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Alistar Build Guide by facehunter33

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League of Legends Build Guide Author facehunter33

The Unbreakable Wall (Patch: 6.2) Alistar support (To Be Upd

facehunter33 Last updated on November 9, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Alistar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Taric Taric is not as bad as people think, his combo is quite bursty and can hurt your adc quite badly, however he needs to get near you or your ADC to get the combos out, his stun is about all you have to worry about then (which you can easily ult away). Do not focus him in a fight because he takes practically no damage unless you are poking him down, take advantage of when he is out of lane. IF he gets iceborn gauntlet take care because he actually deals a lot of damage with it, and the slow is quite nice to have on him. Easy to kite though, easy to peel off as well.
Alistar This wont happen in ranked or draft so it should be ok, but you should have the advantage if you know your stuff, just do not engage on enemy tanks and just on carries.
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Me and Alistar-Intrudocution

Hello, I am facehunter33 and I am currently an Alistar main.
After months of teaching myself and watching streams, I have been able to master the power house that is Alistar , and soon after you have looked over this guide, so will you.
Alistar is a tanky support which specializes in Single-Target Disengage, but still has some engage and sustain abilities / combos in his kit. His kit does take time to master, but with enough practice and knowledge of his kit, you are able to create a well rounded support that can end up carrying a long ways. Alistar has a lot of lane presence with his flash engages and combos, so he is scary to face whatever your enemy is playing, whether its engage, you have good peal to counter act, and whether its disengage or sustain, your engage is quite impeccable to counter act, you also provide threat in team fights because of the tanky front-line you are.

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Abilities Explained

Pulverize is Alistar's Q, with this you can knock up the enemy in a small aoe radius. If you happen to get near the enemy make sure to Q. This ability is used in every single one of your combos, and is probably Alistar's main ability. IF you are hooked by a champion, this is a perfect opportunity to Pulverize, then to follow up with Headbutt or simply Headbutt and save Q for something else. Max first, and depending on lane get at level 1.

Headbutt is Alistar's W, with this you ram the enemy champion, minion, jungle monster, (not dragon baron of rift herald) you get the point. This is Alistar's main ability for peeling or disengage, and along with Q it forms this mad cow's combos. This ability makes for great ganks and roams, is great at denying ganks and can make the enemy be out of position, which a lot of times has a huge effect on who will win fights, be careful though, if you knock something into a thin wall, the target can go through the wall. Usually gotten level 2, unless the match-up requires you to get E, and max this second after Q.

Triumphant Roar is Alistar's E, even the though the heal ins't too good, you can use it to keep you and your ADC alive, as well as deny the enemy's CS, or simply just to easily activate your passive Trample. Pay attention to your minions and heal them every so often, to either push lane or deny CS for the enemy ADC. Max third due to mana costs, get at level 3 or 2 depending if the enemy is harassing a lot.

Unbreakable Will is Alistar's ultimate, This is pretty much a free Quicksilver Sash that gives you both armor and Magic Resist on top of it. I recommend using this when roaming and the enemy has you stunned, such as if you are getting a Veigar and he gets you in his box, and when you or your ADC is caught in CC when an enemy jungle is coming to gank. Do not hesitate to intentionally run into CC to defend your carry, because with your ult, you can get out of it while your carry may not be able unless they have items such as Mercurial Scimitar. This ability makes it very easy to tower dive since the enemy wont be able to stun you down before you are able to W-Q into the range of the turret and your enemy. Use this ability when or if an enemy focuses you, and you begin to take damage, or if the enemy is wasting their CC on you (the tank), usually use it if you are sunned or silenced since you can still use your abilities and combos when slowed, however do not hesitate to use this when being kited since it will help you take less damage. Upgrade whenever possible.

The following is my usual leveling of skills disregarding roams and in-lane harass:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is the summoner spell you would normally bring if you are confident that you do not need exhaust for lane. You may also need an igniter to stop massive heals on champions such as Fiora and her ult or Dr. Mundo and his ult ,or if you wish to secure kills. Ignite allows for a support and carry to play more offensive in lane and often snowball easier off the laning phase.

Exhaust is the spell you bring if you rather not steal kills with Ignite, or overall just do not want Ignite. Exhaust is great for lane since the enemy will lose attack speed and defensive stats, which will help your ADC kill. Against a team that has 2 or more assassin or fighter champions such as Riven and Fiora, you want to bring this summoner spell to shut them down in team fights and to make it easier for your team to kill them, this also helps in ganks of course by slowing the enemy down and making it easier for your carry and jungler to catch up.

Flash is pretty much MANDATORY on Alistar if you wish to be of any use at all. Your W-Q just isn't enough to get kills most of the time, Flash just adds so much presence and allows for a good and save engage or escape.

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Non-Flash Combos

Q-W: This is pretty much the easiest combo in Alistar's kit. Pulverize- Headbutt or Q-W is the combo you use if you somehow get close enough to the enemy that you can Pulverize and then knock them back into your team, if you get this opportunity DO NOT WASTE IT, its rare and you do not use any summoners in the process, just do not risk your team's chances of winning by over extending.

Headbutt- Pulverize or W-Q: Alistar's bread and butter, it is his main engage combo, that can be hard to master but has so much potential. This combo is why Alistar is so successful at roaming and or engaging when a jungler ganks. W-Q is known to be incredibly hard to master for new players, however because Headbutt's animation got slower, you are now able to land the combo more commonly. To master this combo I put myself through 40 minute sessions of just simply doing this combo on a custom game. If you play with quick-cast I recommend trying this combo normally before using quick-cast, because it does help. Once you press W make sure you quickly turn to pressing Q. This combo has the range of Alistar's W Headbutt and then the knock up has the range of Alistar's Q Pulverize. W-Q is known to fail sometimes because the player presses Q after the target is knocked out of Q's range, this is because the knock back on Alistar's W is longer range wise, than the aoe range for Alistar's Q, to make this work you want to make sure You press Q before the target leaves the range of the knock up, this mostly takes time to master, because over time most players are able to master this. Use this as an engage tool and you do not require flash, this can also be used in certain lanes to easily win trades, although the W-AA-Q-AA combo is better for dealing over all damage.

If you are learning how to W-Q, by using Headbutt onto a thick enough wall, the enemy is stunned, and you can easily follow up with Q. This works very well if you have a Vayne if you W-Q into the wall and she uses Condemn.

Headbutt-AA- Pulverize-AA: This combo is used to maximize your DPS, your main source of damage when going AP due to Sheen. The goal of this combo is to Headbutt an enemy champion into a wall, auto attack them, then Pulverize and auto attack, not only does this chunk the hp of a carry early on in the game, but it can be a pretty simple engage with certain champions, specially with Vayne since it is easy to Condemn into a wall. You can also do Flash-W-AA-Q-AA for longer reach and for a long lockdown on an enemy, its very unexpected if done right, just make sure you hit them into a wall.

Flash Combos

Flash- Pulverize- Headbutt or Flash-Q-W: This is the worse version of the next combo Q-Flash-W. With this combo you quickly gain distance towards an enemy to follow up with a Q and then knock them back onto your team, however it is pretty easy to react to.

Pulverize- Flash- Headbutt or Q-Flash-W: This is the upgrade to the last combo, and it is a whole lot harder to escape from. With this combo you have to flash in the middle of your Q's animation to then knock up the enemy and have a free W. To fully master this combo you must know how long it takes for Alistar to Pulverize and how far Flash will take you, the distance flash takes you is actually quite deceiving, it is less than most players think.

Flash- Headbutt- Pulverize or Flash-W-Q: Practically the same as your W-Q, but it covers more distance and it takes more skill to do.

Headbutt- Flash- Pulverize or W-Flash-Q: Pretty simple combo, its just very situational. I use this combo when roaming mid, I go behind the tower then Headbutt the enemy into the lane, Flash onto them and then knock them up with Q. This usually results in a kill as long as your mid laner follows up or has enough damage.

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Resolve Tree: 18

Recovery x5 to be able to stay in lane for longer, and for the useful HP regen
Explorer x1 because roaming with alistar is essential to alistar's game play, you can also have Tough Skin x1 if you do not like roaming much, since it does give some nice damage reduction.
Runic Armor , this mastery will make your heal better, and the damage reduction from your ult better as well, you lose out on the 45 hp from Veteran Scars , but this allows for better sustain in lane, and to soak up more damage in teamfights.
Insight x1 CDR on summoners spells, I just love spamming flash whenever possible, and the 15% CDR on Insight just goes too well with Alistar, also goes well with Enchantment: Distortion
Legendary Guardian x5 You do well in team fights, and this mastery gives you armor and MR for being in one.
Bond of Stone x1 You take damage for your ADC or other members of your team, its just a really good mastery to have, you also dont make much use of grasp of the undying.

Cunning tree: 12

Wanderer x5, once again for roaming and catching up to enemies to combo
Secret Stash x1 extra mana is great, as well as you aren't an assassin or a jungler to make use of the other 2 masteries, the instant hp is also quite handy
Meditation x5 mana regen rocks early game, you dont have much use for the damage that Merciless gives you anyways
Bandit , bandit is the equivalent of gold runes, by AAing the enemy champion you gain quite a bit of gold, specially since you are melee, when engaging make sure to auto them a couple times to get gold from this mastery, if you are able to W-AA-Q-AA you get a lot of damage off in the early game and get some gold.

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Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Armor
Armor Quints Allow you to become that big front-line people fear, it also reduces poke coming from ADCs and AD poke such as jayce's Shock Blast. The tankier you become the bigger the threat you post on the enemy.

MR Glyphs because you do not want to be poked down in lane by heavy AP poke supports such as Brand and Sona. You can also go for scaling MR, but you take more damage early game

Armor Marks to take less damage from the enemy ADC in lane, and overall in the game. Can be replaced for scaling armor but will have less effect early game.

Scaling HP Seals so you can take more hits in case you build a lot of utility, as well as having a lot of HP is quite nice to have, however this does make you quite a bit squishier early on then if you had flat HP.

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Vision control can often decide games. Wards provide knowledge of enemy locations, what the enemy can and cant see, incoming ganks, practically they tell you whether you are safe to be where you are or not.
Ganks are often avoided by warding the entrances to lanes, however this does not stop the enemy jungle or mid laner from invading your jungle,setting up a dive onto your turret or setting up for a Teleport play from the top and mid lanes.

Warding When ahead

Warding can often extend your lead in a game, by offensively warding an enemy team's jungle you gain knowledge of where the enemy jungle is, this allows for you to know if their bot ane or mid lane is asking for ganks, or if their jungle is by top meaning you could turn aggressive knowing no response from the enemy jungle will be coming. You also want to extend your lead by acquiring objectives, having a roam all the way to top side river to get Rift Herald inst a bad idea, but you want to make sure you have it warded, this gives you knowledge of the enemy, if they warded the area or if they are there at the moment. This can start team fights which you can win since you are ahead, and get you control of global objectives and gold.

Here are some places to ward when you are on blue and red side while ahead

Warding When Behind

Being behind in the game is never good, warding is essential because you need to stay safe from enemy champions, you know that engaging a team fight may not be the best idea, so farming and letting your jungle gank is optimal. Denial of vision is a must here, specially because you do not want the enemy jungle to counter gank you. Once Sightstone is bought you probably want to get Sweeping Lens to make sure the enemy does not have the entrance to the lane or the enemy tri-bush warded, this will allow for a pretty easy gank since the enemy will lack vision, when the enemy backs or you get back into lane, remove their vision, but do know they can simply ward it again, doing it at this time will allow for you to have a chance when the enemy has not pushed much of the lane into your turret. Your goal here is to keep your side of the jungle safe, you do not want your jungle to fall behind anymore than he already has, if you can sneak a ward into the enemy red and blue buffs even better, since you will gain knowledge of the enemy's location. However what does need to be warded are objectives such as Rift Herald / Baron Nashor and dragon, for they give very nice buffs and global buffs, this is something you may actually want to fight over, but do know that sometimes letting dragons slip into the enemy's hands is not a bad idea, just keep in mind that dragons 1,3 and 5 are the ones that play a major role in the game.

Here are some places to ward in both red and blue sides, when behind

Note that having the entrances to your lanes warded and having vision denial on them, and the same goes to enemy tri-bush and your own, will help with your jungle having successful ganks. Also note that when deffensively warding your jungle's red buff, you want to ward the bush closest to the entrance to the jungle, instead of the one closest to the buff itself, this is so you can easily prevent invades, while having the bush by the buff warded gives less time for you or your team mates to react to invades, only ward the bush closest to the buff if you are warding the enemy's jungle.

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Roaming Mid Lane

When roaming with Alistar you have a lot of ways to approach the enemy, and having boots that grant you speed like mobility boots and swiftness boots just make it so much easier to do so as well.
You can go for a W-Flash-Q or W-walk to enemy-Q which is less effective, to knock the enemy out of turret.
You can simply go into lane and W-Q or Q-Flash-W, or you can go for the level 1 roam mid lane with your W Headbutt.

W-Flash-Q / W-Walk to enemy-Q

Level 1 Roam spots to camp:

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Bot Lane Synergy

8/10 synergy
Alistar-Kalista Synergy

9/10 synergy
Alistar-vayne Synergy

6/10 synergy
Alistar-Ashe Synergy

7/10 synergy
Alistar-jinx Synergy

7/10 synergy
Alistar-sivir Synergy

8/10 synergy
Alistar-miss fortune Synergy

7.5/10 synergy
Alistar-varus Synergy

5.5/10 synergy
Alistar-kog'maw Synergy

8/10 synergy
Alistar-lucian Synergy

6.5/10 synergy
Alistar-tristana Synergy

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Pros and Cons to Alistar / Why to pick Alistar

Pros To playing Alistar

-Tanky Front-line
-Amazing Single-Target Disengage
-Some sustain with E
-Built in QSS
-Good champion to learn
-Great Peel
-Great synergy with a lot of ADCs
-AOE knockup
-Great synergy with Flash
-Ult makes you tanky, without tank items
-Great synergy with Yasuo due to his ult
-Great engage and disengage
-Great comfort pick

Cons to playing Alistar

-Lacks some CC without items
-Not the best of passives
-Does lack engage potential without Flash
-Requires time to master combos
-This champion is not for everyone
-Hard match-ups
-Does lack multi-disengage

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In Lane and During Teamfights (Being looked over)

Alistar can play 2 ways. Depending on your ADC you can play very aggressively or very passive.
When playing aggressive you want to make sure you can easily do your combos, and that your carry is ready to engage at any moment, your goal is to snowball off the laning phase. Do give your ADC time to CS or to harass, otherwise the enemy can catch up in CS.
When playing passively make sure you save W Headbutt in case the enemy engages, but if you are able to land a good Q, do not hesitate to Headbutt into turret. IF your jungle is ganking be ready to engage, and do not give away the fact that your jungle is ganking by simply walking at the enemy, circle a couple times, and if need be use Flash to engage.

In team fights you also have two possible roles, To engage or to Peel for carries.

When engaging make sure to:

-Engage onto carries who threaten your team, not onto tanks
-Punish any carries that enter the enemy front-lines
-Punish over extending to catch off enemies
-Target the carries that are away from the enemy peelers or tanks
-Master your combos to increase the chances of success in the fight
-Ward, when going aggressive you are most likely going to be pushed up, so get vision control
-Zone the enemy ADC out of getting CS

When peeling make sure to:

-Keep your carries alive
-Stay by your carries at all times, synergy with Zeke's Harbinger
-Make sure your ADC is not being CC'd down
-Push Away enemy engage
-Do not hesitate to re-engage
-Keep healing your carries, as well as shielding them
-Sacrifice yourself if needed
-Utilize your cool-downs wisely

When do you play aggressive and when do you go passive?

When to play aggressive

When going aggressive during the laning, your goal is to either snowball off the laning phase, let your ADC be fed early, or at least to zone out the enemy out of the lane and deny CS. However you need to know when to go aggressive to make sure you do not over extend and end up throwing the laning phase to the enemy, or losing a lot of CS.
Go Aggressive when:

Favorable laning match-up. For example, you want to go aggressive when going against poke champions, Alistar does not normally do well against poke, due to lack of sustain and mobility to be able to easily dodge poke, when versing opponent like Sona and Brand you want to make sure you make use of when the enemy goes low on mana, without abilities these champions deal almost no damage so its an easy summoner, kill or just an easy trade. However when versing people like Leona, who can easily beat 2v2s because of her damage and cc, you want to mostly serve as peel, snowball your mid laner instead, since there wont be much kill pressure coming from you in the bot lane unless u can Q- Flash-W someone into turret.

You need to shut down the enemy carry early. An example would be Draven, he is quick to snowball, melts champions and can easily get kills after he has gotten the first one. Against champions like him, you need as much support form your jungler as you can get, you want to make sure he takes a lot longer to reach that point when he become useful again.

Snowballing. Pretty self-explainable, you want to get more kills on your carry after something happened in lane that got you ahead, you want to make the difference in power in between the enemy and yourself to grow bigger.

Enemy jungler is sighted at top lane, or enemy Top laner has burned their Teleport. If you receive information that your jungle is top, or the top laner for the enemy does not have Teleport, this probably means you wont be ganked for a while, specially if the enemy mid lane is in his lane. You have to make use of this time to apply pressure, trade, burn summoners, even get kills, because the enemy wont have much to respond with apart from doing something else top side or having something happen in your 2v2 bot lane (3v2 or even 4v2 if your mid and jungle come down).

When to play passive

Going passive can mean a few things; You messed up and now your are somehow behind, you cant win trades so dont go for them, The enemy champion is just better in this situation or stage in the game, or simply your ADC likes to play passive and farm up.
Go Passive When:

You have a bad laning match-up, or need to scale up to late game. Champions like Vayne and Kog'Maw often face this problem, they dont do much damage early on so its hard to win trades, specially when versing those champions who do a lot of damage early on. Champions like Kalista, Caitlyn and Lucian have the upper edge in the early game, this is due to high burst or high damage early on, it is hard to trade against them so you try to avoid doing so, specially if the enemy support is based on dmg and poke. You do want to trade, but it is optimal to do when the enemy cant trade back, for example when the enemy is out of mana, is being blocked by minions, or your jungler is nearby, stuff like this can be an easy switch to going all in.

Going against an aggressive support.Alistar doesn't have the best engage, 2v2 or laning phase of all supports, champions like Leona and Nautilus who have heavy amounts of CC and damage early on pose a big threat to your ADC, so your main focus should not be to all in the enemy ADC, since chances are you may lose that 2v2, but you should concentrate on peeling for your ADC, nullifying the enemy support's role.

Enemy jungler is sighted by mid or bot, but yours is top. You lack support from your team, even if your top laner and the enemy's teleports down, and the enemy mid laners go down to bot lane, your jungler is still going to be bot much after the enemy's, this can easily cost one of your ally's lives. This also means your jungler wont be there to countergank any action from the enemy jungle, the enemy can play as aggressive as they want as long as they dont over extend because they know their jungle is nearby, this can give you information about the enemy's location which is handy, but you lose pressure.

Your ADC is behind.Simple, you cant win trades, enemy out damages, they have kills over you and your ADC, you should just sit there waiting for the right moment to flash-engage and get your lane ahead, because trading would be pretty useless unless you want your ADC to lose HP for no reason.


When playing support you need to know when to be passive or aggressive, watch how your ADC plays and form there you should be able to tell if you can win a 2v2, or if you are just going to give out a free lead to your opponent. If your ADC wins trades, has advantage gold wise and item wise, the enemy is poorly positioned, then that is your queue, consulting your ADC if they want to switch to a more aggressive style is also not a bad idea, because they should know themselves if they are able to out damage the enemy and kill them. If you have summoners over the enemy that just makes it easier to know when to transition to aggressive from passive and vise versa. If you are not sure if you can win lane, having your jungle come down bot lane often can easily secure a lead and get your ADC rolling.


Think about it, who is it that normally will deal the most damage in a team fight? Normally it would not be a support who does the most damage in your team, specially late game when tanks become a stronger front-line and when carries become more relevant. Your ADC is most likely the person who will the most damage in the game when the timer hits 30 to 40 minutes. The damage champions like Vayne, Jinx and Tristana can deal at this point in the game is incredibly dangerous to tanks and enemy front-lines. Certain mid laners even though they do deal a lot of damage, cant compare to the late game of an ADC, they cant as easily shred tanks as a Draven could.

Peel consists of protecting your back-line to make sure they deal the necessary damage to win a team fight. Without your ADC your team loses a significant amount of damage, and without your other lanes your ADC might as well be sitting in a 1v5. Your role as a support is to keep your carries alive, or simply engage fights. By making sure no CC is applied onto your carry, making sure your carry stays healthy and making sure that enemy tanks or fighters are not in range of your carry to burst them down.

How to Peel?

    -Use CC to make sure your Carries stay alive
    -Prioritize those closest to your allies
    -Use cooldowns wisely, save your CC if it is not needed
    -Predict enemy reaction
    -Buy items to help you with peeling, items such as
Righteous Glory, Randuin's Omen and Mikael's Crucible all help your ADC or other carries stay alive, whether it is by slowing enemies or removing CC, it will all help your damage dealers deal damage.

Who to prioritize when peeling ?

-Whoever is fed, as long as they belong to the back line: Usually when a champion is fed they deal overwhelming amounts of damage to the enemy, the role of the back line is to deal damage from range, or to be safe when doing so, they often like lack self-peel but exceptions such as Tristana exist where her ultimate Buster Shot can serve to keep enemies away.

-Whoever is fed, as long as they belong to the front line: The role of the front-line is to peel and engage fights, so technically you belong to this group, however you lack in the damage department. Champions such as Riven, and Darius often do not need peel since they are the ones who the enemy is trying to peel, however you can help to make sure the enemy does not peel them away from the enemy carries and to let them remove a giant threat from the enemy.

-Your ADC, whether fed or not: Even if your ADC is not very reliable early on, they usually out-scale most champions and are able to come back in the late game, by keeping them alive, they are able to deal damage and get kills easier, items such as Zeke's Harbinger make a lot of use from you being by your ADC as well.

-Your Mid Laner, if they are mages since assassins mostly belong to the front-line: not much sustain damage, but they are able to easily burst down enemies, which can help with getting rid of the enemy carries or squishies.

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Your Goal as Alistar

When in lane, Alistar depends a lot on his Flash to make aggressive plays, this is because W-Q doesn't allow much follow up, unless you have Exhaust. A lot of your lane presence is from that flash, even though in certain match-ups you play more of a disengage than an aggressive champion.

-Early Game

Alistar spends a lot of his time in the early game out of lane, this is to either snowball the mid lane / jungle / top laner, give your ADC an EXP advantage, acquire map vision or get objectives. Since a lot of your pressure does come from that flash, a lot of times when you burned flash you will not need to be in lane, however in certain match-ups such as when going against a Leona you suddenly cant roam too often because you have to keep your ADC alive. This does not mean you should spend most of your time out of bot lane, you still want to create pressure there, and unless you can secure a kill in another lane with flash, then stay in bot lane and play around that flash.

When to go out of lane:

-Your ADC decides to back, but you still have mana and hp left over, you can roam or get vision control.
-After backing, your ADC heads to lane while you head and gain control of the map, to come back bot lane
-After your jungle has ganked you, and you know the bot lane is not going to be back for a while
-You know the enemy jungle is nowhere near where you are planning to go, EX: you plan to roam mid while the jungler backs into base or is currently clearing gromp / krugs.

-Mid-Late Game

At this point the in the game the laning phase is pretty much over, here you either fight for objectives, deal with split pushers, or team fight. Depending on enemy comps and your team's comp you are both your team's engage and disengage. When engaging make sure to catch off enemy carries, and buy items that will help with you engages such as Righteous Glory. When you are your team's disengage you want to apply peal for your carries and buy items that will deny enemy engage such as Mikael's Crucible, often you will be forced to re-engage onto the enemy carries, be ready to do so.
At this point of the game your main goal to gain objectives on the enemy, whether its dragon 2-5 or inner turrets still, you want to have as much global gold as possible. Catching off the enemy is very important at this stage of the game as well, by having a lot of vision in your jungle, you know the whereabouts of the enemy and can kill them, forcing the rest of their team to back off and let you gain control of an objective, or to engage a 4v5, another reason why the item Frost Queen's Claim is so good at the moment, is because it provides info about where 2 of the closest enemy champions are, and it slows them. in the Mid-Late game, your goal is not so much to force team-fights, but to gain objective control over the enemy by team-fights, dragons 1,3 and 5, as well as Baron Nashor / Rift Herald.

Vision denial

Vision denial consists of you using Vision Ward or using Oracle Alteration / Sweeping Lens to remove vision the enemy has on the map, by this you can predict where the enemy will be, since they most likely are going to want to replace the ward that was broken, it will also make it easier for a jungler to gank or invade an area or lane, since the enemy will not know if your jungle is there.
Here are some spots to sweep enemy vision from:
The best moment to deny enemy vision is when you know the enemy jungle is not there, this will allow for no counter play to you going in the enemy jungle, HOWEVER pay attention to the mini-map, if the enemy bot lane and mid lane begin to make their way to you, they have you warded, this is good as long as you are able to get away, since you deny cs from the enemy coming to get you and now you know not to go in that area for a minute or 2, if possible lay a ward down, but down break any of the enemy's vision for it will take too long, if the enemy isn't coming to get you, then break the ward(s) and go back to lane (or roam). Vision denial will allow you to gain control on the map, advance onto objectives, catch off enemies and can easily snowball the game, since the enemy will lack vision of you and your team.

Turret Diving

Turret diving with Alistar is quite simple, it can also be an easy way to snowball the game. However to dive a target, most of the time you want to have a certain amount of requirements met, to have a higher chance to have a successful dive you want to take the following into account:

-Having you ultimate, it can deny CC, and helps you tank more turret shots, it helps you tank quite a lot more shots than if you just jumped in which out any source of tanky-ness but items

- Flash, since you can use this to unexpectedly engage, or flash away when low hp

-You must tank the turret, and not your ADC or JG, since you are probably the tankiest of the bunch, as well as you will be worth the least gold wise since you dont necessary want kills

-Having a higher amount of HP than the enemy and burning enemy cooldowns

-Having a higher amount of people who are diving the enemy, than being dived

-Ping or say in chat that you want to dive, communication is key.

-Look at your mini-map, to make sure other lanes are not making their way to you

There are multiple ways to engage a dive, a simple W-Q with your ADC following up into a dive to get 1 enemy is pretty easy, You can also have your jungle / mid surround the enemy using the bushes by the enemy turrets and then engaging, or going for the Q-Flash-W and have a safe kill. All these techniques work, but they require communication to pull off, watch your health, you do not want to give a free kill to the enemy, even if you get one yourself.

Turret Siege

Turret siege consists of having multiple people from other lanes come to one lane and take a turret or two. This can force team fights, or at least get you some global gold. Champions like Tristana who are good turret pushers, can make it easy to get turret gold, Azir and Veigar who have good zoning can prevent team fights, or force them if they are able shuffle the enemy into your team, or in veigar's case land a good box. Like turret diving, this takes a lot of communication, usually it is done in 5v5 scenarios where you can communicate, or know your team.
You usually want to siege for turrets if you are ahead, it is an easy way to snowball your lead, however you can also siege if the enemy is going for a top lane turret, because that is an easy way to go get the enemy bot turret.

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Starting Choices

Relic Shield is your regular start in games, this item gives you sustain in lane, extra gold and a nice 75 hp, and if you decide to build this up to Face of the Mountain you get CDR, 450 hp, and hp regeneration on top of the gold per second and the passive. The shiled this item gives you can be used to grant a shield equal to 10% of your HP to an ally for four seconds, which goes really well with the HP that comes from items such as Banshee's Veil and Randuin's Omen. This item has a lot more synergy with the way that Alistar builds than talisman, but it does not provide as much gold, HP and mana regen as well as its powerful active.

Ancient Coin is your other start choice, when you know the enemy wont be harassing much or at all in lane, when you are your team's main engage or when running certain team comps this is probably the better choice. When paired up with Sivir, Hecarim, Olaf, Nasus, Darius, Garen and some of the other juggernauts, this item helps you and your team easily engage and for you to easily get to your team's back-line one you have built up to Talisman of Ascension that is. This item gives you HP regen, Mana regen and some CDR, you lose you lose on some HP and a shield, but you gain a speed boost and mana regen, which isn't as useful late game compared to the scaling shiled from face of the mountain.

Utility Choices

Warding and vision
control are core in
any league of
legends match,
this is a must on all

+150 HP
3 Wards
Ruby Sightstone
+500 HP
4 wards

+60 move speed when
active to nearby
allies when moving
towards enemies,
then an 80% slow,
quite good to have

+500 HP
+300 Mana
+100% Base HP Regen
invisible text please

Makes your ADC do
a lot more DPS,
giving them an
extra 50% crit
chance, and 20% AP

+250 Mana
+30 Armor
+50 AP
+10% CDR
invisible text please

Removes all CC effects
(slows, stuns, silences,
etc...) on an ally
when active is used,
Very useful for peeling

+35 Magic Resist
+10% CDR
+100% Base mana Regen
text please

Grants nearby allies
+15 MR by aura, and
when active that
absorbs up to 75
(+15 per level) damage.

+400 HP
+100% Base HP Regen
+20 Magic Resist
+10% CDR
invisible text please
Sightstone/ruby sightstone
Righteous Glory
Zeke's Harbinger
mikael's crucible
locket of the iron solari

Tank Choices

Reduces Attack speed of
enemies who hit you
with basic attacks (Ex:
an AA coming from an
ADC) 35% slow when active
for 4 seconds.

+450 HP
+60 armor
-10% Dmg taken from crits

Reduces attack speed of
enemies in an area by
15% (Aura).

+90 armor
+20% CDR
+400 Mana
invisible text

Grants a spellshield that
blocks the next enemy
ability, shield refreshes
if no damage is taken from
enemies in 40 seconds.

+500 HP
+70 Magic resist
+100% Base HP regen
invisible text p
lease ignore

Gain momentum increasing
your speed by walking,
basic attacks discharge
momentum dealing extra
dmg depending on stacks

+500 Health
+50 armor
invisible text please
Randuin's Omen
Frozen heart
banshee's veil
dead man's plate

Before the patch when boots had quite a big change, mobility boots were the way to go on Alistar, they give a lot of roaming potential and the speed that comes from it is very handy. However with recent patches boots of swiftness now only lag around 1 second behind from mobility boots when it comes to speed, and you are able to catch up to people kiting you easily, as well as run away easily due to the fact that mobility boots lose their effect if you go in combat, while boots of swiftness dont, due to that boots of swiftness are the better choice at the moment. Mercury Treads work, but they are better against heavy AP comps or against heavy CC comps.

When it comes to enchantments, Enchantment: Distortion is the overall best choice, this is due to Alistar needing Flash up whenever possible, because his pick potential sky rockets when it is up, somebody will die if Alistar does a Flash engage.

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Face of the Mountain or Eye of the Equinox?

When do you build Face of the Mountain ?

Face of the Mountain, even though it costs more more money than Eye of the Equinox, it gives better stats (specially when combined with sightstone) and gives you a shielding active (which scales based on 10% of your HP). This item also allows you to get Ruby Sightstone , which holds the same amount of wards as Eye of the Equinox, but gives 500 more HP. I usually take this every game, and it does help when the enemy has heavy poke and you need to shield your carry, or if the enemy has a Karthus or someone with an AOE / multi-target damage ultimate.

When do you build Eye of the Equinox?

Eye of the Equinox is really not good at all, it is much cheaper that Face of the Mountain, but you lose on the shield it gives, which can be quite handy. You also miss out 10% CDR, but gain 50 HP, however if you combine the HP from Face of the Mountain and from Ruby Sightstone, you lose 450 HP, the same amount Face of the Mountain gives you. Even though Eye of the Equinox gives you 4 wards (like Ruby Sightstone), and regular Sightstone which builds into Equinox, and later on is upgraded to Ruby Sightstone for an extra 1000 gold, it only gives you 3 wards. This item is not half bad if you reach full build and you may want an extra item.

Due to how snowbally the game currently is, Face of the Mountain is the better of the two, usually you wont need to get to that last item as a support. Unless the game goes on for long enough, keep Face of the Mountain, if not replace it and Sightstone with Eye of the Equinox to get an extra item, at that point of the game the shield will matter due to how much HP you will have stacked, but the extra item may be worth in certain match-ups.

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Thank you for reading my guide on Alistar support, I hope you have learned something and can improve your play on this champion. Any tips, constructive criticism, support or anything at all really helps! for i want to make this a good experience for anyone who uses this guide.

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Thanks to NBKxEnigma and HybridXinHD for helping me get some of the pictures used in the guide, and thanks to Utopus and his review service for helping me improve my guide