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Sona Build Guide by MeTheFew

The Ultimate Sona - No Brakes Supporting (Season 8)

By MeTheFew | Updated on December 25, 2017

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Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hello There
My name is... well it isn't really important, what's important is that you clicked on this build, somehow. As weird as it may seem don't be scared because of that TP or that weird build, it works. I swear.

But anyways
Hi my name is MeTheFew but they call me Mathew, i'm a gold player but i can make guides nontheless because i played Sona for a long time and i know my ways. Now let's go over certain things that we need to know Before we go into the actual game.

To play this build or this champion in general, you should have only one thing. Patience. Sona is quite a braindead champion to play and requires lesser skills but this build focuses more on the "Team" side of the game. You need your team to be less braindead than your champ basically. In higher Elo it's normal but we all know where most of the players are and that's where this guide is targetting. Let's Begin our great journey, through Sona! "darn that sounded too sexual." Scrap that! Let's Try to Learn how to Support without Breaks!

Why would you?
I would because i could, and i'm talking about the Teleport now. You'll see in the Spells later. For now just stay focused.
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Sona is quite versatile with her builds but i love just mashing one until i bleed. That's how i win games basically. It doesn't have to be the best build, it's the one i know how to play best. That's why you can change basically anything, but please stay in the range of supporting and not one-shotting because you would ruin the premise. Let's Talk about Summon Aery First. I chose it because it was the "supporting" one. Normally i would just go with the Arcane Comet but it really helps and benefits you and your adc. Arcane Comet is just more poke but Summon Aery is more shields on top of that. So it's well made for Sona's kit. You can swap it only with Arcane Comet if you are so stubborn, because the Phase Rush doesn't do anything with this build and you can't proc it as easily as with the rest.

Next up is...
Manaflow Band quite an incredible tool, it's versatile and that's where we are aiming. It basically gives a free use of Aria of Perseverance which according to my build and mana costs will have a big meaning. Of course you can also take The Ultimate Hat which will benefit you late into the game but it only gives a small smidget of CD and you don't really need it that much, what matters is mana. As for Nullifying Orb it's quite useless, there is simply only few support that have any ap and adcs are... well adcs. It's more useful when you know who you will be playing against but since we are targetting "Normal" games and not ranked, it won't be our choice.

The Third One
Transcendence is the choice here. We are quite Speedy with our Song of Celerity so Celerity makes natural "Name" sense, but no. Not this time, we want to get into mid game first, and for the sake of this build we'll need some good CDR. Also if they have a big amount of poke your Absolute Focus won't work and we don't need it either because we are not willing to be so poky, you know... maxing Aria of Perseverance and stuff.

Last one, First tree
Absolutely no competition in this one, the other two are just... terrible for Sona.
That's why we will take Gathering Storm. You will need that scaling. And this one simply gives it, we are still aiming for the mid-late game and Scorch simply isn't enough for us. Also the Waterwalking is too situational so we can't rely on that either.

Why Inspiration?
Why Inspiration? Because i had none. Okay, okay jokes aside. I just can't help it. If i have the possibility i just go for the Future's Market and Cosmic Insight. The rest seems a little too situational but oh well... free boots and cookies are good too, give it your own shot though. I'm staying with those two.

No cookies? No Flashes? No Clocks?
These three should be decided in a ranked game when you know what you will face, that's why i don't care about them. They are supposed to fit a specific role. Which doesn't happen in Normal games. You go blind and should be ready for anythign, that's why we are not picking anything from the first three.

Got money but no boots
People like to stay with the things they know well, it's probably the same case with me because i had the Magical Footwear probably just once since the rune patch and the Minion Dematerializer i've never seen neither used. Kinda curious how it works now though. Maybe someday but not today. Today we take Future's Market

Prefer Getting High
Cosmic Insight for the win, grants us faster Teleport and Flash What more to want? Actually now that i look at it you can also take Approach Velocity it will make wonders vs big amount of cc in the enemy team. But also will make you less mobile. You choose. Ah, and Celestial Body is garbage so we won't be talking about it.
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What is Depth?
We'll not be going in-depth with the guide, i will just give some information about the build and how to use the "main" part of it. The last item you need to figure on your own, also a story in the end.

Eye of the Watchers
You need the Eye of the Watchers for wards, obviously. We're just lucky that it's built from Spellthief's Edge. Ah, about it... After buying Spellthief's Edge you MUST and i will color it and get it bigger MUST and also add underlining MUST upgrade it into a Frostfang first. It will give you a great boost and you can buy it after three, four first waves and a big amount of poke. Then when you have it you Teleport into lane and farm when your adc is going back to base. This way you won't lose anything and have more money from poke! Hooray, my very stupid build with Teleport makes a little bit more sense now!

Lucidity Or Sorcery?
Depends on how you play your boots may be vary. Want more poke? Sorcerer's Shoes Feeling a bit more kinky? What about Ninja Tabi? Want to be a normal human being and push your CDR even further? Go Ionian Boots of Lucidity simple as that.

I told it's called "Support"
Well it's the time! Creme de la Creme of this Build! Morellonomicon! Now you are asking yourself, : De *** you goin' to use it 4?
Well my little Jhin main, i will use it to ruin your day and like the popular song goes Never Die! The whole premise of this build is to get Morellonomicon and basically run it down mid. With the Morello's passive you will be in an neverending musical concert. (Works best with DJ Sona skin which i own and after 2 or 3 years dunno it's still great.) Basically let your goons--- i mean teammates mow the enemy down while you heal them non-stop, boost them without any brakes and poke the enemy adc for half his hp. Beautfiul as it gets, it's the real power spike. And if your teammates can press buttons you will get your mana back in seconds, further rolling the stone of the enemy team's demise. After the enemy respawns you will mow them down, further pushing and gaining back mana like crazy. Just stick togheter and destroy the enemy. It gives some very funny results, you should feel like a god by this time and win the game so yeah, cool, ain't it?

All the Rest
The rest of this build will be possible to buy after 3-4 more teamfights with Morello in your inventory, now it's just about further pushing your mana limits and the supporting capabilities. And the Teleport OOOH the Teleport. You will be able to get to your team in seconds and just roll them further in a snow blizzard you unleashed a while ago. Personally i never enjoyed anything that much as looking at the enemy struggling with killing my team when they mow them down. I may be a Psycho but trust me, it's worth it.
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Skill Sequence

Combos of the Gods

Here is the List of How To Play Sona in Few Easy Steps.

1. Enemy in range of Q? or Do you have your passive ready?
Yes - Q and AA on enemy.
No - Q for the minions and AA on enemy.
No and my adc present - Wait.
No and enemy adc not present and mine too - Q for the minions and AA them. (Farm basically)

2. After your Q and AA, is something dangerous flying in your direction?
Yes - W and run away.
No - Rotate and Repeat First Step
No but enemy is going in my direction - E, then Rotate and Repeat First Step.

3. Low Hp?
Yes - W with or without Manaflow Band
Yes but not as low - Wait for the last second and if Manaflow Band not ready just heal.
No - Repeat First Step

4. Enemy Dead?
Yes - Cool
No and my adc is with me - Kill them.
No - Not Cool.
No and i have low hp - Go back to base and tp back into lane, but be sure you have money
for the Frostfang

5. Running down mid winning game?
Yes - You get it.
No - Next game better.
No and adc is feeding - Reported
No and my whole team is feeding - Tough game, huh?
Yes but they don't want to kill anybody - Go back to base and Tp for full mana, then ping
enemy for few seconds straight and go in with your ult.

That's all you need to know.
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How about A Teleport on Sona?
Here we'll go in a little depth to usage of this Teleport you're holding. Listen, it is not to be underestimated or "troll". This thing is legit and works but i'm too lazy to record anything to show, just trust my Gold V words, okay?
You can use Teleport for many things, mainly to help your team whenever you are needed. All the CDR will help you having it up whenever possible and you can just simply be on the whole map. Your teammates are doing drake but there will be a teamfight soon and you died and just respawned? That's where this shines so hard. You are there in mere seconds to help your team. That's the big thing, the big bang outta nowhere. No one expects a Sona and when they do it's too late because your team is already at full hp. Combined with Morello it's broken but you need at least some knowledge what you're doing.

Put your Faith in the Carry
Don't be scared, treat your ADC well and he will grow into a prospering human being that will carry you later, the only time you should use a tp is to save your adc or help him get fed even more or quicker. If you see a Trundle top though, you know what to do. Smack that Troll a--- nevermind. Just remember that your ADC is the absolute priority, the next are teamfights and then objectives. The rest is up to you.

Should i TP into a 1v5?
If your allies are just a little bit close to a teamfight, don't be scared to wait. Just get that sweet spot and scare the enemies out with a Teleport in a middle of a fight. They "probably" won't target you immediately and your team will most likely peel for you so then you can peel for them and heal the for amount even i can't imagine. And i have quite an imagination.

Although you have now a great map control, your mobility still lacks. Flash the choice here. Nothing else.
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So, how do i play this?
Keep your Adc always healed up with your Aria of Perseverance and poke the enemy when possible, if you get lucky you score a kill and then another and another and a win. Good luck on the Rift.

And so it ends.

Wooh, that's a lot of imformation to take in, but easy. Just remember those seven things.
Poke, Back, Tp, Repeat, Morello, Run Mid, Win. It's simple as that. Sona is braindead like i stated in the very beginning but hell is she fun to play, try it yourself if you want. And if you have a Dj Sona skin... you're on your way son.

It's not a book but quite a big text so... Written by: MeTheFew
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Pros / Cons

Ah yeah pros and cons.

Great Map Control

Early kinda Boring
May be assaulted for "Trolling"
Gets good after you settle into the build
League of Legends Build Guide Author MeTheFew
MeTheFew Sona Guide

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The Ultimate Sona - No Brakes Supporting (Season 8)