon. You will be forever missed.
As Veigar you're job is to NUKE the enemy. So Grievous Wounds, Morellonomicon, and the pitifully small amount of flat Magic Pen is mostly useless.

5/04/2018 - The Irelia Rework. Here they changed the way Manaflow Band works and also changed the way Presence of Mind works. Presence of Mind is now the new Mana Regen rune. It provides 20% of max mana and 10% free cdr for ult. Basically they brought back the morellonomicon, and it's now free! It's worth taking a look at the new build.
League of Legends Build Guide Author sepulchurz
sepulchurz Veigar Guide
The Supporting Carry. Tiny Master of KS (WIP)
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