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Not Updated For Current Season

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Annie Build Guide by Eddie94

Other The Tank-ap support carry (Shes everything now)

Other The Tank-ap support carry (Shes everything now)

Updated on September 4, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie94 Build Guide By Eddie94 9,264 Views 0 Comments
9,264 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie94 Annie Build Guide By Eddie94 Updated on September 4, 2013
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Before you forget about this build completely....

Yeah I know your gonna see this build and most often than not think its rediculous.

Well before you do that try it out at least with the mastery page and build since they're easy to make and dose not require the investment of ip and see for yourself that this does somehow work oddly well. Its the way I personally like to play her. Your not a nuker but you can sure as hell control where a team fight goes with it.

If you have an open mind keep reading down if not I don't care just something I wanted to upload just in case league ever deletes my item builds again and I have to remember how to build this once again.
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This is what you would call the endurance Annie. If you've played enough of a moba you would know you don't need to kill much in a game to win you just need to make sure you don't give the other teams enough kills that there becomes a disparity between the two teams. The real objective is to make the opposite team anxious enough to do something dangerous that more often than not leads to a huge mistake and their death.

This build is based around this whole idea.
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This is extremely important since your not out on a bloodthirsty spree to kill as many people as possible with the devil inside you.

Due to your mastery and rune page you get a **** ton of gold naturally per second but minions are great to since they will only make the disparity between you and your opponent larger toward your side as long as you don't feed them and your team dose not let them gank mid easily. Experience due to the mastery page will also go naturally faster than your enemy so long as they don't also have a mastery bonus and will increase the effetiveness of the catalyst you buy at your first planned shop visit.
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Team Work

This is like in any game extremely important and more so with annie. Since your part tank you need to make the enemy want to go after your cute evil girl and then when the moment is right give them the terror of Tibers and do significant damage with q and w while you keep your e up for as long as humanly spammable as your team goes in to finish the job.

Even though ganking with team is recommended if you happened to be attacked in a 1v1 you'd be surprised in the later half of the game how scary you can be.

IMPORTANT: build your stun always with e and only attack when your stun is ready.
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Pros / Cons

This Annie is very durable and can take a beating which is good if you tend to make mistakes but also has a decent bite to leave your mark on an enemy champ.

However you will not be able to escape disables easily if at all impossible if there is two disables ganking you.

Also 1v1 late game is still dangerous even with an unfed ad or ap carry and should always be looking for a window to retreat over battling to the death.
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Creeping / Jungling

Due to the durability of the build it might be possible to jungle with it. Though I wouldn't recommend it since its not Annie's forte. Mid lane is the best option.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie94
Eddie94 Annie Guide
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The Tank-ap support carry (Shes everything now)

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