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Master Yi Build Guide by DanemonDarkstar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DanemonDarkstar

The Top Grade Assassin Yi

DanemonDarkstar Last updated on October 19, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 7

Threats to Master Yi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo completly easy yasuo needs to stack up Q's to use his ulti and his w is useless plus it's better to use normal attacks and Q's instead of e. you can kill yasuo before he stacks enough Q's to kill you with ulti.
Azir His Q doesn't slow you His E is a dash to a Sand Soldier so try to get him before he does that His R is a problem but good thing you got Flash reserved ?:) Azir is very easy to defeat even with 3 Sand Soldiers with him you can still kill him first if you got build til Infinity Edge If you don't have Infinity Edge i wouldn't advise you going on a All Out Azir with Spell Vamp and 40% CD is hell for a Yi that doesn't have lots of ad
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Glyphs : you'll need the cd for better use of q and w

Quints : gives you armor penetration and ad plus attack speed the 3 quints i find more useful for yi

Seals : there are 2 choices for seals q that's more offensive 1 that's more defensive

offensive : take Mana regeneration seals that way your ensuring you have mana for both w and q

Defensive : take 5 great seals of armor and 4 Health seals so you stay more defensive against 1 vs 1

Marks : this one is a tricky will like both armor penetration and ad and life steal and crit chance.

the marks are entirely up to you to choose i putted my yi marks since it's what i think i will need more
Armor Pen. against tanky champs like singed rumble etc...
attack speed since it's what yi need more (his e already gives extra ad)
and 1 mark for crit damage and crit chance just because yes

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Utility : you don't need points in defense simply because of the extra mana regeneration and cooldown in offense so just w. Fleet of Foot is needed because it's Yi and you'll need more movement speed. You can switch between Phasewalker or Double Edge Sword it's up to you there.

Offense : this is a very offensive yi LIKE IT SHOULD BE since hes a top grade assassin. Cooldown Reduction is needed for q and w use. W because it's cooldown it's 30secs or so. Q simply because it's yi's most offensive skill early game.
All other offensive points are fcking obvious why they are there.....

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Starting items - ALWAYS take this at start

Early game - combines with yi's ulti and makes a powerful combination of movement and attack speed plus it gives you 20 armor penetration and 10% cd plus some crit chance which is good
After that you can go 2 ways:
first zeal or vampiric scepter

Mid Game - if you got first zeal of Vamp.Scepter doesn't really matter your mid build objective is to get Phantom dancer and Essence Reaver.
if you got zeal or Vamp. scepter doesn't matter either to for even if you bought zeal first you'll go after Essence Reaver.
if you got Vamp. scepter continue to go Essence reaver first.
After getting Essence Reaver go for Phantom Dancer.
then get 1 of the 3 enchantements you feel better for your yi.
I do advise tho it's better to take Furor or Homeguard instead of Alacrity.

Late game - after getting the mid game build done go straight with no excuses to Infinity's Edge.
You'll need that damage and crit bonus.
By now if i'm correct you should have 5items. so your next item IS YOUR ONLY DEFENSIVE ALLOWED ITEM :
Guardian Angel
the reason i allow Guardian angel is because of it's passive you wont need any other defensive item only guardian's angel
after guardian's angel when you have like 2k money or so sell beserker graves and get Zephyr. it's passive it's perfect for yi and 10% cd should ensure your 40% cooldown reduction (max) and it pays off with the 10% extra movement speed and a few damage plus ensuring full attack speed (2.50)

Full BuildThis build empowers your yi to have 40% cooldown reduction which means your w should be more active for use
your q and e should take nothin to recharge. your r and yoummu's active should be ready at same time so you can go fast as lighting.
this build also gives you some lifesteal and ensures you don't go out of mana (essence reaver passive)
plus you already ensured lots of ad since 4 of the items gives you ad.

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Skill Sequence

ALWAYS START WITH Q. Q will be your most useful ability early game.
lvl 2 and 3 have w and e you can have e in lvl2 first instead of w it's actually up to what you find more useful at the moment.

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Unique Skills

when you hit with your passive it takes like 0.5 secs for 2nd strike to do damage so be careful

Q: try to use your q when you can target a minion and still hit an enemy champ this will allow you to damage to both minions and champs

w : try to use this when your like 60% life at max it has a long cooldown and the lower your health is the more you heal so try to save it

e : do not activate e unless your gonna do direct strikes NOT WITH Q to the enemy champ.

R : this skill is good to chase champs and flee from ganks combine with yoummu's active and enemy champ cannot flee

Yi's a bit more complicated than it seems
you need to be careful when to use w e or r

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Flash : The ability to enter or flee from battle\ambushes\ganks is always dependable on flash. if you don't have flash your a dead guy.
Advised :)
Exhaust : less movement speed to enemies and possibility to escape ganks or ambushes etc...
Teleport : the ability to go b and then go back to your lane is kinda useful.
Clarity : if you wanna keep in your lane longer and use w to heal you might need mana urgently so this CAN be useful.
Ignite : this i'm not sure i don't use ignite much i find more useful taking the extra mana or teleport spell but some people said it's a good spell to for yi.
Don't be an idiot
basically all other spells
Not included
Smite : it's a jungle spell and this is a build for top yi

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Pros / Cons

Can stay at lane longer do to W
Very fast killing Champion
Can avoid ganks better
Good jungler to
At lvl 6 with yoummu's ghostblade can leave lane to make a quick gank *or try to*

Squishy Champ
Ulti does not stop other disables only slow
If ambushed and stun immediately is the same as a dead yi
Weak against many champs in top lane like jax and singed

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Team Work

if your in a team battle try to stay on the back and wait for others to start then use r and e and then q to enter battle this will ensure even if enemy team starts to focus you that you'll either do lots of damage or earn a kill

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Yi doesn't need much farm early game thx to Avarice Blade passives
you might need to do 2 or 3 minion kills but then you wont need much

when your lvl 3 and got your e and w ready try to farm a bit more that way if your going against singed for example even if he pulls you back just flee and w

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Works well\ok\bad with

Jayce : Once Jayce uses melee q and e he immediately gives you a chance to go e r yoummu's active (don't use q unless enemy champ has no flash or you know it's on cd) then jayce would switch stance and use e (which will give you mov speed) and q which will deal a high dmg and let you up to kill that champ

Morgana and Lux : Snare time op enough :3 especially since lux has high dmg and morgana snare is 3secs lulz

Nocturne : While Q gives you mov speed E makes enemy champ Fear which will give you time but if by any chances you can't get the kill don't worry noc can finish it up with R :3

Yasuo : Yasuo is ok he got his q and r to sustain a short bit of time and he does good dmg but he hasn't got slos or stuns just 1 knock up that can miss and a ulti to hold a bit longer

Wukong : I mean cmon :3
Wukkie goes E
you go Q
Wukkie Q R
You E R
what you need more? wukong is your apprentice you work well togheter :3

Shen : Shen can only shield you and attract enemy champs with taunt and use q to get you to get a bit of life steal he isn't that much strong with you
Shen has no stuns no slows no roots\snares only a taunt that can miss with bad luck and his shielding you? it's his ulti....

Aatrox : Aatrox well hes a decent helper q to knock up if well placed and e to slow but he's e and q knock up can easily be avoided with care

Ahri : Her charm and dmg output gives ya all the time ya need to kill the enemy champ :3

Zilean : His Q helps for a bit of dmg and E to speed up so why the heck not?:3 plus if you get surprised he can still ulti on you giving you time to flee

Kennen : Damn that stun and speed are beautiful :) kennen can stun once and gather up stacks to stun again if target tries to flee plus hes E to move faster than lighting your a perfect pair

Varus : Varus has a slow and a snare ulti and high dmg as marksman you make a very good pair indeed :3

Syndra : I mean sure she has a stun and lots of dmg but only 1 stun not 2 or 3....

Galio : Hell yeah Galio has a little of mov speed a small area to launch a slow a very potent shield of magic resist and armor plus if hes close enough to use his ultimate perfect :D

Azir : IF it's a good Azir we're Green if not we're Yellow :|
Azir Has a Slow (Very useful for helping yi) a Dash that if well used can be made into a knock up (HOPEFULLLY) and If he does a good W Q E R (summon sand soldier dashes sand soldier to better position then dashes himself to soldier than finnaly ultimate's sending the enemy Champion(s) into you for a let's say...Last Breath :3 (Yasuo joke)

Udyr : Udyr Passive + E makes him get to stun a target real fast and let you the chance to basically CHOP DOWN A CHAMPION :) Udyr also has Q and R to do High dmg

Kha'zix : Kha'zix is basically the one who will stealth jump Slow and start doing high dmg
If Kha is good at ambushing then you basically can kill of a champ with him :)
But if hes not that good Kha player he wont be that good you will have to relly on he sending a good W (slow) and he making e q combos...

Karma: Now we're talking :3 Snare + Slow + Mov speed with shield :D~
Do i need to say more?

I will Launch more Champs to combine with soon

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Updated til patch 4.18